smacks self in the face

Something More Than Hate

Summary: Despite hating each other from pretty much the moment you met him, you and Jensen look out for each other when it really counts. 
Pairing: Jensen x Reader
Word Count: 3700 (What?!)
Warnings: Language, bitchiness, assholery, heated arguments, arm grabbing, shoving. 
Challenge: @itswitchcraft-not-googlemaps 1.5K Golden Girls Challenge! My prompt was a line by Sophia and is bolded in the fic. 

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anonymous asked:

Get I get a scenario where Sidon has a big huge crush with the female reader and he gets to witness them laugh really hard for the first time and he thinks it's the cutest thing ever

Sidon smitten by s/o’s laugh

For months on end, Sidon watched you from afar with his heart racing and his mind wandering. He couldn’t lie to himself that he developed feelings for you and he wanted to thank Link for introducing you two each day. However, he never made it known to you nor anyone else of his afflictions. He wasn’t sure how to act on them, or if you even reciprocated them at all. All he could do for now was wait and, for the moment, he was content with it.

He sighed and wistfully stares at you from his spot in the water. He loved that you were a water baby and thanked Hylia that he got to spend each day learning more about you. As he floated along with the slow current he watched as you and Link splashed each other. Each of you were trying your hardest to create the biggest waves, but, of course, Link was winning by a landslide.  Sidon laughed to himself hearing your sham cries and Link gave his all to win.

From where you two were, the current picked up quite a bit and Link went to slush another wave of water when he lost his footing and fell. He let out a pitiful cry and you were shocked to see him go under so fast. Sidon along with you watched Link swept away and watch his attempts to stand. Unfortunately, the current was too swift and would knock him down continuously until he bobbed to the calm areas in defeat.

Sidon not being too far from you heard a snort and then another one. He glanced over curious what that sound was and found you suppressing laughter. You were on the verge of losing it, and when Link finally stood up he was smacked in the face by a green gill. Whatever self control you had was gone and a boisterous laugh burst forth. Snorts and wheezes filled the air and Link only looked at you scornfully if not deeply embarrassed.

Your laughs rose an octave and the more you snorted the more it made you laugh. Sidon’s eyes widen and he could feel a warm sensation flush his body. Tears pricked the corner of your eyes and he felt himself transcend. He had never heard your laugh to that extent and relished in hearing how uncontrolled it was. How untamed, and genuine it was. He could feel himself beginning to laugh with you and each time you snorted he felt elated.

In the midst of his overjoyed state, he brought you into his arms and laughed as you yelped in surprise. Your laughter didn’t cease but, instead, grew to more a bashful mirth. Sidon’s eyes glimmered and his toothy grin further exposed. 

Yes, he would make sure you would laugh like this again. He needed to because now he was aware of another part of you; a wondrous and infectious part he wanted to explore. He laughed and thought to himself how could one person be so adorable?


Jules: Oh duckie! I think you have become the second thing, besides mommy that I am fond of. 

After smacking self in face with toy… 

Jules: Curses, you evil little plastic contraption! You think that just because you don’t sleep you can humiliate me like this? I will put you back in the toy chest, never to be played with again!  

home / george weasley

[ in which you spend christmas with the weasleys ]

word count - 853

There was no other place you’d rather be at Christmas time than The Burrow. The small home tended to get a bit crowded and cramped, the air grew to a sweltering heat, but the atmosphere was absolutely incredible. Upon entering the Weasley abode, love was so immensely intertwined with the sweet smell of fresh Christmas goodies and you felt like you were coming back home every time George brought you to the place he grew up. Despite your blatant adoration for The Burrow, you could see that George always looked a bit insecure and timid about it — however, you set his worries to ease each time.

Your feet had barely stepped into the house when a shriek of delight emitted from the kitchen and a beaming Mrs. Weasley ran to your side, George lingering behind you with a comforting hand on your lower back. 

“Y/N! Oh, my dear! You look absolutely beautiful!” Her warm, welcoming arms took you into her embrace and squeezed you tightly. Your cheeks felt warm when she stepped back again, holding you at arms length to scrutinize you. “Doesn’t she just look stunning, George?”

