small breaks

The Break

The fourteenth installment of The Live On Tour Series:

Y/N is back in the comfort of her home.

She’s been here for about 4 days,and she’s more than content with living life the way she used to before she hopped on tour with her best friend.

She’s no longer on tour with Harry due to the small break they’re having,she no longer has to wake up at 5AM to catch a flight to a different city, she no longer has to chat away to his bandmates like they’re her old friends…She no longer has to hide her love for him.

Because he knows.

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Ever since 4.0 came out , ive been main tanking as Paladin for my static. Susano and Lakshmi were honestly really easy and V3S has well- We’re coming together as a group.i have a feeling we’ll make big headway on Harly soon now that we’ve gotten to Animal Farm phase.

Since 4.1 , we’ve been working on Shinryu EX taking a small break from V3S. Me and our long time Warrior off tank sat down and discussed mechanic timings and came with a plan beat by beat for our CDs, Raid damage mitigation, ect. I’ve always played healer in any MMO and almost any game with roles. I’m starting to feel at home tanking now and It feels really satisfying.

Im really appreciative of my OT for teaching and easing me into this role, and my static for thier patience as I’m learning this role. Cuz honestly, I’m really happy with it right now. I know I’m FC / Co-Raid Leader but still it’s worth saying. Thanks for letting me Tank, guys.

one of the more valuable things I’ve learned in life as a survivor of a mentally unstable parent is that it is likely that no one has thought through it as much as you have. 

no, your friend probably has not noticed they cut you off four times in this conversation. 

no, your brother didn’t realize his music was that loud while you were studying. 

no, your bff or S.O. doesn’t remember that you’re on a tight deadline right now.

no, no one else is paying attention to the four power dynamics at play in your friend group right now.  

a habit of abused kids, especially kids with unstable parents, is the tendency to notice every little detail. We magnify small nuances into major things, largely because small nuances quickly became breaking points for parents. Managing moods, reading the room, perceiving danger in the order of words, the shift of body weight….it’s all a natural outgrowth of trying to manage unstable parents from a young age. 

Here’s the thing: most people don’t do that. I’m not saying everyone else is oblivious, I’m saying the over analysis of minor nuances is a habit of abuse. 

I have a rule: I do not respond to subtext. This includes guilt tripping, silent treatments, passive aggressive behavior, etc. I see it. I notice it. I even sometimes have to analyze it and take a deep breath and CHOOSE not to respond. Because whether it’s really there or just me over-reading things that actually don’t mean anything, the habit of lending credence to the part of me that sees danger in the wrong shift of body weight…that’s toxic for me. And dangerous to my relationships. 

The best thing I ever did for myself and my relationships was insist upon frank communication and a categorical denial of subtext. For some people this is a moral stance. For survivors of mentally unstable parents this is a requirement of recovery. 



BTS recorded today (170923-24) Mcountdown and it just ended. It lasted a total of 23 hours. K-ARMY was treated poorly by Mnet as they were not even allowed to go to the bathroom aside from the small breaks they were rarely given. If it weren’t for BTS providing them food they will be starving too. Some ARMYs even fainted. BTS are rn VERY tired. BUT K-ARMYs want to tell I-ARMYs to not tag Mnet or be angry at them openly. The reasons are all stated above. And wish for I-ARMYs understanding. 

The message was sent to @vlissful by K-ARMY

Angus Gets Sick

Taakos with him whiles he’s laying down in Taakos room

“Sir will I get better soon?”
“Yea Ango chill its just the flu you’re dying or anything”

Kravitz then decided that he should check up on Taako and see how he’s doing.
Angus after hearing Taako say that sees the grim reaper walk into the room from a rift.
Angus has never been more terrified, Taako has never laugh that hard and Kravitz felt so bad and wouldn’t stop apologizing

with destiny 1 coming to its end I thought about some things

  • imagine guardians taking days off because they had hard matches in the crucible or hunters who were out in the wild for months. imagine them hanging around the tower in casual clothes, no armour, no weapons.
  •  imagine these guardians playing chess with their ghosts
  • imagine guardians decorating their rooms with useless stuff they find on patrol and have no idea what it actually is and these “souvenirs” come in all sizes and shapes - a warlock with a Rubik’s cube, having the thing solved in a few minutes, a titan who likes to collect historical pre golden age stuff, which consists of cds, smartphones and other electronical devices.
  • a hunter once brought a broken McDonald’s M sign they found under some ruins. it’s now hanging around in a small shop in the tower and nobody knows what it means.
  • imagine guardians falling asleep while the speaker holds one of his speeches and their friends keep poking them in the side so they stay awake 
  • imagine guardians taking naps, or generally sleeping, with their ghosts tucked right next to them.
  • imagine guardians looking for names with their ghosts together so they don’t have to call them just “ghost”
  • imagine guardians meeting the vanguard in their “free time” (aka running around the tower)  and actually having small, nice conversations with all three, not caring about their classes.
  • imagine a hunter who’s really passionate about science because why tf not talking with ikora about some bioluminescent “thing” they recently discovered in a hive hole.
  • imagine a warlock talking with zavala about how concerned they are about their people down in The Last City and how they must do anything to protect them.
  • imagine a titan making stupid bets with cayde about literally everything, going from who will do the best rankings in the crucible this week to “bet you could smack a thrall’s head off with a sniper rifle”
  • imagine guardians actually going down in the city and talking to the people they protect.
  • imagine guardians hanging out in the patrol zones, taking small breaks on an old skyscraper on earth or chilling in the ruins of a laboratory on Venus.
  •  imagine guardians star gazing