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Writing and Burgers, Reflecting and Milkshakes

This is my first time writing for the Riverdale fandom. It’s very short and small, and it only hints at Bughead, but it was fun to write.

Betty just wants to have some time for herself. So, she decides to treat herself to a chocolate milkshake at Pop’s.

When she gets there, Pop’s smiles at her. “What’ll be today, Betty?”

“A chocolate milkshake, thank you.” Betty tells him, walking to the counter and about to make small talk when she sees Jughead there, typing away in his computer like always. 

For a moment she’s torn, because she wanted to have some alone time, but she liked talking to Jughead. Jughead looking up and meeting her eyes makes up her mind for her.

“Hey, Jughead.” She gives him a tentative smile as she reaches his booth.

“Hey, Betty.” He looks behind her and finding no one asks. “You waiting for anyone?”

“Nope. I just came for a milkshake.”

“Want to sit down? I can’t promise small talk, but you can sit if you want.” Jughead gives her half a smirk, and she accepts his invitation.

Betty relaxes in her seat, playing with her phone and giving Jughead his peace and quiet.

“So, what’s up?” Jughead asks.

“Sorry, what?” Betty looks at him confused.

“Was there anything you wanted to talk about?” Jughead asks, and Betty gives him a confused look. “Archie always talks to me, I think I became the voice of reason for the group.”

“The voice of reason? You’re giving yourself too much credit.” Betty teases.

“My point is, if you want to talk it’s fine.”

“While you’re typing? Won’t that be distracting?” Betty asks, because there’s multitasking and then there’s this.

“I can do both.” Jughead assures her.

“That is impressive, but there’s nothing to talk about.” Betty is the one to assure him and when Jughead doesn’t seem convinced, Betty smiles at him. “Seriously, nothing’s wrong. I like to just sit and reflect.”

“So you really just came here to have a chocolate milkshake?” Jughead asks sounding a bit dubious.

“Yes, you always come here to write.” Betty shrugs. “Same difference.”

“I also come here for the burgers.”

“Writing and burgers, reflecting and milkshakes it doesn’t sound very different to me.”

Jughead chuckles. “Alright, then carry on.” 

Betty doesn’t notice until a month later that sitting with Jughead in what started as quiet companionship became an almost daily routine, and worst of all, now Betty does ask for his advice. Jughead always tries to hide his smirk when Betty finally gives in, but she sees it. It’s both the cutest and most infuriating thing to happen to her.


characters: Arme Thaumaturgy, Erbluhen Emotion
pairing: ^
words: 774
summary: Arme helps Erblu rest.

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Deserted Island

“hello, i was wondering if i could request a really cool imagine where y/n and c/n are stranded on an island together and stuff lol thought that would be a fun thing to imagine!! love your blog ❤”

I HAD to do this one next; I LOVE this plot because you can start with two complete strangers and literally force them to become super close and dependent on each other. So yeah, that’s what I did - hope you enjoy!

P.S. I gave (c/n) a bit of tragic backstory in this one so just humor me a lil

Word count: 8.6k

The sun glares at you and you shield your eyes with your hands, scrunching up your face. You walk slowly down the wooden docks lined with boats of various sizes, searching for one in particular. At last you spot a tiny motorboat with Mary scrawled across it in sky-blue paint. You hurry towards it. A very tan boy about your age is sprawled on his back on the bow of the boat, shades covering his eyes. You can’t tell if he’s asleep, so you clear your throat.

When there’s no response, you frown and lean forward awkwardly, rapping your knuckles on the side of the boat. “Excuse me…uh…hello?”

The boy stirs, lifting his head an inch or so. You give a half smile and wave. “Yes. Hello. Are you the man I spoke with on the phone?”

The boy lays his head back down, crossing his arms. “That was probably my dad.”

“Oh.” You stand there for a moment, unsure of what to do. “Um, where is he?”


You wait for more. Apparently, he doesn’t have anything else to say. You furrow your eyebrows, getting more confused by the second. “Out where? When will he be back?”

The boy lifts his head up again, clearly growing annoyed at your persistent interruptions. “Not till tonight.”

“That’s not possible.” You frown. “He was supposed to give me a ride today, at noon. It’s noon. We arranged all this over the phone.” You hear your voice becoming more high-pitched and hysterical, and curse silently for choosing this clearly unreliable boat service. It was the cheapest option at such short notice.

The boy sits up and raises his sunglasses to squint at you, and you’re momentarily caught off guard by how beautiful his eyes are. You could tell he was attractive even with the shades on, but now that you can see his whole face it’s clear this boy could model for Abercrombie. Maybe he does.

At last he lowers the sunglasses over his eyes again, as though he’s gathered all the information he needs. He nods slightly to himself. “All right. I’ll take you.”

“You will?” You feel slightly uneasy at trusting your travel to this kid, as opposed to his presumably more experienced father. But on the other hand, you can hardly complain - even if he gets you both killed, at least you’ll have eye candy while you’re dying. You grin at him. “Thanks so much.”

With a heavy sigh, the boy slides off the bow to a standing position, where you’re able to really appreciate his height. Unfortunately, he is wearing a t-shirt, but you still have a great view of his flawless arms. Tan, toned legs stretch out under his swim trunks. He must spend a lot of time out in the sun. “Do you do this a lot?” you ask conversationally, trying to be friendly but also trying to find out just how much experience he actually has.

The boy just shrugs. Not one for small talk, huh. Well, let’s just try to get his name, and then you can leave him alone. “I’m (y/n) by the way. You?”

“(C/n).” He sits down in the driver’s seat and asks, “Where to?”

You rummage through your small bag and pull out a piece of paper with an address on it, or coordinates, or whatever they use for directions on the ocean. You don’t really know what any of it means. In any case, the name of the island where you’re meeting your friends is written in big letters, so hopefully he’ll know where that is. You hand it to him, and he glances at it for a second before nodding and starting up the engine. You give a small sigh of relief. Maybe you’ll arrive in time for a fun day with your friends after all.

The small boat starts moving with a jolt, and you stumble, grabbing the edge of the boat to steady yourself. You look around for a place to sit. There’s a small bench lining the sides, so you try to make yourself comfortable there. After a few minutes of silence, you lean forward and ask, shouting to make yourself heard, “How long until we get there?”

“A couple of hours. It’s pretty much in the middle of nowhere.”

You sigh and slump back down in your seat. If only you were rich and had a private jet to take you everywhere. You really hope this “adventurous outing” with the girls will be worth it. To pass the time, you pull out your sunscreen and start applying it, stripping down to your bikini to make sure you get every inch of skin.

After a little while, your driver turns his head, maybe to check that you didn’t fall overboard, considering you’ve been completely silent. He does a double take, probably surprised to see you with half the clothes you previously had on. You hide a smirk and continue applying sunscreen all over, determined not to get an ugly burn like you always do.

As time drags on, the monotonous but strangely relaxing roar of the boat in your ears and the sun beating down on your face, you feel a drowsiness weighing you down. You stretch out on the bench and put on shades, slinging an arm over your face to hide it from the sun. In no time you’re lulled to sleep, the comfortable smell of salt carrying over into your dreams, in which you befriend a pleasant sea turtle and swim with chattering seals, leaving all of your worries at the shore.

“(Y/n).” A voice shakes you out of your dreams, low but with urgent undertones. Someone is shaking your arm. “(Y/n), wake up.”

You lift your sunglasses and blink furiously in the sudden brightness. “Wha-” You see (c/n)’s face hovering over yours. The roar of the engine is absent and the boat seems to have stopped moving. “Are we here?” You look around. All you can see is blue water. No island in sight.

“No.” (C/n) looks unsettled, and immediately you begin to feel nervous. “We ran out of gas.”

You blink slowly, trying to process this information with grogginess still clouding your thoughts. “Oh. Um…is there, like…extra? Spare jugs, or whatever?”

His answering expression increases your worry exponentially. He sighs. “No. I’ve looked everywhere. I wouldn’t have gotten you involved if I hadn’t tried everything already.”

You sit up quickly. “What? You mean we’re actually stuck?” You look around again, this time with mounting panic. The sight of surrounding blue brings you anything but calm. “Can’t you call someone to pick us up?”

“Call?” He laughs without humor. “We’re in the middle of the ocean, there’s no cell service here.”

“Well…isn’t there a GPS, or a map or something? Whatever you were using before…” You trail off, wondering why the hell he’s asking you for advice. As if you know the first thing about how to travel by boat. You’re just making a fool of yourself at this point.

This becomes evident on (c/n)’s face. “Yes. We have maps. But the boat needs to actually work. We have emergency paddles, but that would take hours, days even.”

