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And I did not want words, small talk, big talk, bike talk, book talk, any of it. Just the sun, the grass, the occasional sea breeze, and the smell of his body fresh from his chest, from his neck and his armpits. Just take me and molt me and turn me inside out, till, like a character in Ovid, I become one with your lust, that’s what I wanted. Give me a blindfold, hold my hand, and don’t ask me to think—will you do that for me?

things to do in autumn
  • go apple picking
  • light book-scented candles
  • buy mini pumpkins
  • build candy haunted houses
  • press/dry leaves in between the pages of a book/as a bookmark
  • make cinnamon rolls
  • make caramel sauce
  • wear tartan scarves and blankets
  • drink hot chocolate
  • coffee with cinnamon on top
  • buy squashes and big pumpkins
  • make squash soup
  • put up fairy lights in your room/house
  • decorate your porch
  • wear cozy sweaters
  • make pumpkin pie
  • go through a corn maze
  • dance in the rain
  • change the wallpapers on your devices to fall-themed ones
  • curl up with a cozy blanket, a book or a show/movie on netflix, a warm drink, and some fresh-baked cookies
  • wear chunky cardigans
  • take a walk through the forest
  • go on a hike
  • make apple pie
  • buy/make a pumpkin spice latte
  • try some fall makeup looks
  • wear knee-high socks
  • wake up early and meditate, sit outside, enjoy the autumn in the air
  • re-read your favorite book series (like harry potter)
  • roast some marshmallows
  • make some s’mores
  • make pancakes and cover them with maple syrup
  • eat apple cider/maple doughnuts
  • take long nature walks and step on lots of crunchy leaves, breathe in the crisp autumn air, and take aesthetic pictures
  • drink warm beverages out of fancy cups
  • have a picnic on the leaf-covered grass
  • drink apple cider
  • make pecan pie
  • make pumpkin bread
  • carve a pumpkin
  • eat halloween candy
  • wear cute boots
  • go to a fall festival
  • jump in puddles
  • jump in piles of leaves
  • go to/throw a halloween party
  • dress up for halloween
  • make a halloween costume
  • go to a haunted house
  • make/eat caramel apples
  • make/eat candy apples
  • go on a hayride
  • stargaze
  • have a fall/autumn/halloween movie night
  • watch the sunrise
  • watch the sunset
  • read on a balcony
  • read outside
  • do as many everyday activities as you can outside or in the fresh air
  • soak in a hot tub
  • plant a garden of seasonal plants
  • make squash soup
  • go trick-or-treating
  • eat candy corn
  • go to a pumpkin patch
  • eat caramel popcorn
  • go to the farmer’s market
  • go on evening bike rides with flowers in your bicycle basket
  • wear fuzzy socks
  • bake treats for friends and family
  • drink/make a salted caramel latte
  • go to the beach

The FINAL one. Y'know, from that drive I did back in… what, March? Jesus, Anj, get your shit together. :U

I was kind of waiting for the right mood to come along for this one because I knew my brain was going to fight me for trying to draw a vehicle. But damn if this man doesn’t look good on a bike…. BIG thank you to @a-daks, who this was for but also for providing A+ references and being my bike person because I know shit about motorcycles. ;P

anonymous asked:

Could you do a Ben Hargreeves request where the reader and Ben dated and were in love before he died and the readers always been there for Klaus so they're like best friends but the reader doesn't know that Ben is with Klaus after he dies since he wants her to be able to move on even though he's always gonna love her but obviously it comes out? Like fluff flashbacks to them being happy and in love. I love your writing btw!

title: the wheels go round and round

pairing: ben hargreeves x reader; platonic!klaus hargreeves x reader


the three of you were like a three-wheeled bike

but then you lost a wheel

its a good thing most bicyles can run on two wheels …


a/n: bless the day to umbrella academy. after months of drought, it rained down 5k+ words on my soul

hope you like!

It was more than just an itch.

When describing the sensation of feeling the departed, Klaus had always summarized the connection to an itch.

But it was more than that.

It was a whisper at times and a shout at its worst.

It was both the burn of a cigarette and the sharp punch of frost.

Klaus no longer just enjoyed life because since the day he was born, he’d been destined to share it. Whether it be someone’s brother, mother or aunt.

He couldn’t simply exist without the obligation of presenting himself as a window to those who have departed. They were tethered to him, mere specters unable to indulge in their own whims.

But more often than not, Klaus felt like the collar was around his own neck. The hallucinations tightening around his throat like a noose.

It was suffocating.

Until the few times it wasn’t.

The moments where Ben was on one side,

and you were on the other.

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See? I did it, okay? I put the mission first. I saw the big picture.
So don’t ever doubt me again.

i’ve been so focused on my own original stuff for the past few months, i’ve totally been neglecting animorphs and subsequently, my first love: tiny traumatized 13 yo war criminal with alien superpowers and mommy issues.