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Sweatshirt [Kai]

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Summary: In which you’re an artist and although Jongin finds beauty in your art, he finds the most beauty within you.

Word Count: 1 434

Type: Fluff

Member: Kai from EXO

A/N: @peach-acid, I hope you like this since you requested it! Although this is short, I think it’s cute and fluffy. I really hope you all enjoy this and I hope you have a happy Monday! Love you buttloads my baby stars! x

Happy reading! x


You began to place multiple samples of dirty laundry into the washing machine, finding this especially boring, not because this was something that bored you but the fact that your boyfriend, Kai wasn’t there to keep you company. Normally you’d do your laundry together, making pointless conversations on things that amused you and things that made you smile, sharing sweet and quick kisses on the lips just to remind each other that you were important to one another, your sweet kisses would almost always escalate to Kai placing you on top of the washing machine, standing in between your legs and moving his lips with yours impatiently yet passionately, but you didn’t mind because this wasn’t an act of lust and an act of pure love, and you loved every second of it. 

You missed his warm and constant company, the way he could never keep his hands to himself and always either had his strong arms wrapped securely yet gently around your waist as he laid his chin down in the crock of your neck and whispered hushed declarations of his love to you or he had his tough but warm hands cupping your face, his thumbs softly and slowly stroking your cheek as his eyes stared into yours with only genuine love within them. You missed almost everything little thing that came with Kai himself like the way he watched you with fascination and a smirk on his face drawing something that you’d envisioned and desperately wanted to put onto paper with the only help of your trusty pencil or the way he could sometimes he clingy with you, always having to be in your presence and touching you in some way, just to know that you were real and that you were there with him. You missed all of this, starting to feel as if his work always got in the way of your quality time together, but you soon realized that moments you spent together were blessings and you really shouldn’t complain because someone out there in the big and lonely world would be missing their lover so much more than you could ever miss Kai. 

You frowned when you discovered the shirt you were currently wearing was stained and had no other choice but to take it off, placing it inside the washing machine along with the other clothing inside. You ran your fingers through your strands of hair out of habit, bringing the strands that found their way to the front of your face out of the way and continued onwards with laundry, turning on the machine before you had set it and the machine began to work by itself, cleaning the clothing inside.

You felt a shiver going down your spine, touching your skin of your bare arm to feel your skin full of goosebumps and decided it was best to get something to wear before you caught a cold, making your way towards your bedroom you shared with Kai and looked through the minimal clothing left behind in your shared closet space. You hadn’t found anything you could wear, all of your clothing in the wash and stood there with a small pout, your eyes wondering to Kai’s space in the closet space. You slowly walked over to his space in the closet, choosing to wear a plain simple cream sweatshirt that was slightly bigger on you, the sleeves almost going past your hands and the hem covering more than half of your thighs. You walked towards the mirror installed in your closet space, spinning gracefully like a ballerina your parents wanted to raise you as on the white knee socks that would easily get dirty if you didn’t wear shoes along with them. You smiled at your appearance in the mirror, finding your arms hugging your waist, your eyes closing as you breathed in the scent of the sweatshirt, very faintly picking up Kai’s scent. You were infatuated with the scent, loving the mix between bitterness and sweetness that came together all in one scent, as well as the memories brought along with you and Kai where you smelt his cologne during the sweetest moments spent together. 

You slowly opened your eyes, taking a second longer to remove your arms from around your waist before you walked out of the closet space and back downstairs, plotting yourself on the blankets you set down on the cold floor in the lounge and resuming to drawing your newest masterpiece to the multiple masterpieces that were going to put on show before the public in a few weeks. You picked up the still warm mug of hot chocolate that sat on the flat ground, cupping the mug with both hands that were almost completely covered with the sleeves of Jongin’s sweatshirt and bringing it to your lips, taking a sip of the heavenly delight that was known as hot chocolate before you placed the mug back down on the ground, grabbing your trusty pencil and getting back to work, working throughout the night and ending up falling asleep right where you sat drawing. 


Kai had gotten home early the next morning, too early for you to be awake and welcoming him back home with a big breakfast and an overload of kisses and hugs, closing the door behind him and wondering around the silent household for his beloved jagiya. He searched in the bedroom first, skipping the lounge where you soundly slept with one side of your face against the blanket below you with a thin blanket over your body, finding no peaceful and beautiful angel laying in their bed as she slept, going back downstairs and finding you in the lounge when he heard you let out a small and adorable snore.

He smiled fondly, wondering into the lounge and found you laying on the blanket placed on the floor with another blanket that covered your legs, exposing your upper body and what you wore. Kai smiled even more, just loving it when you wore his clothing, especially his shirts because they always looked so big on you and made him want to cuddle you even more. He glanced down at what was in front of you, seeing a color pencil held loosely in your hands as the sketch you drew last night was right above your head. He bent downwards, taking your sketchbook off the solid ground and closely examining the sketch, astonished that you managed to capture him in the drawing ans make it one of the most flawless and beautiful drawings he could ever lay his eyes on. He looked down at you, thinking to himself that what you could do with just a pencil and paper was beautiful, but your entire existence was most beautiful thing in his eyes. His eyes scanned your features closely, thinking your features belonged to some angelic and alluring goddess from the heavens above as he placed his warm hand gently on your cheek as his thumb gently caressed your cheek, the action causing a small lazy but happy smile to spread slowly across your face. Kai chuckled softly towards this, his chuckle awakening you as your eyes opened for the first time since they had closed late at night and first looked into the eyes of your one love.

This time, you smiled fondly and not lazily, sitting upwards and crossing your legs, saying in your morning voice that Kai adored and sleepy eyes, “Kai,”

Jagiya,” He said with his heart-melting voice that made your heart skip a beat, staring just a bit longer in your precious eyes he could always lose himself in before he looked down at your clothing, finding his cream sweatshirt fitting loosely on your body, “You look warm and adorable in my sweatshirt.”

You couldn’t help but let out a brief light chuckle, the chuckle being interrupted when you began to yawn, covering your mouth as you yawned. Afterwards you had began to stretch, yawning again as Kai quietly watched you, admiring the way you looked even if you had just woken up a minute ago and smiled. He placed your sketchbook down on the coffee table, extending his arms out for you with a cute and tired smile, watching as you lazily threw your arms securely around him, Kai standing up once again as your legs wrapped around his waist, clinging onto him like he was your life as you fell asleep once again, but this time in the arms of someone you deeply and truly loved and again in the warmth of his sweatshirt. 


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