“Jesus.” You make a face, trying to battle the stress, which is clearly starting to affect (c/n) as well. He’s pacing back and forth in the tiny floor space, running his fingers through his hair over and over. You rack your brains for solutions. “Um…can you, like, hot-wire it? Like a car?”

(C/n) just looks at you, and you wait for a scathing response, but he says nothing. He appears to be thinking. “That could work,” he says at last. “If I hot-wire one of the fuel pumps…” he mumbles to himself, losing you completely. You tune back in when he says, “I watched my dad do it once…how hard could it be?”

You almost laugh at the sheer folly of your situation. You have never hotwired anything, and neither, apparently, has (c/n). This has to be a joke. “There’s seriously no better option?” you ask incredulously. Inwardly, you make a promise never to accept a boat ride from an idiot ever again. That is, if you get out of this alive.

(C/n) doesn’t answer your question, but instead kneels in front of the controls, looking for something in particular. You squat next to him, trying to help but completely clueless. Finally he pulls out a jumble of wires and starts untangling them. Meanwhile, you pinch yourself to make sure you aren’t still dreaming. Shit dream, if it is one.

“Okay, (y/n),” he says, turning to you and looking you directly in the eyes for perhaps the first time. “I need you to turn the key when I tell you to. Can you do that?”

You nod wordlessly. Your fingers, trembling slightly, find the key on the console and grasp it. When (c/n) yells “Go!” you turn the key - in the wrong direction. Quickly you reverse it. You hear a kind of pop. “What was that? Did it work?” you question anxiously.

(C/n) just shakes his head, eyebrows furrowed in concentration. Suddenly his eyes widen. “Oh, shit.” He looks up, panic evident in his face. “Shit.”

“Huh-” Before you can finish expressing your confusion, he shouts, “Jump!”

“Jump where? What?!”

Without further hesitation, (c/n) scoops you up in his arms and throws you overboard, as effortlessly as if you were a baby. Plunging underwater, you quickly resurface, utterly flabbergasted. You open your eyes in time to see (c/n) diving off the boat just as the whole thing implodes in a cloud of smoke and fire.

*small timeskip*

You’re hugging a stray piece of wood to your chest, clutching onto it for dear life as you try to catch your breath. Dimly, you recognize the wood from the bench you were sitting on. You look across the water to where (c/n) is hanging onto a burnt white slab of wood, with the remains of the word Mary written on it in blue. He traces the letters morosely with his finger, a shellshocked glaze in his eyes. Meanwhile, a strange calm has settled over you, as though your life-threatening situation is just a distant movie and you’re simply a spectator.

You look around at what remains of the boat. There goes our GPS, you remark in your head, almost with a sense of amusement. Looking back at (c/n), you conclude that he probably won’t be any help right at this moment. Clearing your throat, you start to yell for help at the top of your lungs.

After a few seconds of this, (c/n) turns his gaze in your direction. “What are you doing?”

“Calling for help, idiot,” you answer. What else would you be doing?

(C/n) lies back in the water. “It’s no use. We’re miles away from civilization. We’re as good as dead.”

You stare incredulously. “So, you’re just gonna give up and accept death?”

(C/n) gives an almost imperceptible shrug in response. Sighing, you turn in a slow circle, trying to see as far as you can. You shield your eyes as you turn towards the sun, squinting through the glare. As you’re about to continue your revolution, wooden plank still held tightly in one arm, you notice something on the horizon. You stare as hard as your eyes will allow, and make out some sort of shape. “(C/n),” you say distractedly. “(C/n), look over there.”

He follows your eyes to the lump on the horizon, and when he sees it, he snaps to attention. Suddenly alert again, he starts paddling towards it, as though he’ll get a better look with a few seconds of swimming. “(C/n),” you call after him, “Wait up!” You start swimming after him, using the bench as a kickboard.

Perhaps an hour or two later - you have absolutely no sense of time - you slump over your piece of wood, exhausted. You and (c/n) have been paddling wordlessly towards that one shining chance of survival, and now, it has grown into what you could conceivably call an island. You can make out a miniature mountain dotted with palm trees. No sign of buildings or any sort of man-made construction, but you’re not close enough to know for sure.

As you gasp for breath, (c/n) turns and paddles back over to you. “Come on,” he says, in a tone almost comparable to that of encouragement. “Not much farther now.” When you only cough in response, he grabs your arm and starts pulling you along with him, kicking his feet to propel himself. Somewhere in the back of your mind, you thank God that (c/n) is a good swimmer, or works out a lot, or both. You certainly can’t say the same about yourself.

After another hour or more of this, during which exhaustion pulls you in and out of lucidity, (c/n) shakes you into the waking world again. “(Y/n). Hey. Wake up.”

You bring yourself upright and suddenly feel the ocean floor beneath your feet. Looking up, you’re confronted with the sight of what was once a miniature island, now up close and enormous. The shore is only a hundred feet away. Staring in shock for a minute, you take it all in. The sandy beach, the towering palm trees, the rocky hills in the background. In any other situation, this would be a charming location, a tropical paradise. Nevertheless, at this moment it’s your only chance of survival. You start wading through the water, splashing towards shore, (c/n) close behind you.

After a minute of standing in the soft white sand in silence, you ask the burning question. “Where are we?” you breathe out, your voice barely above a hoarse whisper.

(C/n) shakes his head slowly, as if in disbelief. “I have no idea. I didn’t know this place existed.”

You glance sideways at him. His t-shirt is soaked and clinging to his skin, perfectly outlining his muscles. You quickly pull your eyes back to the island before you get too caught up in staring at him. But you notice he still has the burnt piece of boat in one hand, letting it trail in the sand.

You walk forward a few steps before collapsing, too tired to stand. You lie on your back in the hot sand, trying to stay warm as the cold water evaporates off your skin, leaving you shivering. (C/n) pulls his wet t-shirt off, obviously cold as well, and despite your current state you can’t help but stare. He mimics you and lies down in the warm sand, breathing heavily. The two of you just lie there, exhausted and shellshocked. On the horizon, the sun is beginning to set, and though you have a perfect view, you are unable to appreciate it. Before the real show has even begun, your eyes are already closed.

Cold water lapping at your feet jolts you awake. You sit up, utterly disoriented. It takes a solid minute of looking around in confusion for everything to come back to you. You groan and let your head fall back down. Apparently this wasn’t just a really vivid nightmare.

The sun is high in the sky, suggesting that you slept in pretty late. At least you got a good night’s sleep. Small comfort in a world like this one, where sleep is the least of your worries. After a few minutes of feeling sorry for yourself, you steel yourself and sit up again. Eventually you make it all the way to a standing position, and congratulate yourself. Positivity and self-encouragement…that’s what your therapist always tells you. You brush the sand off your back, realizing you’re still wearing only a string bikini. It’s a good thing the nights in this region are fairly warm or you could have frozen to death.

A human-shaped indentation in the sand reminds you of your fellow castaway. Scanning your surroundings, you find no sign of (c/n). You call his name a few times, but the only response is the chattering of some unidentifiable bird. At least you’ll have something to eat, if you survive long enough to even attempt hunting.

Well, with no other pressing matters besides your inevitable decomposition on this deserted island in the middle of nowhere, you decide to wander around a little and get the lay of the land, and hopefully find (c/n) along the way.

You pick a direction and start walking. Somehow, in the midst of your fear of being found dead in a hundred years, you’re able to enjoy the myriad of pleasant views this island has to offer. The sun sparkling on the clear blue waters and the white sand beaches make you momentarily forget about your quandary, or at least, put it on the back burner, as they say. You do love palm trees, and this island is full of them. You weave in and out of the line of trees forming the edge of a much thicker forest in the middle of the island. It’s probably not as pleasant in there, and you hope (c/n) hasn’t already gotten lost inside, or possibly mauled by a local bear. Once again, you marvel at your own nonchalance.

After a while of this, you stop to take a break. Exercise was never your thing. It’s as you’re standing there catching your breath that you notice a figure sitting against a palm tree not far away. Surprised but elated at the thought of a fellow human, you run towards the person, shouting and waving your arms. You stop when you get closer and realize it’s (c/n). He watches you, expressionless.

“Oh. It’s just you.” You flop onto the ground near him, disappointment obvious in your expression.

(C/n) snorts. “Hello to you too.”

You give him an exasperated look. “You know what I mean.”

“I’ve been up for hours searching the whole island and shouting. Trust me…we’re alone.” He starts drawing circles in the sand absentmindedly.

“Oh.” You frown. “I didn’t hear any shouting.”

He rolls his eyes. “No one could have heard anything over your snoring. You sure like to sleep.”

