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Persevering Glow


Rating: T

Summary: Lighthouse keeper AU! The lighthouse keeper’s nightly routine and the mystery of the lighthouse.

AN: Just a quick piece to go with this art here @garrulousgibberish​. Cause it’s amazing and I’ve said since the charity stream that I wanted to write something for this AU (or well the cute thing I thought was meant the first time round haha)

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anonymous asked:

Do u have any interpretations of what koga's parents might have looked like?

You know what.. I do wonder about that sometimes.. like when you think about how family-orientated his pack is and like.. How might his parents raised to be and such… I thought I try sketching out something..

Like I’m thinking his dad was of course the pack leader and such and he was wild, traditional, and a little crazy since he would go around attacking villages to eat humans to feed his pack… Then he met Koga’s momma and they hit it after after they had a battle of taking over a certain territory. She was also a female alpha in her pack which was pretty small.. He won the battle but chose to take her pack in.. And soon enough they started bonding after all the wars and play fights they did, they fell for each other soon afterwards~ 

I have this thing that he looked exactly like his father and has his mother’s blue eyes– he acts just like his father too so his momma just cracks up when they’re being ‘overly-pushy’ romantic XD (to which you gotta wonder how he got all those cheezy lines from huh when h talks to Kagome– it had to come from someone XD)

Although what begs the question is WHAT HAPPENED TO THEM? Welp… They obviously died but I’m thinking they were going into another battle or perhaps were ambushed by humans. They hunted humans all the time so this time the humans tricked them and they got Koga’s dad. His mother went to go after her mate but he pushed her back and told her to look after Koga and raise him to be a great Alpha pack leader… She listened to her mate and she went off- with her dead mate/husband behind..

And so through out Koga’s time til child to pre-teen, he was at his prime time and was already making a name for himself. Until one day his mother finally grew too weak and died protecting her son from a pack of demons going into their territory. (To which I’m gonna guess it could be those pigeon looking owl demon things.. you know from that one episode) And Koga had to watch as those things drag his mother away… Along with for the rest of his years having to deal with those things eating away with his pack.. 

Soon after the years he grew stronger and more like a leader.. UP UNTIL NOW XD Anyway that’s what I got ^^