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wait fjfngag what did I miss??? YOU HAVE A GIRLFRIEND? Is it the cute girl you've been mentioning here and there? I'M GONE FOR ONE WEEK AND APPARENTLY I MISSED BIG NEWS?!?!? I'm so happy for you omg!!!! yaaasss!!!

we’ve been “”hanging out”” for a little while now, and she fell at last under the weight of my irresistible charm

and also I’m going overseas for a month very soon so she had to bring up - like. what happens while you’re gone?? is this a thing?? are we?? 

we are.

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how would fukuzawa, yosano, dazai, atsushi, chuuya, akutagawa, and koyou react if they are suddenly 'attacked' by their s/o, who jumps at them and starts peppering them with kisses?

Fukuzawa Yukichi

  • Never in a million years can you sneak up on Fukuzawa, no matter how hard you try. From the moment he comes within fifteen feet of you, he’ll notice you tucked away in your hiding spot, waiting for him. He’s puzzled, and doesn’t quite know if he should call you out or not, so he simply stares at you quizzically until you decide to strike.
  • When you spring at him, Fukuzawa’s even more confused. A single eyebrow rises as you mount your attack, and he watches you, unsure if he should even as what you’re up to. When you reach him, though, and begin assaulting him with kisses he immediately catches on to your purpose. A satisfied smile stretches across his face as you speckle his skin, lips trailing every inch of his face. After a few moments he lets out a laugh.
  • Without warning, Fukuzawa suddenly flips the tables and sweeps you up into his arms, squishing you in a gigantic, tight hug. He chuckles as you squirm in his grip, but holds firm. Fukuzawa plants a few kisses of his own across your cheeks before setting you down, satisfied. He would never say something so dreadfully cliche out loud, but he’s thankful that he managed to find someone as energetic as you. You spirit helps him feel as though he doesn’t have quite so many years hanging heavy on his shoulders (he may not be all that old yet, but some days, he definitely feels like it).
  • After you’re safely on the ground again, Fukuzawa captures your chin between his thumb and forefinger and tugs you into a deep kiss. Slowly, he massages your lips with his own, pulling you into pure bliss with his teeth and tongue. Where kissing’s involved, Fukuzawa’s hard to beat, and it’s going to take a lot more than a simple surprise attack to one-up him.

Yosano Akiko

  • If there’s anyone that gets wrapped up in their work, it’s Yosano Akiko. Sneaking up on her is no big task, especially if she’s engrossed in paperwork, or perhaps a novel she’s been reading lately. All you need to do is lie in wait until she’s focused on something, and you’re practically guaranteed a successful surprise attack.
  • After you’ve pounced on her, Yosano simply laughs, setting aside whatever was occupying her to fully concentrate on you. Once you’ve pulled her away from something, there’s no escaping her notice; she’s 100%, completely focused on you now. You can’t slip away from Yosano even if you want to.
  • Yosano wraps her arms around you, looping them underneath yours so that your hands still have free range as she holds you. She plants one chaste peck on your lips before pulling back in a silent command to proceed. Yosano remains in your grips, basking in the affection you’re showering her with. No kisses will ever be enough to satiate her voracious appetite for your love, but as long as your lips keep ghosting across her skin, she’s temporarily satisfied. Giggles bubble out of her chest as she threads her hands through your hair, tugging you closer to her skin if she thinks you’re not keeping a fast enough fast.
  • When you’re through, pulling back in an attempt to halt the kiss attack, Yosano immediate grabs for you, tugging your face to be about a breath from hers. “I didn’t say you could stop,” she points out, voice somewhere between a purr and a whine. Be prepared to be showering Yosano with kissses for hours, if you ambush her; she won’t let you go free until she’s satisfied, and that may take a long time.

Dazai Osamu

  • If you think you can surprise Dazai, you’ve got another thing coming. From the moment the idea entered your head to attack the man, he’s had an inkling that a plot’s spinning around in your head. While Dazai’s curiosity prods him to confront you, he also wants the surprise to be genuine. Thus, even though he expects some kind of trick from you, Dazai still lets your sneaking around carry on uninterrupted. 
  • Dazai’s nothing if not an actor; even though he knew something was up, he acts completely surprised when you pounce on him. Flailing wildly, Dazai yelps, pretending like he’s stuck in a life-or-death battle. “Kunikida, Atsushi, someone!” He cries out, grin spread wide across his face as he lets you blanket his skin in kisses. “Help me! I’ve been trapped by a wily vixen!” Dazai falls to the ground, laughter bubbling out as you sprinkle kisses all over his cheeks. 
  • “I won’t go down without a fight!” Dazai proclaims. Suddenly, his fingers dive into your sides, tickling furiously. It’s not the first time he’s used such dirty tactics, and it probably won’t be the last! Dazai tickles you mercilessly until you’re both rolling on the floor, tears leaking out from all the laughter.
  • Whether you win this battle or not all depends on if you keep kissing Dazai. If you dodge his wiggling fingers enough to keep peppering his face, or if you start tickling him back, he’ll cave within five minutes. “I’ve been vanquished…” Dazai laments, sitting up to plant a kiss of his own on your nose. “I’m truly no match for you, my darling __________.”

