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I try to take deep breaths when I run across original 1969 Z/28s. (Deep breath). Protect-o-plate looked correct. “DZ” stamped on engine block pad under the alternator. Owner wasn’t around and it was a public car show, so I couldn’t get too much more nosey. Anyway, gauge cluster on the console, 4speed, vinyl roof, small block, Endura bumper. Sigh, ‘69 Z/28….

A Happy Accident

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A Happy Accident

How did things like this always manage to happen to you?

It had to be a curse.

You just paid off your car. Months of working double shifts at both your jobs to pay it off and just like that you get into a car accident. Not only a car accident but one with an expensive car. Was that a Lamborghini? That car cost more than your life. It looked brand new, all white, chrome rims, even the doors were one of those unnecessary types that opened upward.

Your mother warned you about driving in Seoul, she knew this would happen. Why are mom’s always right when it comes to you messing up?

It didn’t feel like it was too bad, but you were too terrified to even get out of your car to assess the damages.

The moment you saw the doors open you could hear the guy yelling. You locked the door immediately and clenched your eyes shut. Maybe if you ignored him he’d go away?

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Phil stands in the kitchen chopping vegetables for dinner. It’d been awhile since they’d had moments of peace like these where he’d just be able to calm down. They’d been living on takeout and microwavables since this whole LMD thing got discovered. He was going to sit the team down and make them dinner if he had to drag each of them out of their rooms himself.

Fitz would hardly look any of them in the eyes. Especially not Simmons. A shiver runs down his spine at the memory of him killing Agnes. It wasn’t real but it was terrifying regardless. Simmons mostly followed Fitz trying to adjust him back to his normal lifestyle as much as possible. Some days were good but most, not so much. Mack hid from everyone but Elena. They mostly spent their time in the garage or in his bedroom. Even when Mack was spotted in the halls his gaze was turned downwards, never a smile in his eyes. Daisy was hard at work trying to find more inhumans. She’d claimed they had a lead on where Vijay may be.  

Arms wrapping around him from behind halts his thought process quickly. A small face presses between his shoulder blades. He smiles to himself at the change. “I’m guessing nobody is around?”

Melinda hums into his back as a sign of affirmation. Ever since they’d escaped the submarine she’d been a little more hands on, so to say. She didn’t like public signs of affection but she’d slip her hand into his under conference tables, lean her head on his shoulder when she was sure they were alone, and even steal a kiss now and again. He couldn’t really blame her. She’d spent a month in captivity with no human interaction. Not to mention their relationship was fairly new. He’d blurted out that he’d kissed the LMD in the heat of the moment. The water was up to their necks and he was sure they were going to drown. Of course Daisy chose seconds after to quake the spot above them to pull them out. It worked out in his favor anyways.

She’d found him in the break room two days ago. She’d been distant since the confession but she’d simply sucked in a breath and pulled her lips to his.

“What are you making?”

“Well I’ve got a roast in the oven, asparagus waiting to be grilled, and oven-roasted Greek potatoes.”

“Careful or dinner won’t last for the rest of the team to get out here.” She teases.

“And I’m making strawberry cheesecake.”

Melinda groans from behind him. A smirk twitches at his lips. He knows it’s her favorite. “You know I’m supposed to be working on getting my strength back not gaining twenty pounds in one night.”

“You need a good meal. We all do.” He shrugs. “When was the last time we didn’t have take out or something we could just throw into the microwave?”

“Fair point.” She stands on her toes to place a kiss on the back of his neck. He’s just about to tease her about not being able to concentrate when a voice cuts him off.

“Well that’s new.” Daisy strolling into the room causes them both to leap apart, startled. “Don’t hide it on my account. It’s sweet. To be honest it’s by time that you guys did. The entire base had bets on when you two would finally have your first kiss.”

“Actually we already have.”

“Missions don’t count.” Daisy says rolling her eyes.

“You want to tell her the story?” Melinda asks with a sparkle of mirth in her eyes.

“Absolutely not.” Phil grins down at Melinda. He can feel the hardened gaze behind her sunglasses more than he can see it. They’d been sent on an undercover mission as their final test for their Secure Ops class. All they needed to do was blend in with the crowd. Somewhere around them someone was looking for anything that looked off.

