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tails & talons - orange juice

Part (13) of my NaLu Florist/Tattooartist AU series
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When Lucy awoke, she immediately wished she hadn’t.

Her eyelids felt as if someone had dumped bricks on them, but not without first besprinkling them with sand, effectively drying up her eyes. She groaned lowly.

What had she done to deserve waking up like this?

Then, she remembered.

In an instant, she was sitting upright in her bed, heart hammering in her chest. However, the fast movement had not been a wise decision, and she held her stomach as she slipped her feet from under the cozy warmth of her cover.

Water. She needed water.

Standing up on two shaky legs, she wobbled over towards the door. But a thought made her halt in her tracks.

Would he still be there?

Would Natsu await her behind this door, or had he left? An uneasy feeling settled in her stomach, and she couldn’t decide which option seemed likelier, or even which one she preferred.

With a deep breath, she opened her bedroom door and scurried along the short corridor, peeking around the corner. She could only see the back of the couch, but as she perked her ears, she could hear the occasional snore.

He was still sleeping. 

Natsu was still here.

Now that it was a truth, she realized it made her happy. With a sigh, she relaxed.

But curiosity got the best of her.

Just a quick peek before going to the bathroom.

She didn’t even want to know what she looked like. If it was only half as bad as she felt, it would still be a natural desaster.

Could she even rescue anything about her face?

Maybe he should have left after all.

But of course the thought was dismissed quickly, and she tiptoed over towards the couch with excitement spreading through her.

There he was.

How he had managed to sleep in this position was a mystery to her.

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