small bracelet

the signs as wlw aesthetics
  • aries: spring wlw; racing each other through meadows, picnics by the riverside, small bracelets made of daisies, ice lollies, lying down and noticing shapes in the clouds
  • taurus: floral wlw; arranging bouquets, long walks through english gardens, flower crowns, tucking a flower behind their ear, floral summer dresses
  • gemini: library wlw; whispering between aisles of books (+ hiding from the librarian), reading bed time stories, sharing favourite books, staying up late discussing recently-finished novels, writing secret messages in between the lines
  • cancer: soft wlw; cuddling under the blankets, watching the rain, listening to music on the rooftop, long walks at the beach, sharing sweaters
  • leo: summer wlw; matching sun hats, sipping peach iced tea, being the best looking couple at the beach, lying side by side in a sunflower field, cycling on a tandem bike
  • virgo: forest wlw; picking berries, tree-climbing competitions, strolling through the lovely dark and deep woods, laurel wreaths, studying nature together
  • libra: princess wlw; gifting each other tiaras, sneaky glances, ballroom dancing in gossamer gowns, secret conversations in carriages, long handwritten letters
  • scorpio: moon wlw; silver eyeshadow, heated late night debates, evening walks, stargazing, secret conversations at 3AM
  • sagittarius: road trip wlw; making plans together, toasting marshmallows by the bonfire, sleeping in tents, swim-racing in the river, singing together in the car
  • capricorn: glow wlw; neon shoes, eating dinner in an empty diner at 11PM, 7/11 shopping dates, texting each other at 3:58AM, watching the sun rise
  • aquarius: space wlw; watching space movies, visits to the planetarium, 2AM debates on the existence of aliens, matching constellation tattoos, sun & moon chokers
  • pisces: mermaid wlw; lavender+aqua+silver hair, 2-people pool parties, swimming far out in the ocean, collecting seashells, doing each other's hair (fishtail braids lmao)

2014. the thirteen bouncy balls. 

at school i keep a prize box (or treasure box) to reward students for good behavior. i fill the box with stickers, bracelets, small toys, little animals, erasers, and bouncy balls (my kids’ favorite). the children almost always choose the bouncy balls over the other items.

who can blame them? a bouncy ball is exciting! it jumps high in the air, rolls quickly across floors, and sometimes gets stuck under a bed. it’s tiny enough to hide in your palm or pocket and valuable enough not to share even if your brother or sister begs you. occasionally it gets lost and you feel a pang in your heart.

but it’s alright— your teacher has more waiting quietly in a box, waiting quietly for you.

the thirteen is a personal photo project that documents little things in my life that mean something special. every friday i’ll share a collection of items and a story of their importance.

Pocket Altars- What to make them out of

For those who don’t have the time, money, or space, to make a larger altar, a pocket altar is a great alternative. They’re also far easier to take with you if you travel a lot, or if you always want to be able to carry your altar.

What to make a pocket altar out of:

-Altoid or mint containers. This is the most common one I see, and it’s effective. The containers can be painted, and are fairly light on their own.

-Jewelry boxes. This will limit your amount of room, since most jewelry boxes are rather small. They’re easy to carry around, though.

-Wooden craft boxes. Fairly inexpensive and in nice sizes at most craft and art stores.

-Sewing kits. Small, on-the-go sewing kits are about the same size as a mint container. They’re easy to decorate, but most have pegs for spools, so it may not have as much space as it seems to.

-Nail kits. At least I think that’s what they’re called. They’re pretty flat so it isn’t easy to keep anything bulky in them.

-Wallet. You can have a separate wallet for your alter, or keep it in your regular one.

-Glasses case. Fairly inconspicuous and has a decent amount of room.

-Hollowed out book. A lot more work and quite a bit larger, but has a lot of charm.

-Hollowed soda can. I’ve actually made on of these, but it took a lot of work and it’s a bit too bulky to carry around. (

-Old medicine bottles. Be sure that you don’t still need these, and you would probably want to repaint them. They don have a ton of room, so they’re best for really small travel altars.

-USB bracelet or USB. If you have a digital altar, you can upload it to a USB and carry it with you as a travel altar.