“Oh come on Heidi.” He teases sticking out his bottom lip. “Just one and you’ll never have to ride ever again.” Upon arriving at their location Melinda had tensed right away. She’d secured her sunglasses on her face as her eyes almost betrayed her. If Phil hadn’t known better he would’ve sworn he saw fear flash in her eyes.

“How long had you two known each other at the time?” Daisy interrupts.

“We met at orientation but not official friends until someone dropped out of their dance elective.” The side of his lip twitches.

“I don’t like to dance.”

“Meaning she already knew everything they were teaching. She could’ve embarrassed the instructor if she wanted to.” Daisy giggles as he receives a semi-deserved elbow to the abdomen.

“I said no Charlie.” They’d agreed on their names days ago. Heidi Rowe and Charles Martin. They were meant to be high school sweethearts who followed each other to college. They were celebrating their graduation by going to a theme park for the day, apparently Charles’s favorite hang out.

Melinda’s head turns towards the rollercoaster she’d been adamant on not riding. They’d spent most of the day on small rides; bumper cars, merry-go-round, and even a few carnival games. He’d be lying if he said his chest doesn’t swell still at the perfect fast pitch he’d thrown in order to win the stuffed monkey lying at Melinda’s feet. As she looks up at the contraption he swears he sees it again. The fear echoes across her face for a split second before fading again. He sighs tapping a message on her hand in morse code. “We’re being watched, remember?” Melinda frowns before guiding him into the queue line.

Uncharacteristically, she tucks her head onto his shoulder. Despite the heat he holds her in the crowd. He pushes the thoughts out of his mind assuring himself that this is simply for cover. Melinda May is not afraid of anything. They engage in small talk but nothing seems to hold for long. It isn’t until her steps stutter as they reach the front that Phil knows she’s not faking.

Melinda I-Once-Took-on-a-Class-of-Sixty-Two-in-a-Game-of-Paintball-and-Won May. Melinda May, soon to be specialist, who seemingly afraid of absolutely nothing. She’s scared of rollercoasters.

“Hey.” Phil states softly.

“Took you long enough to realize.” She mutters glaring as the car slides forwards indicating more movement for the two of them. “Now you know my secret.”

“We don’t have to do this.” He whispers into her hair.

“Yes we do.” She tucks her head into the crook of his neck, “the woman in the red blouse with the glasses.”

“Shit.” He pulls away gripping her chin between her fingers. Now he’s able to see the fear written across her face. He’s not sure when she’d moved the sunglasses to the top of her head but nothing hides her eyes from his anymore. The pure vulnerability in them shakes his very being. “There’s no loops, nothing crazy okay? Just a hill. Once we’re over the hill it’s smooth sailing.”

“Easy for you to say.”

“You know I’d never purposely put you in a situation where you’d be hurt. That’s the last thing I want to do Me-Heidi.” His hand moves to cup her cheek, thumb brushing the soft skin beneath his touch. “I won’t force you to do this. We can leave if you want.”

“No.” Melinda shakes her head. “I can do this.”

“That’s my girl.” He smiles pressing a kiss to her forehead. Thank goodness she doesn’t tense because they hadn’t practiced something like that. Sure they’d hugged, kissed on the cheek, and given a few pecks but this was more… intimate.

The gates slide open indicating their turn and he can feel her tense all over again. Yet she continues on. Once they get into their respective places he can see Melinda’s leg begin to bounce out of the corner of his eye. She doesn’t have much of any ticks but when she’s anxious, that’s the worst one. Slowly the car lurches forwards dragging them up the hill. It’s much too late to turn back now. He’s not sure what possesses him but he throws an arm over Melinda protectively.

She’s gone headfirst into missions for him, guns blazing. She’s already saved his ass more times than he can count. Now it was his turn to protect her.

The chains click noisily up the hill. He can feel her quickened breathing beneath his arm. Hers don’t move from the spot where they’re gripping the bar across her lap, white knuckled. Her eyes are screwed shut tightly as they are tugged down the hill.