You contemplate this, trying to figure out whether to take offense or not. “Well, sue me.” You stand up. “Why don’t we try to find a source of fresh water?”

(C/n) doesn’t look up from his sand drawings. “I’ll pass.”

You squint at him.  “Umm…that’s not really an option,” you start.

“Why not?”

“In case you haven’t noticed, we’re stranded on an island?” You throw your arms out in a gesture of frustration. “We’re gonna have to work together if we want any chance of survival.”

(C/n) stops drawing and looks up at you through slitted eyes. “What makes you think we’re going to survive?”

You take a deep breath, trying to control your exasperation. Patience is a virtue, you remind yourself. Maybe this boy is confused. “There are trees and stuff. There’s probably food. There are animals. If we’re desperate enough we can probably strangle them to death. We’re one, two hours away from civilization, max. It’s not that unlikely that a ship will pass by within a few days. And, I’m sorry, but do you WANT to die?” Your voice rises in pitch with every sentence.

You hoped you could help (c/n) see reason, but instead you seem to have angered him somehow. He opens his mouth and unleashes his own tirade. “There are a thousand different ways we could get killed here. You’re not going to find a magical stream of fresh water and wild animals won’t just waltz into your arms. Only in the movies do people get stranded on a deserted island and actually come out alive. You can do all the animal-strangling and tree-shaking you want. But if you don’t mind, I’d rather enjoy my last days relaxing on the beach than getting attacked by wild rats or wandering around until I pass out.” He leans back against the tree, apparently considering the matter decided.

Unbelievable. You set your jaw and grab his arm. Surprised, (c/n) tries to shove you off but you latch on and pull him off the ground, with some difficulty. “Listen up, buddy. I’m only here in the first place because you fucked up. I’m not going to die here because you were too lazy and selfish and apparently suicidal to help!”

At that, (c/n) stops resisting. His expression changes, and you wonder if that’s shame flitting across his face. At any rate, he seems to give in. “Alright, fine. Just…tell me what to do.”

Satisfied, you let him go. “We have to find some kind of river or something. We can only survive three days without fresh water.”

“Nice fact, teacher. Watch a lot of Bear Grylls?” Shame or no shame, his sarcasm is certainly still intact.

“Nice joke Seinfeld, watch a lot of Comedy Central?” you snap back.

“As if, I have better things to do with my time than loaf around in front of the TV.”

“Like what, loafing around on your boat?”

“At least I have a boat, bet you can’t say the same.”

“Had a boat,” you correct him. He winces, and you instantly feel bad. It’s not like he wasn’t fully aware of the situation already, but it’s true that for a moment it was as if nothing was wrong. “Sorry,” you mumble quickly.

After a few minutes of uncomfortable silence, you start whistling the theme to Gilligan’s Island. It seems fitting, and lightens the mood, in your opinion. (C/n), however, does not seem to agree.

“Stop that,” he grumbles. “You’re pitchy and it’s hurting my ears.”

Hurt, you fix him with a withering stare. “Excuse me, do you plan to tone down your attitude anytime soon?”

“Nope.” (C/n)’s mouth twitches, almost as if he’s smirking, but of course that’s impossible.

You settle back into a comparatively more comfortable silence as you make your way towards the thicket of trees in the center of the island. It looks a little foreboding, but considering your options, you try to see it as more of a fun hiking trip through a tropical forest. In reality, though, who knows what you might run into in there?

As the underbrush gets thicker, you can’t help grimacing at all the leaves and branches scratching your bare legs and torso. If only you decided to keep your clothes on and apply sunscreen later on. You could really use the extra coverage right now.

Maybe (c/n) notices your struggle, because he pushes in front of you and leads the way, whacking branches out of the way with a stick he’s just picked up. You smile a little. Did he just do you a favor? Cold, heartless (c/n) could still be a gentleman deep down inside.

Nothing can be done about your bare feet, however. You may have pretty soft skin, but you suspect (c/n) must be struggling as well with the sharp rocks and protruding roots all over the forest floor. You tread in fear of impaling your foot on a thorn. The two of you walk slowly with your eyes glued to the ground. With your vision busy, you have to rely on your hearing, ears perked to catch the sound of running water, which is seeming more and more like a fantasy as time passes.

Just as you’re about to give up, you hear that blessed sound: the quiet gurgle of water trickling over rocks. You and (c/n) run towards the sound and heave simultaneous sighs of relief as you stumble onto the banks of a tiny river tumbling downhill. “How’s that for a magical stream?” you tease triumphantly.

Rather than responding, (c/n) kneels by the stream, plunges his hands in the water and drinks from his cupped hands, then splashes the water all over his face. You laugh but join him, relishing from the sweet, cold, and probably unsanitary water. Oh well, it’s worth the risk.

You follow the stream back downhill to see where it ends, finding a small pool at the edge of the forest. “This is perfect. We can come here for water.”

“Let’s hope it’s not full of diseases,” (c/n) interjects unhelpfully. You ignore him. “Great. Now we have to build a shelter and figure out how to start a fire before it gets dark again.”

“Easy peasy.” (C/n) cracks perhaps his first smile. Too bad it’s clearly a sarcastic one. However, you’ll ignore that, too.

“That’s the spirit. Positivity is key, or so my therapist always says.” You flash a bright smile. Maybe you can blind him into submission with your bright white teeth.

(C/n) glances at you in vague amusement. “You have a therapist?”

“Yes, I do. I’m not ashamed. It’s healthy to express your feelings once in awhile.” You give him a pointed look. “Or once in a century, for some people.”

“I don’t like talking about my feelings. Why would I want to spill my guts to a stranger?” (C/n) starts walking back out onto the beach, and you follow close behind.

“It doesn’t have to be a stranger. I can be your therapist,” you offer with another cheery smile.

He glances back. “You’re a stranger too.”

“That’s no way to treat the only other human on this island,” you respond lightly, trying to hide how insulted you really are.

(C/n) stops walking and faces you. “So, because we’re trapped here together, we have to become best friends?”

“I…didn’t say that,” you say hesitantly, taken aback by his seriousness.

“Look, when - if - we get rescued, I plan to forget this all happened and go back to living my life. We will not be best friends, got it?”

Suddenly you feel defensive. “Hey, I didn’t ask for this. But now that we’re here, the least we can do is work together to try to stay alive. That may require occasionally interacting, and if that upsets you then toughen up!”

(C/n) snorts and starts walking away. Seething with hurt and resentment, you turn on your heel and storm off in the other direction.

You spend the rest of the afternoon retrieving sticks and logs from the forest, doing your best to build a makeshift shelter. You try to recall everything you know from elementary school Girl Scouts, and random tidbits from the internet. At last, you step back and admire your work. A clumsy but not unfriendly little tent of sticks leans against the widest palm tree you could find. You crawl inside and discover that it’s actually quite roomy. Feeling proud of your handiwork, you grab some extra sticks and sit down with the ambitious new goal of starting a fire before it gets dark.

After what feels like an eternity of rubbing sticks together, feeling ridiculous, and cursing, you throw the sticks away angrily. You’ll obviously have to go without a fire tonight. Maybe tomorrow it’ll suddenly make sense. Right now, as the sky starts to darken, nothing makes sense.

You crawl back under your haphazard assembly of sticks and lie down. Alone and still for the first time in hours, the gnawing hunger that remained dormant for most of the day now eats a hole in your insides. You wonder if it’s possible for your body to consume itself, because that’s what it feels like. The urge to find food, any food, is overwhelming, and yet the sudden feeling of hopelessness is even more so. How could you have acted so positive all day, when in reality you don’t stand a chance? (C/n), that jerk, was right. You’re going to die here, in the middle of nowhere.

You curl up and try to erase all the thoughts in your mind, but you can feel the shock of recent events fading away as the grim reality truly sinks in for the first time. Fear suffocates you, and you find yourself struggling to breathe. A tear escapes your eye and you brush it away. Crying won’t do you any good, that’s for sure. But even so, more tears well up. Your sides shake silently as the depression settles over you like a dark, heavy blanket, eventually dragging you into sleep once more.

(C/n) finds you in the morning. You’re awoken by his shouts, calling your name. They grow closer and closer until you feel his hand on your shoulder, shaking you gently. You don’t move, partly because you don’t want to and partly because you can’t. You’re completely depleted of energy, and the only thing you feel now is that gnawing hunger, tearing you apart from the inside.

“(Y/n)?” He shakes you again. “Wake up.” He waits for a response. “(Y/n), please wake up.”

