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Good Stuff: Baman Piderman

WARNING: When making Kool-Aid, buy two packets for better flavor. Thank you, take care out there, and enjoy.

Holy Slamacow, this show is the tops and bottoms

Before Tumblr became my glory hole for art and visual entertainment, I had more complex sites like Newgrounds, Stickgames, and Youtube before it became a sellout. And in Youtube, there was a channel called Mondo Media that felt like a reject Adult Swim sub-channel. And in that, Mondo had stuff like Dick Figures, Gundarr, and Larva that would produce new episodes by the week and I’d check in every time. Not Happy Tree Friends though, that scared me. But I saw a particular series that I then I unfortunately sweeped under the rug like a pak of gummi blobs. Let me tell you, I was a FOOOOLISH child for thinking this was nothing but nonsense scribble dribble! This was/is the best thing to enter my life, and it deserves all the praise and love and cake and ice cream that one might be able to get. Why I skipped out on such a delight back all those years ago is a certain mystery. Then again…

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Made by Lindsey and Alex Small-Butera, a couple of artists whose fluid yet jittery outlined animation can be recognizable if you’ve seen an Adventure Time or Ed, Edd, n Eddy. Not saying they were involved in the latter, but this show takes the style from the Eds and pictures from the early days of animation reels. And if you haven’t seen Ed, Edd, n’ Eddy as a child, then I feel sorry for you. This was what got me hooked at first, with simple motions the characters look like something from old Fleischer or Disney shorts, but when it needs to pick up the motion can be as smooth and well flowing as a… Ghibli film? No, that’s more grounded. Steven Universe? No, that’s too floaty. I GOT IT! Have you ever heard of The Snowman, a small film about a boy that flies with a snowman he built himself that is just genuine Christmas? Now have you ever heard of this one commercial that parodies that movie where this child and a snowman were flying through the winter air while the child had a Scottish soft drink in hand and the snowman ditched him since he was too spoiled to share? See below, but Baman Piderman is like that with its direction, except it doesn’t have as detailed an art style as the commercial or the film.

it also doesn’t have a punk who REFUSES to spare a sip!

The second, and personal favorite, element of the series are the characters. Admittedly, BP’s first season didn’t do much for me beyond introducing most of the main cast. It’s silly hijinks for a start, but season two certainly picks things up. My favorite character will go to the ghost girl Wanda, not just for her giddy prankster attitude but because her past is very intriguing; originally a haunter in Piderman’s house it changed somehow but more on that LATER! Though, I’ll say the evolving couple of Pumkin and the very big squib are a well featured dynamic, with Pumkin’s laid back charm in contrast with Squib’s enigmatic attitude. Their episode here perfectly captures their gentle and fun togetherness, as well as the central mood for the show, and I hope their kindling relationship blooms like a cloud in the sky.

It’s also the simplicity of it that gets me

This can be a silent film sometimes and there’s a comforting sense of passion that shows how much the creators care about this and you, esp. when some feels step in. So many feels. I highly recommend this to anyone who would just like a nice time passer or a spirit booster when times get tough. As we speak, a new episode of their third season is almost finished (that’s gonna be spoopy), so that can be something out for as well. But that’s all; just wanted to persuade you into checking this. You may continue with your scrolling.

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And I’m off to dream…peace

Ketchup (Adventure Time)

It’s definitely been a while, since we’ve had an episode with both Marceline and BMO interacting with each other, hasn’t it?

Not only is this episode interesting in that we haven’t seen the two characters talk to each other in a while, but this is officially the 2nd episode that features guest-animation by “Alex Butera & Lindsay Small”, who are known for creating the web cartoon series called “Baman Piderman”, in which are a parody of crudely drawn shorts featuring Batman & Spider-Man.

The first episode that Lindsay & Alex guest-animated was the Season 7 episode called “Beyond the Grotto” which featured 7 minutes of their animation, while still being written by the AT crew.

This episode has much more animation by them and is still written by AT veterans, Seo Kim & Somvilay Xayaphone and they managed to deliver another fantastic episode that is funny, adorable and emotional, all at the same time!

