Knots of Fun

By:  lokis-hammer

A/N: While the request says “Loki is super dominant with the reader” I find that using the “you/your” pronouns get boring after a while.  Replace “Celia” with your name and go from there. After all, imagination is the best part of this blog. Enjoy ;) 


Loki spent a bit of time reading through the newly-discovered internet site of “Naughy Loki Confessions” before choosing one that he would enjoy most.  Finally, he found something that peaked his interest.

I would love for Loki to visit me in my bed and have his way with me.  To tie me up and make me submit, and make me come again and again!

Loki cocked an eyebrow.  It’d been some time since he last had his way with a mortal.  And if this woman was willing…  As usual, he learned her location and transported himself to her bedroom magically.

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smackt by the holiday imp

If anyone’s been wondering where the fuck I am, the above title says it all.  I am scrambling to catch up with too much and failing at all of it.  Now the real holiday fun begins, with family and dress-up dinners and the whole nine years, so forgive me if I neglect my keyboard for a while.  I will return when my nerves have stopped jangling and I can hear quiet all around me.

Here’s to a 2015 that bites no one on the ass.