After a moment his hand leaves your shoulder, and you hear the sticks of your shelter clattering together, falling away from you onto the sand. You’re lying in the open, a cool morning breeze caressing your cheeks. (C/n) turns you onto your back and shakes you again. “Come on, (y/n), wake up, please…” You hear the worry in his voice, but can’t seem to make yourself move.

It’s when (c/n) puts a finger on your neck to feel a pulse that something stirs inside you. He thinks you’re dead? Well, that’s just silly. You try to open your mouth, or even your eyes. Now his ear is on your chest, probably listening for a heartbeat. His hair tickles your chin. You manage to open your mouth.

“I’m…not…dead,” you croak out.

(C/n) lifts his head off your chest and you can feel his stare, as well as his relief. “Well, good,” he says. Then, “You did that on purpose.”

You would make a snappy comeback, but that would require too much energy. It’s easier just to lie there. Accept death, as (c/n) kept saying.

“(Y/n), seriously, get up.” (C/n) nudges you. “Hello?” He sounds concerned again. After a moment, he says, “Open your mouth.” You decline to obey.

Another moment passes. “I have food.” At the sound of that magic word, your mouth opens all on its own. Something enters. You recognize the taste of banana, and slowly chew and swallow.

(C/n) lets out a slight chuckle. “Good. Have the rest.” He puts the banana in your hand. At this, you finally open your eyes.

(C/n) is kneeling over you. The first thing you notice is his lack of a shirt. The next thing you notice is the strip of cloth tied around his head. He’s doing that makeshift headband thing from every survival movie, and dammit, he’s pulling it off. You hate to admit it, but he looks sexy. By comparison, you must be a mess. You can feel the layer of grime on your face, except where tears from last night left tracks. You’re still in only your bikini, which is pretty dirty by now, too.

You decide to sit up, with some difficulty, and take another bite of banana. It’s a bit unripe but you’ll take what you can get. “Where did you find this?”

“I can show you later. I’ve been up for a while, and I’ve found a lot of stuff.” (C/n) smiles at you, an unusual and disorienting sight.

You point to his new headpiece. “Is this your shirt?”

“Yeah, I hemmed it a little,” he jokes. “Oh, and I brought the rest for you.” He hands you a lump of cloth. “This should be short enough to fit you now.”

You hold up the shirt. It looks mostly intact, with just a couple inches missing from the bottom. You pull it on over your head, enjoying the feeling of real clothing again. It’s almost like you’re back home, away from this nightmare. A fresh tear wells up, and you take this chance to wipe your face with it, using the edge of (c/n)’s shirt. He watches you, concern etched across his features.

When you’re finished, you sit staring at nothing. (C/n) lets you sit in silence for a minute before speaking in a low voice.

“What happened?”

Your voice comes out a whisper.

“I lost hope.”

For a while neither of you says anything. Then (c/n) says, “I’m sorry.” He gazes apologetically at you. “You were right, we need each other. I don’t know why I acted like I did. I…I don’t like to open up. I don’t want to make myself vulnerable. I can’t be like you. But I promise I’ll be helpful from now on. I’m not going to be negative anymore. I just need you to stay positive, too.” His eyes implore you to respond.

You let the words sink in, still in disbelief that (c/n) could put together so many sentences at once - and that he sounds so sincere. Your sudden moral disintegration must have rattled him. You start getting to your feet, and (c/n) immediately wraps an arm around your waist, supporting you.

“Thanks.” You take a few more bites of the banana and then toss the peel away. (C/n) starts to lead you down the beach. “This way.”

You arrive at a spot on the island where (c/n) obviously tried to set up camp. There is a small shelter of sticks, shaped like a very short, wide box but admittedly sturdier than yours. You notice the piece of wood with Mary still legible on it, resting on the roof. “How do you sleep in this?” you ask, pointing towards the shelter, which is less than two feet tall.

“Simple.” (C/n) slides under the stick roof and lies down with his head sticking out, grinning at you. “It’s quite comfortable. We can share if you want.”

A light blush colors your cheeks. “Um, okay. Thanks.” You look around. More sticks are piled up a few feet away. “Did you get a fire started?”

(C/n) crawls back out of the shelter. “No, I didn’t know how,” he says, looking a bit embarrassed.

“Me neither.”

“That’s okay. We can try again tonight.”

You give him a peculiar look. “What’s with Mr. Positivity all of a sudden?”

He smiles. “One of us has to do it. I’m just subbing in until you’re all better.”

“I’ll be better with more food,” you tell him.

“Right, food!” (C/n) looks excited. “I found so much fruit in the forest. You were right about that too, of course. There are even coconuts. If we can break one open we can store water, and stuff like that.” He holds his hand out to you. “Come on, I’ll show you.”

You take his hand and start walking back into the forest together.

Hours later you emerge from the trees, stuffed with bananas, berries, and even mangoes. You can hardly believe your luck - well, not the luck that got you stranded on an island in the first place, but it could be worse. However, you’ve discovered that coconuts do not taste that great with no sugar.

As you arrive back at your new home, (c/n) announces, “I have to pee.”

“Where are you gonna go?” you ask curiously.

“In the ocean, dummy. Where have you been going?”

“I haven’t.”


“I didn’t eat for like two days. I’m pretty sure there was nothing to…yeah.”

(C/n) shrugs and goes off, splashing out into the water a few feet. You turn away, smiling slightly. After a few seconds (c/n) calls out, “The water is really nice, you should come in!”

You laugh. “No way, I’m not swimming with your pee.”

“You were fine with all the fish pee, what’s wrong with mine?”

You roll your eyes but start walking out towards the ocean, stepping cautiously into the water at least twenty feet away from (c/n). It is quite warm, and the gentle lapping around your ankles relaxes you. You take another step forward. Looking around for (c/n), you realize you can’t see him in the water anymore.

Before you can turn and check the beach, something crashes into you from behind. You shriek and fall forward into the water, (c/n)’s heavy body pushing you down. Struggling to shove him off, your hands slide against his slippery arms and chest, and you don’t fail to notice when your fingers brush up against his abs. Feeling a little flustered at the proximity of his tan, wet body, you finally roll out from under him and run away as fast as the water will allow.

(C/n) gets up and chases after you, so you turn around to fight him, splashing water into his fast-approaching face. You scream a little too, as if this will ward him off. But despite your efforts, his hands land on your waist and you crash down into the shallow water together.

You give up and lie back, laughing and trying to catch your breath. The two of you lie there for a moment, breathing heavily. (C/n) grins down at you. “Nice try, but you can never escape me.” He stands up and grabs your hands, pulling you to your feet.

You glance out onto the horizon. Though it’s light out, night isn’t that far away. “The sun is gonna set soon. Let’s try and build that fire now.”

(C/n) mumbles in agreement, and you walk back to the piles of wood on the beach. You pick up a couple sticks. “Okay, this can’t be that hard. I’ve seen them do it on TV. Who cares if I tried for an hour and it didn’t work?”

“Well, I beg to differ,” (c/n) interjects, “but I’ve learned to appreciate that attitude.” He winks.

Strangely touched, you smile and squat down with your sticks. Realizing you need tinder, you ask (c/n) to get you a stringy piece of bark. You shred it as well as you can and arrange it in a pile, throwing in a couple pieces of dried palm leaf. Well, this isn’t ideal. Then you remember the coconuts. The stringy brown fibers could make perfect tinder. (C/n) has a few coconuts in a pile for future use, so you pull off as much fiber as you can and make a bundle out of it, adding it to your pile.

Next you get the flattest piece of wood you can find and lay it down in front of you. You pick up a short stick with a relatively pointed end, make a notch in the flat piece of wood, and then start twirling the stick between your palms. (C/n) sits next to you, watching with great interest.

“I’ve never successfully done this, but…I think this is how it’s supposed to look…” you explain anxiously. There must be something you’re doing wrong, besides the less-than-ideal materials you’ve chosen. After a few minutes of twirling the stick with no results, you sigh and stop for a moment. “Maybe this was a dumb idea.”

(C/n) grabs the stick from you. “No, no, we can do it. Let me try.” He tries to imitate your actions, but it looks clumsy and the stick keeps sliding off the board.

“Couldn’t you have done Boy Scouts when you were little? It would be really helpful right now.” Impatiently, you take the stick back and start twirling it again. “See, this is what you’re supposed to do.”

As you show him, a tiny wisp of smoke appears. A high pitched squeal of excitement comes out of your mouth, and (c/n) laughs. “Smoke! We have smoke! Keep going.”

But your hands are starting to blister from all the rubbing. “I can’t. It hurts.”

“Okay. I got it, don’t worry.” (C/n) puts his hands on the stick and you quickly remove yours, not wanting to lose a second of the friction. He rubs his hands together like you did, more successfully this time. The wisp of smoke grows, and soon, a small ember appears. You gasp. “Oh my God, keep going! You got it!”