Nakajima Atsushi

  • If Atsushi’s wrapped in what he’s doing, slipping into your hiding place and springing out on him is nearly effortless. He’s completely oblivious to your presence until your arms suddenly twist around him, mischief in your eyes and a grin spread across your face. He’s nearly thrown off balance and almost topples to the ground, but Atsushi doesn’t care. He’s already smiling (albeit a bit nervously) before you even plant your lips on him.
  • The moment you start spreading kisses here-there-and-everywhere all over Atsushi’s face, a crayon-pink blush explodes across his cheeks under your lips. He explodes into a fit of adorable giggles, throwing his arms out before wrapping them around you in a tight hug. Atsushi squirms under the volley of smooches; he’s ridiculously ticklish, and the fact that you’re simply not letting up isn’t helping anything!
  • As long as nobody else is watching you, Atsushi inevitably catches your kissing bug and soon returns a few pecks of his own.  His arms playfully tighten around you so that you’re trapped, and then he starts lightly peppering kisses along your cheekbones in between the little smooches from you. Soon a competition’s raging between you; who can kiss the other the most without being interrupted by a kiss?  
  • If anyone else is around, Atsushi soon grows too embarrassed by your little shower of affection and buries his face in your neck, laughing. He giggles out a breathless “Stop! Truce, truce, I submit!”. Honestly, though, Atsushi doesn’t really want you to knock it off. He’s perfectly content if you ignore his pleas, and go on splattering kisses across his skin.

Nakahara Chuuya

  • Catching Chuuya unawares is a truly difficult task, but if you’re truly commited, you can sneak up on him if he’s on the middle of some important paperwork or something of that nature. He sees you coming before you reach him, naturally, but he stays still, letting you pounce on him without a fuss, even if he’s a bit confused.
  • As soon as your lips start hitting his skin in light little kisses, Chuuya’s face breaks out in a grin as his arms wrap around you. You’re just so cute, he can’t handle it! A laugh rumbles out of Chuuya’s chest as he stands still for a few beats, just appreciating this sudden burst of affection.
  • Chuuya, though, is never one to be outdone, even by you. He doesn’t let you smother his skin for long before his arms shift and he’s suddenly sweeping you off your feet, his strong arms capturing you so that you can’t resist. As soon as you’re pinned in his grasp, comfortably encircled in his arms, Chuuya turns the tables.
  • Chuuya peppers you with kisses instead, a grin plastered against his face as his lips travel all over your skin, attacking here and there until you’re a blushing, giggling mess. He does relish affection, to be sure; but with things like this, why receive when you can give? Chuuya loves to get your face flushed and laughter bubbling from your chest, and he’ll do anything to make you smile.

Ryunosuke Akutagawa

  • For how guarded Akutagawa is, pouncing on him from the shadows in a sneak attack is surprisingly easy. Dealing with him afterward is the tricky part. When your arms clasp around him, intending to pull him into sweet little kisses, he immediately tenses. Akutagawa’s attack mode flips on instantly, and it’s a good thing you’re planting your lips on the back of his neck, because otherwise Rashomon might’ve skewered you. The only thing that saves you from a self-defending smack is the fact that Akutagawa recognizes you’re the only person that would dare kiss him.
  • Sighing, Akutagawa turns to face you, the tiniest of carnation pink blushes blooming across his face as you lean to splatter kisses across his cheeks. After you’ve thoroughly covered his face, he sends you a glare (there’s no real heat in it, of course; Akutagawa’s just upset that you could’ve been hurt by catching him off guard). “You know I don’t appreciate surprises,” he grumps, though he doesn’t push you away. He immediately panics when he notices your face fall, obviously hurt by his words. “I suppose, though, this one’s fine…” Akutagawa trails off before deciding he can’t just leave you crestfallen and without kisses.
  • Tipping your face to his, Akutagawa sweeps his lips over yours, settling once you’re firmly comfortable in his arms. He lavishes affection across your mouth, teeth and tongue slowly working against yours as you melt into his grip. Akutagawa cuts it off when you’re both out of breath and have entirely forgotten his less-than-thrilling reaction to your surprise kiss attack. “Next time,” he requests, planting a tiny kiss on your nose for good measure, “warn me, and I promise I’ll enjoy every kiss you give.” With that, Akutagawa’s back to his business like nothing ever happened.

