small as the world will make me seem

Things I loved about Beauty and the Beast
  • Diversity slapped me in face and I welcomed it with open arms
  • The enchantress didn’t curse an 11 year old who obviously knew stranger danger
  • He was an actual douche bag who deserved to be cursed
  • Belle’s blue dress
  • “You’re library makes our small corner of the world seem big”
  • “But she’s so well read and your so… athletically inclined.”
  •  I want that music box. TAKE MY MONEY DISNEY
  • Belle Doing laundry
  • Belle teaching the little girl to read
  • I love that it’s eternally winter there that just seems really cool to me

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And you don’t make me feel impossible. You don’t make me feel like I’m impossible to love and I cannot thank you enough for that. You could of loved anyone on this planet and you picked me and I cannot say how grateful I am for that. That you picked me. Me. Me. You picked me to love and I think that is the most magical thing ever. You picked to love my laugh and my obsession with animals. You picked me and you picked to love my love for books and all things nature. You picked to love my four year old boy laugh and my harshness when the world get’s to hard. You picked to love me and my pills that I take every day to battle clouds that seem to always follow me. You picked to love my scarred skin from night’s when everything got to much and you picked to love my stubbornness on what I want to eat for dinner. You picked to love my small hands and my small personality which you make me feel like it’s big and beautiful. You picked to love my 4 pm I love you’s and my 2 am I don’t want to be here’s. You picked to love my love for animals and homeless people and my uncontrollable laugh when you make a stupid joke. You picked to love my long brown hair and my dull brown eyes. You picked to love my love hate relationships with my mother and my sad life story. You picked to love me and you not only have made me feel loved, you have made me feel like I was beautiful when all I have ever felt my entire life was unworthy. You showed me that I did not need to live in a world of black and white and you opened my heart to color again and I cannot thank you enough for that but I’d like to start with our little “forever”. I hope you do too.
—  Thank you for loving me when I do not love myself. // Deeply Feeling Series 

albus severus potter, you were named after two men who taught me how difficult it is to distinguish between good and evil, because every human being has the capacity for both inside themselves. i spent my life idolizing one and vilifying the other, but it wasn’t until i was older that i realized the enormity of the choices they were forced to make and the guilt and regret they carried with them their whole lives. they were both like me, ambitious and stubborn and lost, but they devoted their whole lives to protecting me, and i’ll forever be grateful for that. without them, you would never have been born, and if there’s one thing i want you to remember, it’s that you are always capable of selflessness and bravery, even when it seems impossible, because they were. they were not perfect people, but they were stronger than i ever knew, and they taught me that the choices you make, however small, however misguided, matter. they matter after you’re gone. they matter to the world you want to change, and making the right choice after you’ve made the wrong one, hard as it is, is how we grow. so remember that. be brave, albus severus. you don’t have to be a gryffindor to know what that means.

“Be At Peace” Spell

For some the world around them has gone to shit it seems and they deserve peace. This spell will help those be at peace but do also try to talk to someone. A therapist or a friend you can trust.

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What You’ll Need

  • A song that makes you feel at peace
  • Headphones/ear buds
  • A small bowl
  • Rose Quartz
  • Dried Rose petals
  • Pencil/Pen
  • Paper
  • Salt Water
  • Your tears (if you can cry)
  • Pink candle

What To Do

  • Put your headphones/ear buds on/in and start your song.
  • Write your happiest memories on pieces of paper and place them into the bowl.
  • Crumble your rose petals into the bowl and place the rose quartz in.
  • Pour your salt water in to cleanse.
  • Then drip the pink wax into the bowl and, if you can, cry into the bowl. 
  • Put your finger in the bowl and circle clockwise, say/think “While the world around me may seem cold, I may grow into a rose. My beauty and love for others and others’ love for me will get me through.”
  • Blow out your candle and set pour the bowl of water outside your front door to let only positive energies come in.

Based on this prompt I said I’d fill a few days ago:

boss: “know why I called you in here?”
me: “because I accidentally sent you a dick pic”
boss: “accidentally?”


(on ao3)

“You need to stop pining after people you haven’t even spoken to,” Lydia says one day, probably because Derek—er, Mr. Hale, their boss—has just stepped through the front door of the cafe where they’re having lunch, and Stiles has trailed off mid-word to watch him walk up to the counter. In Stiles’ defense, he’s never seen Mr. Hale outside of the office before, let alone Mr. Hale wearing a leather jacket over his dress shirt. God, and Stiles thought the tailored suits were bad enough…


“Uh, I have too spoken to him,” Stiles says indignantly, tearing his eyes away from Derek’s broad back across the room. “One day I was coming out of the break room and I almost walked right into him and he said, ‘Excuse me,’ so then I said, ‘Oops,’ and he smiled at me. Kind of. A little bit. I mean, I interpreted it as a smile. There was some prolonged eye contact.”

Lydia abruptly stops stirring her fat-free latte to stare at him—one of those Oh god, it’s worse than I thought kind of looks. “That’s it?”

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Crawling Chaos - Part One - Void Stiles

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Void Stiles/Reader

Word Count: 3,496

Warnings: NSFW, 18+, Oral (Female receiving), Fingering, Riddles

Notes: My first Void smut? My first Void smut. Not sure how well this will really go tbh because I don’t think I’m good at portraying Void. But let me know for sure if you do like it. This idea has been in my mind for a few weeks now, and all because I was listening to one certain anime opening at work called Koi wa Chaos no Shimobenari. It kind of gave me the idea for what to do with this, even though it has NOTHING to do with the song. Also, side note, i did use Google Translate for one small thing in here. Don’t blame me if it is wrong.

Part 2  Part 3

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Title: kick with the fray
Rating: T
Word Count: 1638 words
Summary: Phil will laugh about this later. Maybe. Probably. (Not.)
Notes: Written for @nihilist-toothpaste​​​​​​, who requested jealous!Phil, for my thirty minute fics for charity fundraiser to benefit Puerto Rico. 

[read on AO3]

Phil’s shin hurts from banging into the costuming booth and his pride hurts from the sharp voiced words the woman manning it through at him and his dignity hurts from Dan and Anthony both laughing at him.

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you know what would have been far better than a video for nora, which basically reduced the sentimental value of the video steven found for him back in lion 3?

what if the lost tape was still addressed to steven, but instead it was a sort of outtakes reel? rose was “rambling” in the tape for nora and honestly i really would have found that nice if it hadn’t been a tape that was pretty much identical otherwise and ultimately reduced the emotional impact of steven’s tape.

rose could get all worried about what to say to steven, resulting in a bunch of different outtakes and cuts and basically… “alternate endings” to steven’s tape. maybe an outtake where she’s guilt-ridden and says she wants steven to be nothing like her, an outtake where she accidentally goes off on a tangent about the gem war or greg, an outtake where she gets worried about how the gems are going to react to her decision, an outtake where she tells steven she’s scared and has no idea how this is going to work or what the consequences of having steven will be, and how that will affect him. 

but in each outtake you can see small snippets of her final, polished speech to him (for example she could start off a speech about how “the world is full of so many possibilities” but end up accidentally going off on a tangent about how her own possibilities and the situation steven would grow up in could have been far different if she had made different choices. she could say “every moment you love being yourself, that’s me, loving you” but then it segues into how she wants steven to be his own person and not her).

it would just…add some genuine feeling to the tape and make it seem like rose put a lot of thought into having steven instead of making both steven and the audience feel like he was “just another possibility,” which just ended up making the two tapes identical and making the scene in lion 3 lose its sentiment.

Caffeine Challenge 23

(the challenge)

His heart is still beating when you decide you’ve spent enough time with his blood on your hands. Some things even time cannot wash away, some crimes even magic cannot wish away. There are costs to everything, but sometimes it feels as though that’s a lie we tell ourselves to make every day seem better. We paid the cost, we move on.

He stares at me without an expression I’m familiar with, the page in his hand. “This is the start of a story?” he asks, unable to see himself on a page. I don’t leave the start of stories out anymore, not after he made the crack about Twilight fanfic. But this one left itself, almost.

The sneer in his voice at ‘story’ says everything, and too much of that. You can’t be with people who don’t support your dreams, not really. He never did anything except insist that I supported mine.