The ember grows, and once it’s big enough you stop him, picking up the piece of wood and carefully tipping the ember onto the pile of coconut and bark fibers. A tiny flame appears and largens, quickly engulfing the pile of tinder.

You and (c/n) gasp and shriek and jump up and down, grabbing each other and dancing gleefully around your tiny fire. “We did it! We did it!” You can barely breathe from excitement. (C/n) grabs your face. “You’re a genius.”

Your cheeks heat up a bit. “You’re the one who started the fire.” Then you look back at your creation. “Wait, we should add more wood before it goes out.”

The two of you grab sticks of various sizes and try to catch them on fire, but progress is slow. Most of the branches seem to be too green. “We need something more dead.” You glance around, spotting the piece of boat on top of the shelter. You pick it up. “Hey, this could work.”

Suddenly (c/n)’s joyful expression shifts. His face hardens. “No!” he shouts, snatching it away from you.

Shocked, you stand frozen. “I…uh, I’m sorry…”

(C/n) turns away and pokes through the pile of sticks, finding one that seems less green than the others and shoving it into the fire. It catches and he sits back down on the sand, avoiding your eyes.

You sit down hesitantly across from him, on the other side of the fire, and watch it in silence for a minute. (C/n) traces the burnt blue letters on the piece of boat. Out on the horizon, the sun is just beginning to set.

Finally (c/n) speaks up, slowly, as if it causes him great pain. “Mary was my mother’s name. We named the boat after her.”

You’re not sure what to say. After a moment, he continues. “She died when I was young.”

“I’m so sorry.” You watch his face. His eyes are fixed on the piece of wood.

“When the boat exploded…it was like I killed the last piece of her we had left.” He stares now into the fire. “Maybe if I die here, I’ll get to see her again.”

“Don’t say that.” You crawl around the fire to sit next to him, putting a cautious hand on his bare shoulder. “People love you, and they need you.”

“Who?” (C/n) looks up at you. “My father? He doesn’t need me. I don’t even think he cares.”

“Yes, he does.”

“You don’t even know him.” (C/n) glares accusingly at you.

“He cares, I know he does.” You know how bad that sounds, but can’t think of what else to say. You feel for him, and wish you could say something that would help in some way. You take a deep breath. “And…I know it won’t mean anything, but…I care. And I need you.”

He searches your face, perhaps seeing the sincerity there. Then he looks back down at his feet and wipes his eyes. “It means something. Thanks.”

You put an arm around him and lean against him, hoping to be of some comfort. For a while longer, neither of you says anything, watching as the sun goes down, setting the ocean on fire.

When the last bit of light is getting sucked out of the sky, you finally stand up and slide into the shelter with (c/n). You lie close together to conserve heat as the air gets cooler, you in only your bikini bottoms and (c/n)’s t-shirt, and him wearing only swim trunks. “Good night, (c/n),” you whisper.

He pulls you closer in response. “Good night, (y/n).”

You fall asleep to the sound of waves lapping at the shore.

The next morning, for once, you wake up first. The sunlight hits (c/n)’s face from the entrance to the stick shelter, and you admire the way it lights up his face. He looks so peaceful. Not to mention gorgeous. You shake your head slightly and crawl outside.

Your stomach grumbles, so you make a quick trip to the forest to find some more fruit. When you get back to the beach, (c/n) is already awake, sitting on the sand. He gets up when he sees you. “Where did you go?” he asks anxiously.

“I went to get some food,” you say, pointing to the forest.

“I got so worried. Don’t leave without telling me,” he says, a small whine in his voice. You chuckle. “Okay, I’m sorry.” You hold out a banana. “I brought this for you.”

“One measly banana?” (C/n) scoffs. “You underestimate my hunger. We’re going back in there.” He grabs your hand and marches you back into the trees.

After gorging on fruit, (c/n) points up to a tall tree with protruding branches. “That looks like the perfect tree to climb.”

You follow his finger. “Don’t be ridiculous, you’ll die.”

“Never climbed a tree before?” He cocks an eyebrow. “Let me show you how it’s done.” He drops a mango rind and throws himself onto the trunk of the tree, grasping onto its branches. He looks like a monkey, shimmying up the tree, and you giggle at the sight. He settles onto a forked branch high above your head and waves down. You wave back. Then he jumps down, almost crashing into you before you leap backwards.

“Your turn.” (C/n) grins and pushes you forward. “Up you go. It’s easy.”

“Unlike you, I’m not part monkey,” you remind him. Nevertheless, you approach the tree and grab a low-hanging branch, hoisting yourself up. You glance back apprehensively at (c/n), who gives you a thumbs up. “I’ll catch you if you fall!” He holds out his arms and grins again.

Swallowing, you continue up the tree, managing to get a few feet up. When you look back down, you realize how much scarier it looks from up here. Suddenly you feel dizzy. “I’m done!” you announce, hoping he can’t hear the tremor in your voice.

“Pssh, very well, jump back down.”

“I prefer to climb down safely, thank you very much.” But as you finish your sentence, the branch in your right hand bends and then breaks with a snapping sound. “Shit.” You try to find another handhold but can’t, and end up hanging on with just one hand.

(C/n)’s voice floats up. “You can fall, I got you!” You roll your eyes despite your fear. No way are you trusting him. Unfortunately, you are left without a choice as your remaining hand slips, and suddenly you’re falling.

You land in (c/n)’s arms, but his knees buckle under the sudden weight and he falls to the ground. You land on your back on the forest floor and he lands on top of you.

“Ow,” you complain, rubbing your butt.

“Sorry.” (C/n) smiles apologetically. You laugh softly and he joins in.

Without getting off of you, (c/n) reaches out and plucks a nearby flower. He tucks it behind your ear and smiles. “That’s cute.”

“Get another one,” you say, and he obliges, handing you another flower. You put it behind his ear. “Now you look cute too.”

“Thank you.” (C/n) grins down at you. His eyes wander across your face and down to your mouth. Then they meet yours for a second before he lowers his head and touches his lips to yours.

After a second he pulls back, searching your eyes. You smile and put your hand on the back of his head, pulling him back down. (C/n) brings his hands to your face, stroking your cheek with his thumb. For a minute everything else just goes away, leaving the two of you, flowers in your hair, him lying on top of you. His lips are soft and he tastes like fruit.

Finally (c/n) smiles and rolls off of you, lying down next to you. “I should probably let you breathe. It would be sad if you suffocated right before we got rescued.”

“Mhmm,” you agree. You move your hand over and touch his. He twines your fingers together. You lie there in blissful serenity for who knows how long, letting all your worries drift away, simply enjoying each other’s company.

That evening, after you build another fire successfully, you sit together looking out at the water. (C/n) plays with your hair.

“Remember when I got all angry and said we couldn’t be friends.” He makes a face. “I’m sorry. I was being stupid.”

“I know, who wouldn’t want to be friends with me?” you respond jokingly.

“I’m serious. If we get rescued…” he pauses. “When, I mean. When we get rescued…I don’t want to just go our separate ways and never see each other again.”

You look up at him. He hooks an arm under your legs and pulls you into him like a baby. “I don’t care what happens, but I’m not letting you go.”

You smile to yourself. “Good. Cause I don’t plan to go.” You lean against him. “After all we’ve been through, all the trouble I went through to keep you alive, I am not going to let you just walk away. I mean, you owe me, like, a ton,” you add teasingly.

(C/n) chuckles. “Well, good thing we agree.”

You lapse back into comfortable silence. As you look out onto the water, you see a movement, and squint your eyes to see more clearly. You must be hallucinating, because it almost looks like a ship is on the horizon, coming in your direction.

“(C/n),” you say slowly. “Do you see something - over there -” You point, and you hear a sharp intake of breath. “Holy shit, (y/n). That’s a ship.”

You spring into action. “Get a tall branch!” you holler as you search the remaining pile of wood and check to ensure the fire is still going. When (c/n) returns with a long stick, you poke the end of it into the fire, desperately willing it to catch. At last, it does, and you immediately hold it high over your head.

“Get on my shoulders.” (C/n) squats on the ground. You withhold your concerns about weighing too much and climb on, almost dropping the stick in the process. (C/n) stands up slowly, and you manage to cling on, wobbling precariously. You hold up the burning torch and wave it above your head. Smoke rises into the sky. You pray feverishly for someone to notice, and you know (c/n) is doing the same. “Please, please, please,” he mutters. “Come on!” you add under your breath.

