Had the pleasure of meeting with Jerry Walter today. Jerry is the founder of the National Fabry Disease Foundation . He met me in Danville where we were met by abc news 13. After a short interview we had lunch and got to talk about my trip and Fabrys in general. Jerry is one of the most informative people I have met on the subject and I got a lot out of the afternoon. Thanks for everything Jerry.

My new noble steed!(with my pack on top) Yesterday after posting about needing a new cart I did a lot of research. Since I knew Chucky and David were going to come hang I looked in Richmond for a “jogging stroller” on Craigslist. Boom! First one was this bad boy. My dad was nice enough to go look at it and purchase it for a whopping $20. The seller, Tim McPeters was very weirded out when I called him because he had just posted it when his phone rang. He was asking $35 for it but considering my trip he cut me a break and offered me “good luck”. Thank you Tim, Dad, and Chucky for making the transformation from broken cart to 3 wheel country crosser so stress free.

What a day! Had a visit from my awesome friends Chucky Edge and David Wood. Not only did they bring me some stuff I needed (including my new cart!!!) but we also had lunch at the Hilltop Restaurant and they walked with me for about a mile or so. Thanks guys!
Ps, if you are ever in Burkeville VA and need a meal, check out the Hilltop Restaurant on Agnew st. Great bacon cheeseburger and awesome thick cut fries.