“Does that come as a surprise to you, Mother?” George retorted and cheekily sent a wink your way when you turned to await his answer. 

Mrs. Weasley took her son into her arms after you, bringing his forehead towards her mouth to place a kiss on his skin. The flush on George’s cheeks made you giggle, only intensifying when he swatted her away lovingly. 

“Mum, not now,” He grumbled and rubbed the back of his neck.

“Oh, nonsense, George!” His Mother smacked his chest before she spun to face your amused self, placing a kiss on your forehead as well. “What’s so embarrassing about showing love to my children?”

It felt as if your heart was smiling in your chest at the thought of your boyfriend’s Mother considering you her child — one of her very own flesh and blood. You were positively sure that your face was beaming when Mrs. Weasley retreated back into the kitchen and you knew you were right when you looked up at George, grinning toothily at one another until he wrapped one arm around your back and the other at your shoulders. You felt George kiss the top of your head as the both of you held each other close and tight.

“I’m so glad you’re here,” George hummed, only for your ears to hear.

“Me too.”

At first you hadn’t realized that George was sneakily moving the mistletoe above where ever you stood. It didn’t matter if you were in the middle of talking to Ginny, or holding a mug full to the brim of hot chocolate that could easily spill. He would cup your cheeks and kiss you full-on, catching you off guard every single time. 

It was approximately the fourth time when you were stirring the broth of soup for Mrs. Weasley that George swooped in again, surprising you so much that you dropped the wooden spoon into the pot. Your back pressed into the edge of the counter — your mind straying far from the task that you were supposed to be doing as George’s hands held your face gingerly. His close proximity and body pressed to yours was overwhelming, causing you to whimper quietly into the kiss. 

“Oh, for Merlin’s sake! Can’t you two save it for later when the whole family isn’t around?” Ginny shrieked and yanked the back of George’s shirt, your lips finally detaching for one another’s.

Your cheeks were boiling hot and your legs felt weak. You had to tighten your grip on the counter top to stop yourself from falling into a heap on the floor. George looked smug with a cheeky grin lacing his features from the fact that he had such a large effect on you, whilst Ginny looked ruffled and disturbed from catching her older brother in the act. You were merely trying to catch your breath to recover from the kiss. 

“Mistletoe, Gin. It’s a tradition that I quite like.” He winked at you and pointed to the small green plant dangling above you.

“Your an idiot, George.” The girl with fire for hair rolled her eyes. “Everyone knows your moving the mistletoe just so you can kiss Y/N whenever you want.”

The twin boy gasped and placed a hand over his heart as if he was hurt. “I would never do such a thing!”

Both you and Ginny looked at the boy with crossed arms and narrowed eyes. He dropped his act and grinned mischievously. “Okay, so maybe I would but I —”

You retrieved the wooden spoon from the soup and hit George on the shoulder with it repeatedly. “Get out you little shit!”

He cackled in amusement and shot out of the kitchen, away from your assault on him with a spoon. He turned back to look at you with playful look in his eye. “I didn’t know you were into such kinky things, darling. Maybe we —”


And off you raced after him, clutching the spoon in your hand while he boomed with laughter.

This was most certainly home for you.

[ i thought this was quite cute. i’m really trying to get george’s playful, mischievous side right and i hope i’m doing his character justice. btw, please send in any request you have! i haven’t gotten any yet but i would really like some since my ideas are running out haha. XXX ]

Diana Learns to Embrace Murphy’s Law

Dianakko Day 2: First/Casual Date

Summary: Diana and Akko go on their first date with a nice picnic! Too bad nothing ever goes right when Akko is involved…

Author’s Notes:

This is definitely going into the first date category and not the casual date category. When is anything ever casual with Akko?

[FFN Link] [AO3 Link]

@idunscrewedup @dianakko-week

Diana Cavendish adheres to structured schedules. It’s just how she is as a person. The more organization, the better. It is easier when things are within her control; if anything goes wrong, she can easily steer the situation back into the accepted boundaries.