Ozaki Kouyou

  • Nobody sneaks up on Kouyou; no matter how hard you try, you’ll never be able to spring a surprise attack on this woman. From the moment you get positioned, Kouyou’s entirely aware where you are. She knows you’re up to something, even if she’s not sure what. Kouyou won’t call you out; your antics intruige her too much for her to ask you just what you’re up to. She simply waits, side-eyeing you, until you make your move. 
  • “My, you’re excitable today,” Kouyou chuckles as you spring your attack, peppering kisses up and down her skin. Usually, she’s not one for bubbly displays of affection, but when you’re wound up, she can’t help but catch a bit of your vivacity. 
  • Kouyou lets you smother her in light kisses for awhile, leaning into you. Gently wrapping her arms around your waist, she simply basks in your presence, a tiny smile flirting with the edges of her lips.
  • Eventually, Kouyou grows restless with your sweet display. Catching your chin between her thumb and forefinger, she halts you mid-kiss. “Now, my dear, you know you shouldn’t be so teasing for such a long time,” she purrs, tugging you flush against her. Pulling your face to hers, Kouyou plants her soft lips gently against yours, slowing shifting against your skin. Slowly but surely, she takes control of the kiss, letting her tongue slip out to taunt your mouth. Kouyou doesn’t mind sweetness, and she’ll accept any affection from you; just don’t be surprised when she pulls you down into something deeper, shifting the mood from lighthearted to sensual in a few expert moves.

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okay. i gotta know. whats the weirdest thing you've done in bed?

Draco: Just when you thought they were satisfied with everything they know so far–

Harry: I doubt that’s going to happen so–

Draco: *awkward shifting*

Harry: *sheepish grinning* We…er… We tried– like role play?

Draco: *flaring up* It’s not a big deal, alright?! Lots of people try it!

Harry: Yes, they do. So would you relax? Yeah, so we sort of… enacted some… like fantasies?

Draco: Don’t go into the details.

Harry: Silly stuff really–

Draco: Dooon’t!

Harry: Randy professor and naughty student–

Draco: *smacks self on the forehead*

Harry: Evil boss and a innocent new employee–

Draco: *desperately* If you stop talking right now, I will– *whispers furiously into Harry’s ear* I promise, we can do it! Tonight if you’d like!

Harry: *grinning like all his dreams have come true*

Harry: *clears throat* That’s– that’s all we did.

Draco: *exhales in relief* 



Jackson was all over you that day. Not sexually, but just in a Jackson way. He kept making you laugh, bothering you, and talking about the other members to you.

Mark on the other hand was so jealous at this. He couldn’t take it. His insides were twisting and turning at the sight of you two.

Jackson was a loud handsome funny guy and that was his biggest asset: making girls laugh.

Mark didn’t have that he was shy and quiet. He didn’t talk much. He wasn’t funny and he hated attention on him. So how could he compete again the Jackson Wang?

You were laughing at Jackson. He was so funny and you didn’t know why or how it was even possible for a human to be this funny.

“OK so why is Youngjae doing that? He is such a follower, don’t you know? He thinks it’s cute. It’s not cute girl.” he said talking to you like a girl.

You look over at Youngjae with JR and JB, well-being Youngjae: which was an absolute mess.

“Look at him such an ugly one.” Jackson joked. “I can’t stand him.” he continued. “Isn’t that how you girls talk?” he said now in his regular voice.

You tried to would you hand over your mouth without looking like a retarded, but you couldn’t help it. It just wasn’t possible. It wasn’t possible with Jackson. He was just way too funny.

at this point your face became red and your cheeks hurt.

“Are you alright? are you going to die?” Jackson asked with a serious face which made you laugh at him more.

You started hitting him on the shoulder.

“Ow ow. ” he said laughing. “What have I done?” he said playing still.

“Jackson St…” you tried to get out. But only started laughing at him some more.

Mark continues to watch from a far. Jealousy still rising. You happened to make eye contact with him from across the room. He was getting his makeup done because they we about to get on stage. He quickly looked away annoyed.

Your heart jerked at his coldness. What was wrong?

After the unnie got done with his makeup, you found yourself going over there. He played on his phone as if he didn’t know you were there. But he clearly knew you were.

“Oppa Wae geurdae?” you asked him what was wrong.

“Nothing” he said in English.“

"Then why are you sad looking.” you said the same in English.

Finally looking up from his phone he looked you straight in the eyes. “I don’t know but I’m not sad.”