-Card boxes. The boxes for playing cards make for small but easy pocket altars.

-Hollowed out chapstick container. Like the soda can, this one is a lot of work and I recommend looking into exactly how to do it. It’s very small and light, and can fit in almost any pocket.

-Tiny glass jars. I tend not to recommend these because glass carries the risk of shattering, but if you’re careful they should be fine.

-Shells. Not really all that efficient, but great as a pocket piece of an altar.

-Satchet bags and jewelry bags. Nice and small little drawstring bags.

-Dice boxes. I’m really into tabletop gaming, and so I have a few little plastic boxes that some of my polyhedral dice have come in. They make great small altars.

This list is by no means comprehensive, I’m just giving ideas as I think of them.
Thank you for reading.

Dating Hayes Grier would include…

- him acting all charming on some days 

- “Heyyy sunshine

- him trying to impress you all the time, and his friends making fun of the way he acts when you’re around

- coming to his dirt bike races to support him and him being super proud when you’re there 

- making sure to kiss him every time before he starts driving, and telling him to be safe 

- going on little adventures together, for example going on hikes or late night walks/runs

- long, tight hugs, he’d be so good at giving hugs 

- him always touching you in some way when you’re in public or with his friends, to make sure everyone knows you belong to him 

- Skate occasionally making a comment about you being loud in bed

- Nash checking on you to make sure his little brother is treating you right 

- making food together, turning into make out sessions on the kitchen counter 

- lip biting when making out 

- him hugging you from behind and kissing your neck

- Nash posting sneaky pictures of you two being cute on Snapchat

- babysitting Skylynn together

- being sporty together, and pretty competitive

- often showering together, being all sweaty from working out

- him being a typical horny teenager; there would be so many random things about you that’d turn him on, and at the most random times. 

- dealing with his cocky moments 

- trying to not get caught or being heard having sex while staying at his family house 

- trying out a lot of things in bed cause you’d pretty much be his first when it comes to those experiences 

- casually making eye contact with each other at breakfast with the guys, sneakily smiling to yourself remembering what you did last night

- him spoiling the shit out of you on some days, for example he’d make you food, prepare a bubble bath for you, give you back massages and just overall do anything to make you happy (Let’s say when you’re on your period you’d be especially lucky to have him)

- being the kind of couple to take baths together 

- him being very dedicated to teach you how to drive a bike 

- hanging out with Nate and Swazz a lot 

- him opening up to you and telling you a lot of things he’d never tell any of the guys 

- being in competition with his bike about who’s his #1, but usually laughing it off

- him calling you princess 

- hanging out with Tez, sometimes it would be hard to tell who’s third wheeling, you or Tez 

- him getting super protective of you if someone says anything mean about you and you’d usually have to calm him down cause it would often bother him more than you

- getting to know his quiet, more vulnerable side that he usually likes to hide 

- him bragging about you to his friends 

- him pulling you closer in his sleep, always having an arm around you 

- eye contact; you’d often share looks or he’d stare at you when you’re both with other people. 

- having some kind of jewelry that he gave you, maybe a small necklace or a bracelet, and always wearing it 

- “Y/N can I wear that? Does that look alright?” he’d always ask for your opinion on things

- him sometimes having love bites, and fans being quick to notice and talk about it

This was the only thing I could do lately - I didn’t get to use my computer much, so I wrote this on my phone. I hope it bridges the time until I get to make an AU Meme again :)


Thot Thoughts: Behind the Scenes

Note: From now on I’m going to use the phrase “honey relationships” to differentiate spoiled girlfriend relationships from SB/SD relationships - just for the sake of clarity. I’ll also be using the phrase “honey boyfriend” to differentiate spoiling boyfriends from sugar daddies.

One of the biggest differences between a sugar relationship and a honey relationship is the time that you are “behind the scenes.” What I mean by that is the real time and effort that we expend looking fabulous, maintaining our appearance and health, and doing the personal things we need to do to keep our minds and emotions right. 

As a sugar baby, the time you spend with an SD tends to be limited. Sure, you may have a night out - but how much time do you spend getting ready for it? A few hours doing your hair and makeup, all of the exercise and careful eating you do beforehand to maintain your physique, the careful shopping to find the perfect outfits, shoes, lingerie. It’s a lot!

