[01:32] [Marbletea] i just got the funniest drawing idea and i cant handle this im going to try to make it
[01:32] [Marbletea] pent: “hi can i get a large roast”
[01:32] [Marbletea] shelby walks in
[01:33] [Marbletea] shelby: boi you look like a sessame street character reject that went through a 2nd grade art class 4 times and then went throught he recolors of deviant art 5 times"
[01:37] [Marbletea] ive been laughing out loud at this for the past 5 minutes i cant handle this
[02:04] [Marbletea] iTS DONE I CANT

they are not responding 

kh fandom please dont disown me over this its 2 am right now

Mamy po kilkanaście lat.
Nie potrafimy się cieszyć życiem, nie wiemy co to szczęście.
Mamy kilkanaście lat i chcemy poznać smak śmierci.
Co jest z nami nie tak?