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Imagine Steve and Bucky been together during WW2, but keeping is secret from the Commandos out of fear they might not accept it. In truth, they already know, because they're both about as subtle as an anvil, but though they're okay with it, they pretend to be oblivious because watching Steve try to come up with an excuse why he and Bucky snuck out from camp is hilarious.

Morita’s the only one still awake when they get back to camp. As they approach the small circle of firelight, Steve whistles the six-note melody that’s their code. He’d rather not get shot just because he wanted a little nookie.

“I can watch,” Bucky offers as he folds into a seat on Steve’s left. “I’m not tired.”

“Really?” Morita asks. “You guys have been gone for – uh, like, a while. You must’ve walked pretty far.”

Steve clears his throat. Luckily in the dark his blush probably hopefully won’t be too noticeable. “We were talking tactics.”

“Oh right,” Morita says, and is it Steve’s imagination or is he actually smothering a laugh as he prepares his bedroll? “Tactics. Even though you wandered off to talk tactics last night, too. Twice. And four times the night before.”


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Small Circle (Sorority Noise, Rozwell Kid) Release New Song

Members of Sorority Noise and Rozwell Kid (Cam Boucher & Adam Ackerman and Sean Hallock & vocalist Marissa D'Elia respectively) have debuted a song for a new side project/new band called Small Circle. The song is a single off the band’s upcoming debut EP “Melatonin”, which will be released on Friday April 1st. Stream “Please Don’t Touch The Moon” below:

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