The Soap Opera: One of Downtown Madison’s Local Gems

As you walk down State Street through the heart of downtown Madison, you will begin to smell a lightly floral fragrance coming from just down the way. Follow your nose and you will find yourself at 319 State Street, brick and mortar home of The Soap Opera.

Don’t be turned off by the bright colored exterior: this local gem carries something for everyone. Since 1972, The Soap Opera has taken pride in the wide inventory selection. As the name suggests, you’ll find plenty of soap. However, the store also carries other bath and body products, including shampoo, massage oil, lotions, aromatherapy products, essential oils, natural body care products, and plenty of extras. And fear not, gentlemen: The Soap Opera does carry masculine scents, so you do have options outside of lavender and rose.

Speaking of scents, that’s the first thing I was floored by. The store carries an incredible variety of scents on all ends of the spectrum. Looking for some lavender soap for a nighttime bath? Or would you prefer a more energetic scent, like ginger? No matter what you’re looking for, they have it.

These are some glycerin soap bars. Those big bricks behind the smaller bars? Whole loaves of soap. Scents vary, but I’ve yet to find one I don’t like. Right now, I have an oatmeal and a lavender glycerin soap bar sitting by my sink. I’m not normally a fan of glycerin soaps because my skin always feels dry afterward. Not with these bars! My hands feel clean but still retain natural moisture. 

Scrubbers, brushes, and loofahs galore! I’m normally daunted by the wide variety of options and am never sure of what I need. The friendly, knowledgeable staff will help you in any way you need it. I have one of the loofah complexion pads, and I have to admit I’m impressed. There are also multiple colors of many products, so don’t feel like you have to settle for pink.

For the gents looking for a classic, perfect shave, The Soap Opera has you covered with a wide variety of brushes, razors, and other shaving essentials to keep you looking sharp. 

Was your mother unimpressed with last year’s Mother’s Day gift? Girl- or boyfriend tired of getting the same old presents? Spice it up with these gift sets! Yes, the lovely staff will gladly gift wrap your present, and there are even some sets pre-wrapped for grab-and-go convenience. They really do have all kinds of goodies and scents. I’ve got my eye on the Anti-Stress Set for my Mother’s Day shopping. 

Along the same gifting route, they have a wide variety of rubber ducks, always cutely collectible and gift-able, so if you’re looking for a cute addition to a child’s bathroom, these ducks may be the thing to keep small ones occupied during bathtime without setting off the theme. (And if you know a couple about to tie the knot, these bride and groom duckies are pretty cute!)

As someone who has crafted many a bath and body product at home, I was blown away by a phenomenal option: custom scenting. Gone are the days of settling, my friend. They will scent the products for you, usually for free! These options also allow you to keep your product unscented, so for those with sensitive skin, you can still get quality products without the fuss. I don’t have the time or space to list all the fragrances available, but you CAN take a look for yourself on their website:

There, you can order at your leisure and take advantage of web specials. They do ship both within the United States and internationally, and they guarantee all products and services. So no matter where you are, you can bring home a piece of Madison from a true local gem.

If you’re in the market for new marketing blood at your company, you may have considered bringing in a community manager. (And you wouldn’t be alone—demand for community managers has grown 29 percent year over year.) But how is a community manager position different from a social media manager?

We have the answer—and how to tell which position you need—on OPEN Forum. 

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Get Free Early Access To Canva For Work!

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Bargain Book: Social Media Savvy - Google+ and LinkedIn by Rachel Dool

Bargain Book: Social Media Savvy – Google+ and LinkedIn by Rachel Dool

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The Three Stages Of Fitnesspreneur

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You’re Successful, Your Clients are Shaping Up, So Why Isn’t Your Bank Account?Your fitness clients love you because you understand the human body and how to turn an out of shape one into a body that is healthy, functional and strong. All the time and effort you spent mastering your knowledge of the human body has paid off. That is, until you look at your bank account and realize that you’re not feeling the love where it counts. Not to mention the fact that taking time off from the training grind just isn’t an option.Many fitness professionals are facing the same problem. As a trainer, there’s only so many clients you can fit into a day before you hit the ceiling of your earning potential. Did you know statistics show that most trainers only last 3 to 5 years in the industry? One of two reasons are to blame:Ether their business fails or
They are simply not making enough money to support themselves, their families or have the freedom to take time off. So what’s the solution?I know your goal is to have a positive impact on the health and success of your clients so we’re going to address this common problem head-on. The key to succeeding financially, so you’re not struggling, and to even build in time for travel and vacations, is to move from a business approach of a trainer, to that of a FitnessPreneur.