We met in a too-expensive coffee shop, both on trips with other people – he with his girlfriend of the time, I with my little brother. Taking pictures of famous landmarks, and then of each other. We had a caffeine challenge, matching each other with shots of espresso. We hit it off, but perhaps only after the coffee was replaced by wine at a wine bar. It should have been a warning, but it wasn’t. He left his girlfriend for me. Gabriel sneered at that as only a younger brother can, said he’d leave me to. That false once could only be false again.

He hasn’t left me though. I’m the one who has my bags packed and ready to go in the bedroom. I wish I’d caught him with another woman. I have a gun locked away for a kiss and bang. But it’s nothing that simple.

“It was therapy.”

“Therapy.” He snorts. “You’ve wasted enough of our money on that. Those quacks get paid by the hour: their job wasn’t to save you. It was to string you along and get as much money from you as they could.”

“You cancelled it without telling me.”

“Pretty therapeutic, I say.” He laughs at his jokes. No one else does.

Magic runs in my family. I could do it. Remove his heart, hold it out, talk to him. But we only have so much magic in us for our entire lives. He’s not worth it. He was never worth my magic. Gabriel said that to me, and I never disagreed. But if he wasn’t worth my magic, how was he ever worth me? Sometimes things get so simple it’s a wonder they were ever complicated at all.

I take the paper, rip it apart, walk to the bedroom and come out with my bags.

“Hey,” he says, confused. “What is this?”

There is menace in his tone; I hope I am just imagining it. “I’m leaving. I can’t do this anymore.”

“You can’t just –.” He stands, confusion giving way to anger.

“I am.”

“Is this about that joke at the party about you being fat? I never met to hurt nobody!”

“It’s not that. It’s everything. Please move.”

He stares at me. Takes a step forward.

“Don’t.” I’ve never used magic on him. Never wasted, never spent, but I let a hint of other creep into my tone. I have Gabriel on speed dial in my pocket; if I don’t want to waste any of my magic on him, Gabriel will happily do so.

He steps aside. Slowly, not understanding. I left no note for him. I walk outside, call a call, start down the street toward the intersection.

He doesn’t follow.

I ignore the small part of me that wishes he would.

A little PSA about Louis

If you’re planning to come into my inbox and spew hate about him, I’m just going to block you. Your homophobic vitriol won’t see the light of day, so there’s no point in sending it my way. If you’re trying to upset me, personally, it doesn’t work. I will love and defend him always and no ass-backwards comparison to anyone else will make me change my mind. 

Louis has done so much good for the LGBT community and for humanity in general by being the caring, thoughtful, generous, brave, and valiant person that he is. No one’s closet is the same. No one expresses their support in the same way. You don’t get to take away all the good he’s done because his actions seem small to you. 

So here’s my suggestion, in light of all the awful things going on in this world, maybe take a step back and try to do a little good in the world. Look in the mirror and ask yourself what you’ve done today to make the world a better place. Sending hate anonymously to people you don’t know about people you don’t know doesn’t seem like something your supposed idol would ever condone.

Run Away With Me - Thomas

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Thomas/Reader

Word Count: 9,333

Warnings: NSFW, 18+, Oral (both receiving), Hair Pulling, Public Oral Sex, Public Sex, Unprotected Sex, Rock Wall Sex, Potential Spoilers from The Fever Code

Notes: HAPPY BIRTHDAY @dylan-trash-tbh I FINISHED YOUR THOMAS SIN IN ONE DAY. I hope you like it because I love you! 

On a side note, this is your ONLY WARNING. The first part of this is potentially spoilerish. It contains a bit of the happenings in the Fever Code. If you have not read the book and do not want to be slightly spoiled on this part, skip the italics at the beginning. The rest of the fic is centered around the second movie. 

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Rollercoaster -Tom Holland

A/N: I don’t know what the hell I did, I hope you like it, fluffy fluff


You flattened your dress with your hands and were looking at yourself in the mirror. The dress hugged your body in the right places but something felt off. You let your hands trail down your body and tilted your head. Something was off.

“Darling, can you help me put this on. This bloody thing keeps getting tangled and I’m gonna loose my sh-…Shit!”, he interrupted himself as soon as you turned around to face him.
“You look absolutely stunning.”, he said and you let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding. You walked over to him with a small smile on your lips and took his bow tie.
“You don’t look too shit yourself, Mr.”, you joked and he rolled his eyes while you tied his bow tie around his neck.
“Done!”, you said triumphantly and looked up into his eyes. He took your face inbetween his hands and was about to kiss you when you stopped him.
“Uh…mind the makeup?”, you said apologetically and shrugged. He groaned and stumped his foot like a grumpy child before he leaned in and gave you a butterfly kiss on your forhead.

“That’ll have to be enough. For now.”, he said and you turned around with an anxious smile on your face to look into the mirror again. And your smile turned into a frown.
Seeing him, like the god he was, ready for the redcarpet, born for the redcarpet, you felt tiny and insecure. He layed his hands on your hips and placed his chin on your shoulder.
“I-…”, he started with a grin but you interrupted him.
“I can’t do this!”, you blurted out and let out a huff getting out of his grip. You crossed your arms infront of your chest and couldn’t look into his eyes.
“What do you mean? Hey- hey. Look at me.”, he said and lifted your chin with his hand.

“I’m can’t be…this.”, I said and pointed at him and he furrowed his eyebrows.
“I don’t belong in your world. I belong behind my books with my sweatpants and old t-shirt on.”, I explained further and huffed again, now more desperate. You really felt uncomfortable.
“You…Alright. Now. This is not my world. It’s ours. I’m just lucky enough to be the one sharing with you. You belong by my side. Both in your sweatpants and this dress. Because you are the one who makes them look beautiful to me.”

“Okay now your getting cheesy.”, you said and rolled your eyes but couldn’t surpress a tiny smile.
“There she is.”, he said and pulled you against his body.
“Also I need you.”, he added with a small voice and a shy smile. Now you realized that he himself wasn’t that confident either. His hands seemed to tremble a little and he looked down shaking his head.
“You’d think I should be getting used to all that attention and shouting and people. The people. But I’m not.”, he said and it was your time to take his face into your hands and give him a quick kiss onto his lips.
“The makeup!”, he shrieked and made you laugh.
“You wipe your mouth and I’ll refresh my lipstick. And were set to go.”, you answered and let him go.


“Oh boy.”, you sighed stepping into your apartment and kick off your heels immediatly.
“You might as well organize a funeral and bury me.”, you added and hobbled into the living room because your feet were killing.
“You’re being dramatic.”, he laughed after you threw yourself onto the couch. He pulled off his bow tie and you couldn’t help yourself and bit your lip.
“Shit.”, you said under your breath and looked away from him. The carpet was more intresting suddenly.
“You don’t look too shit yourself.”, he imitated you and you stuck out your tongue at him.
You pulled yourself up and turned your back to him, pulling your hair over your shoulder to expose your back.
“Could you zip that open please?”, you asked him because you couldn’t wait to get into comfy clothes.
“Sure.”, he said and with his next move you were free. You let the dress slip down your body and raised your hands into the air triumphantly. You stood there in your underwear which was non of your problems right now.
“Yes!”, you sighed and rolled your neck to loosen it a bit. Suddenly you felt two arms wrap around your lower half and a warm chest pressed against your back.
“You should put something on. We’re both too tired to go further.”, he hummed into your ear and sent shivers down your spine. You put your hands above his and closed your eyes. Your hips started moving against his and he let a lustfull groan escape his throat, which made you smile.
“Yeah too tired.”, you teased him with a grin on your face.

“You’re a jerk.”, he sighed and you turned around to face him.

“Well, I learned from the pro, didn’t I?”, you said and placed a butterflykiss on top of his nose. “Since we don’t have to mind the makeup anymore…”, he said and kissed your lips. It started as a harmless kiss but got more passionate along the way. You had to pull away eventually to take a breath and when you did you burst out laughing.
“We gotta write an email to Maybelline that their Lipstick isn’t kiss-proof.”, you laughed and pointed at his lips where your lipstick was smeared all over.
“Red suits you.”, you teased him and smirked.
“I know. So does blue.”, he said with a cocky grin and you playfully hit his shoulder.

“Come on Spider-ling. Let’s see what else suits you.” You took his hand and walked over to your bedroom, closing the door behind you two.


