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Binding advice if you don’t/can’t have a binder!!

If you have chest dysphoria but you don’t have a binder for whatever reason (or even if you just want to have a really good sport bra for a good price), I have something for you. I found this amazing sport bra in H&M a few weeks ago and I’m in love with it. It was quite cheap and it’s sooo comfortable you won’t even believe me.

Most likely it will work best if you are small chested (I’m a B cup btw) and it won’t make you completely flat, but with a loose shirt on it does a great job.

It won’t make you feel like you’re suffocating, you can exercise and do anything you want while wearing it. But you shouldn’t wear it for too long!! (just an example, I went traveling and I had to wear it for 16 hours every day and I started having breathing problems on the 3rd day)
Also don’t buy one that’s smaller than the size you need because the band will hurt your ribs.

My store only had white ones but I’m sure H&M’s site has other nice colors too. It’s super comfortable, it’s safe, it was cheap and it makes me feel a lot better. 10/10 would recommend.

I hope I could help someone with this!


Okay guys: I need your help.

Its accountability time.

I need all your photos and evidence of products labelled “perfect for [x]” species when it very clearly is not. Examples:
A. A product that claims to be a “complete” hermit crab enclosure. It is not large enough, contains no substrate, does not have water conditioner, nor does it have salt mix. It is NOT a complete habitat.

B. A product that claims to be “ideal for bettas.” This product is NOT because A. Its too small and B. The filter is too strong for such a small tank. (Additionally, it has a purposefully deceptive photo of a gourami in the tank - I would NEVER keep a dwarf gourami in a tank that small)

I need more images and examples of blatantly wrong and misleading advertisements on pet care labels.

Why? Because I’m gonna sue the absolute shit out of them. And anyone who helps my cause will A. Help it further along, causing pet supply stores to be honest with their claims and B. Likely get a slice of the settlement. Now, I’ll be honest, an ideal settlement would be twice what the companies make off these products in one year donated to the ASPCA and other animal-welfare organizations - I’m genuinely not looking to get a cent. But the possibility of getting reparations remains.

So I need your photos. I need your peer-reviewed studies. I need your stories of animals suffering and dying in these environments, and your stories of your animals thriving in others.

My goal is to cause the FDA to test every claim like this - making it that much more difficult for companies to swindle people into abusing their pets for the company’s profit.

Tl;dr lets hold pet supply companies accountable

Going off of the large omega and small alpha thing,

Can we all just take a moment, to imagine that they met after a fight?

Maybe another alpha was being rude to the tall omega because omegas are “supposed” to be small and petite.

So tall omega is over here freaking out because “omg this alpha is so mean why is no one stopping this do they agree with this alpha they probably do oh noooo”

Then, out of nowhere, tiny little alpha pops up ready to g o.

Let’s say they’re not in a heavily populated place, like a park with few people there

After small alpha gets the other one to run off, tall omega is still pretty scared, so small alpha comes over and tells them that they HAD to step in because they know how omega felt.

They part ways, but for some reason, tall omega always happens to randomly run into small alpha whenever they leave their house for some reason now.

Eventually, they realize the alpha is following them after they pop up out of nowhere to stand up to yet another rude person.

  • (dfgjkag overheard while they're playing mario kart again)
  • girl1: ...dixie kong is diddie kong’s girlfriend
  • girl2: ,,is he old enough to have a girlfriend?
  • girl1: you’re so mean, he’s just a chimpanzee
  • girl2: he’s a chimpanzee??
  • girl1: yea
  • girl2: oh.. so donkey kong is a gorilla then?
  • girl1: yea

another thing I wanna expand on OP’s post re: sanvers and supercorp,(though they did mention it) is that the fact the later involves the title character cannot be understated in this comparison.

I remember feeling soooo burned out when i watched all of wynonna earp expecting this grand epic expression of genre tv lesbianism………… and in the end it was a side plot that compromised maybe, idk, 7% of the overall storyline (good side plot sure! but not what tumblr’s false advertisement promised me!!!). 

It’s different when you are talking about a romance involving the main character.

It means that said relationship will connect to the plot, to the themes, to the story… And in a pathos-ridden show like Supergirl, there is the extra layer of how much of a sense of Iconography the pairing evokes (THE CLARK X LOIS PARALLELS, RAINING FROM ABooOOVE).

If kara x lena became a thing, it would not be mere tokenism. it would be like any other flagship type ship on a fantasy show, one which would directly connect with the mythology of it, ~ a luthor and a super ~

-and the thing is, when writers do things for the sake of tokenism, as the audience,  you can feel it… You can tell when these things are added more for the sake of filling the Minimum Diversity Quota than a genuine interest in the issue of diversity. example is sanvers- or rather, Alex’s coming out story itself, which is, fine. It WAS an empowering story-line, it’s a good story-line to have…but it all was very much divorced from the larger overall story of Supergirl. How does it connect to alien invasions or the meaning of a “hero”, or Alex’s very particular upbringing? (it doesn’t, at least not in any direct way).

And yeah, building up other sides of Alex’s character, separate from Kara, was a good idea (esp now that the show-runners have to think in terms of a multiple-season structure). But my main point is that you could have taken Alex and Maggie’s story, and inserted their characters on another show, changed a few words, and not much would have changed… Lena and Kara, on the other hand, they embody the show itself (cause…….. Kara is the show… and Lena’s story is about her chasing the same things as Kara)…

And that’s an important difference to take into account when you are trying to understand why there’s so much interest in that ship, even though it isn’t canon.

bughead || ashes, ashes ❃

➤ complete title: ashes, ashes (we all fall down)

➤ WARNING: this one-shot is full angst and mentions the subjects of suicide, depression, violence and self-harm. read at your own risk !!!

“Jughead Jones?”

Jughead lifted his head and looked up to see a girl with blonde hair and green eyes smiling at him. He raised his eyebrows. “Yes?”

The girl boldly stuck out her hand. “Hi, I’m Betty Cooper. Welcome to Riverdale. I’ll be your guide for today,” she said. Jughead stood up and walked past her, ignoring her outstretched hand.

Betty awkwardly cleared her throat and put her hand down. She turned around to stand by Jughead’s side. “Firstly, I’ll be giving you a tour around the school. Follow me,” she said, beckoning the boy with a waving hand to follow her outside of the reception.

“And that’s about it for the tour,” Betty tells Jughead cheerfully, clapping her hands together. “Sorry if you found it rather boring. I could easily tell that you weren’t interested at all when I told you about the school’s architecture and history.”

“It’s fine,” Jughead said monotonously, stuffing his hands into the front pockets of his jeans. Betty smiled sheepishly at him and Jughead could feel heat rising up to his ears. He quickly looked away, avoiding her gaze.

She was pretty, Jughead thought, very pretty. He hasn’t even been in here to get enough time to look at the other girls but he knew he didn’t need to. Betty Cooper, the bubbly blonde girl he had just met an hour ago, was the only person he’d actually like to hang out with. Was she always so friendly with everybody? Jughead wondered. Or is it just that…

No. He shook his head. That would never happen. Somebody like her being interested in somebody like him? Jughead internally laughed at his own naivety. Go figure.

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