Except Atsuko Kagari utterly destroys any sense of organization.

Which Diana is going to pin the source of their misfortune on. After all, who can be so lucky to anger a raging fox spirit so much that it forces them to run for their lives?

“Diana what do we do?!” Akko cries.

“There is nothing we can do. Just run!” Diana yells back.

“We’re already doing that!!!”

Keep running!”

Truly, what did Diana do to warrant this embarrassment?

Oh, right. She asked Atsuko Kagari on a date.

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fellowshipofthegay  asked:

61 & 64!

61. Favorite ancient civilization?

take a wild stab in the dark

actually, funnily enough, it used to be the greeks, and I used to hate the romans for Ending the Greeks so uhhhhh how the turntables……………….. *cue my 9-year-old self smacking me in the face for becoming a roman historian*

64. Best history joke you’ve ever heard?

no offence but I emailed this meme to my latin lecturer last sem and she put it on one of our powerpoints…………….

She’s Not My Girlfriend- Bucky Barnes


Bucky x fem!reader post cw fugitive team cap fluff, I just need happy Bucky and team cap giving him shit for his crush on the reader feelings mutual of course but both don’t realize and the team takes every opportunity to tease them.

Tagging: @angelatronnn@peggy-carter-agent-of-shield​ @thetardishaswings

I kind of trailed off the request a little bit but it is still cute! 
I want to do a part two if people are interested?

You had just sat down to eat lunch when Scott Lang walked in. He saw you sitting there and a smirk appeared on his face. Earlier, Steve had told him that you were in love with Bucky, which was a complete over statement. He just caught you two sharing a hug in the hall. That all it was and he did always give you the cutest smiles every time you made eye contact. He thought it would be funny to tease you about your crush.

“So, Y/n. What’s up?” Scott asked. You glanced at him quizzically. He normally didn’t ask people “what’s up.” Especially as he was new and didn’t really know anyone.

“Um… nothing much,” You responded looking back at your breakfast.

“Really? Clint told everyone you have a crush on-”

“Shut up!”

“If you really want me to, I could try getting him to go on a date with you,” He said with a smirk. It took all of your self-control not to smack that smirk off the bug boy’s face.

“Say anything to him and I’ll make sure no man ever looks at you twice,” You hissed as he stomped out of the room. He passed by Bucky on his way out and smirked.

“What’s wrong with her?” he asked Scott seeing that you were in a huff at the table.

He shrugged “Oh nothing, your girlfriend is in there.” He patted his shoulder and Bucky’s cheeks flushed red.

“We’re not dating.”


“Bucky and y/n, sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G,” Sam sang, following Bucky around the halls of the small home they had to stay in.

“Shut up, Sam. You’re acting like a second grader,” he replied trying not to show how much Sam teasing was pissing him off. Couldn’t he go bother Steve or something?

He had been teased by everyone for liking you. He just didn’t understand why everyone was acting so immature.


Steve was in the gym working out when Bucky stomped in obviously mad. He walked over to where a bunch of target dummies were set up ant grabbed a handful of knives.

He began chucking them at the poor dummies, hitting them where it would be most painful and fatal. Steve grimaced as a knife went soaring through the air, hitting a dummy square in the lungs.

“Uh… Buck?” he said. “You okay?”

“Never been better,” He lied throwing another knife.

“Don’t lie to me.” Steve said firmly. “We’ve been friends for so long I know when you’re lying.”

“Fine. You need to control your bird friend. Everyone is teasing me about liking y/n.”

“I knew it!” He smiled happily. “You two really would make a cute couple. You should just go ask her out.”

He scowled over him “I’m not doing that Steve, she probably thinks I’m crazy.”


“What’s the matter?” Wanda said instantly as she walked into the room that Bucky was sulking in, looking at you as you read a book in the corner.

“Everyone keeps teasing me and it’s really getting on my last nerve,” he said quickly, omitting the part about liking you since everyone seemed to make fun of him for it.

Wanda looked at him blankly. “May I ask what you’re being made fun of for?” she said, already guessing what.