What an SD sees is your final product: opening night. He doesn’t see what’s behind the curtain. 

Originally posted by lady-seashell

A honey boyfriend has more access to you, and therefore he’s going to see a lot more of those behind the scenes moments. This can cause problems! It can ruin the mystique and excitement. It can take away your magic as the prize that he’s worked so hard to attain. 

So what’s a girl to do when you live with your honey boyfriend or you spend so much time together that him seeing you behind the scenes is inevitable?

How to Make Behind the Scenes an Intimate Experience

1. Channel your inner glamorous goddess. Find yourself some beautiful dressing gowns/robes (on his dime of course)! I personally love kimono style robes because I think they’re flattering on everyone and since they’re floor length, you can literally be completely naked underneath and if you need to run out and grab the newspaper or change the laundry, at least you will look damn good doing it. 

Originally posted by saratatoski

2. Lounge in style. Girls, I do not know of nor have I ever seen a single woman who did not look bomb in yoga pants and a slouchy, off the shoulder top. Get rid of your ratty around-the-house clothes and get some flattering, sensual lounge clothing. My go-to is The Limited - I really like their Lounge collection. Some athletic wear that’s more designed for yoga and pilates is also great for just hanging around the house, but the booty is poppin’ and your shape is lookin’ lit. 

3. Create a beautiful space where the magic happens. I have a vanity with my perfume, makeup, hair products, and a few pretty little tchotchkes to add decor (an expensive masquerade mask from a fetish event we attended, a small ring and bracelet holder, etc.) Play some sensual music while you get ready - jazz, classical piano, R&B, whatever your jams are. When you sit down to do your makeup and hair, your honey now sees you as not only a beautiful woman, but someone who has let him into your most intimate moments. 

4. Cut the ditz crap when you’re choosing an outfit. Every man I have ever dated has communicated to me the annoyance and frustration of dealing with my indecision in choosing outfits. It’s the equivalent of being in midtown traffic - start, stop, start, stop. Once you choose an outfit, stick to it! 

5. Make your health regimen Insta-worthy. This one requires some commitment, but try not to look crazy when you go to the gym if you know your honey is going to see you before, during or after. Yes, we know you’re there to sweat. But throwing on a pair of diamond studs and just making sure your hair is slicked back so you don’t have those random alfalfa frizzies doesn’t take much time. Having cute activewear is easier than ever because so many companies are entering the market. Some of my favorite coordinated activewear sets are from Old Navy! Just like you’d coordinate your bag and shoes to go to dinner, it doesn’t take much to just make sure your sneakers and headband are the same color - and it makes a huge difference. You go from “average attractive girl at gym” to “sugar baby at gym still looking fly as fuck.”

5. Some things should still remain behind-the-behind-the-scenes. Your bowel movements, hair removal methods, menstrual activities, pimple popping (don’t do it but if you do), face masks, foul smelling hair treatments all need to happen when he’s not around or behind closed doors. Nothing kills the fantasy of a dazzling sugar baby like the stench of a recently blown up bathroom - put that Febreze or Lysol spray within reach at all times. 

Originally posted by heckyeahreactiongifs

You may need to get creative with when these things happen, but trust me - it’s worth it. As for menstrual activities - I have been using Thinx for several months now and my life has changed infinitely for the better. If you have a light to medium menstrual flow like me, you probably won’t even need to buy tampons or pads anymore! I haven’t for at least six months. 

6. Limit the negative self-talk. You wouldn’t air your insecurities to your sugar daddy. Why? Because you are marketing yourself as someone valuable and worthy of investment. You don’t draw attention to flaws. The tendency and the habit is to share those feelings with your honey, but try to nip that as much as possible. When you harp on that little bit of tummy fat, those stretch marks, and other “flaws” of your physicality, you draw his attention to them. He may not even have noticed them until you pointed them out! Case in point: I am very insecure about my teeth. I have a crooked smile and I always have. I said this in passing once to an ex-boyfriend who was shocked “I never really noticed, I guess I just like that your smile is different.” Mind you, after I brought it up, several times he asked me if I would consider getting braces. He got the boot for other reasons, but you see what I’m saying.

