New Ghost-Sona
(Doesn’t have a name yet)
If you have any suggestions for a name of love to hear them! :D
Post them in my ask box if you do! ^^

He is a small little ghost whom is considered a “defective” they do not function correctly..meaning he cannot control powers ghosts have and they even are seen as worthless and useless in the nether realm.
He was cast aside and left in the wild of earth where he is unfamiliar with humans, what they do..and the wild life.

Unlike what the nether ghosts say about humans there’s one thing for sure..all the humans dig a cute little squishy ghost XD

Yesterday my boyfriend asked me what size I am ( we talked about lingerie ) and I felt sooo uncomfortable because I’m usually wearing L and sometimes XL.. I was a bit ashamed but he didn’t even say anything bad about it..
Today I was thinking about it.. and I realised.. there’s nothing to be ashamed of.. Why should I feel uncomfortable for it? I should be proud.. proud because I used to wear 3XL and so far I did well and lost a lot of weight..
Proud because.. even if I was still wearing 3XL there would be nothing to be ashamed of! I was beautiful then and I’m beautiful now too!
And I’m incredibly happy because my boyfriend loves me the way I am. I’m so thankful for him! I know I’m sometimes annoying af. Because I’m overreacting pretty often and I’m often worried for no reason but he’s still here and he still loves me and I love him even more for that!

So people, don’t change for anybody but yourself it doesn’t matter if you’re a XS or a 6XL you’re beautiful the way you are! All of you, no matter if male or female, don’t let anybody tell you something different!
Love yourself - try to learn to love yourself even if it’s a long and hard way.. don’t give up, you’ll get there!
Love your skin, love your body, love every single part of yourself!