Melinda doesn’t scream. Of course she doesn’t. He almost laughs at the thought of anyone thinking otherwise. Even when terrified she tries to remain as dignified as possible. He wonders what Tai Chi technique she’s running through her brain in order to ignore the world rushing around her.

As he watches her, however, he can see the visible change. First her hands loosen their deadly grip on the rest. She doesn’t let go, given, but she’s not holding on like she’s about to fall out either. By the third hill, much smaller than the first two, her eyes are open and he swears he sees a smile growing on her lips. Their car spins across a turn taking them into a tunnel and his heart skips a beat when a laugh rips from her throat. By the time they reach the end of the track they’re both laughing with tears threatening to spill from their eyes.

Finally they pull back into the station. Melinda climbs out first to go retrieve their items. He makes his way out the exit knowing she’ll meet him there. A hand catches his elbow right as he’s about to leave though. Melinda steps forwards capturing his lips with hers. He’s caught off guard but reacts nonetheless. His hand snakes into her hair as he kisses her back. They’re both breathless and blushing when they pull apart, foreheads resting together.

“Thank you Phil.”

“You almost sabotaged your exam?” Daisy gasps.

“That’s how I knew it wasn’t a part of cover.” Phil laughs nudging Melinda lightly. She looks at the ground trying to hide the growing smile on her face.

“Wait so did you pass?” She inquires.

“Luckily there was a screaming child at the same time. We ended up passing with flying colors.”

Daisy leans back on the kitchen chair taking in the information she’d just collected. “I can’t believe you’re scared of rollercoasters.”

“She was scared of rollercoasters.” Phil corrects, “Now she’s worse than I am.”

“I like the adrenaline.” May shrugs.

“I’m totally going to have to get us tickets to an amusement park. I have been wanting to see Fitz’s reaction to the rollercoaster in Orlando with the almost 90 degrees drop.” Daisy wonders out loud.

“Well I’m not sure,” Phil mocks. “Director Johnson has been really strict lately.”

“I think we can pull a few strings.” Daisy grins.

“Go call the others to dinner.” He says with the roll of his eyes. “And tell Simmons no experiments this time!” He shouts after the young inhuman.

“Did you ever think we’d end up having this many children?” May asks leaning her head on his shoulder.

Purpose in life as defined through a false narrative.  

There is a fallacy being thrown around on the Internet and in campus coffeehouses that is being accepted in some quarters as absolute truth.  This fallacy has to do with the new darlings of the extreme left, those carefree “heroes” who have made black the new brown(shirt), that’s right ANTIFA.  Now the simplistic fallacy is that if you don’t support ANTIFA you support the NAZIs and their ugly stepchildren, White supremacists and the KKK.  

This fallacy is much more like a propaganda slogan similar to the type issued by the master of such things, Joseph Goebbels who famously said, “Tell a big enough lie long enough and people will believe it.”  This modern fallacy seems designed to appeal to people who are used to receiving their philosophy in small bumper sticker sized bites that require neither deep thought nor a long attention span. Like much bite sized philosophy it is based on an assumption that is not only false but can be shown to be ridiculous with very little effort. Saying, “If you don’t support ANTIFA, you support NAZIs” is the rhetorical equivalent of a physician telling you, “If you don’t want peritonitis you must want gangrene.”   Any thinking person with a modicum of awareness is going to decline both diseases as being pernicious to the body and settle on the third alternative of good health.  Similarly, a thinking citizen is going to reject both ANTIFA and the NAZIs and settle on the alternative of  constitutional liberty.

The fact that both ANTIFA and the NAZIs reject as a matter of course the option of  constitutional liberty in protest tells me that they both probably agree to reject it in other areas as well, say; freedom of the press, religion, the 2ND Amendment rights (Although I suspect that they would retain this for themselves but no others.). I could go on listing but for the sake of brevity lets just say that I believe both groups have a lot of heart burn with that whole Bill of Rights thing and let it go at that.

In my humble opinion tyranny of fear is still tyranny whether established by the left or the right and is destructive to the concept of freedom. To chose ANTIFA or the NAZIs without considering that third alternative may end up being that fabled distinction without a difference.