“Clint told everyone I like y/n,” he mumbled.

She nodded, congratulating herself silently for guessing correctly. “They could help you get together with her.”

He shot her a venomous look and walked to the door.


You were sitting in your bed, watching funny movies and eating chocolate to keep your mind off of your horrible day. You were in the middle of re-watching Grown Ups when the vent to your room busted out and out came the winter soldier. You screamed and threw the closest thing at him, which happened to be a six inch heel.

He ducked and held up his hands.

“I need to talk to you. Please don’t throw anything else,” he said. You paused your movie and calmly waited for him to speak. “Listen, Everyone has been teasing me all day and I just wanted to let you know that I really like you. Like more than friends?” He had a almost pained look on his face.

He must’ve lost all that smooth talking that Steve had told you about.

“I thought you were gay?”

“No!” he said defensively, “I understand if you don’t return the feeling but-“ he started walking over to you, making you blush. “Do you want to go get dinner sometime?”

“Absolutely.” You answered instantly.

“Really?” he smiled widely. With a nod of approval he scooped you up in a tight hug and spun you around.


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Modern au where Fey and Rhys are rival actors and they both auditioned for a play and got accepted, but now they have to perform a kiss scene in the play and Feyre is like I hate this dude but those lips though

For those of you who may not have read A Midsummer Night’s Dream by the William Shakespeare, here’s the set-up you’ll need to know for this play: Feyre and Rhys are playing Titania and Oberon, the fairy queen and king. They’ve been fighting over a child the entire play and so Oberon decides to trick Titania into thinking herself in love with Bottom, a screwball mechanical character who’s head has been turned into that of a donkey. This fic will talk about the end result of that mayhem when Oberon sets everything right and he and Titania make up.

A Midsummer Night’s Kiss

I hated him. He was such a prick and of course he would be the one to get the part.

Why couldn’t it have been Tamlin? He at least was cute. I mean, Rhysand was a little cute too, but only a little and this was Shakespeare! That deserved someone serious. Like Tamlin.

We’d acted together dozens of times and sure, the past few plays hadn’t felt quite right between us, probably because he’d burned me for some stuffy singer he’d met on Broadway who couldn’t carry a proper tune and over relied on jazzhands, but whatever. He would have made such a good Oberon with his long golden hair and green eyes.

Rhysand, on the other hand, was all wrong. He was darker in features, not at all light and ethereal the way a fairy should be. Though I couldn’t deny the mischievous snark was there. Small consolation, I mused as we strode out onto the stage for rehearsal.

We’d been going through the play for a little over a week now and each day was a horror working with him. A Midsummer Night’s Dream was my favorite Shakespeare play and he was ruining it with his off-collar comments about how pretty I looked lying in bed with a donkey and intentionally messing up our scenes when the theater director wasn’t looking.

But damn it all if he didn’t look hot in all that fairy regalia.

We’d finally made it to our final scene of the play, the one where Oberon comes to wake Titania from her dreaming and change Bottom back to normal. Rhys had already messed the scene up once in between runs.

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I have been taking more comic-drawing-breaks than actual time spent on comics today. *smacks self in face* 

Anyhoo, have an assortment of Franken-Phantom things feat. wet Nadir, FrankenErik with nose (and less scarring, like if Victor actually knew what he was doing…) and cuddles.

BTW–I will be posting new pages on friiiidayy! Here’s a sneak peek.

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21. bestfriends sibling au with yoonmin!

Jimin hadn’t taken Jungkook seriously when he’d sternly told him not to try anything on his brother. His brother Yoongi, who was a senior at their school, but might as well have attended a different school for all the times he actually showed face. So when Jeongguk had invited him over to his house for the first time and paused with his key in the door, Jimin had just laughed.

“Just because I like guys, doesn’t mean I like every guy I meet.” He’d said, rolling his eyes.

“But he’s like, the epitome of your type.” Jeongguk insisted. “Plus you’re wearing the jeans that make your thighs look good, and my hyung definitely has a thigh kink.” He said pushing the door open. Before Jimin could reply, Jeongguk had a hand on his back and was rushing Jimin up the stairs, shielding his eyes as he shoved him into his room.