You woke up in the moring, tangled in the sheets which were telling the tales of last night. You smiled to yourself remembering your activities and closed your eyes again. Until you recognized that you were alone in bed.
You got up to look around the house but he was nowhere to be found. Walking by the front door you found a sticky note.

“Manager called. Had to rush out.

Love, T.”

You took the sticky note and went to the kitchen to make yourself a nice breakfast. After being full you sat down ok the couch and took your laptop on your lap to research the last nights events. The ones before you came home obviously. You scrolled through some headlines.

“Tom Holland and his new girlfriend!”


“Tom Hollands accesoire: His Girlfriend!”

Nice. Now I’m a purse.

“Spidermans girlfriend is a snack!”


“Tom and Y/N are rocking the redcarpet!”

Wow, that’s a confident boost. You clicked one of them and went straight down to the comment section even though Tom warned you not to that, ever.
It’s strange how something said by a complete stranger can impact your mood. You were left totaly confused and insecure. After reading thousands of comments and tweets you shut your laptop. There were both positive and negative opinions about you. Even though you did absolutley nothing. You just walked with Tom, which was one of the reasons why some people hated you, and only answered questions in his interviewes if asked directly to you.
Some people said that was snob-ish from you. But you only did that because you didn’t want to seem eager to be in the spotlight. Which you definetly weren’t. Others were talking about your dress. Mainly nice things which made you a little happy. There were fans who thought that you two seemed happy together and truly in love. Which was the truth but you know. The internet.

You were still deep in your thoughts when Tom came back late in the afternoon. You heared keys being tossed into the bowl at the front door and looked up.
“Hey!”, he yelled from the hall and you greeted him back.
“What’s ma beauty doin’?”, he asked with an accent you couldn’t quiet put your finger on while coming into the living room.
“Don’t do that.”, you said shaking your head.
“Do what?”, he laughed and let himself fall next to you.

“Shut up.”

“Better than me? Shut up.”, he imitated the rapper Stormzy and you rolled your eyes.

“So how’d you feel last night?”, he asked you more serious now and put his arm around you.
“You mean when you did the thing with your hands between my…”, you started teasing him put he interrupted you.
“Oh c'mon. You know what I mean.” He blushed and you chuckled at his reaktion.
“I don’t know Tom. I mean it was nice and all and I really enjoyed being by your side but…I think you should go with someone else next time. Zendaya for example. She is a great friend and she is already famous. She knows how to handle all the…opinions.”, you blurted out and he raised his brows.
“Y/N Y/L/N! Did you read comments or magazines or some stupid stuff?”, he scolded you and you shrugged.
“It’s fine. Really. I’m fine. But I rather not be in the spotlight a second time.”, you added and shrugged again.

“Actually I had a meeting with my manager this morning exactly about this. Not only this. But it was a part of it. The people absolutly LOVED you. To the point where the most articles that came out today were mostly about you and not me.”, he said with a big smile trying to make you feel good but it kind of backfierd.
“What are they saying? The articles.”

“That’s not my point! But if you really wanna know they are all over you. Bits they could find about your childhood, mom, dad, siblings, school and all that stuff. But mainly your projects, what you stand for. And they love it. They say you bring the best out of me.Which is the only time I am mentioned actually.”, he chuckles and shakes his head.

“We’ll see, I guess. Next time.”, you said still insecure about everything.
“Uh…actually…next time is kinda…tomorrow?”, he stutterd while his voice got more silent with every word.
“What?”, you said and widened your eyes.

“You know, normally, a girlfriend means bad press and it’s not really favorable for the promotion of the movie. Has something to do with the teenage girls who tend to get jelous or something. But you kinda went around that? They love you, kinda like they love Zendaya. Like rolemodel or something. My manager went on and on I couldn’t listen to all of it BUT all of that means that I would really be happy if you could join me every now and then.”, he said and looked hopefully into your eyes.

“You’re kidding.”

“I’m not! Really.”

“That’s insane!”, you sighed but he shook his head.

“No, it’s perfect! You can work from everywhere thanks to your projects so that isn’t a problem. You’ll be by my side on the carpet and the events and you could work in the trailer while my interviews. It’s perfect. No longer being apart from each other for months.”, he said now excitedly and your heart shrunk.

“Babe I don’t know if…I want that.”, you said carefully and the excitement in his eyes went away. His shoulders deflated and his eyes widened.
“Oh.”, he just said and you took his hands into yours immediatly.
“I just don’t belong in that world Tom. I’ll always support you at anything you do and I’ll always be your number one fan and I’ll ALWAYS love you…but I can’t handle the spotlight and its aftermath.”, you explained and it broke your heart to see him disappointed. He couldn’t even look into your eyes.

He pulled his hands away and your whole body stiffened.
“Tom…”, you sighed but he didn’t seem to recognize that. He turned away from you and leaned his elbows onto his thighs.
“You know they are going to have an opinion about you no matter how far away you stay.”, he said and you nodded.
“I know. But that’s different.” As you said that he shook his head.
“It’s not. What happens when those get to you too? Are you going to leave me then? To escape those? I wouldn’t judge you, you know.”, he said and looked up. His eyes looked sad and concerned which made you sigh.
“Oh Tom no! How can you think that? I’m not with you or without you based on the outside world.”, you said and took his hands in mine again.

“But that’s what you said. Just a minute ago.”
Because nothing you said seemed to go through to him you swung your leg over his lap, so your legs were on either side of his thighs. You took his face into your hands and forced him to look into your eyes.
“You listen to me. You don’t get to overthink this. I do. I’m the woman here.”, you teased him and he rolled his eyes.
“I know how to handle the pressure from the outside. I just need time to adjust. I can’t go out there full time. Let’s take babysteps. I’ll come with you to events but you’ll have to do your promo on your own. For now. Let me get used to it, let the people get used to me without rubbing it into their faces. How does that sound?”, you suggested with a supporting smile and he finally gave in.

“Good, I guess. I just don’t want them putting wrong ideas in your head which’ll harm our relationship.”
You shook your head and gave him a quick kiss. He put his hands on your hips and smiled up to you.
“You wanna go out?”, he asked suddenly and you raised a brow.
“Sure. Where?”, you asked and he shrugged.

“Just out.”

And that’s what your relationship consisted of. It was a rollercoster with moodswings, arguments, laughs and adventures. The important thing was that you both were able to sort things out.
Of course the amazing sex helped too. But that was another topic.

Friends Part 7

Summary: You and Bucky are friends for a long time, but lately you start to develop romantic feelings for him. One day one of Tony’s parties everything changes but maybe not the way you wanted or expected.

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 2276

Warnings: Angst, fuffly ( and a lot of confused people)

Thank you @amrita31199 you are amazing.

credits to the gif owners

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

You wake up feeling awful, your head is hurting like hell and you feel weak. You know that you need to get up, put some clothes on and eat some breakfast. But you don’t want to move, you are so comfortable and for a brief moment, you feel normal and safe between your sheets.

Unfortunately, the moment doesn’t last long, all the events of yesterday reappear in your mind all at once but this time you can see things with a little more clarity.

You are stuck in a dilemma between sense and sensibility.

You are so overwhelmed by your own feelings that you decide to take the advice of one of your favorite professors in college.Every time that you are feeling confused or your feelings are overpowering you, you should write a letter to yourself explaining what is going on.

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Dating Diana Prince Would Include...

anon ask : can you do what dating diana prince would be like?? i really liked your malia tate headcannons so much!! 

 [A/N] : aww im glad you liked it!! i just finished doing my chemistry homework and im in a good mood bc i got an A for it sooo here ya gooo!! (this was supposed to be posted tomorrow but im in a good mood) 

how does one obtain a diana prince in their life 

Masterlist / Ask Me

Originally posted by jyncassian

  • the first time she saw you she nearly fainted mostly because she lived on an island full of women and she never felt this way before?? 
  • the only time she felt like this was with Steve after he died 
  • she thought that she wouldn’t ever feel that way again but then she saw you and wow?? 
  • you didn’t even look that nice in fact you were a mess 
  • you worked at the louvre too 
  • you were carrying stacks of papers 
  • while struggling from dropping them you accidentally knocked down a very expensive vase 
  • diana caught it in time 
  • the vase was covering your face so she lowered it down 
  • and then she saw you apologizing over and over again with a blush on your cheeks 
  • she dropped the vase

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anonymous asked:

Oh my god! I love your writings, you're the main reason I need holy water when reading your fics! You know your iconic Push Over Smut?? C-Can I request Gang Member Jimin...( has me in feels!) like the reader actually gets kidnapped by a rival gang and he goes to save her ? We see a sexy ass fuming jimin with his gang kicking everyone's ass to get his baby back? OH MY GOD IM ON FIRE JUST TYPING THIS

My girl(Jimin’s POV):

“She’s where?!” I asked in frustration, my hands moving to tug through my freshly dyed blonde locks.

