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Are you a fat babe? Do you know a fat babe who deserves a pretty rad gift?

If either of those apply to you check out my etsy store The Brazen Bazaar to snag one of these beauties! 

I will be adding more embroidery and some awesome vintage plus size clothing to the store very soon so keep checking back.



I’ve only got enough fabric to make like 2 or 3 more of these babies so get one while you can.


Coming soon:


Autumn Leaf Necklaces

I know it’s summer and all, but I got really nostalgic for autumn and I can’t stop making these. However, I will make summer inspired collection pretty soon :)

Orders over $10 are on 10% off discount all June! Just enter the code “SUNSHINE” before you checkout with your PayPal.

Also, the shipping price for the second item is now only $0.50, so if you’re ordering make sure to ask some friends if they’re interested in something from my shop and get combined shipping!

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the March 2015 collection... is available. <3

Lost Queens is an accessory boutique designed to make women feel like royalty while promoting sisterhood. We also present examples of Black excellence and display the strength, magic and divinity of women through beautiful photo stories.

Every month, we release unique collections with captivating pieces named after Black women we call Muses, such as Angela Davis, Eartha Kitt and Maya Angelou, to name a few. These women have inspired us at one point in our lives and it is our hope that the wearer can take some of that energy and go out into their daily lives feeling beautiful. Our motto is that every woman should feel powerful beyond measure and we take great care to project this message through our social media and branding.

The best part about us is that we are engaged in our community and we take special care to give back. Proceeds from each collection benefit social issues such as domestic violence, police brutality and currently helping a college student complete their degree abroad.

For this photo story below, Lost Queens studied pages of an incredible book called “Vintage Black Glamour” by Nichelle Gainer. The book curated tons of photographs featuring both known and underrepresented classic celebrities and public figures celebrating their excellence and it simply captivated us. With Women’s History Month this month, we thought it would be appropriate to honor the Queens that have gone before us.

The founder dollfaced-killa really strived to put together a concept that bridged the gap between that time period and today. We wanted to celebrate classic, timeless beauty but in a way that was relevant to our life stories. And honey, we’re diverse, young and hot. We want to celebrate our bodies and our beauty. We’re not really rocking ball gowns on a Tuesday afternoon.

Lost Queens new collection is released NOW.

Twitter: @LostQueens

Instagram: @Lost.Queens