Jimin flopped onto the bed and laughed, “You really don’t want me to meet him, do you? Shame, I’d love to meet this mysterious-hyung-with-a-thigh-kink…” He said teasingly, winking at Jeongguk who hastily threw a pillow at his head.

“No, I am definitely not okay with my best friend and brother hooking up.” He said, shivering at the thought. “Now shut up and let’s study, I don’t wanna think about it anymore.”

Jeongguk was lucky enough to make it through the afternoon with no sign of Yoongi except the distant shuffling of feet in the corridor which had caused Jeongguk to leap up and barricade the door.

“Honestly, Jeongguk. I’m not interested in banging your brother. I wouldn’t do that to you.”

“Yoongi would.” Jeongguk huffed. “Good thing he never eats with us.”

“Why not?”

“Dunno. Always just takes ramen up to his room and sulks or something. So we’re clear to go have dinner.”

Or so he thought. He had made sure Jimin was safely seated at the table before running to the kitchen to the kitchen to help his mother fix the meal.

“So Jeongguk, Jimin’s a nice boy.” His mother had said, whilst watching him chop some carrots. “Maybe you should introduce him to Yoongi.” She said, and Jeongguk groaned.

“No! Just because they’re both gay, doesn’t mean they have to date okay?!” If his mum was in on it too, he would never survive. “They’re not even allowed to meet, let alone date!”

“Well it’s a bit too late for that…” Jeongguk looked up at her with a panicked expression and she explained. “I saw him go in the dining room when you opened the door to come in here.”

She grabbed Jeongguk’s shirt before he could run away to save Jimin. “No, stay here. Finish helping me with the food, then you can go.”

He groaned again loudly, and called out to Jimin from his kitchen confines, “Jiminie! Is everything okay?”

It was suspiciously quiet for a while, before Jimin cleared his throat and called back with a weak voice, “Uh, y-yeah!”

It took everything in him not to run straight to the dining room and slap Yoongi, but he continued chopping vegetables angrily with the sharp knife, begging for them not to have got up to anything. When he was finally done, he bolted into the dining room, slamming the door open.

Jimin snapped his head towards the door with a guilty look on his face and slowly retracting his hand from Yoongi’s head, who was sat next to Jimin with his hand on the younger’s thigh. Of course. Their lips were pink and glistening, and Jeongguk leant his head against the wall to groan for the third time.

“Please don’t tell me you kissed, in my house.” There was silence and Jimin bit his lip awkwardly. “You’ve only just met!” He exclaimed, throwing his arms in the air helplessly and using immense amounts of self control not to smack Yoongi straight in his face, which was staring at Jimin with a dark and seductive expression. Jimin returned the look and smiled shyly, before turning to Jeongguk.

“Well, you said it yourself; he’s the epitome of my type.”

Be Mine

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Word Count: 2,015     I went overboard

BTS J-Hope x Reader

When no one knows if he’s yours or not and you’re tired of his games.

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

“Aren’t they dating?”

“J-Hope and (Y/N)?! What a joke.”

“Doesn’t he always flirt with that makeup unnie though?”

“I thought he had a thing with all the female staffs.”

“I saw them leave together last week. Maybe they went home together?”

“I heard he’s there every night.”

“He’s way too good for her.”

“Exactly. Who does she think she is?!”

Your ears were buzzing, your head spinning with all the harsh words assaulting your mind. Yours and Hoseok’s names were on everyone’s lips, the rumor of your relationship which had begun a year prior among Big Hit’s managers now having spread to fans. Everyday had become a game of avoiding the messages and glares. Because of him, you’d been thrust into the limelight in which this charismatic man thrived and you hated it. Your calm and comfortable life had become a complex whirlwind.

You could no longer talk to or meet anyone as yourself, your name having become synonymous with being Hoseok’s mistress.