The ship continues coming towards you. It gets closer and closer until there is no longer any uncertainty that they’ve seen you. (C/n) kneels back down and lets you slide off, and you cling to each other, watching as an anchor is dropped and a smaller boat is lowered into the water. Tears prick your eyes as you think of home and, for the first time, really consider that you will make it back okay. And no matter what, you will have (c/n) to support you. You hug him tighter and wait for your rescuers to arrive and bring you back to civilization.

Inuyasha Fandom Valentine’s Day!

Let’s join together to celebrate our love of Inuyasha and our love for each other in honor of Valentine’s Day 2017! I am hosting this small event in hopes of making Valentine’s Day a little more fun for this amazing fandom!

Valentine’s Day Original Pieces, Romantic Fics, Sappy V-Day cards, Love Notes & Secret Admirer Messages…There are so many ways you can participate, big or small!!!

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I must hear more about this mess of a son Koga has...

HAHA. I love my followers so much. You guys are my light!!!
I HC koga to have many many many daughters and ONE son. Funniest thing about this is that I actually have him more formatted than I do the InuKag kids lmfao.

I don’t know how wolf demon pregnancies work but Koga really wants a son after Inuyasha has his son (still a competitive shit) but he just keeps having baby girls. Ayame has triplets and twins, and Koga kinda forgets about wanting a son because he’s too busy raising an amazon tribe of fiery females who make his life a fun and amazing living hell.
But finally Ayame has a son and he’s a tiny runt jackass (with a big heart…picture a black fuzz ball with a frown and sharp teeth) and since he’s the last child and the smallest he is almost completely forgotten about; lol except by his parents but even they have so many things going on (raising six kids, patching over tribe politics, and running as Chiefs of a clan) that they can’t really catch up on their baby boy until the day is over.
So he is left to his own devices for entire days on end and he and InuKag’s only boy get along like a house on fire. Koga’s son spends his entire day playing pranks and traumatizing small forest animals for fun, and the InuKag boy is usually there to stop him and on rare occasions help him. I think in a funny turn of events the two fathers who “hate” each other have sons who are best friends and love each other. Thick as thieves those two.

Just Lena’s silly bias follow forever

I know the gif is really silly but asdfghjkl let me live

Wowie zowie i can’t believe this!
I was going to do this when i hit 150 but a lot of stuff came up and i didn’t have the time to do this. But seeing it go up to 200 blew my mind. Thank yall so much! Me and Jyushimatsu are so very happy that we have so many people to interact with! This is just something small to thank yall for dealing with me and my idiot little JyuJyu bean! It’s bias i have to admit considering there aren’t a lot of people i talk to but sure as hell would like to talk to everyone else!!! 

here’s all the mushy stuff under the cut!

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Harrison "Harry" Wells x Reader A Distraction

Imagine distracting Harry from working….

Day in and day out you would notice that all Harry does is work, work, and think about work. He’s always trying to come up with ways to stop the metas that are rampaging through out Central City. While it’s much appreciated, the man is only human. It’s only a matter of time before he crashes and burns. Barry and Cisco have tried to pull the man away from the algorithmic whiteboard, but he always finds a way back.

So you cooked up an amazing idea. If you couldn’t take Harry away from algorithms, maybe you could distract him. You weren’t his girlfriend for no reason after all. Before entering the cortex, you smiled evilly. Today was going to be fun.

Throughout the day you would place small pecks on Harry’s cheeks and mouth as you passed by when he was focused on his math. You were the first to pull away, just to tease him a bit. When you left he would be partially stunned, unable to focus for a moment. Each and every time your pecks took a little longer and grew to be kisses. And Harry lost his composure more and more, only thinking about you. Leaving him wanting more.

It was around 8 pm when you decided to stop distracting the sassy scientist. You were chilling with Cisco and Caitlin in the cortex, talking about the latest meta. Barry had already went home with Iris, Wally, and Joe. You didn’t notice that Harry was walking towards you.

Right as you turned around, two hands grasped the sides of your face, pulling you in for a kiss. Soon the kiss became heavy and turned into a make-out session. Caitlin smiled at the pair while dragging Cisco away, who was taking the PDA seriously. You both pulled away trying to catch your breaths. You had blushed several shades of red, a little dazed by the intense kiss. Harry smirked and wrapped his arms around you, whispering in you ear,

“That was for distracting me today, princess.”

“We won Nii-san! Lev-kun! We won the finals!”

For as long as Natsu can remember, she’s had a crush on Lev. It starts off innocently enough; with him coming over all the time and being his cute, clumsy, overexcited self, it’s only natural that she falls for the half Russian, half-Japanese, full-dork boy. Puppy love is what her mom calls it.

But what hurts is when she doesn’t quite grow out of it. She matures plenty, but so do her feelings. They alarm her, and she tries her hardest to bury them in the deepest corners of her mind, (though Alisa and Yachi see through her instantly) because she cherishes her friendship with Lev too much to jeopardize it over a crush. He cares for her deeply and trusts her, just like she trusts him.

Though it’s plenty obvious that Lev harbors no romantic feelings towards the youngest Hinata, she keeps this picture as her wallpaper. She doesn’t hope, doesn’t want to put herself through that kind of pain, but she allows herself this one small satisfaction, because the truth is she had a lot of fun that day, and no matter what, she wouldn’t trade what she has right now for anything.


Zootopian Holiday: Spicy Nick Appreciation Day

Founded by yours truly, Spicy Nick Day is a Zootopian holiday dedicated to officially appreciating our beloved Nick Wilde in his upmost sexiest form, because we love him this way! ;) Artists from all across the fandom collectively post an artwork, their ‘contribution’, be they separate or in a thread (which personally I like to call the Spice Parade ^^’) or both :) We celebrate by taking part in the art trend or by simply reblogging and commenting on the works we see, so in a way we are praising the artists along with the fox! :D This is a fun day for all Zootopians great and small who adore and lust after Nick and his naturally sultry nature~ again, bc it’s fun!
Here are the Rules and Regulations:
1. Spicy Nick Appreciation Day takes place on the 14th of every month in honor of Jason Bateman’s birthday (if you don’t know who he is… *sniff* boi -_-) Credit to the date goes to @boneboy679 aka @wildehopps679 /he thought of it first/ A month gives us artists time to develop a fantastic piece without too much pressure and the audience won’t get tired of the craze (not that we can never get enough of this hawt fox anyway mmm *I hope I worded that right*)
2. With that said, to truly be a part of this, you must post your contribution between the hours of 12:00am to 11:59pm on the 14th day! Sort of a given but eh, just wanna be clear. 
3. Spicy Nick Day is everyday! :D Disclaimer: This holiday does not limit you to posting spicy fanart solely on the 14th of every month. If you wanna post before or after, then be my guest! Post some spice every day for all I care! I understand some blogs are dedicated to a daily dose of sin 😈 The 14ths are just the 'official’ appreciation days when we all come together and overdose on spice-tastic artwork. It’s the same as being a year-round prankster, but upping your game on April Fools Day y'know 😋 I’m not in charge of telling someone what they can post and when, but maaaybe save the best for the holiday?? Or whatevs 
4. You are not limited to only the character, Nick, either! If you want, make a “Lewdie Judy” (credit for that name goes to @cimar-of-turalis-wildehopps ) if you’d like to give Hopps some appreciation too, then go ahead! If drawing Nick isn’t your forte then just do our lovely bun; or even pair her up with Nick y'know. After all that’s what I did! We do luuuve our WildeHopps ;)
5. [Probably the most important rule] It is absolutely mandatory that every contribution and/or reblog is tagged #Zootopia just like any other Zootopia related post! We all know this. It’s non-negotiable. If you forget, fix it! Help us get back to the top! You are however given the choice of additional tags. These include, but are not limited to: #Spicy Nick Appreciation Day #Spicy Nick Day #Zootopia Holiday #Spicy Nick #Nick Wilde #NSFW sorta #WildeHopps etc. etc. etc. 
6. AUs are invited! (as long as they spicy ;) Always strive for originality, but if you have a great au-related idea in mind then have at it! 
7. The amount of spice in your contribution is both unlimited…and limited. In all honesty this is supposed to be fun and not intentionally an 'overly erotic’ day, rather simply a 'spicy’ day y'know. But if NSFW is your goal then I guess I can’t stop ya *shrug* However please remember some people are sensitive to too much risqué themes and I recommend maaaybe dialing it down. Don’t make it weird for anyone. We’re supposed to enjoy the day as much as possible and not regret it in the end ^^’
8. On that note, characters do not have to be completely naked! Dress Nick in the Playboy bunny outfit for all I care! xD Or if Nick completely clothed but dawning a suggestive smirk/pose is more comfortable for you, then do that. 
9. Collaborations are totally welcomed! As long as you all can work together and get it done in time then collabs would be a blast!
10. Go big! I’ve usually posted a series of drawings rather than one so try that too. Just don’t run out of inspiration ^^’
11. This is not a competition! It’s a celebration! Do not put anyone down! Leave us artists some kudos yo :D
12. You do not have to participate if you don’t want to! Observation of Spicy Nick Day is totally up to you. No one is required to celebrate it. Whether you’re, say, an artist who can’t whip up a contribution in time due to whatever circumstance, if reblogging other ppl’s work is more your speed, or if this just isn’t your 'thing’ for whatever reason, it’s totally okay to ignore the craze. 
13. You don’t have to be an artist to participate! Take that in any way you like and be creative in whatever you choose to do ^^
14. Super Important Reminder!! The characters Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps are well respected characters! We all know this. I mean c'mon guys, we love them! Sure this is a fan-made holiday for spicing them up, but try not to go overboard please. Don’t totally ruin these two. Let me say that one more time, don’t ruin them pls! Just keep that in mind. But HAVE FUN! :D /I hope this covers everything/

anonymous asked:

hey! can I request a scenario where you're dating seokmin and you meet seventeen for the first time? Thank you very much xxx

