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Late Night Chats

“Daddy?” Bryce’s tired voice echoes from the kitchen entrance, causing the man who had been baking to jump a good foot into the air. Brock put the batter to the side, immediately deciding his youngest son (Who shouldn’t even be up at this hour, Moo thought as he glanced at a nearby digital clock.) was much more important than any sweets.
“Hey, honey. Is something wrong?” he questioned softly, kneeling down to look the eight-year old in the eyes. The tired second-grader held up his favorite stuffed animal, a small purple rooster with a red comb and yellow beak. It had a rip all the way from the very tip of its beak to very the tip of its tail. Bryce’s eyes watered.
“I was playing at recess and Bea got hurt. Can you please fix him?” Bryce mumbled, watery eyes locked on the tiled floor. In an almost inaudible voice, he continued. “I can’t sleep without him. I was gonna ask earlier, but I didn’t want Big Bro to think I’m a baby.” Moo smiled gently and took the plush toy. The cookies could wait some more.
“Don’t worry, I’ll patch Bea up. And Luke doesn’t think you’re a baby. None of us do,” the parent explained as he retrieved the sewing kit from the family storage room, which was beyond packed. Moo didn’t know how his husband kept track of anything in this that room, but they did. “We’re family, Bryce. We’re always going to support you, no matter how silly it is. Now, I believe Bea needs a doctor’s appointment.” At that phrase, Bryce’s face lit up.
“Yay! Can I help, Doctor Daddy? Can I help?” the excited child giggled.
“Ah, afraid not, Nurse Bryce. This is a doctor’s job! Though, you can watch, if you want,” Moo responded with a chuckle of his own, and, within minutes, the purple, plush chicken looked as good as new.
“Yay! Thank you, Doctor Daddy!” Bryce cheered softly, giggling all the while. Brock just smiled and kissed his blonde son’s forehead.
“You are most certainly welcome, honey. But now, you need to get some rest. Head on up to bed, okay?” Moo questioned, before receiving more giggles and a nod. “Okay then. Good night, honey.”
“Good night, Dad!” Bryce called softly, before he scampered up the stairs, into his and his brother’s shared bedroom, and right onto his own bed, hugging the stuffed animal close to his chest before closing his eyes.
The next morning, when Bryce, Luke, and Ohm (in his own room) woke up to the smell of cookies, Bryce knew he loved his family more than anything else he could name.
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It instead teaches cruelty and disregard for life, as well as indicates your own need to be taught a lesson in responsibility.

This article is otherwise known as: Fish and Children

I thought this picture, however, should be passed around as it is the most confusing and awful thing I see in how modern society treats small animals.

This will talk about the role of children in the lives of small and large pets and how modern society treats small pets as opposed to small pets, as well as the consequences therein. Most of this is under the cut.

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