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The bidders reacting to mc saying I love you

At last! Fluff! I love you for no angst! 😘😜

Eisuke: “Don’t tell me you’re jealous.” Eisuke smirks in your direction, removing his tie with one hand as he ascends the penthouse stairs. Kicking off his shoes and sprawling across the couch, laying his head in your lap. He reaches up and wraps a small section of your hair around his long finger and twirls it.
“Babe, she had nothing on you. Don’t be so uptight.” His smirk only widens, god you want to smack it off his face.

“I’m not jealous, don’t be so self centered.” You look away, but Eisuke releases your hair, instead trapping your jaw forcing you to look down at him.

“You’re so jealous. He teases, pulling you down to his reach. Your lips come centimeters apart before he turns at the last moment, smacking a wet kiss on your cheek instead. He pulls away laughing, your try to stand up but Eisuke’s arms are now wrapped tight around your waist, entrapping you.

“Let me go, I’m not jealous! Nobody likes watching some cheap flooze flaunt herself in front of the man she loves.” Your face is red from anger, your eyes widen upon realizing the words that spilled from your lips. You sneak a peak downward at Eisuke and see him rendered speechless. His mouth is cracked open in a tiny gasp.

“You love me?” Trying to hide your blushing cheeks, you pull harder to free yourself from his grip.

“No! Don’t be silly.” Eisuke pulls your neck down, this time capturing your lips in a passionate kiss.

“You are in for a very long night missy.”

Soryu: “Mmmm I love this, can we stay like this forever?” It was a chill autumn night, and the two of you were lounging together in bed, snug warm under a fluffy comforter. Soryu was reading a detective novel. At first you tried to keep pace, but soon his manly scent overwhelmed you and you fell behind. Instead enjoying the simple act of cuddling against his chest, his strong arm entrapping you against his body.

“Forever is a long time.” Soryu lets the book drop and he glances down at you, all snug warm against his broad body. You nod your head and begin pressing kisses along his stomach leading upward.

“Even longer when you’re in love.” Your eyes tremble upwards, a small part of your afraid of his reaction.

“Lo-lov-love?” He stutters, a deep pink blush overcomes his cheeks. He pulls a hand up to try and hide his flushed cheeks. Feeling brave, and very much enjoying an embarrassed Soryu, you skip kissing the rest of his chest.

“Yes, I love you, so very much.” Pressing a light kiss against his stunned lips.
“I was waiting for you to say it first, but you took too long.” You tease, kissing him again, pleased that Soryu unfroze and reacts, kissing you deeply.

“I’m glad, I can’t help but love you.” Soryu admits, rolling the two of you over, so his body is hovering above yours.
“So very much,” He whispers furiously, slamming his body down on top of yours. His lips never parting from yours, never begging for oxygen.. Acting like your kisses give him the life he craves.

Mamoru: “Why have you been avoiding me?” You question Mamoru, who is trying to avoid your gaze.

“Awwww kid, I don’t have time for this.” He tries dismissing you, and escaping from the penthouse. He expected to find the others here, you were definitely the last hoped to see. Damn Eisuke prolly set this up. Most likely to fulfill some lame bet of his due to boredom. He was gonna kill him for interfering, this was none of his damn business. You manage to capture his bicep and hold on tight. He tries yanking his arm free, but you are determined.

“Let go, I have work to do.” He grumbles, not looking your way.

“Ha! That’s a laugh. Now talk to me please.” You pout, pulling on his arm hoping he’ll meet your gaze.

“You shouldn’t be involved, go home.”

“I already am involved, I love you don’t I?” The rigid arm you’ve been gripping tight goes slack and lifeless. Suddenly Mamoru eases out of your hold and grabs onto your shoulders, shaking you slightly.

“You love me?” You can’t help but giggle at his adorable surprise.

“Of course I do!” You aim for a kiss but he pushes you aside, running a hand through his messy hair.

“Awww kid, no, I didn’t want you involved. Police work is dangerous,”

“Well you can’t get rid of me, so better just accept me.” The corner of your mouth rising up in s tiny smirk, Mamoru huffs out a small laugh, and kisses you at last.