“What should we make?” you wondered out loud while you and Seokmin strolled along the aisles of the grocery store, your hands linked and a shopping basket hanging from his other hand. You scanned through the shopping list you had on your free hand, but it was full of question marks and could barely be even used as an actual list.

“What do you want to make?” Seokmin asked, his own eyes looking around to see if there’d be anything on sale or if he’d remember something he was supposed to buy. You sighed.

“It’s not about that, I want to make something that everyone will like,” you mumbled with a small pout as Seokmin pulled you to one aisle.

“I don’t think you can go wrong with ramyeon,” he said cheerfully.

“You think so?” He didn’t answer, giving you a kiss instead, before he started shoving ramyeon packages into the basket. You chuckled at the amount - thirteen people naturally also needed a lot of food, especially considering they were all growing men. And, of course, you needed something to eat, too.

With your basket full of ramyeon that were soon joined by some other ingredients, you went to the cashier and were soon on your way to the dorm. While walking, you started getting a bit jittery, feeling nervous about meeting the other members, no matter how calm you had been about it until then. Seokmin got his arm around your shoulders for a moment.

“It’ll be fine, Y/N. They’re all cool, you have no reason to start getting nervous now,” he said with a smile audible in his voice. You leaned against him a little and sighed.

“I know it’ll be fine, but first impressions are really important, you know,” you mumbled. He let go of you and reached for your hand, which he then squeezed with a chuckle.

“Well, my first impression of you eventually led to me falling in love with you, so please don’t try too hard,” he snickered, earning a gentle nudge and a “Please” from you as you laughed heartily.

You reached the dorm and Seokmin let you in, even though you had insisted on him going in first so that you could hide behind him for a while longer. You were met with an empty hallway, but it didn’t take long for the curious members of Seventeen to appear.

Seungkwan smiled at you and gave you a nod of approval. “So this is the person that’s gotten Seokmin all whipped.”

Everyone laughed, including you, although your laughter was considerably more nervous than the members’. Seokmin scratched the back of his neck with a wide albeit shy smile taking over his face. “Yes, this is the one.” The warm look he had in his eyes as he looked at you had Seungkwan making a face, but he smiled right afterwards.

All of the members introduced themselves to you and vice versa while Seokmin took the groceries to the kitchen, and you did your best to hide your nervousness. You realized that it wasn’t really working for you when Joshua gave you a warm smile and told you to relax, though.

Twelve new faces and names later, although you were rather familiar with them already considering their status as idols, you went to the kitchen, where Seokmin had just finished unpacking. He was about to start making the food when you walked to him and took over with a laugh. “No, you go have fun with your members, I’ll take care of this.”

He smiled and gave you a soft kiss with his hand resting on your lower back. “Call me if you need something.”

You tried to be independent, you really did, but the stove turned out to be a bigger challenge than you had initially thought. You had a pot full of water but you didn’t have the slightest clue of how to use the stove - who sold those, anyway?

Your thoughts were brought back to reality when a hand appeared between you and the stove and retreated after turning one of the knobs, taking you aback. You turned around and saw Mingyu grinning at you. “It takes a while to become familiar with the stove.”

With a smile, you nodded and giggled quietly. Mingyu refilled his glass of water and beamed even more when he laid his eyes on the ingredients that you had prepared, and somehow he managed to talk you into letting him help you. Not that you minded, since you’d both get a little bit of help and get to know him a bit better.

Some time later, you had a big pot full of ramyeon, and after tasting it you and Mingyu high-fived. He called Minghao and Vernon to set the table, and when it was all set he carried the food while you took care of the drinks. Little by little, the members started appearing around the large dining table, and you found a seat between Seokmin and Jeonghan.

“Thank you, Y/N!” the boys said in unison. You shot a look at Mingyu since he had helped you quite a bit, but he shook his head with a grin before focusing his eyes on the beautiful sight of food.

The dinner began with casual conversations about what the members had been doing that day and everyone shared a small detail or a fun fact about themselves, much to your entertainment; some of them were more serious about it, whereas Jeonghan earned himself a smack from Seokmin when his fun fact was that he likes “people that make good ramyeon.” You retorted with “Then your type must be Mingyu,” which had the whole table laughing out loud.

After that came the questions aimed at you - who you were, what you did, where you were from and so on. Chan asked rather shyly about how you and Seokmin had first met, hiding half of his face behind his can of soda. You laughed as you let your mind wander back to when you had bumped into Seokmin by accident and had apologized, but Seokmin’s reply had been “You’re really pretty” instead of saying that it was fine, which had made him embarrassed and you amused.

“Why am I not surprised,” Soonyoung laughed, and everyone agreed. Seungkwan further continued in the topic, jokingly asking what you saw in Seokmin. If looks could’ve killed, Seokmin’s glare would’ve murdered Seungkwan right there and then, but you took his hand in yours and gave a simple reply.

“Everything.” Seokmin got a soft blush to his cheeks as he melted into a smile and squeezed your hand in his, his heart swelling with love. The members looked at you two with fascinated expressions, and when it got too much you shook your head. “Ah, we should eat before the food gets cold!”

Later, you were doing the dishes after you had insisted to Seokmin that it was fine; you were very happy with the way the meeting was going, and you wanted a few minutes to yourself. You barely even got a few minutes, though, as Jun joined you and began rinsing the dishes for you.

“You know that there’ll be twelve guys coming after you if you hurt Seokmin, right?” he asked suddenly, nearly making you drop the bowl you were washing. You turned towards him in shock - where was this coming from? Then Jun grinned. “And likewise, there’ll be twelve guys going after him if he hurts you. Welcome to the family, Y/N.”

You laughed in relief, thanking Jun as you handed him the bowl. Another bowl nearly broke when Seungcheol placed his hand on Jun’s and your shoulders. “Jun, please don’t scare Y/N. It must be intimidating enough to be here with all of us.”

You shook your head, your heart beating a bit faster from the surprise caused by a sudden touch when you hadn’t realized anyone had even come to the kitchen. “It’s fine. You’re all really nice, so it’s not a problem.”

Seungcheol smiled despite it being your back that was facing him. He patted your shoulder. “You’re even greater than Seokmin let us understand. We trust him with you.”

Another laughter erupted from your chest at his words as you gladly accepted the responsibility. When you were done with the dishes, Jun left the kitchen and you walked to the window, crossing your arms by your chest with a content smile on your lips, letting out a quiet sigh.

Suddenly you felt arms wrapping around your waist and lips landing on your neck. You smiled even more widely as you let yourself relax into your boyfriend’s touch. “You’re amazing, Y/N.”

You turned around to wrap your arms around Seokmin’s neck and spent a moment just staring into his eyes. You leaned up to kiss him with your eyes fluttering shut, missing the way Chan turned on his heels at the door.

- Kay

I stressed the whole year, just for this.

❁Johnny and Ten ft. reader 


❁Swearing, threesome 

❁ 1980 words

In the country that you live in, teenagers and young adults are sent on different islands where they spend 3 months with other people to survive.The government decide the different locations based on the persons IQ. The higher IQ, the better place.

I was too exited and afraid at the same time. I knew I wouldn’t land at a shitty place. My grades were hell, but my IQ was not that bad. I heard different stories about people who had been to a thing like this, some people died and some even landed up alone or with too many people to count. I stressed the whole year, just for this.

