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In Defense of the Bottom Shelf

The deeper you delve into the wide world of whiskey, I find with most people, one of three things happen: 

  • You just don’t get the hype & think most whiskey tastes the same. 
  • You find your preferred brand[s] & never stray far. 
  • You refine your tastes, desire to explore more, & it becomes more than just a drinking experience. 

With the latter two, there is a tendency to turn up ones nose to bottom shelf and cheaper brands, for no other reason than they’re simply inexpensive and therefore must be of inferior quality. 

Now, I’ve never claimed to be an expert on whiskey, I’m just doing my thing over here but I am constantly getting commentary on my choice of drinks and brands as well as my responses to follower questions or recommendations. Before you run away, this isn’t a response to trolls or a cry for sympathy, simply my opinion. 

Some of my best memories revolve around big bottles of bottom shelf, nights out in the country, passing it around with friends, and by the fourth or fifth pull from the bottle, you couldn’t tell the difference between Rebel Yell or Pappy Van Winkle anyhow. 

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The “Shit [Blank] Says” genre is beyond oversaturated at this point, but I just couldn’t help myself.