small business sale

Hello! We hope everyone is having a lovely Thanksgiving? Starting from now, we are offering 10% off everything over at Motivational Tattoos with code IAMSTRONG applied at checkout. It is also the final weekend to buy for guaranteed Christmas delivery. Offer valid for this weekend only. Thank you! Happy Holidays! Click here to shop!


>See these and more LGBTQ+ buttons at the shop!<

If you’re looking to support queer-owned businesses with your holiday shopping this year, check out my shop! I make mostly LGBTQ+ themed buttons to help fund my transition, many of which are customizable. I have a whole section of custom name and pronoun buttons

I’ve got a few holiday specials going, plus all the usual sets of buttons are available as well. The Dinosaur Themed Trans Buttons and Cosmic Pride Buttons are some of the most popular designs along with both pronoun button styles. New to the shop are punk Feminist buttons

As a cyber Monday/small business Saturday type sale, you can use the code “SHOPQUEER” for 10% off orders of $10 or more until this Tuesday. If you’re looking to get presents for a lot of friends at once, contact me; I offer pretty big discounts for bulk orders of pre-made and custom buttons!

Thanks so much for all your support!

Black Friday 2016

Hey Tumblr, I’ve got a coupon code for you!

Starting tonight, November 24th, 2016 at 11:59 PM (EST/GMT -5) use code BLACKFRIDAY2016 for 20% off any listing in the shop! This includes made to order and in stock items, but excludes anything requiring a custom listing. Any questions can be sent via tumblr or etsy!

The code is good through Monday the 28th! Every small item comes with a free gift box, so now’s a good time to get something you might need next month!

Go shopping!

Have a good weekend, everyone, and stay safe out there!

The Beastly Beverages January Sale starts NOW!

Get five Mystery Teas for just £15 HERE!

The following teas are now only £4.99!

Love Is Blindness


Corpses On My Property

Full Of Myself

Curiosity Killed The Katz

Big Damn Heroes

Leaf On The Wind

The Heir Of Durin

At Your Service

King Under The Mountain

The Burglar

Angel Of The Lord

Feels Recovery


Just a few of the things available on | long-lostqueens | free shipping | shop NOW | 10% of proceeds help send a college student abroad to complete their degree

Colored Sketch Sale!

It’s that time of the month where I start taking commissions again. But unlike usual I’m doing some really affordable coloured sketches from Black Friday thru Cyber Monday!

Black And White Sketch-  
Fullbody 12 USD (+6 dollars per character added)

Color Sketch-
Thigh-up 12 USD (+6 dollars per character added)
Fullbody 14 USD (+6 dollars per character added)


  • risque content is ok but characters MUST be 18+ in age
  • I only start work after payment is received. Paypal only.
  • I don’t draw things hyper detailed in sketches, if your character is in an especially detailed outfit I will probably simplify it. (I.E. If there’s a lot of patterning.)

Some Examples! (a link for If you want black and white examples)


Hey all, I’m doing a Black Friday/Small Business Saturday/Cyber Monday sale in my Etsy shop for the whole four-day weekend! FREE shipping on all orders, including custom orders, and I make Animal Crossing hats (as well as Pokemon and other cartoons and anime)!

The free shipping applies to all custom order requests, as long as the request is made before Tuesday.

Instead of having Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Oh God Just End It Already Sunday, and Cyber Fuck Retail Monday sales, I’m having a week long 30% off sale to celebrate reaching level 30 (relatively) unscathed. Good for originals, prints, card decks… everything. Use code LVL30 at check out! This is only good for my etsy shop and not my website store.