“She is with the black knight’s leader sir.” One of my men said nervously on the phone, I could hear how hesitant he was probably in fear that I would fire him. Or worse kill him. It had been a few days since I saw her, she had been gone snatched from me like a dream that I didn’t want to wake up from. Growling low in my throat I asked him again the full situation demanding answers as I pieced it together.

“And how did this happen? Who let it happen?’ I questioned standing up pacing the spot of my grand bedroom, one that felt too empty with the news of my other half being gone.

“S-she went shopping sir, and the mall became too crowded and in a split second she was gone from the view of both men.” The male answered still cautious of what to say. I pinched the bridge of my nose, trying to not let the anger and rage boom from my voice as I shut my eyes for a moment and slowly opened them.

“Call Yoongi. We need to move out soon.” I said with an icy voice ending the call quickly. I was beyond frustrated in that moment. There were no words to describe how I was feeling. How could they be so careless letting her get that ahead of them that in the split second she was gone.  And not to mention one of my most deadly rivals had her in their possessions. What did they want with her? I had no fucking idea but I knew they would stop at no means to make my life a living hell and I was not about to let that happen with my baby girl.

I moved around changing into straight black, leather pants and a short sleeved black shirt with a studded black leather jacket. White shocks but black combat boots even going so far as to change my studs to black. Tonight, was going to be a messy night and I refused to wear anything that would show the hell I was about to put them through. My anger slowly started to dissipate when I heard the deep voice of my right-hand man outside of the door. Yoongi gave one knock before he was bursting through the door looking at me with disheveled black hair, he was in all black as well a simple button up shirt and loose-fitting jeans. His gun was tucked into his right side, the grip was the only part I could see but I could tell from the fire in his eyes he meant business.

“This shouldn’t have happened.” He stated through clenched teeth. My girl was like a younger sister to Yoongi and he always promised to protect her even if it came down to him giving his own life. I nodded with agreement as I headed towards him embracing him and a simple hand shake before he clapped my back and we started to ascend in to the hallway and descend down the flight of steps that I had.

“I know it shouldn’t have happened and no matter what they have to pay with their lives. The fact that he took something that I loved and he is using her against me. She is mine. All mine and now he is treading on the line of what’s mine and fucking not his or theirs.” I could feel my anger slowly seeping into my body again, my fists clenched my nails digging into my flesh. Yoongi must have felt the air change because soon he was turning to me patting me on the top of my head and I had to bite back a bark of annoyance at him.

“It’ll be fine. We will get her back.” Yoongi promised as we met a few other of my men and we walked towards the car.

It didn’t take us long to get to where we needed to be, the briefing on the events that took place made me more than unhappy and I knew that when this was over all of my staff that was not immediate was fired. It seemed that they were dancing with fire, playing a dangerous game and they had failed to obey my orders and keep my one prized trophy safe. She was my world and everything in between. I had loved her since we were first approaching our high school years. She had been the air I breathed, the purity to my dark and tainted world. And she accepted me, let me in and allowed me to love her to the best of my abilities. I couldn’t ask for more seeing her beautiful face and perfect frame. She was the completed part to my puzzle. We were a true Bonnie and Clyde, I just tried to keep certain things pg13 around her. Walking towards the abandoned gym, Yoongi lifted his foot giving two hard kicks to the door before it was opening slowly revealing the inside of the run-down place. I was the first to enter, following any movement or sound that I thought I could hear. We looked around splitting up and searching for where she could have been. My heart raced, I was scared and that much I could admit. The more we looked for her, the more I panicked. She had to be here. She just had to, I didn’t have time to go around the whole city searching for her. My world was getting scary and starting to seem to small and exposed without her. My world wasn’t complete without her and I needed her beside me right now and it was making me feel a bit uncomfortable with how I couldn’t breathe at the thought of losing her.

“JIMIN!” A loud cry erupted that stopped me in my tracks. I looked around, feeling a drop of cold sweat run down my body as I listened to her cry. Terror gripped me. I can’t even describe the pit that sunk in my stomach. I ran, I didn’t even know where I was going but I ran. Another shout out loud of a broken sob and it vibrated against the walls. I was so confused- I didn’t know which way to go, I was just running wherever my feet were taking me.

“You’re going the wrong way.” Yoongi urged in a harsh tone pulling me towards him before he was pulling me down the hallway in the other direction. We ran together, our feet piercing the ground with quick motions as we got to my baby. The moment we arrived the rest of my men were already there, with one kick to the door it was opening revealing a pair of ten men in the room. All it took was one look of her on the floor with a handkerchief around her neck and hands bound behind her back for me to completely snap. She only had on bra and panties and they look a bit torn. The thought of that fucker putting his hand on my girl repulsed me so much that I lunged forward not thinking of the consequences for my actions. The next moment was a blur, everyone fighting and yelling, a few gun shots sounded off the walls at well.

When I got back to the house I can’t even tell you how we ended up in my bed. All I know was that I hated seeing her so scared and shaken up. I hate that she clung to me so desperately as if she couldn’t trust the outside world. I hated that she was afraid to even come in my house clinging onto Yoongi. He should never have to ask her if she wanted to stay with him for a while.             She shouldn’t have been afraid of my men who I hired to protect her. I wanted to make her forget it all. I wanted her to just be happy, to just be in my arms and feeling safe again. As soon as I got her behind closed doors, I handled a few things making sure that we had trusted guards around the house and the others who let her get kidnapped she had the choice to fire or shoot them. I left it completely up to my doll.

She was beautiful laying under me, bare and naked the fresh shower living up her skin a bit. She smelled of me again, her wet hair pressing against the silk sheets that missed the warmth of her embrace. I leaned down first pressing kisses against her lips, and then lower my mouth went over her collarbones and down her body towards her heat. My tongue delved inside of her tight wet walls missing the place that was home to it and my rock-hard dick. While I feasted on her nectar my hand stroked my own aching shaft. I needed her, I was too impatient to take it slow. Especially with how she cried out my name, her hands tangling into my hair. Her legs squeezing around my head she was so fucking beautiful. Her perky nipples standing taught and hard just wanting more attention that I was eager to give. Kissing up her body I took one of her nipples into my mouth feeding as if I was a new born child. My dick lining up with her soaked entrance, the juices sliding from her pussy onto the sheets. Slowly, I slid into her feeling the warm velvet walls wrap around my shaft and it had been a while since I felt such things. I gripped at her hips, letting my hands trail to hook under her knees and pressing my hands against the mattress I let her have it. Fucking into her hard and fast, jackhammering and drilling my dick into the depths of her warm soft walls. She was so wet, she was so eager to take me, losing herself under me with needy moans and cries of my name. My head tipped back as she dug her nails into my skin, I could feel the tightening of her muscles around my pulsing shaft and I pounded harder, fucking her into the mattress needing to hear my name sound off her lips. Needing to hear how she would become incoherent and a complete mess for me. I loved watching her come undone. One of my hands moved down to her throbbing swollen clit, I knew she needed it tonight. Usually I made her cum untouched but I wanted to heighten her tonight. Shifting my hips, I started to grind into her, making sure she could feel everything my dick had to offer; every vein bump and ridge she needed to remember again. Her breast bounced up and down as I sucked hungrily on her flesh, implanting this image back into my mind as I fucked her with all my might. She was close, that much I could tell. I wanted her to cum, I wanted her to give it all to me once again. I needed it more than anything. With a few more thrusts she was cumming onto my shaft and I was holding her close swallowing all her eager cries with my lips. I made sure to give her a few more strokes, spilling my warm fluids into her pussy. I held her close, my hips becoming an erratic mess as I slowed them down. Riding out our orgasms together I made sure she was sated before I pulled back to lay beside her. Not before watching my cum seep out of her pink pussy, it looked so beautiful, just want I needed to feel better.