I got informed that there will be two other people joining me, and I was the first one who arrived. The island was smaller than I thought. There was a small beach, and a little brown house right beside. Only a few trees were to be seen. I immediately ran to the small house to drop off my two large bags. “Well, this could be worse.” I pushed the door with my hand and stepped into the tiny place. There was a bunk bed, and a twin bed. The kitchen was larger than the living room. In front of a small, cracket table stood a door who led to a toilet. Of course, no shower, I will need to take baths in the ocean. Just the thought of that made me cringe of awkwardness. I tend to be really shy in front of new people. But I somehow got along with people at school. 

I suddenly heard deep laughs. “Was I really placed on an island with two males?!” I said loud and looked outside of the big window. My eyes got bigger and bigger the more near they came. I couldn’t see their faces, but the one was taller than the other. This will be hell for me. “Dude, I think someone is there already” Said a smooth voice pointing at me. I stood still, it felt so awkward. I sat on the bed and grabbed a book, just to act like I did something important. Their footsteps came so close that I started sweating. And then the door opened… 

-“Oh my… Johnny look!” I got an uncomfortable feeling of that he was thinking bad about me, since I was so much used to it. I lifted up my head from the book and saw an attractive guy standing in front of me. He smiled to me. I awkwardly smiled back and noticed an another guy walking in.

-“Shut up Ten” The other said and walked in to the house. My heart skipped so fast, they both looked at me in a weird and curious way. Gosh they looked so hot! “-Damn, I didn’t knew hot babes were included in this shit” Said the black haired dude while the other one smacked him in the back of his head. -“Ten shut the fuck up, ugh I’m so sorry for him. And by the way I’m Johnny, and as you heard this is my friend Ten” Johnny let out a smirk. Both had a really nice and tan skin. Johnny’s hair was brown and weirdly parted, like he just stood up from a nap -“Oh, I’m y\n” I said shyly, that was not on purpose to say my name so quiet. Even tho I had a reason to be, because Ten called me hot.

-“I don’t want to sleep on the bunk bed, you fucker”
-“Fuck off I’m older than you so I decide!” Were these guys even friends as they said? They argued about everything. Since they came they complained about a bunch of bullshit. Now they cried over who is going to sleep on the upper bed. I hated heights so I convinced them to sleep in the twin bed, all alone. -“ Uhhm, I changed my mind, you can take my bed, Ten.” -“Really? Damn thanks that went easy” -“Yah but ill sleep with y\n then” -“Oh fuck off that’s not fair” I had enough of the shouting and cursing from them. But something stopped me from stopping them. Did Johnny just say he wanted to sleep with me? Fuck it, ill just go to sleep. -“Okay, you two shut up. I want to sleep. If I hear more fights and cursing from you, ill make sure both of you sleep outside, good night” I sounded really mad, but they both shut up and got to their beds. There was only one thing holding me awake. How am I going to live three months with two hot guys?

I haven’t showered since 4 days. My hair was disgusting. I tried to avoid showering, because last time I swam in the ocean, both Johnny and Ten looked at me outside the window. The second week was not that bad, only complaining and joking around. Today was actually a good day to take a swim and feel great again. Johnny was making food, I learned that he was a good cook and Ten stood always by his side. Everyday he yelled at Ten -“ You touched the food without washing your hands?!” They were both distracted about gossiping and of course, making dinner.
I rushed out of the house and ran straight forward to the beach. It was almost dark, everything was peaceful. I took off my clothes, piece after piece. I only wore white panties in case if they saw me. The water was really cold, but it felt really relaxing to dip my feet in the water. I pushed myself further and further in till I was completely underwater. Finally, after these days I can clean off the dirt of me.

I started walking back, and I stood in the water, I saw what I fucking expected. Ten and Johnny, both looking at me. Johnny said something to Ten, with a serious look. They didn’t have that look the last time they saw me half naked, they made fun of my small boobs three days in a row. But Ten tend to compliment my ass all the time. Johnny always repeated “Who needs a pretty body when you have an amazing face” But this time there was no joke. I was afraid to go in, I froze in the water and leaned forward to grab my clothes. Johnny and Ten got back to work as always, I took my time as I walked back.
Ten walked out of the house, shouting -“I’m just gonna harvest a bunch of shit, by the way nice ass babe” I got really used to them calling me these kind of stuff, even though it felt like they never meant it. As I stepped into the house, Johnny closed the door and turned around to me. Saying something he has never said before.

-“y\n, kiss me. Now, Ten went out.” These words made my heart beat faster. I didn’t respond. He could not wait anymore, so he kissed me, really gently. His warm lips covering the silence, even tho I craved more of him… Then I heard the door behind me open. Johnny pulled away, like he was about to panic. And behind me, stood Ten.
-“Johnny what the fuck did you just do?” I didn’t know how to react, so instead I turned around to face Ten, I wanted to see his reaction.
-“Oh, I knew you would do the same if you had the opportunity.” Ten gave Johnny a smirk, they both looked at each other. Then Ten nodded and got closer to me. I wanted to push him away and go, but Johnny pressed his body against me. Making me stand between them.

-“I know you want this, babygirl” Ten said as he took off his shirt exposing his abs. You could never imagine him having that body. -“Yes, but..” I could not even finish the sentence, when Ten kissed me roughly, at the same time when Johnny grabbed my ass. His big hands squeezing me and begging for more.

 -“Its feels better than it looks” Johnny said as he pushed my half-wet hair to the side to kiss my neck. I could not control my feelings, I wanted to run. But at the same time, I wanted to be used my them. I wanted to be filled with love. I wanted to feel the guy’s bodies. I craved them. I craved them both.

-“You look so needy right now” Ten says and pushes up my shirt, then Johnny takes off my shorts. Me being the most exposed in this room. I turned around to Johnny to lift up his shirt. He had just as amazing abs like Ten. Ten took good advantage of that and pressed his hips into my ass. He gasped lightly. Johnny smirked and said -“Well damn Ten, that one was fast” Ten responded with a shaky voice -“Yeah, you could just imagine me being alone with y\n”. They both smirked. And Johnny was as fully naked as me. He lifted me up with his strong, big, arms and laid me down gently on my bed. Ten wasted no time and hurried to the bed where I laid on my belly. He took his boxers off, his eye contact with me made me hot inside. -“Now show me what that sweet mouth of yours can do” I could not even respond, and Johnny lifted up my ass, touching my thighs and kissing them, leaving wet marks. I grabbed Tens hard member and teased the tip with my mouth. Ten was really inpatient and grabbed my hair as he pushed me into him more and more.
-“ You’re worse then me” Johnny laughed and spanked me. He did that three times in a row, he liked watching me enjoy that. Finally he took off his boxers. He did everything so slow, while Ten hurried. He was a moaning mess, even Johnny laughed at him, but Ten was lost in his fantasy.
I could not take it anymore, Johnny teased to much. I wanted him so bad inside of me, I moaned so much as he teased my wet spot. Causing my legs to shake.
-“Johnny please!” The hunger for him was real. Johnny thrusted roughly into me as he cursed and grabbed my ass tightly, making Ten jealous.
Both Ten and Johnny groaned with deep pleasure, even tho Ten was much louder. Ten lifted me up and made me sit on his lap.
-“You have been such a good girl, now you need to rest, I’m not that harsh as Johnny” He thrusted gently into me, pounding slowly and holding my hands. Johnny was out of control, it looked like he wanted more. He kneeled beside me and looked at me as he wanted so say something.
-“C'mon, were not done yet, suck me off” Johnny said and grabbed my head with his hands, I opened my mouth and did my work. Ten started pounding harder and moaning louder, making his moves sloppier. “Y\n, I’m about to…” Ten pulled me up and cummed on my belly while Johnny began to moan louder. He soon did the same. I walked out of the bed to bring something to clean myself off with.

-“Looks like we all need a bath” Said ten and smiled at Johnny. -“I cant believe we have several weeks left, looks like we are about to have some more fun” Johnny said and walked up to me, and gave ma kiss on the cheek.
-“Hey, don’t do this to my girl”
-“Its ok Ten, she’s our girl”


“What is this tomato”

-My Dad

Day 6- Draw your OTP with one wearing a shirt that says: “If found return to ______.” and the other wearing a shirt that says: “I’m ______.”  Well, I can’t seriously see them wearing these. So I’m not going to be serious.

Day 7- Draw your OTP on a holiday of your choice. My choice? Dyngus Day!

Day 8- Draw your OTP as animals. What, did you expect land animals? plus some of the other characters as fish!

Day 9- Draw your OTP with matching clothes.

Day 10- Draw your OTP meeting for the first time.

hahahaha this is fun

Baman Piderman by Lindsay Small and Alex Butera

Days 1-5

Days 11-15