“Oh.” you had no Choice but to say.

“Okay got 7 five minutes!” a stage manager said.

“Well I got to go.” he said getting up. You grabbed his hand and mark heart started being fast.

He quickly snatched it away.

You felt your eyes water up.

You watched him walk away.

What did you do?




Back at the dorm you were by yourself. You decided to let them have their day to them self after you heard they had their first win for A. so the boys would be out for a while.

Your dorm was above theirs but you had a key. You didn’t know why you were here but you were.

You walked around seeing pictures of them everywhere in their dorms. They were big stars now. you had been with them since day one. And you were so proud of them at this point. They were like the honest band in Korea.

Going towards the rooms you stopped in fruit of Jackson’s and marks. Twisting the nob you went in. this was the first time being in their room without one of them. You went to marks side of the room to be noisy. He had pictures on his desk from his family back home in America. then you see a journal. Forgetting about his privacy you opened it without thought.

Before looking at it properly you scanned the words to see if any words in particular popped off the page, and they did. Your name. Before you could read it to see why….

“What are you doing.” and the book was snatched out your hand.

Mark stood there angry at you for being in his stuff without his permission.

“Oppa…” you lost your next words.

“I said what are you doing. "His voice was stern and scary and it made you want to cry. Your eyes started to water.

"I was just looking.”

“Did you ask permission to view someone’s privet things or do you just think you’re something special and it is okay.”

Ouch. That one hurt. And tears came rolling down your eyes. Marks face relaxed and he became guilty for marking you cry.

Dropping the journal, he grabbed you in a hug.

“Listen, I’m sorry I’m just not myself today.” he admitted.

Instead of replying you cried harder. You haven’t said anything but mark has been cold to you lately for a while now and it had gotten to you. It was hurting you in a way you didn’t expect and you just missed his smile.

“Mark.” you stuttered in his chest.


“Why are you not with the members?”

“Because, I’m not in the mood.”

And that was basically every day. Him not being in the mood, taking it out on you.

“But why?”

He sighed and let go of you and tried to walk out but you grabbed his hand.

“Mark why do you treat me like crap?”

You were bold and confident and you pray to god he didn’t break you down with one of his cold comments when you had gotten the courage to finally ask him about his current actions.

Turning around and looking you straight in the eye he said.“ I don’t.”

It was like a slap in the face because clearly, he did.

“Yes, yes you do, you did today! You treat me like trash, when I’m nice to you why have I done?” staring at you he stood there no emotion at all and it pissed you off you wanted to smack him. You wanted the old mark back. The one with the smiles, the one who knew how to laugh, the one who treated you good.

“Mark why do you do this. Where is the mark I know?! why-” you sobbed getting more upset.

And with that you were pushed on the bed being kissed by the cold Mark Tuan. This wasn’t the answer you asked for but you were not going to Complain. No not at all.

Breaking the kiss.“ want to know why I’m like this I’ll show you.” and he kissed you again. Breaking it again.“ It’s because I want you I’m so frustrated I need you baby.” he kissed your neck.“ and I’m sorry I’m so cold I’m just so jealous when I see you with him.”

you looked at him confused.“ who.”


Now it all made sense and you wanted to smack you self for not seeing it a long time ago. Mark tuan was in love with you and you were too blind to see.

He had ripped you close off in a matter of second and shoved himself In you.

You moaned with every thrust.

“Say my name.”

You tried but you couldn’t get it out through the screams.

“Say it.” he growl in your ear.“

"Ma-Ahh” you tried but ended up moaning instead.

He picked you up so you were on top of him and bounced you up and down his shaft. The sound of skin smacking filling through room. he smacked your pretty little ass as you road him.

Mark liked the way you breast bounced when you road him. FYI. It made him smile.

Mark sat up and continued to bounce you up and down his veiny cock.

“Ahh baby does it feel good.” you could hardly reply but you nodded a Yes as you bounce on that meaty cock.

Getting back on top of you he pounded you with force and he sucked on your breast.

You definitely knew that after this you were done. You were going to be sore for days.

“Stop making me jealous it frustrates me.” he growled in your ear pounding you harder. “I know we haven’t made it official but your mine.”

There was no response from you but you did have a chain of screaming out his name and to mark that was enough.

And then it happened like a ball of electricity forming in side you.

“Mark I’m Cumming.”

Mark started to pound harder and there in went. The electricity shot through your body making you scream.

“Mark fuck me harder.” you screamed at him.

After you came mark came a few after.

He laid on top of you feeling better and less frustrated.

“I’m sorry I’ve been so cold lately.” he looked into your eyes.“ I just wanted you to myself and not the other guys because I love you.” he confessed.