Pulling her into my arms I made sure they didn’t lay a finger on her, it didn’t matter anyways I’m sure the ones who were left alive knew better than to come for me and my world again. Playing in her hair I allowed her to drift off to sleep, she would need it for the night I had in store for her anyway.                                                          

FaceTime Tears

request: Can I please request an imagine where you are shawns girlfriend and he is away on tour,) and you’re just at home chilling and reading a book when the main character dies and you’re full on crying because you were really invested in the book and then shawn facetimes you and sees you crying and is all worried and you can barely explain yourself cause you’re crying so hard, and in the end it’s all fluffy and he’s teasing you a bit. Sorry that it’s so long and detailed😅 love your imagines💗  - @negative-love

A few days ago, you had cracked open The Fault in Our Stars, wanting to reread the novel. It didn’t help that you were on your period, and wanting something sappy and sad to read.

Currently, you were just finishing chapter twenty, meaning Augustus’ story was about to end. You took a deep breath, before reading the next chapter. Augustus Waters died eight days after his prefuneral, that beginning line of the chapter caused tears to come out, and you had to close the book.

It seemed like that was a fitting time for your boyfriend to want to talk, and the FaceTime request startled you.

Deciding on answering it, you hit the green button while getting a tissue. “Hey, babe- what’s wrong?” Shawn’s smile immediately dropped, and his eyes grew.

“N-nothing, don’t worry about it. How’s Germany?”

“It’s fine.” Shawn shrugged. “Baby, why are you crying, what’s got you down?” He asked, wanting to know why his girlfriend was crying on a Tuesday night.

You opened your mouth to explain, but you couldn’t since you were so overcome with tears and raw emotions, sending Shawn into panic mode.

“Come on, hun, it’s ok. Whatever it is, it’s ok.” Shawn murmured, wanting nothing more than to jump through the phone screen and give you a tight hug.

You sat on your bed, blubbering for a response to give to Shawn, while the singer sat on his bunk on the tourbus halfway across the world, worried.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, you were done crying enough that you should get a full sentence out. “Augustus Waters is dead.” You mumbled, dabbing your eyes with the tissue that was covered in mascara flecks.

“Wha- oh.” Shawn nodded, seeing the book sitting behind you.

You saw the small smirk making it’s way onto Shawn’s face, and you felt your cheeks heat up. “Don’t even say anything, Mendes!”

“What? What would I say?”

“Oh, like you weren’t going to say something witty about my emotions? The fact that I’m crying over a fictional death?”

Shawn shrugged. “You can read me like a book. Just don’t cry.”

You groaned, rolling your eyes.

Shawn laughed, asking how your day was. The two of you spent nearly two hours on FaceTime, talking about each other’s days, and how excited you were to finish your classes and fly out to meet Shawn in Lisbon with his family. He only teased you a little over the fact that you were reduced to tears over Augustus Waters’ death, and he made sure to tell you he loved you before you fell asleep, causing you to drift off to sleep with a smile on your face.

a/n: not too happy with this

ice eyes ❖ kyungsoo

anon requested : Heya I love your writing! Could I ask for a Kyungsoo smut with an age gap and rly socially frowned upon? like maybe he has a youth-related Jon and definitely should not be sticking his dick in a teenager but that particular one is just too much to resist? idk girl I just live for that kinda thing. Please and thanks xoxo

word count : 1463

admin : -neb

genre : big big age gap, smut (second part), soft kyungsoo, rough kyungsoo, a lot of kyungsoo

Originally posted by misskpopforever

(gif not mine, credit to the owner)

| 2nd Part

You try to loosen your best friend’s grip on your arm as you protest, not wanting to walk. But Sehun was just too strong and you couldn’t do anything to save yourself.

“Sehun! For God’s sake I don’t need a psychologist!” You say, pointing your feet and making resistance. You weren’t a psycho, just a little impulsive.

“Y/N you can’t just beat up people out of the blue, besides the school psychologist is waiting for you and if you don’t enter that room, the principal is going to be pissed and bye bye to Y/N.” he says calmly. His hand is securely wrapped around your right arm and you’re sure there’s gonna be a bruise tomorrow in the shape of his fingers.
Sehun was the typical introvert, shy guy with the girl best friend who’s popular for getting into fights. Your life seems like a movie, everything resembles a teenage kind of film, even the group of people staring at you yelling at the tall boy.

“I did it to protect you!” You scream at the top of your lungs. But what you said was sadly true, your school wasn’t certainly full of open minded people, it was rather lacking of them. And you needed to protect Sehun from insults and mocking all the time because people couldn’t accept that he liked boys. You got into fights often because you couldn’t stand people judging your best friend for loving who he loved.

“I don’t need protection from them Y/N, how many times do i have to repeat that? I don’t care about what they say, and you should do the same too!” He answers, stopping himself in front of  the psychologist’s door. You look at him with watery eyes, you know it’s not easy.

“But doesn’t it hurt?” You whisper opening the door.

“I got used to it, now talk with Mr.Do, you’ll feel better.” he says before pushing you inside the room and closing the door. Now there was no turning back. During your hear of high school you always tried to avoid the school’s psychologist, he had a bad reputation. For being a person that should help you and make you feel at ease he had pretty icy eyes which made their way through your soul. And if he managed to scare you with his glare, at the moment you heard his voice you’d want to bury yourself alive. It was told that Mr.Do had a really smooth voice, deep and hot. Horny sophomores even described it as “a hot chocolate during a very cold winter day”. But you never had the pleasure to hear it, until now.

“Y/N? The principal told me you were going to come here. It’s lovely to meet you, I’m Mr.Do.” his voice arrived deep and clear from behind your back, meanwhile your head was pressed against the door, you had given in to this thing. Just a little talk and then sprint out of the room, that was the plan. You turned around to see him staring at you, seated in his desk.
He was an attractive man, his features were out of this world. To start, his tanned skin was glowing in the artificial light of the lamp and he had a small, warm smile painted on his lips. His eyes were gentle but still, they managed to freeze your insides and warm you up at the same time.
He dressed nicely, he wore a black buttoned up shirt with a pair of black skinny jeans. He also wore a pair of -what it seemed- really expensive boots. The scent of his cologne was in the air, making the room feel less professional, more cozy.

“Uhm…yeah, I guess. They forced to me to come here and talk with you.” You say, pouting a little, this whole “talking with a stranger about my problems to feel better” didn’t really convince you but as long as the stranger was Mr.Do, you could do that.
His face looked sculpted by the Greek Gods, his voice was pure honey and his gaze was melting your insecurities away. But why the hell were you thinking about him that way anyway? He’s what, like 10, maybe even more years older than you. And yet there was something about him that attracted you, maybe it was his appearance or the way he looked professionally hot but it was taking your common sense away and making you think about things a 17-years-old problematic girl shouldn’t think about a grown man who is also her new psychologist.

“Well, sweet, come take a seat. I want you to feel at ease here, it’s not an obligation to talk with me.” His voice was deep, making goosebumps appear on your soft skin. He noticed, apparently, cause he asked you if you were cold and you had to convince him that you were fine, struggling to accept that he made you shiver just by talking.
You find yourself obeying, seating in front of him, and the chair is pretty comfortable too.

“First thing first, I’m not going to tell bullshit to you. I already know why you’re here, but I’d want to know why you did what you did, and I’d like to hear it from you, Miss.” Now his tone is changed, he seems more relaxed, less professional. And thank God he did, because you were sure you weren’t going to resist hours with him talking to you the way he did before. Because not only was it intimidating, but it made you feel inferior to him, and you didn’t want to.

“Do you know my friend Oh Sehun? He said he comes here often.” You ask, playing with your hands under the desk.

“Yes, I know him. But we’re talking about you now.” he answers. Meanwhile he got up and he placed himself beside you, his hands were clasped at the desk and his legs were crossed. To talk to him you had to turn your head to the side and look up and he had to look down. You hated feeling submissive, and that’s exactly how Mr.Do was making you feel. He seemed to understand it and enjoy the blush that was growing on your cheeks, you could feel it.

“I got into a fight because of him.” You blurt out, looking deeply into his eyes. He patted your head and softly smiled.

