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You know, we see a lot of cisswap aus for Disney, but can we have more role reversals pls?

I want to see Jasmine as the sly street rat, enchanting passersby with a bat of her eyelashes and the swing of her hips - before robbing them blind and disappearing over a rooftop before they even know what’s hit them.

Flynn as the sheltered prince bored out of his skull, ready to jump out of his tower if only to sate his restlessness. Then in comes the small and spunky Rapunzel, long, wispy blond hair braided in a thick rope down her back, arms wrapped in lean muscle and a white palace horse following her like a lovesick puppy, despite her being a known criminal.

Big, burly Kristoff, so shy and awkward despite his stature. Kristoff who adores his big sister to the ends of the Earth, who desperately longs for the days of closeness they used to share when they were younger. Kristoff who always thought it was his duty to protect his petite, delicate little big sister, with her soft pale skin like fine white lace, her dainty fingers and gentle smile. Kristoff who blames himself for not being able to protect her when she accidentally freezes her entire country in an eternal winter. Kristoff who is enchanted by Anna and somewhat terrifying reindeer, Sven. Anna who is strong and capable, but still ditzy enough to make Kristoff toss and turn at night with worry for his airheaded new friend.

Tarzan as the cultured, eloquent young man, on a study trip with his eccentric mother to learn more about the gorillas. Tarzan meeting the mysterious, half-feral Jane, draped in animal skins and hair cut short and choppy around her face, lest it get snagged on tree branches or tugged out by ferocious predators as she flies through the forest on her vines.

Phillip as the naive, sheltered young prince raised as a simple village boy, meeting the alluring Aurora and her horse in the woods one day as they hunt for game. Her long golden hair is tied back in a neat knot high on her head to keep it out of the way, her fingers sure and unflinching as she strings up her prey. Aurora facing the dragon to save her prince charming; befriending the poor creature, soothing her ferocious rage borne of pain love - the rage of a mother separated from her hatchlings. Aurora promising the dragon to help find her babies, if only she can first be let through to save her prince charming.

celestialscorpio  asked:

What do the signs find adorable/cute. What makes their hearts melt and go "awwww" (puppies ftw).

Aries- Something or someone small being fierce and spunky. 

Taurus- Food shaped like something cute or tiny, cute plants. 

Gemini- Cute sounds like a little kid saying something funny, a cat’s meow, a mouse squeaking. 

Cancer- Baby anything! Puppies, kittens, baby animals, baby humans. 

Leo- Possibly Kawaii themed makeup, jewelry, or clothing, due to their ties to fashion. 

Virgo- Animals and maybe even insects. 

Libra- Cute food, clothes, and jewelry. 

Scorpio- Likely thinks certain people and the way they look are cute like a baby faced boy or petite girl. 

Sagittarius- When someone’s charm and silliness makes them cute. 

Capricorn- Tiny version of anything. 

Aquarius- Certain cartoons or anime characters. 

Pisces- Things that are so ugly they are cute. 

Remnant (Jaime Reyes x Reader)

Request:  I love your imagines! :0 can i get a Blue Beetle x reader where the reader can talk to ghost so like when they both get weird looks when they “Talk to themselves?”

So this one is up super late because I think it fits into my Halloween series which is going on all October. Sorry about the lateness

Trigger Warning: Ghosts, mentions of death, sever self-hate

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You had always been different, that is what you mother had called it when talking to your teachers or to her friends. 

Different, you had grown to despise that word.

Different, that’s what you were.

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8½-year-Old Black-capped Chickadee at Powdermill

Residents of western Pennsylvania are familiar with the small and spunky black-capped chickadees that often visit their birdfeeders. These fearless birds are also frequent visitors at our banding lab at Powdermill Nature Reserve.

Last winter, this chickadee was one of the oldest of his species banded at the lab. It was first banded as a hatch-year bird at the end of August 2007, which means its age was 8½ years! 

This individual has been captured 42 times in its life (so far!), at least twice every year, most often in the winter months. It has shown up in every month of the year except June and July. In 2011, the only year that we saw this bird in May, it had a cloacal protuberance, an enlargement of the cloaca indicating breeding condition in males. So we know it is a male and that his territory is obviously not near our nets. 

We are hoping to see this individual in the future. The oldest known black-capped chickadee was 11½ years old when it was banded in Minnesota in 2002.

Powdermill Nature Reserve’s avian research center is part of Carnegie Museum of Natural History’s biological research station in Rector, Pennsylvania.  The research center operates a bird banding station, conducts bioacoustical research, and performs flight tunnel analysis with the goal of reducing window collisions. 

anonymous asked:

Poly Papyton with a very small and spunky s/o who has a touchy-feely side when the three of them are alone together? :D

Papyton/Reader Polyam:

- You’ve got two fabulous, self-confident boyfriends who also love to compliment you until your face is burning & you’re ready to throw them both out the nearest window (though Papyrus usually sticks the landing). Needless to say they love tag-team picking on you.

- Your spunk gives you charm, darling! & makes you very cute, of course!! Papyrus might be the type to worry about your antics at first, but a little pressure will end up with him glued to your side, passive-aggressively commenting on the whole adventure. What a wonderful & not at all dangerous situation you’re in!! You should take a picture & send it to Mettaton!!! #wishyouwereheretohelpus

- Mettaton can get just as rowdy as you are, though he tends to keep his hands to himself more than everyone thinks. He has standards, darling! Papyrus can be touchy-feely, but romantic physical intimacy is something you might have to hint to him about to actually get it. Their favorite thing to do is essentially squish you between them in a group hug. You know you love it.

small dog help

hey dogblr I don’t know much about small dog breeds but at this point I’m trying to find some potential breeds for me. maybe some of you could help?

I’m looking for something under 20 lbs with a lot of charisma. I like small, spunky dogs with some attitude. I don’t care about coat type because shedding and grooming doesn’t bother me. Sturdiness is also important because even though I want a small dog, I still plan on involving it in my hiking and/or hunting trips (even if the dog isn’t a hunting dog). I’m also a sucker for stuff with high prey drive but I’m not looking for anymore pups with dog aggression (what I have is enough). I don’t care about barking because I live in the backwoods and don’t mind the noise. No kids here so that’s not a worry either. Independent but loyal is my kinda dog.

If any of you have suggestions please throw them out there! The only thing I know about small breeds is that I find small spit-fire Chihuahuas very charming lol.

HOLY SHIT I can’t believe that there are so many of you following my personal blog, which I mostly use to rant and post silly writings/edits and pictures of things that amuse me. I suppose they must amuse you too, because here you are! I’ve never done one of these before, but I figure it’s high time I do, because you’re all fab people and I want to thank some of you in particular who have made my experience here in tumblrland completely wonderful.

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