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The only things impeding the improvement of this nation are ignorant bigots like you. You do realize that change is almost synonymous with improvement, right? Keeping things the way they are and the way they've always been is not improvement, and in fact the country seems to be regressing because of people with your mindset. You're not rational minded, because if you were, then you would actually try to see the issue from both sides before voicing your opinion.

Oh my where do I start? Change is NOT synonymous with improvement (huge mistake on your part). The German people wanted change and so Hitler rose to power. The Russians wanted change so Lenin and then Stalin rose to power. The Chinese wanted change so Mao rose to power. Just those three changes led to millions of deaths…MILLIONS. Closer to home the left applauded Obama Care “Change we can believe in!” But now Trump wants to CHANGE Obama Care by making significant alterations. I am sure you would have trouble supporting that change even though according to your rational, change is good right? 

Change for change’s sake is always a disaster and is nothing more than propaganda for the small minded. It is bumper sticker slogan swallowed by the dimwitted and peddled as a panacea. Those that fall for it never see the destruction, because by then the narrative changes to insist on even newer changes, that will likewise fail. Then the circle continues all to captivate the minds of the unwashed masses. 

Also, you make the astoundingly simplistic argument that I should see the issue from both sides. Putting aside that you are not, what makes you think I have not? The answer is because I don’t agree with you. I have looked carefully at the issue at hand closely, examining crime statistics from the FBI, a Harvard study and countless other sources that were unbiased. The Harvard study, conducted  by the request of the Obama administration concluded (as have I), “On the most extreme use of force –officer-involved shootings – we find no racial differences in either the raw data or when contextual factors are taken into account.” That makes the BLM and “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” a fraud. A fraud perpetrated on the NFL and now by the NFL on the American people. A fraud you have swallowed hook, line and sinker. You have checked rationality at the door and now point an accusatory finger at any that dispute the narrative being offered up by left-wing kooks. 

The worst aspect of this is that the movement you support falsely accuses the innocent of the unforgivable sin of racism. That has to stop. Racism is now the boogie man that lurks in the dark ready to snatch the innocent from respectable lives. All the hard-left has to do is utter the word a few times and it appears to destroy. That is the problem.         

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kay just imagine Cade and Optimus road-trippin'. That is all

yoooo i think about that literally every day

for some reason i can picture them visiting random small towns that nobody ever really goes to

Cade finds an “I <3 [insert small town name here]” bumper sticker in a gift shop and slaps it onto Optimus as a joke

Optimus makes him buy and wear an embarrassing “I <3 [insert small town name here]” shirt to make them even

and along the way they get stopped by a cop and Optimus switches on his holoform and diplomatically smooth talks their way out of it lol


guillotine gang aesthetics

Aimeé - the smell of old books, tea, the sound of the woods at night, road trips, a foggy saturday afternoon in autumn

Teresa - colour stains on clothing and skin, fresh paint, the sunrise, the feeling of quickly shuffling cards in your hands, rain in spring

Sara - movie nights, video games soundtracks, laughing too loud, scraping a knee while climbing, long hikes, cloud gazing

Melissa - silent walks through the woods, the wholesomeness of fresh snow, freckled skin in winter, an old beloved sweater, soft music playing in the background of an old coffee shop

Natalie - city lights at night, record shops/vinyl collections , ironic bumper stickers, small tattoos, post-it notes, smoking weed with the gang

Jett - bruised knuckles, the smell of fire, the feeling of a strong baseline in your chest, the sky shortly before a thunderstorm, hidden smiles


StylishHippos Cotton Candy Marble iPhone 6 Case

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Peace, love and hugs 💚 💚

Exasperation at all the talk of non-attachment.

Talk of transcendence.

Talk that creates an illusion of separation from pain.

Talk that makes everything appear “safe”.

Talk that creates brick by brick

a wall of comfort and “protection”

against the fear of the frailty and preciousness of life.

Talk that makes us believe death is not coming.

I don’t want to talk anymore.

I want to feel the frailty of life

held precious

like luminous bubbles in the palm of my hand.

To bow to it,

and gasp at the pain when it “pops”

to delight as another arises.

To ride this ride in all its striations…


from spiritual small talk

and bumper stickers.

~Nita Rubio