“I’m not surprised, he always told me you’re a little rebel soul.” he whispers, combing your hair with his long fingers. So, Sehun talked about you with Mr.Do. you note yourself to strangle him as soon as you get out of here.

“What else does he says, Mr.Do?” You ask, genuinely curious.

“You have a bad reputation, doll. Just like me. And call me Kyungsoo please, Mr. makes me feel old.” He adds with a little giggle, which was the most adorable thing you’ve ever listened to.

“Ok, Kyungsoo. How old are you?”  here it is, the taboo question. He looks into your eyes making your insecurities reappear once again and your gaze drops to the floor.

“I’m 31.” he simply says, with no accent, no emotion.
When you have the courage to look up again he’s closer than before, still looking at you in the same way a cat looked at a butterfly, in a way that made you feel appreciated. Or so you thought.

“But anyway, you have to tell me why did you react that way, you almost broke her hand.” he says, in his voice there’s something so caring, apprehensive towards you. Not like he wanted to scold you, more like he wanted to protect you from your own impulse.

“I’m so tired of hearing the same comments everyday. If Sehun wants to fuck boys let him fuck boys. Why should a person be judged for the preferences in sex? I don’t get it.” Your voice grew with the sentence, and at the end you were almost screaming in his face. But wasn’t this the point of going to the psychologist? Letting yourself go and vent?

“I really don’t know, sweetheart. Society is fucked up.” He answers, caressing your cheek with his thumb, while his index finger was keeping your chin still. His eyes were boring into your skin, stripping you from all your clothes and dignity. And that’s one thing to add to the list of things you liked about Kyungsoo. The way he just paired a pet name with a swear word makes you want to hear it again from his plump lips. You want to hear him whisper profanities and sweet nothings in your ear, but you’re not sure wether this is a really good thing or a really bad one. Is there a psychologic treatment for a girl infatuated with the psychologist?


I hope this suits your request :) this is my first approach to age gap so I really don’t know how it came out ugh + second part will be up soon (I’m sorry this would’ve been so long)

thanks for requesting!!

- neb

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Just the way you are!

Originally posted by malachaisangel

Her eyes, Her eyes                                                                                                                         makes the star look like they’re not shining                                                                    Her hair, Her hair                                                                                                            Falls perfectly without her trying                                                                                   She’s so beautiful, and I tell her every day 


Klaus watched as you fiddled with your finger, avoiding eye contact. Your gaze traveled everywhere, from the beautiful sunset to the glowing city below the hills. You were nervous, this was not your first date with Klaus. Actually, you’ve had many over the years but every time, it was like your first, he had this effect on you. 

Finally, your eyes locked with his and you were mesmerized. Klaus fell deep into your eyes, he loved the way your eyes sparkle full of life, the way your eyes light up when you discover something new, your eyes alone can light up his life brighter than the stars that light up the universe. The (E/C)ness of your eyes makes him melt like a puddle something he never felt before. 

His eyes followed your hands as they held a lock of your hair before pushing it behind your ear. But almost instantly it fell right back to where it was originally placed making you grown in displeasure.  He couldn’t help but chuckle at how cute you were. His deep chuckle made you blush, as the tiny bit of pink spread across your cheeks. 

“you’re beautiful you know that right” Klaus mumbled taking a hold of your chin making you look into his eyes. 


I know, I know                                                                                                        When I compliment her she won’t believe me, and                                       It’s so, It’s so                                                                                                                 Sad to think, she don’t see what I see                                                                                               But every time she asks me “if I look ok?” I say 


You smiled knowing he would always say that to you just to see you smile 

“you always say that, and you know I always disagree” you mumbled 

“I know love but as long as you disagree I’m going to keep telling you until you realize how beautiful you truly are” he whispered in your ear making shivers run right down your spine 

“I honestly don’t see what you see in me” you sighed looking down 

“I see the world in you love, you are my world. Full of wonders and beauty”        

“I-Uh, you always seem to leave me speechless”     

Klaus smiled a victorious smile as you blushed darker from his previous complement, He couldn't help but think back to a few hours ago when you were getting ready for the date.

he watched as you put the small amount of makeup, which only consisted of mascara and eyeliner. You turned around to him with a smile and looked down shyly fixing up your outfit.

“Do I look okay?”

Klaus looked you up and down savoring every bit of this moment. You were wearing a white floral dress with black flats. He couldn’t help but notice the way the dress clings onto your curves making him groan in satisfaction, You were beautiful and he felt lucky to have someone like you as his own. 


When I see your face,                                                                                                 There’s not a thing that I would change,                                                                 cause you’re amazing just the way you are.                                                            And when you smile,                                                                                           The whole world stops and stares for awhile,                                                                      Cause girl you’re amazing just the way you are


“you know even the little amount of makeup you wear is not needed, you look beautiful without it too love. You don’t just look okay, you look gorgeous baby girl. Every time I look at you I know there is nothing I would ever change about you, cause you are perfect to me and I could never ask for more”

Klaus stepped towards your blushing figure and placed a kiss on your soft and warm lips. You wrapped your arms around his neck smiling into the kiss. Like always when you kissed him you felt fireworks.          

Klaus smiled at the memory that took place a few hours ago. Every time he hears your name he can’t help but smile thinking how beautiful you are on the inside and out. 

It was getting dark and stars started to light up the sky.

You looked up and the stars twinkled in your eyes, he always knew your eyes shined brighter than the stars but watching them at this moment left him awestruck.

“aren’t they beautiful” (Y/N) asked 

“indeed they are”

“They always seem to light up the sky no matter the weather, they are so beautiful. I love watching the stars I feel connected to the earth, I don’t really know why. They turn darkness into light. You can always count on the stars to light up the world in darkness" 

"You know love, you’re the star in my life. You always seemed to bring out the light in me when I’m with you. You’re the light in my dark world”

“Don’t say that Klaus, there was always light in you, you just needed help finding it”

“It seems like you’re the right girl to help me reach the light love. No one can ever replace you, you are the most beautiful girl I ever knew in my entire lifetime. I love you (Y/N)”

“Don’t say such things to me, it makes me embarrassed,” you said looking down blushing


Her lips, Her lips                                                                                                           I could kiss them all day if she let me,                                                               Her laugh, Her laugh                                                                                             She hates, but I think it’s so sexy,                                                                              She’s so beautiful and I tell her every day 


Klaus reached over pinning you down on the blanket from the small picnic earlier. 

“you know everytime you blush, it makes you even cuter and I just can’t resist you, love” he growled into your ear 

This caused a total hysteria of butterflies in your stomach. Klaus slowly leaned down touching his warm lips with your own, the feeling was indescribable, it was pure bliss. You felt as if the world didn’t matter anymore, all that mattered at this moment was Klaus and you. 

Klaus nibbled at your lips asking for entrance which you gladly accepted, his tongue darted into your mouth exploring your wet cavern. The mini battle of dominance was won by none other than Klaus. 

You both pulled away in need of oxygen. Your face was flushed, blood was rushing around so fast and you can hear your heart beating rapidly as Klaus’s lips traveled their way down to your neck. He was nibbling and sucking on your sweet spot making you groan in pleasure. 

You were 100 percent sure there was going to be love bite on your neck the next morning but you didn’t care. The love Klaus was showing you right now was all that mattered to you. 

Klaus loved the way you were so vulnerable with him, the way your lips tasted like strawberry and chocolate and the feeling of your soft locks as they tangled themselves into his fingers. The way your delicate body fits with his, and how your small fragile fingers played with his hair. He loved everything about you. You gave him immeasurable pleasure. The pleasure you both felt day in and day out.

Klaus’s hand traveled to your side and wondered towards your ticklish part. You began to protest knowing you would laugh like a mad woman and you hated it. But Klaus refused to listen. He started tickling your sides, you were a giggling mess and those giggles turned into full blown laughter as he kept tickling. 

“K-k-k-kl-klu-Klaus pl-p-ple-please s-s-sto-stop” you breathed through your laughter 

Klaus admired the way you looked so carefree and delicate when you were beneath him, laughing like nothing mattered. The sweet melody of your voice rang through his ears like music, he can’t help but want to hear more and more of this infectious tune. 