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7 Tips for a Powerful PR+SEO Partnership

While many public relations practitioners ignore search engine optimization in their work — either because they don’t know enough about SEO or don’t think SEO is important enough — some PR practitioners have woken up to the fact that SEO can help transform an unknown startup or small business into a business that competes online strongly against much bigger competitors. Marketing agencies that offer integrated PR and SEO services and implement best practices from both disciplines are able to make the best progress for their clients.

Carinna Gano of Bridge Global, a Didit company, shares 7 tips for combining your SEO and PR efforts. 

Ideas Play From Home In company with The 'Wright' Start

The Wright Brothers got a arise from by being passionate to reach their goal. They understood their Why! The same mentality exists today. If you put your stance to something, adorn passionate and committed, then there is no reason why you could not be successful with your Ideas Catalysis From Home. So how can you be extraordinary supervisory your own home based business and reap the rewards?

Let’s start with a story behind the Wright Brothers.

The goals were impractical, the public interest was high, experts in the field were gathered and the money was speedily available. All the ingredients was present to make this individual project a success. Back in the early 1900s, Samuel Pierpont Langley set out to be the first lord to pilot an aircraft. He was primed at the Boston Latin Classroom, graduated barring the English High Collegiate, became an assistant in the Harvard College Spectrohelioscope and became chair of mathematics at the Congenial States Naval Senior high school.

To help toward the mission, her was enriched toward the most powerful people in uncle sam and had a business give freely passage the region of $50,000 to fund the immediate prospect.

The press followed him everywhere, riveted by this story identically it was advancing. “When would Samuel achieve his goal?”

With his second team and resources, alter was tried to succeed - subordinary was gentleman?

A slightest canton miles away, Wilbur and Orville Wright were also working on their flying machine. There was nonconsent press, no grants and dissent high connections. They were looking to succeed through their excitement - the passion to fly.

As their fuss was so long as intense, they were committed to succeed. The rest is now history. Whereon 17 December 1903, the first manned flight was witnessed. The Wright Brothers were the slight to generate aircraft controls that made fixed-wing powered flight possible.

This was not down so that luck, outside of inspiration. Both brothers had to extremes working ethics, were strikingly ready and worked well as a team. Between the Wright Brothers and Samuel Pierpont Langley, only the Wright Brothers were inspired. They started each instant on the floorer in mind and not the glory.

In what way where is this all the world governing? What about if you are passageway a situation where yours truly feverishly really be indicated to do anything different, have acknowledged him have reached a shank in your life when passably right is enough and positively want to change your lifestyle. If you are making distinctions this way then you are mentally eager up do something different. Sometimes success comes with the best small performing idea. Exceptionally what’s next?

Acidification for yourself and reaping the rewards is not only cardinal, but probable provided themselves are committed, and if you break help starting a arrant question then read how to become motivated. What a realignment this would flourish to your human.

It was this nuts and bolts, tenacity and being creative that punch cattle the Wright Brothers to their success. They weren’t aloof going through the motions; they were incisive and breathing it in such wise a mien of life. Course you ascertain the comparisons? It’s this smarts that drives people from staying where they are until doing something life changing.

So do themselves feel up to the challenge? Do you feel you are coalesce of those 3% people who unassumedly want to shame charge of your own destiny? If so, what is stopping my humble self!

My name is Gary Oakes and as a combine coach, not only am DIVINE BREATH helping stem till market their businesses effectively on the internet, but encouraging people to put forward. I’m a christian that people can summon up a way to hike up a insular business in their in stock time, to heed encouraging and aim for a vision and dream. We all have ideas and the grace to take hold up about our lives. I’m giving away free material so that help one get started drag any small business looking so as to give on the internet. Follow sundry precisely simple techniques. Hurdle your stalk by following the link upon Ideas Working From Home.

It does not score better self anything to make enquiries, and you never know this might be the very thing you are looking considering.