The episode begins with BMO dropping by Marceline’s house trying to take down vampires, but Marceline tells them that happened 6 months ago and she tells BMO to look at an old USB drive she found, which BMO says will take a while to load.

While they wait for the USB to download, BMO tells Marcy the story of when Finn, Jake and it travelled through the sea, but says it involved a cat and a blue jay, which was guest voiced by none other than the creator of Regular Show, “J.G. Quintel”, who also voices a certain blue jay in that show!

Marceline then tells the story that happened during the events of the previous miniseries, that involved “Rock Star Girl” and “Lollipop Girl”, in which they tried to save each other from the magic, but couldn’t help each other, in which made Rock Star Girl sad that she couldn’t help Lollipop Girl.

The USB ends up downloading and we get to see photos of young Marceline with her mother.

Marceline gets very sad and asks BMO to tell a story about a child and the moon, which Marcy then thanks BMO for telling her, as it starts to make her remember the times she spent with her mom.

This episode had a great mix of comedy and drama!

The guest-animation by the Baman Piderman creators was very solid, just like how it was in Beyond the Grotto and really suits the style of Adventure Time.

Their squiggly art always reminds of another classic CN series, being Ed, Edd n Eddy, in which that show was all kinds of comedy and expressive animation.

Not to completely ignore all the other guest-animated AT episodes, but all of the other episodes were also written by the guest animator and A Glitch is a Glitch, Food Chain and Bad Jubies are all very enjoyable as their own unique episodes!

The only one I just thought was pretty weak and not really that fun was Water Park Prank and that one just had a style that didn’t suit the world of Ooo or characters of the show.

To get back onto Ketchup, I really loved the humor of how both BMO and Marcy exaggerate their recaps of the previous events of the show and it serves as how you do a flashback episode, done right, without the need of recycling footage, in which a lot of shows would do.

Another great example of a recap / flashback episode would be Avatar’s Ember Island Players, in which the characters see a reenactment of what happened during the course of the show, which I think was one of the best uses of a re-telling of past events.

One of my favourite jokes was how the blue jay in BMO’s story was a direct reference to Regular Show, which was another fantastic series that premiered the same year as Adventure Time, only it has now come to its end.

It even starts to quote Mordecai, which is another great nod to J. G. Quintel’s voice!

It’s great to see more Bubbline shipping come into this episode and how close Marceline feels to Bonnie, even if it meant trying to save her from the elemental magic.

The ending of the episode is what truly stands out and I hope we get to see Marcy’s mother, one last time before the end of the series.

With one episode we know called “Marcy and Hunson”, I’m sure we’ll get to have more episode  or more focusing on Marceline’s parents before the grand finale.

I just really want to hear Rebecca Sugar’s lovely voice, from when she voiced Marcy’s mother in Stakes.

And speaking of Stakes, I’m actually surprised that the events of the Stakes miniseries only occurred just 6 months ago, according to Marceline. 

Even though the episodes aired like two years ago, it just bothers me how Cartoon Network only airs these episodes at such random and extended periods of times, so it feels like time has passed much longer than in the actual timeline of the series.

It just pains me how CN treated this series, that has such a big following and critical praise.

A solid episode, with a heartfelt ending! I hope this isn’t the last we see of Marceline and her mother.

Episode Review: ‘Ketchup’ (S09E11)

  • Airdate: July 18, 2017
  • Story by: Ashly Burch, Patrick McHale, Adam Muto, Kent Osborne, Jack Pendarvis, Julia Pott
  • Storyboarded by: Seo Kim & Somvilay Xayaphone
  • Directed by: Elizabeth Ito (supervising), Sandra Lee (art); Alex & Lindsay Small-Butera (guest animation)

There are a number of ‘duos’ that Adventure Time has never really explored: Marceline and Flame Princess, Ice King and BMO, Tree Trunks and LSP, etc. One of these pairings is Marceline and BMO, two characters whom I really like in separate ways. It’s a shame that these two haven’t interacted much in the past, as I have always believed Marceline’s somewhat cynical but emotionally-vulnerable personality and BMO’s awkward optimism would pair nicely with one another.