Oh you know, you know, you know                                                                          I’d never ask you to change,                                                                                         If perfect’s what you’re searching for then just stay the same,                           So don’t even bother asking if I look okay                                                              You’ll know I’ll say 


Suddenly Klaus just stopped and stared at you. 

“Uh are you okay, is something wrong" 

"no, no, I just can’t get over how beautiful you are and how in the world did I get a girl so perfect and down to earth like you to be my girl”

“I’m not perfect and definitely not what you think of me, but I do know you’re worth my time and I love you wholeheartedly Klaus Mikaelson. and to answer the question of how you got me, it’s simple I saw the light in you”

“You always seem to amaze me, no matter how evil they are you always see the light in them, you have such a pure heart that I’m scared I might ruin it”

“Don’t be silly, you could never do that to me, as long as you’re with me, I  know nothing can hurt me, not even you”

“You know love, you are perfect the way you are, I would never what you to change no matter how many times I tell you this, its the truth. I love this woman I see in front of me and I will love you always and forever”

“I love you to Klaus Mikaelson”

You both leaned in for a small kiss while smiling. It was perfect, sitting under the stars, as the wind softly rubbed against your skin and the sounds of nature played a song. You were both lying on the blanket holding hands as you lay on his chest listening to his calming heartbeat while watching the stars. The night was Perfect, just like the both of you.                


When I see your face,                                                                                    There’s not a thing that I would change,                                                                  cause you’re amazing just the way you are.                                                            And when you smile,                                                                                           The whole world stops and stares for awhile,                                                                      Cause girl you’re amazing just the way you are


Big Time Crushin’ ( G.D)

Summary: He’s the “nerdy boy” and she’s the “popular girl” in school, He’s in love with her, she barely knows his name. He sits behind her in English class, she doesn’t even notice him. But, man he sure is determined to get a date with her this week due to a dare from his twin brother. Will he get his wish? Or will she turn him down?

a/n yes the title is a big time rush joke, and not gonna lie man, i’ve been really feeling HS twins lately lol, enjoy two hs things in the same day lol.

 (Y/L/N is your last name)

Word Count: 1.5k

Warnings:  maybe a few swear words, just fluffy. Oh and beware for extremely cheesy notes.

(Gray’s pov because I feel like their should be more imagines in their pov lol)

Damnit, Damnit final bell i’m going to be late! I thought to myself as I rushed down the hall, attempting to not miss my final class of the day.

“Hey watch out!” I heard someone yell out, as I scrambled through the door, attempting to get into the class, finally, and thank god i’m not late!

“Okay Class, flip to page 225 please.” My English teacher, Mr. Howell spoke to the class, causing the stale classroom to huff out, grabbing their text books and flipping to the page, including myself. But, in all honesty I liked school, yes I was a nerd, but I liked it that way, learning was my escape from the world, somewhere I could get lost in for hours and hours.

“Oh shit sorry Mr. Howell! I forgot my bag in Study Hall, here’s my hallpass!” Someone yelled out, running through the door.

And that someone? Y/n L/n, aka the “class clown” or “popular girl” in school, she was absolute perfection to me, only con? She didn’t even know I existed, we’ve been in basically the same classes for the past two years, and skip to junior year, she barely even knows my name, she only knows me as “The Nerdy Kid” or “The guy with the Twin” not by my name, but damn do I love the sound of her name, y/n, damn that’s a pretty name.

“Mr.Dolan, pay attention please.” The teacher called out, causing me to blush slightly as he brought me into real life, and not y/n land.

“Sorry Mr.Howell!” 

The class longed on, everyone bored out of their minds, just waiting for this Monday to end, but I was actually enjoying the lesson today, we were just reading simple Haikus, which sparked a slight interest in me as I was always a true lit at heart. But today I couldn’t focus as I usually would, yes I enjoy the lesson but y/n grasped my attention.

Maybe it’s the way her hair falls directly over her shoulder in a perfect wave, or the way she could make anyone laugh in any situation, or just simply I could never have her. 

But damn does she fascinate me.

Soon the final bell of the day rang, and everyone got up from there seats, including the girl of my dreams, and headed toward their lockers.

Lucky for me, my locker was placed across from hers on the opposing side of the hallways, which always gave me a chance to glance her direction in hopes she’d notice me one day.

But, today was different, she looked more beautiful than she ever has, which is a world record considering she’s the definition of perfection, I could barely keep my eyes off of her.

“Okay little brother I have a proposition for you.” Ethan spoke, slamming his hand on my backpack as I scrummaged through my locker looking for my psychology  homework I needed for tomorrow.

“What is it?”

“Okay Gray, let’s make a little bet. If you can ask y/n out by Last Period, i’ll um steal some of Cameron’s clothes, and wear them to school on Monday, and if you don’t i’m telling her how in loveeee with her you are. Deal?” Ethan proposed, dragging out “love” to dramaticize the situation, damn he was extra.

“Shh, man she’ll hear you!” I defended

Hesitantly, I thought about it. Come on I loved a little challenge, but y/n, she was way out of my league, how could I even get her to say yes? I could never, i’m a nerd, she’s drop dead gorgeous, with tons of friends, the only friends I have are my brother, and three other guys in band. There’s no probable way she could ever even agree to go on a date with me, right?

Before I could even finish my train of thought, Ethan spoke aloud 

“Okay, Gray it’s not even a question any more, I know you’ll pussy out, ask her out by Friday bro, it’s practically an order, you’ve been in love with her for how long two years nearly? And she doesn’t even know your name Gray. Come on man just ask her out by Friday, okay?”

“Fine.” I huffed out, trying to even fathom how I could ask her out, she would never even consider it! I’m literal trash compared to that angel.

~Few Hours Later~

The rest of my night was honestly stressful, I couldn’t even concentrate on my homework tonight.

All I could do is worry, worry about how i’m going to get the girl of my dreams, in just four days.

I could just ask her out? Or maybe write her a poem? 

Poem, seriously Grayson she’s going to call the cops on you!

Maybe I could use some cheesy pickup lines, and shove them in her locker?

Yeah, that sounds good, but how am I going to put them in her locker without anyone seeing and beating the shit out of me for even considering flirting with her.

Damn, Ethan’s trying to get me freaking killed!

I think I just need to sleep this off, and figure out in the morning, yeah! Sleep fixes everything. Right? I sure hope so.


The entire day, I spent stressing about this damn dare! It’s just a girl some would say, but she isn’t just a girl, she’s my world and doesn’t even know it.       Every class seemed as it lasted an eternity, but I knew there was light at the end of this tunnel, well hopefully. This is either my big break or the ultimate trigger to a year and a half of relentless bullying if she turns me down.                                But even if this is a total bust, at least I tried right?

Okay Big Guy, it’s lunch everyone’s gone! Time to make your move, I grabbed a small scribbled on piece of paper, and shoved it through her locker vent. 

“Hey look man, she’s opening it!” I said under my breath to Ethan, as he glanced over to see the beauty opening the note I slipped in her locker with the words “I sure think you’re beautiful”  god I hope she doesn’t think that’s completely creepy, thank god I didn’t sign it off, I’d probably have a restraining order in my direction.

“Is she running away in terror?” I asked focusing my eyes on my locker, pretending she doesn’t even exist.

“Bro, she’s smiling.” Ethan said, as he turned my direction.

Smiling, wow, maybe the note was the way to go.

Originally posted by tana-the-dreamchaser


Morning, bright and sunny, full of things to be yet, accomplished, and every student’s favorite, the bus. Today, like every other consisted of myself and thirty other teenagers going on a large, dirty, possible diseased yellow school bus to take us to our educational building. 

“Wait, don’t leave yet! Can I catch a ride?” A high pitched voice called out.

Wait, am I dreaming? Is that y/n? She doesn’t live in this neighborhood? The hell is she doing in my bus? Damnit, Grayson pull it together she’s a girl not satan in carnation, you can withstand an extra thirty minutes in her presence.    

“Hey, this seat taken?” She asked, glancing at the empty seat beside, me?

“Oh, it’s not go ahead!” I said patting the seat beside myself.

“I’m y/n” she spoke, as she sat down.

I well know your name sweetheart, but I couldn’t say that.

“I’m Grayson, remember we have last period together?” I questioned hoping she’d even recognize me.

“Oh yeah! You’re the quiet one right?” she spoke, her angelic tones running through my ears like a symphony.

