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My first shirt design!! ₍₍ (ง ´˂˃` )ว ⁾⁾

I will have these for sale at AWA in unisex M/L, visit me at table 916 in the artist alley!! ✨


I currently don’t have a store, but maybe sometime in the future I’ll have these available online!


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Your art is worth everything!..

This is to all artists out there. Big or small, your art is worth everything. Just know that there are people who really do care about you and your art.

Know that there are people who are amazed by your work and you’ve inspired them to never stop drawing, and that way they can inspire so many other people, it’s an endless cycle of people getting inspired.

We all gotta start somewhere, you have to suck at it first if you wanna be good at it. Trust in yourself, trust in your work. Be confident and never stop creating your masterpieces. You have so many people who admire you, you just gotta be reminded now and then! :D

Why should i art when there’s already art?

Why should i art when someone else already made it?
Why should i art when there’s someone better than me art-ing?

Because it is yours.

Because if you weren’t doing that art, NO ONE would do that art in the same way you are doing it.

Because art is not replaceable, and every art is unique.

Because there’s better art yes, but you improve every day.

Because if you don’t like you art now, it is not an objective appreciation, and there are people out there that may love your art.

Because art is fun, and art is supposed to be an expression, a feeling, a moment in time.

Don’t stop making art.

(this is for @phantheraglama and every single big or small artist in the phandom)


Hip-Hop Mini Portrait Series (Part 2/2)

Detailed, pencil-drawn sketches of some of the most talented and influential artists in Hip-Hop. Each portrait is only slightly larger than the size of a quarter.

By: Terrence Fuller-Morton

Instagram: @illustraceion 

1. The Notorious B.I.G.

2. Ice Cube

3. T.I.

4. Ludacris

5. Kendrick Lamar

6. J. Cole

7. Wale

8. Drake

9. Wiz Khalifa

10. Rick Ross