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If you only watch one cute animal video today, make it this one I took earlier of the world’s silliest rats.

I put their favourite treats in a tupperware container, and apparently they can smell them!

(reposting in HD as the quality of the previous one was terrible!)

Parrot Nutrition;

Why is an all dried seed/dried millet sprays bad for my bird?
- Commercially bought seed mixes are high in fat and made of little nutritional value.
- Millet sprays offer less fat than other seeds like sunflower but the nutritional value is decreased.

In the wild, parrots like budgies eat seeds in the form of sprouts - still green with a high nutritional value - along with other types of food.

Feeding your parrots seeds is okay as an occasional dietary enrichment option, not as a whole food diet.

What’s the better alternative to dried millet sprays?

As, in the picture above, you can grow white millet in your backyard. (Not all these plants are millet.) Here there are some barley, oatrye, canary grass seed, all from a commercial birdseed mix.

Lentil sprouts are the highest form of nutrients (quality protein, approximately 24 % protein. Folic acid, C, E, iron, phosphorus, potassium.) but require soaking (4-12 hours) and 3-5 days to sprout which can be then given to your bird.

Alternatively they will grow just as well in an indoor pot provided there is access to sun and daily water.
They all generally take around 60 - 75 days to mature and are hardy growers so any pot mix will do but soil high in nitrate is slightly better.
Once they are mature and green you can offer a variety of these seeds to your birds while they are still green or just off colour dried wheaty-green. Their nutritional value is higher then that of dried seeds and your pet parrot will find them irresistible.

I’ve had bird on all seed diets favour them over the dried seeds, so this is also a good alternative to converting your parrots onto leafy green veg diet. You can then apply this technique to transfer your birds onto a varied veg diet.