“Yeah, I guess I am” I replied, damn that’s how she knows me “the quiet one” well, if we ever spent a night together, she wouldn’t even know the word quiet.

Okay, Grayson that’s pervy, just focus on asking her out, that’s your initiative 

“Cool..” she awkwardly stated, before breaking out her headphones to listen to some music, I wonder what she likes to listen to? Pop? Maybe not, well she might be into it, country maybe? Okay really Grayson, it’s not country! Maybe, rap? Yeah let’s go with rap.

Before I could figure out completely what she listened to, which was just a good way to kill time as of now, so I don’t completely lose my mind sitting next to her, I felt a small tap on my shoulder.

“Hey, you want to listen to something? You look a little bored” Y/n offered smiling my direction.

“Oh yeah, sure.” I replied, attempting to play it off cool, gray this is nothing, you’re just listening to music, nothing big.

“Here you go” she spoke, taking out her left headphone, handing it to me.

Man! I was right, well not really, this is hip hop, not rap. But my inquiries were close! She put on a post malone playlist, which if i say so myself was pretty good.

The rest of the bus trip, went by at lightening speed and I wish it didn’t, she was honestly just really cool to hang out with, not just gorgeous with a killer personality, she’s just an overall fantastic girl. That I hope will agree to go out with me Friday, hopefully. Once we arrived at the school, everyone got off of the bus, and heading toward what the next eight hours have to offer.

But, now, show time. Play the day off, and slip another note in her locker.

Today, this was going to be my cheesiest day planned, humor captivates right?

I thought since, it was the end of the day, and we’re always hungry after school why not make a terrible sketch of a burger? The note read; ‘If you were a burger you’d be a McGorgeous’ cheesy I know, but it fit her, she was a funny girl, one of the millions of things I liked about her, but let’s not get too deep into that.

After our shared period together, which she happened to go to on time for practically the first time, well ever! It was time to wait for the inevitable discovery of my note, and hopefully captivate her heart slightly.                            Captivate? A little dramatic Gray, who are you Ethan?

As the day flew by, and the final bell rang, and we were all dismissed  I raced toward my locker, hoping y/n would see the note.

“Damn, I wish I knew who wrote these.”  Y/n spoke aloud, but not too noticeable, I was attentive to her, hearing every little thing that escaped her lips, I needed validation right now, that this plan wasn’t going to completely bomb, and I think I’m doing a pretty good job.

All I wanted to do is yell at the top of my lungs . I wrote them! Go out with me! But I couldn’t, it’s not the time yet, I need to take my time with this, so I can surely make her mine, hopefully.


After, yesterday’s bus endeavor and her giggling at my note, and even asking around who it was, I was pretty nervous to be honest, but this note was close to home. It was a nerdy one, hopefully to bring out the popular beauty’s geeky side.

I could barely wait, tomorrow’s the big day, and this is my last note, my last day of “mystery man”. I was shitting my pants basically, my hands were clammy, all of my classes were just a big blur as of now, I couldn’t think straight, damn I could barely even eat this week. I’ve done any stressful activity you could think of, mathletes, spelling bees, okay that’s nerdy but true.

But y/n, she brought out an entirely new side of nervous, I couldn’t even think! She was all I could think about, the inevitable yes or no, to the big question I was asking her tomorrow.

But here I was now, final period, final bell of the day. 

And she was about to open my poorly scribbled note that read; Are you made of fluorine, iodine and neon? Because you’re damn fine.” 

I was nervous, what if she didn’t get it? Damnit i should’ve picked a normal pickup line! Damnit Grayson!

How was I even going to ask her out, the closer the date got, the closer I was to backing out and having Ethan flat our tell her. But I couldn’t lose, not right now i’m in too deep.

“Ethan? Reaction?”

“She threw it away man.” he responded. Causing my features to immediately drop into a frown.

“Why did she throw it away? Damnit I knew she didn’t like them, how am I even going to ask her out tomorrow now”

“Gray, you have to just get it over with tomorrow, and be prepared to get turned down. So you don’t regret it for the rest of your life. Ask her out, or I will” Ethan threatened, I knew he was bluffing, but still he was right. I had to do this or I would regret it.

Time for a new game plan.


“Class is dismissed, have a good weekend kids.” Mr. Howell blandly said, before taking a seat on his black swivel chair, spinning around slightly.

Damn it’s Friday, and the end of last period and I haven’t asked her out yet, it’s now or never Gray, now or never, no note bullshit. 

Just ask her out!

I somehow plucked every ounce of courage remaining in my being, and walked up to the beautiful sight, in front of me, and tapped her shoulder lightly disrupting her from gathering her belonging inside of her backpack, startling her slightly as she jumped a small bit.

“Hey, so I was wondering….” I rambled on, stiffing up slightly from how freaking nervous I was! Come on she’s Y/N Y/L/N she’d never go out with a nerd like me! But, come on Gray, Ethan’s practically forcing you into it, just say it!

“Wait, before you even finish. Were you the note guy? With the cheesy pickup lines, and calling me beautiful?”

“Uhhh” I stammered.

“Oh, man never mind! Forget I said anything, damn I knew it couldn’t be you, probably just someone trolling me, I knew it couldn’t be you.”

“Actually, it was me. I was wondering if you wanted to go out tonight, for pizza at 6?” I asked, some how gaining confidence through each syllable.

But phew, she threw it away because she thought it was a troll? Not because it was creepy, damn am I relieved.

“Yeah, Pizza sounds Great! Pick me up around five?” She replied, picking her bags up from beside her desk, her hair swinging along her shoulder as she did so.

“Sounds Great! See you then!” I replied, attempting to not sound as truly excited as I was internally.

Now, I just need to shove this in Ethan’s face.

I won the bet bro, some how. Some how I got the most beautiful girl, in this school, hell most beautiful girl in the world to go on a date with me, I guess I actually need to repay my brother, he pushed me out of the friend zone, some how, well I wasn’t even her friend!  And I also get to see my brother dressed as my sister, but that can wait.

 Now, it’s time to go home and get ready to pick her up, because I don’t think I can wait any dang longer!

 Let’s just see how this date goes

Might do a part two of this?

photo’s of notes do not belong to me, credit to owners.

ainiyuku  asked:

Hello! I just started watching Voltron because your art finally helped me make the decision :) I was wondering, if you haven't already and don't mind sharing, why do you ship Sheith? They're quickly becoming my favorite but my friend said they aren't as popular but they just seem so amazing!

Thank you! Glad my art contributed! :D

I ship Sheith because:

  • I’m always a sucker for those best friends to lovers trope. That’s what the best OTPs are made of for me.
  • I love the angry-ball-small who turns all soft for sunshine-tall pairings.
  • Shiro is literally Keith’s world. FIGHT ME.
  • Shiro is Keith’s number priority and is the embodiment of his hopes and fears. Like DAMN, SON. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is.
  • Sheith reminds me of my first love in college it’s scary and nice at the same time. tbh i haven’t decided which yet lmao
  • Shiro treats Keith so differently compared to the others? Shiro can let his guard down and be himself with Keith.
  • KEITH WILL SAVE SHIRO AS MANY TIMES AS IT TAKES DUDE THIS GUY IS IN LOVE IDK HOW ELSE TO INTERPRET THIS. Make Shiro a female here and we all know that’s a very romantic scene. It IS a romantic scene. End of discussion.
  • Have you seen how much they touch each other so tenderly? /clutches chest/ Like this is just too much for me. Idk how to handle it.
  • I’m just at lost at how much they are each other’s very important person? It’s so obvious in canon sometimes I feel like I’m dreaming it but I’m not? it’s literally out there. Spelled out for all of us to see?
  • They have the most established relationship in the show I’m honestly 75% sure they are going to be endgame. 25% is obviously for dreamworks being cowardly fools. 
  • THEIR DYNAMICS IS EVERYTHING I WANT IN A RELATIONSHIP. So much trust, so much love… they’re so soft and tender it’s turning me soft.
  • Pretty shallow but they are so aesthetically pleasing to look at. As an artist, their character designs are perfect to be drawn together and I love drawing them doing whatever the hell I can come up with.

I’m sure there are more reasons but I’m at work right now and this is what I can come up with at the moment during hard times HAHAHAHHA