7. Give yourself ample time to get ready and avoid the manic panic. We all know stress is contagious. If you know it takes you two hours to get ready, give yourself two and a half if you can! That way you are relaxing, your man is watching this beautiful transformation, and you’re not running through your house like a bat out of hell trying to get your life together.

*edited because damn I really can’t count lmfao


The red paladin scarf is done! This just an example of what the final scarves will look like, since it came out the slightest bit wonky. Final scarves will have same length fringe, a larger paladin crest, and a more even stitching on of blue. I’m really proud because that paladin crest doesn’t have a pattern that exists anywhere, so I had to make it up and work out all the kinks.

My etsy store is open! Find me at Crochetron! First thirty orders receive a small, shippy bracelet as well for free! I’ll be offering both ship and solid paladin scarves, Allura included. I can’t wait to work with you all!

this is the only photo where there’s nothing drawn on it. the rest’s gonna be in the post

*tries to stay awake* I can finally say…My last prompt for the Lapidot Anniversary week is DONE ! It’s 2 AM, but …IT WAS WORTH IT. NOW LET’S BEGIN.

Now you’re probably wondering…

What the heck is this.

 I had another idea involving a selfie, but it was also involving asking my ex-roommate. Since I’m blue and he’s green it would have been easy…But he would have probably refused  and…well he doesn’t live here anymore. So I gave up huehue

Now lemme explain. I have a HUGE mineral collection and an awful lot of pets.

As you can see, i have several peridots and lapises (and it’s not even all of them- you’ll see later). And I…also have a small cinnamon rat called Steven - well, actually, Mordecai, but Steven is his other name cause I didn’t wanna choose-

“I think he saw me !!!”

He LOVES stealing my gemstones, especially my bracelets. I often takes photos of him with them (I also have a Sans with a aquamarine on his head buuut not for today). So I decided, for the Photo prompt, to take photos of him and make our favorite nerds interact with him.


I think Lapis is taking some…advantage of the situation…

And yes. Yes. He legit tried to eat the peridot. I had to take it because he wanted to flee with it.

Seems Peridot actually trust Rat Steven…

I first wanted to make stuff as detailed as this one but I had no time. So some of them are totally sketchy.

…Wait. I didn’t finish. I…didn’t introduce my mice !! 8D

Out of 5 mice. I have three females.

One day, I just showed the biggest one to my friends. A big, orange mouse, with a mark across her face. Since I showed her, all my friends calls her Jasper (she’s also a brute…so it’s actually perfect haha). Aaand.

The same hapenned to the two other mice.


I have two mice nicknamed “Lapis” (brown one) and “Peridot” (well..the one on the candle, also the smallest of the group). When I remembered this I immediatly took them out to take photos.

They’re extremely bonded (and I talk about all of them) but fun fact is that when I take one of these two out the other starts to follow hahaha.


actually she’s just trying to steal food but it’s still fun and cute

Yes, food because it took me a lot of time to take these photos but also a lot of mozarella so they’d stop randomly walking around on my desk.

yes Lap also tried to eat this bracelet…like wow i know it kinda looks like candy but wtf

“wth are you looking at you clod”

“spotted lmao”

And that’s. All. I could have put more picture and more detailed stuff but as I said before, I had no time.

In case you were wondering, the small rock are gifts from someone who found them near a volcano. There’s olivine on them~

And I didn’t buy the candles on purpose. I bought the blue one last year (there’s also some yellow on it :3) and I received the lime green one for my birthday (like the small bracelet, the olivines and the small lapis) last april and weeell seems it was the perfect moment <3 The decoration stayed like this since the day I took the photo, I…just find it beautiful like this. I just wear the bracelets but the rest never changed :’)

Well. I’m glad I’ve been part of this awesome event ! This relationship needed to be celebrated, these dorks are amazing and this ship doesn’t deserve all the stupid hate (which is weird because it’s also the most popular ?…). You can try and convince me but I will never change my mind about them. Peridot always looked to have a huge crush on Lapis to me, she just…looks like me when I like someone too much like it’s so obvious it looks like it’s written on the face XD

Now, I just need to add something to this huuuuuuge post: I talked about a cross over I made before the event. I will post it tomorrow ! Cuz I don’t know where it is and now I’m just gonna faint. I just wanted to post the last prompt before throwing myself in my bed.