“Damn it, I love you too sweetheart.”

anonymous asked:

If you're interested, I have a Hollstein prompt: Laura has been suffering from the hiccups all day and after trying various methods, nothing has worked. Carmilla gets fed up with the hiccups and decides to scare them out of Laura.

Read on AO3

Anything To Make Them Stop.

Your trying to enjoy your book, you really are, but the insistent hiccuping coming from the tiny human sat at the computer desk is distracting you. Laura’s now been suffering all day and nothing seems to work. You just want to read your book, you just want a little piece and quiet, but every few seconds Laura is hiccuping. They stopped briefly earlier and you and Laura had both been happy, but not five minutes later they started up again. You’d huffed and complained about getting a little piece, to which Laura had glared at you and told you that you weren’t the only one that wished they would stop. 

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faelans-treasure-chest  asked:

So there are 13 Princes, and 13 Disney Princesses. Who would work best as couples? I personally ship Jasmine and Robert, like could you imagine? He'd be mad but once she gets over how scary he is she'd stand up for herself and it'd make his his kokoro would go doki doki.

omfg your imagination excites me

I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t thought about this before because the numbers line up perfectly with each other

let me think about this for a moment

I’m going to give you a couple different combinations because there are a few ways this would be heartwarming

We’ll just get Hans out of the way I’m going to put my wild and chaotic screwy dreams of him and Elsa aside for a moment because everyone knows about that but I am convinced Cinderella went to the wrong ball they would have been so good together not even just because Santino was Prince Charming on Broadway but I seriously feel like she could have saved him from himself they both have dark pasts but she always found light and she would have noticed him and loved him and showed him the beauty of true love and Hans would be singing “so this is the miracle that I’ve been dreaming of” I cry it would be so beautiful and fitting him trying to find her with a glass slipper I just think of Naval officer Hans tearing apart every kingdom MY LOVE PLEASE DONT LEAVE ME

*smacks self across the face* speaking of Elsa when I don’t maniacally pair her with Hans I would probably stick her with William, they would be really sweet together he’s firm but he means well and he’d be a good king, she could loosen him up and considering the fact that Elsa has never experienced that kind of love and the fact that William is shy around women there would be quite a bit of blushing going on just imagine it

the only other one I’d think about pairing her with is Klaus because they are both the heirs and they have a lot in common with similar sibling roles and responsibilities to their kingdoms, but if that was the case it would probably be in more of an interest politically than romantically, I like her and William


without hesitation and any other possible pairing for her, Grant and Anna

they are one in the same, they can both talk a mile a minute are both social butterfly sweethearts always are positive and care about their families more than anything they both put their feet in their mouths

One time I thought about if they went to the Southern Isles and I bet Grant would run into Anna and introduce himself he’d say “nice to meet you Queen Elsa” and she’d be like “what? I’m not Elsa, I’m princess Anna” and he’d say “Oh! Well I heard that the queen was unimaginably beautiful, so I figured it had to be you” *insert blushing thumb twiddling Anna*

what a guy


he needs the right woman

I like that you put him with Jasmine now that I think of it, that would be quite a pairing (AND WOULD MAKE BEAUTIFUL UNIQUE ART)

if I were to pair him with ANYONE, oh God

I would probably pair him with Belle, because he thinks he’s a monster and sometimes acts like it but doesn’t truly mean it he’s just trapped in himself and the way that Belle is with Beast I think it would be really sweet to see him be accepted by her like that, he would think she was way too good for him and he’d be a gentile giant around her

Robert can make one very emotional, so Robert in love could make anyone a blubbering baby

Damien and Merida

no questions asked

he likes his red heads what can I say

not to mention feisty women, which she is

and she’s adventurous, one of his favorite qualities

oh the mischief they would cause and the danger they’d encounter they’d climb Mount Everest in their underwear for a date I think she’d actually like him romantically

that being said give Derek Mulan

he loves a woman who can kick his ass with her eyes closed

she’s also not afraid to speak her mind he’d dig that, not to mention the fact that she’s fearless and did the unimaginable to save her family and her country, that’d be on the top of his list of turn ons

omfg thinking about them with love interests makes me all tingly

happy ending for all


she’d be a possible match for Damien if not Merida but I think her and Linus would be drop dead on the floor adorable