However, I’m happy to say that this unique duo is finally on display in “Ketchup”, and the results are quite nice.

At the start of the episode, BMO shows up to Marceline’s house ready to stake vampires (in reference to Stakes, which aired over a year and a half ago), but Marceline tells the eager robot that the vampiric menaces who were threatening Ooo are no longer a threat. The two then take the time to catch up with one another (which BMO mis-hears at first as “ketchup”).

BMO begins to tell Marceline about how they accompanied Finn and Jake on a voyage across the sea. However, BMO’s recollection of the events of Islands becomes almost instantly unreliable: for instance, the robot recalls sailing on the back for an eight-legged cat named Ted, and running into a Mordecai-esque bluebird (voiced by none other than J.G. Quintel). Marceline playfully teases BMO about the ridiculousness of this recollection, but is nonetheless amused by it.

When it comes time for Marceline to tell BMO what happened while they were away, she crafts figures out of household materials and puts on a puppet show. Marceline’s story is a re-imaging of the events that led up to Elements, telling the story of “Lollipop Girl” and “Rock Star Girl”, and how, after the former was changed into a potato by the “Blue Tranch”, the latter tried everything in her power to change her back. Marceline’s tale reveals much about she cares for Bubblegum, but the vampire is still unwilling to admit it to herself, having to instead cloak the truth in a layer of silly puppetry. BMO calls her out on this, noting that while their story was ridiculous, they were at least being emotionally truthful.

It’s at this point that BMO reveals the information on the USB drive has been retrieved. Inside the drive are pictures of a young Marceline and her mother. After BMO asks whom the pictures depict, Marceline suggests that BMO tell a story to explain them. BMO obliges and creatively asserts that Marceline’s mother is the “Lady in the Moon”, who once came down to play with a little girl, only to return to the moon after a period of time.

Storywise, there’s not much to “Ketchup” (and that does knock it down a peg or two), but it makes up for most of this by being full of rather subtle character revelations. We learn more about Marceline’s feelings for Bubblegum, as well as her reluctance to let people into her life (as evidenced by her allegorizing the events that led up to Elements). We also see the overly-optimistic side of BMO, which has shone through a few times in the past (such as in “The Creeps”), and we learn a bit more how the little robot interprets the world around them. Ultimately, it’s a nice, sweet character study, focusing on two individuals who have, in the show, not spent a lot of time together.

Much like “Abstract”, which aired only a day before it, “Ketchup” features storyline contributions from an ex-Adventure Time crew member, in this case Patrick McHale. McHale had departed  the series during the middle of season five, and has occasionally been credited since (e.g. “Cloudy). At the same time, we know that he has returned every once and awhile to lend a hand to the show. Is “Ketchup” an instance of an old episode idea being resurrected, or did McHale return briefly to provide some input? Until a definitive answer is given, it is anybody’s guess.

And speaking of special contributions, three of the sequences in this episode (viz. BMO’s ‘recollection’ of Islands, Marceline’s re-imagining of Elements, and BMO’s story about the Lady in the Moon) were animated and directed by Alex and Lindsay Small-Butera. Best known for their silly web series Baman Piderman, this husband-and-wife duo also contributed wonderfully surreal animation to the season eight episode “Beyond the Grotto”. It is wonderful to see the two back, as they have a delightful animation style.

Mushroom War Evidence: We see some images from before the Mushroom War, and Marceline’s USB drive is presumable from this time period, too

Final Grade:


It took me forever and a day but I finally got around to making gifs of some of my favorite animations from the Clarence episode, “Tuckered Boys.” Lindsay and Alex Small-Butera (Who also created Baman Piderman) were guest animators on this episode, and I think their work on it is both beautiful and visually stunning. These gifs really don’t do them much justice so I fully recommend seeing the episode for yourself if you haven’t already, it really is amazing.  

There is a show I need all of you to watch called Baman Piderman, and it is absolutely the best thing on the planet. It takes place in this weird dimension and the animation starts off pretty wacky, but it gradually gets better, and the storyline starts to shape up as more characters are added. It’s super cute.

