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Heat (Stoner Luke Smut)

Hi okay this is shit because it’s the middle of the night and I’m tired but I’ve gotten a shit ton of messages about stoner Luke smut actually mostly comments from Laila but so I decided to just write some (it’s really short but whatever) so yeah here is this, sorry it sucks.

It felt like hours that you’d been awake, listening to Luke’s Arctic Monkeys playlist on repeat. The only light in the room came from a string of twinkle lights above your bed, softly illuminating the small room. A heat wave had been blowing through the past few weeks, and with the air conditioner having blown out, you and Luke had been lying in bed in just your underwear for days.

Today there was nothing to do but sit and wait for the day to go by. Neither of you had money to go anywhere or do anything, the cable was out, and it seemed like there was nothing to keep your mines occupied in the dead of night. It must have been at least three AM and boredom was beginning to consume you when Luke pulled the small glass piece from your bedside table.

“Wanna smoke?” He asked, his voice hoarse from the dry air.

You nodded eagerly, rolling over to turn up the music as Luke fished around for the light. The small bubbler in his hands had become your latest toy, both of you indulging in it far more often than you should have. Being the gentleman he was, Luke offered you the first hit, watching the way your lips curved around the mouth piece with undisguised lust.

The first hit put your body at ease, making you relax into the pillows and slightly forget the heat of the room. You passed the bubbler back to Luke as you blew the smoke from your mouth, loving the smoothness of it. A bubble was so much smoother than a pipe, no harsh, hot smoke filled with ash. Just smooth, cold smoke that made you feel like you were walking on air.

Bowl after bowl, you and Luke passed the piece back and forth. When the lust in Luke’s eyes became so fierce you could feel it burning into you every time you took a hit, he pulled you onto his lap, pressing his lips against yours and parting your lips with his tongue to let the smoke in his mouth drift into yours. With sudden intensity, your caught his lips ring with your teeth, pulling it back lightly until he moaned. All senses were focused on him and the way his hands clung to your hips with sweat but somehow that felt amazing.

It doesn’t take long for the bubble to lay forgotten on the bedside table, Luke’s fingers pushing your underwear aside. His thumb rubbing soft figure eights against your clit before spreading the moisture built up along your entrance, eliciting soft moans from your mouth.  When two slender digits slip inside, you pull away from Luke’s mouth, burying your face in his shoulder’s to silence your moans. He pumps at a steady pace, gentle and knowing exactly how to make you feel good. You slowly begin to grind your hips onto his fingers, creating more friction. Hot, open-mouthed kisses on Luke’s neck as he continues to thrust his fingers into you, edging you closer and closer to your release. 

Seconds later and you’re spent, biting down on Luke’s shoulder to keep from calling out his name as your orgasm floods through you. The heat in the room almost feels like too much, your head getting fuzzy. Luke grips your hips firmly, kissing you neck and laying you down on the bed before standing up and exiting the room. He returns moments later with an ice cube in hand, laying down in bed next to you before sliding the cool block against your swollen lips.

When the ice cube is all but melted, Luke crawls into bed beside you, kicking the blankets to the floor. His arm lays across your waist; it’s too hot to cuddle, and no words are spoken as you drift to sleep with smoke still clinging to the air and 505 filling your ears.