Also Lapidot rules /o/ (and boop @lapidot-anniversary-week and @jenhedgehog …or @luclipse85 ? idk - hope it’s still ok to post now)

anonymous asked:

I dont know if you did this before but could you do RFA and Saeran headcanons with a shy MC ? If that s ok with you and if you re confortable writing this request If you re not then it s fine !! So!!! Dont worry!

Of course! Here you go~


  • It’s awkward at first
  • He’s really bold, and you’re…not
  • He keeps says things waiting for your reaction
  • And you just nod a little and stay silent
  • For someone so narcissistic, his insecurities really come out now
  • Swears for the longest time that you hate him
  • But you’re a lot braver in the chatroom, so you text him a lot
  • Eventually, the misunderstanding gets cleared up and he gets how you are
  • Once he knows you’re just shy, he bumps up the flirting because he likes to see you as a blushy mess because it’s cute


  • Your first meeting was a disaster
  • He was shy…you were shy…everything was so quiet for a long time
  • But then, he has this nervous habit of talking to fill empty space
  • So he rambles on, even if you don’t give a reaction or response when he pauses
  • But little does he know, his openness is making you really comfortable
  • It’s at that point that he realizes you’re just very shy
  • The next time you meet for a small gathering, you jet right to him
  • You open up little by little
  • And Yoosung even learns to accept that silence can be comfortable too


  • You were really intimidated by her, so you often got shy around her
  • She thought you were just quiet since you two really didn’t have much to talk about
  • But then there was an RFA gathering and you two ended up sitting together
  • To make small talk, she mentions a show that she recently watched
  • You light up and start talking about it too
  • Turns out you were just shy
  • You two had a lot in common after all
  • You’re not so shy after that, and it would be odd for you two not to talk or text on a daily basis


  • He’s not shy, but he’s not talkative either
  • If he starts a conversation, he’s putting in effort
  • So, when he goes up to you and talks to you, he’s taken a little aback
  • You give short answers…mostly just “yes”, “no”, and “I don’t know.” 
  • Figuring you don’t care too much, he gets frustrated with you
  • So, after several failed attempts, he gives up
  • You notice and feel bad a little
  • So for once you go up to him and ask about his cat…his work…how he’s doing
  • And yeah…he just kind of melts
  • He finds it really endearing that you were paying attention to his conversations after all


  •  He knew you were shy from the start
  • He could tell since you barely engaged in conversations, stayed towards the corner of the room, and tended to give short or flustered answers
  • It’s when you’re in your corner does he approach
  • He’s a little extra at first, just so you feel a bit more comfortable
  • But he won’t drag you in the center of the room or make you talk to people
  • He starts to mellow out when you get more comfortable around him though, so he’s not overbearing
  • You two are the kids who look for the dog/cat at the party


  • He doesn’t talk much to people at first either
  • So you two found yourselves in a corner one day
  • He kind of does want to talk to you since you look so uncomfortable, but he doesn’t know what to say at all
  • So he scans your clothing, hoping to find something you’re wearing to strike up a conversation
  • But you take it wrong…and it just looks like he’s looking you up and down
  • You close your jacket over your chest and things get really awkward for a little bit
  • But then he points out a small trinket on your bracelet, and you realize what he was doing
  • You guys keep each other company at all the parties

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Fall coquette tips 🖤🍂🖤🍂

- warm colors are def a must

- nude and dusty roses lip sticks

- gold highlighter

- knee boots

- coffee dates w your bffs

- go to a theme park on Halloween

- Simple jewelry ( hoop earrings, chain bracelets, small stone rings)

- fitted sweaters and a skirt

- bronze makeup

- Halloween parties are also vvvv fun

- attend football games

- bonfires and late nights

- hike a mountain

- camp anywhere ( your backyard for a night or spend a weekend w your friends)

- rose water will save your life (and skin)

- baby oil gel after you shower (before you dry off) will give you the softest skin Eva

- green tea every morning will boost your metabolism

- keep your lips moisturized n kissable