Ariel is a peculiar little button, they’d peak each other’s interests they’re both into weird stuff she collects garbage he hangs out with rats potato potahto right

he’d be walking along the beach one day collecting dead jellyfish and he’d see her and he’d tell her all about the human world and she’d tell him all about under the sea he doesn’t feel like he belongs either so they’d explore each other’s worlds and find their places I’m crying I can’t do this anymore

but I will

Snow White and Fred

both so gentile and kind and happy and wonderful to be around

he’s so huge and she’s so little it’d be a bit like Chien-Po and Princess Su from Mulan 2 they’d be so jolly

who gets the poison that is Alexander

(I shamelessly put him with Jane but) Tiana

he’s a bigger stick in the mud than she ever was but they are both intelligent and both work for what they want and stay within reality’s reach

although, she would show him that sometimes there are things beyond science and more important than it that could make you happy and that love is not an invalid calculation

you could also argue for Belle because she values intellect and she could share with him the beauty of fantasy but I like her better with Robert because deep down Robert wants adventure in the great wide somewhere too and Alexander limits himself to his lab, it’s his place of comfort along with science just like Tiana’s would be her restaurant and cooking

who’s left


you’d think I’d pair her with Drew because he’s a little bit similar to Flynn Rider but WRONG SIR

Eugene has a soft side fit for Rapunzel but she would not like Drew he’s too selfish for wrong reasons and would probably not change for her in the end, Flynn has a charm about him but he was never really a JERK, Drew’s not a great guy though HAHAHAH

Rapunzel could go a few ways but I’d probably put her with Viktor because he can be a bit aggressive but her presence would ease him up a bit, he tends to bark orders without much motivation and he gets frustrated and she’d show him what it’s like to have a dream and to follow it, give his life bigger meaning

I can’t really explain it much, there’s just something about the two of them

but considering that I loved Bastian’s design she’d also be good with Grant or Fred, Rapunzel would just be great with anyone she’s so lovable and it’s a win win they’d all get her as an in-law

Give Pocahontas to Nikolaus

he thinks he’s better than everyone and who better to show him how to paint with all the colors of the wind than Pocahontas herself, she’d fix his ways and maybe stop him from shouting all the time and being so stiff

(although I think he’d prefer John Smith, if you catch my drift, wink wink)

If Jasmine would not be with Robert like you originally suggested I’d put her alongside the infamous Drew to see if anyone survives the impact

Jasmine will not be putting up with any of his shit if anyone was gonna get Drew to get his act together it would be her, she is NOT a prize to be won and it will take more than a handsome face to win her over

he’d really have to work for that one and prove that he changed for the better, no one has ever rejected him but she would not hesitate to do so, and he needs that to happen to him so he can realize that he’s not a GOD

after they moved beyond that and if she saw he could actually care about someone, he’d love her so hard and she would do the same

I think the last one is Aurora, and I’d pair her with Klaus

there’s a grace and beauty about her that he would really love, she’s kind and she dreams and they’d get along together quite well

I wrote Klaus a backstory with his EX love interest I don’t know if I ever posted it that would be awful if I didn’t but young Klaus reminds me of Phillip his love story had a similar aspect to Sleeping Beauty although not quite as happy in the end…

what an evaluation

I think that the finalized list would look like

Klaus - Aurora

Viktor - Rapunzel

Nikolaus - Pocahontas

Fred - Snow White

Alexander - Tiana

Drew - Jasmine

Damien - Merida

Derek - Mulan

Grant - Anna

William - Elsa

Linus - Ariel

Robert - Belle

Hans - Cinderella

must.. draw.. art

such possibilities

what have you done

My nine year old son in the backyard pool: “Mom? Can I take my shirt off?”

Me: “sure!”

My three year old daughter, same pool: “Mom? Can I take my shirt off, too?”

Me: “no.”

*smacks sexist self in fucking face*

Me: “I mean, sure! Take your shirt off, too.”

Jesus, this stuff is ingrained.