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A Happy Accident

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A Happy Accident

How did things like this always manage to happen to you?

It had to be a curse.

You just paid off your car. Months of working double shifts at both your jobs to pay it off and just like that you get into a car accident. Not only a car accident but one with an expensive car. Was that a Lamborghini? That car cost more than your life. It looked brand new, all white, chrome rims, even the doors were one of those unnecessary types that opened upward.

Your mother warned you about driving in Seoul, she knew this would happen. Why are mom’s always right when it comes to you messing up?

It didn’t feel like it was too bad, but you were too terrified to even get out of your car to assess the damages.

The moment you saw the doors open you could hear the guy yelling. You locked the door immediately and clenched your eyes shut. Maybe if you ignored him he’d go away?

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guillotine gang aesthetics

Aimeé - the smell of old books, tea, the sound of the woods at night, road trips, a foggy saturday afternoon in autumn

Teresa - colour stains on clothing and skin, fresh paint, the sunrise, the feeling of quickly shuffling cards in your hands, rain in spring

Sara - movie nights, video games soundtracks, laughing too loud, scraping a knee while climbing, long hikes, cloud gazing

Melissa - silent walks through the woods, the wholesomeness of fresh snow, freckled skin in winter, an old beloved sweater, soft music playing in the background of an old coffee shop

Natalie - city lights at night, record shops/vinyl collections , ironic bumper stickers, small tattoos, post-it notes, smoking weed with the gang

Jett - bruised knuckles, the smell of fire, the feeling of a strong baseline in your chest, the sky shortly before a thunderstorm, hidden smiles


This is what happens when you try to do a big dick feint entry with bad front tires on a bumpy run up. 😅 No damage done, just a small scrape on the bumper. !!!LUCKY!!! @scrapingby_ sigh of relief at the end.

#s13 #240sx #rb25 #rbs13 #drifting

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StylishHippos Cotton Candy Marble iPhone 6 Case

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  • STURDY. TOUGH. FLEXIBLE. SMALL BUMPER. Easy to take off whenever. The TPU material around the sides provides a small bumper to protect the phone when your screen is placed facing down and provide support if it falls.
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  • FULL PROTECTION. The soft TPU material is thicker and is meant to provide extra protection all around – front and back, top and bottom. The buttons are covered and easy to access.

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kay just imagine Cade and Optimus road-trippin'. That is all

yoooo i think about that literally every day

for some reason i can picture them visiting random small towns that nobody ever really goes to

Cade finds an “I <3 [insert small town name here]” bumper sticker in a gift shop and slaps it onto Optimus as a joke

Optimus makes him buy and wear an embarrassing “I <3 [insert small town name here]” shirt to make them even

and along the way they get stopped by a cop and Optimus switches on his holoform and diplomatically smooth talks their way out of it lol


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00 g Buddha plugs–never worn
Various vegan bumper stickers
Small bag of assorted gemstone pieces

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