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anonymous asked:

I want to sell my orginal artwork at my first convention. What do I need to do ? Do i need to get a business permit ? A tax ID number ? State business registration ? HELP!

kiriska: A lot depends on the show. Check their site. Check their vendor applications. Do they require any permits or licenses? If there’s nothing stated, email them to double-check. If you want to be extra safe, you can check the state’s department of revenue website. Search for “sales tax permit” or similar. Look up details regarding sales tax reporting and payment.

A sales tax permit allows you to sell items and collect sales tax for those items, which you would then need to report to and pay back to the state. Some states allow temporary permits; others only have permanent ones, though you should be able to cancel it after your event if you aren’t sure you’re in it for the long haul.

You typically do not need a business license to have a sales tax permit, but again, this may vary with state, and you may want to look into one anyway if you know you’re going to be doing this a while. In some states, when you apply for a sales permit, it will ask you to register for a business license if your place of residence requires it. 

For example, I have a permanent UBI number for the state of Washington, which is basically their sales permit. My address is in Seattle, and so when I applied for the UBI, the City of Seattle became aware of my doing business here, and I was informed I also needed a city business license.

Some other helpful information can be found in our #taxes tag. However, if you’re very unsure or uncomfortable looking up and comprehending this information yourself, I highly recommend talking to a tax or small business professional.

Nattosoup:  To anyone with tax related questions: We are not tax professionals.  Tax law varies by state.  Google is your best friend. Please do your research, because we cannot be held responsible for your choices.

There seems to be two ways you can handle your convention table in terms of taxes:  Hobby or Small Business.  Both are reported differently, both vary state to state.  I highly recommend you DO talk to a tax professional, especially if you are over the age of 18, do this professionally for your income, and make over $2000 per year at conventions.

Here are some resources that I’ve found.  These are not definitive.  If you are worried or confused, the IRS has things in place to help.  Please consider utilizing those resources.

Heidi:  Definitely DEFINITELY take the time and effort to talk to a business/tax professional, especially one who specifically works with artists or small businesses.  This is something that will pay off in SPADES, and can prevent so much headache later down the road.

I would suggest registering as a small business/individual proprietor at some point relatively early in your career.  Mostly this involves things like a federal tax id (EIN) number, which you can give to anyone you work freelance for instead of a social security number. 


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