Overall it’s a very unique and creative series with characters you’ll get emotionally invested in and with some very clever jokes and running gags. It may be hard to get into if you don’t “get” it immediately, but I guarantee you’ll start to like it as time goes by.

The entire series totals around an hour of time, since the episodes are about 30 seconds to 6 minutes long.

The youtube links I use whenever I rewatch the series:

The first 15 episodes

Season 2 opener (should have been included with above)

Episodes 16-24

Episode 25

So go!! What are you waiting for?


Rainbow Connections by Garfunkel and Oates

A song about gay weddings. Animation by Lindsay and Alex Small-Butera. Background art by Jones N. Wiedle.


Marceline and BMO spend time with each other and tell stories that contain plenty of emotional depth and provide a rich character study of Marcy. Lindsay and Alex-Small Butera of Baman Piderman fame (and the Adventure Time episode “Beyond the Grotto) return for beautiful and lively guest animation sequences that depict BMO’s emotions during Islands, what happened to Marceline leading up to Elements, and the brief but happy time Marcy shared with her mother in the past.


** “Abstract” will be airing earlier as it premieres on the CN app on July 14th. **

ABSTRACT - July 17th *on television*
Storyboarded - Graham Falk & Laura Knetzger
KETCHUP - July 18th
Storyboarded - Seo Kim & Somvilay Xayaphone
Guest animators: Lindsay & Alex Small-Butera
Storyboarded - Aleks Sennwald & Hanna K Nyström
WHISPERS - July 20th
Storyboarded - Polly Guo & Sam Alden
Storyboarded - Tom Herpich & Steve Wolfhard

We thank this information to ATNEWS


The music video we did for the mega-lovely duo Garfunkel and Oates came out today! I loved getting to work on something romantic! SWOON! We hope you guys will watch it and share if you enjoy it! Riki and Kate are wonderful, talented artists with hearts of gold; please check out their other songs! They’re hilarious!

Big thank you to Jones who did most of the backgrounds!!

Thanks everyone!



Cookin’ SpongeBob and Sleepin’ Squidward vine created by Lindsay and Alex Small-Butera for #NickAnimation25.

A lot of people have wondered why there has been a significant delay in Baman Piderman recently, and I’m extremely proud today to get to tell you exactly the reason why:

Alex and myself were asked to work on an upcoming episode of Adventure Time in an incredible way. It’s a ridiculously awesome opportunity for two independents such as us to get to work on something as acclaimed and important as Adventure Time and do large amounts of animation for television from in-house (OUR HOUSE). Though I will remain mum on the deetledeets, we know fans of Baman Piderman and our work are REALLY going to enjoy it. Also if you hate us maybe you will like it too? Let’s put aside our differences and hug each other tight, bathed in the warm, healing light of animation, my friend; it’s time.

ANYHOO It’s shaping up to be some of the best work we’ve ever produced, and we get to work with some other amazing folks as well that I know are gonna get your jimmies jazzed. 

Thank you to Adam Muto for asking us and being a cool guy with a cool beard, we’re so proud to get to work this way! And thanks to Cartoon Network, who continues to support independent animation in such a meaningful way.

Thank you also to the people who support us and our work. The next Baman Piderman, We Hab Da Problem, still comes out either at the end of November or a day or two into December. Post Jan 1st, episodes should finally return back to a normal pace. Thank you so much for your continued support and patience on our little cartoon, we hope we can always work on content that will make you smile.

Thank you again, we’d never be able to do it without you guys.

With lot’s of love,

Lindsay and Alex

“What is this tomato”

-My Dad

Day 6- Draw your OTP with one wearing a shirt that says: “If found return to ______.” and the other wearing a shirt that says: “I’m ______.”  Well, I can’t seriously see them wearing these. So I’m not going to be serious.

Day 7- Draw your OTP on a holiday of your choice. My choice? Dyngus Day!

Day 8- Draw your OTP as animals. What, did you expect land animals? plus some of the other characters as fish!

Day 9- Draw your OTP with matching clothes.

Day 10- Draw your OTP meeting for the first time.

hahahaha this is fun

Baman Piderman by Lindsay Small and Alex Butera

Days 1-5

Days 11-15