You smiled at him. “I love you too.”

“So will you be my girlfriend?”

“I think it’s already too late to ask that.” you laughed.

“Right” he said eying your naked body. Which he found so beautiful.

A second passed and you thought about that journal.

“Hey mark why was in the journal? It had my name in it.”

Mark looked at you alarmed. He scoffs “what journal I don’t know what you talking about.”

“no.” you looked at his stiff face. “Why what did you have in there pervert?” and with that you got up. But mark grabbed it before you could.

You chased him and chased him around the house naked till you heard a door jiggle. Mark pushed your naked body towards the bathroom.

Mark tried to move from the living room but before he could all 6 boys walked through the door.

Mark quickly put the notebook over his penis. He looked at the members and the members looked at him. and vice versa.

The silence seems to last forever. As the boys tried to figure out what they were exactly seeing.

Jackson was the first to speak. “EWWWWWW IT SMELLS LIKE SEX!” he said scrounging up his nose. The other members laugh at the naked Mark.

“Mwoyah! ” JB and BamBam said

Yougeum looked at his hyung. “Hyung gwen cha na?

"MARK NOT AGAIN DON’T TELL ME YOU JACKING OFF TO ___________ AGAIN.” Jackson continued. he looked at his note book which was hiding the large tool that made you sore. “mark is this why you came straight home? Mark go write in your journal about it instead, I mean you done it before.” He said teasing him.

Jackson basically indicated that he read marks journal. And without hesitation mark chased him in his naked glory. Jackson tried to hide in the room and mark started hitting him on his bed.

“ewwwwwwww someone help I think I touched it. "He said talking about marks penis.

"Good I bet you won’t touch my shit anymore.” Mark laughed.

You had herd everything and you were laughing your ass off. You loved these got 7 boys and you most definitely loved mark.

Finally mark got off him. And put boxers on.

“Yes, keep those on matter of fact glue them all I need want to see you naked again.” Jackson said feeling butt hurt.

Mark came in the bathroom to give you some cloths.

“Come on Babe let’s go hang with the boys jb started a movie.

Yes you loved them very much. And with that you kissed mark and joined the boys.

Mark was about to sit next to Jackson” Andwae ANDWAE! Eww don’t sit by me.“

Everyone laughed.

And Jackson just eyed mark.

But then he looked at you.

"Wait, you two….” He said realizing.

Everyone started laughing.

“eeeeeeeeeeeeeewwww.” Jackson screamed once again.

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Jules: Oh duckie! I think you have become the second thing, besides mommy that I am fond of. 

After smacking self in face with toy… 

Jules: Curses, you evil little plastic contraption! You think that just because you don’t sleep you can humiliate me like this? I will put you back in the toy chest, never to be played with again!  

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Notice how Daryl doesn't hug other women? He only hugged women who aren't available. Like Michonne who's with Rick and Tara who's a lesbian and even that hug was hugely different. He actually only really hugs and intimately touches Carol. Daryl's already so faithful!

I think it’s different in general with Carol than with others. Obviously with Maggie and Beth he didn’t really hug them in return and with others its more of a friendly hug in many ways.

With Carol there is just a different level of emotion and intimacy there that he doesn’t have with others. Its just so obvious I don’t know how anyone can’t see it. Other than the hug with Rick he doesn’t hug anyone with that kind of emotion and, sort of fierceness.

You look at all the hugs with Carol they are full body and the arms are way lower, at least one of the arms. There is usually one at waist level I men just look here and tell me if he’s hugged anyone else like this..

Arm position is extremely important in showing the closeness and intimacy level felt here. In all 3 of these cases his elbow his elbow is close to if not on her waist, meaning his arm is under her shoulder, which allows him to pull her closer to him and hold her tighter (I didn’t included the 4th hug cause that was clearly about comfort and you can’t see his other arm anyways). That combined with the face in the shoulder shows the difference in the relationship with her as opposed to others.

In the other hugs (the ones he participated in) his arms are  higher, around the neck. much more of a friendly, still close, but not as intimate if you get my drift.

Its not as much about ‘faithful’ (although he would be I have no doubt) but more about just HOW close he is to Carol in THAT way. It belies more of the nature of their relationship on a subconscious level is portrayed on onscreen.

And my God its beautiful isn’t it? :)

gifs by @oohhshiny​ and @hypernovadust​ (I keep forgetting to do this *smacks self*)

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hii!! sorry for being a bother, but if you could would you make a yandere sentence starter with 2p germany with either “You make cute expressions when you’re asleep and all alone…” or "I wonder how your scream sounds.." p.s: i think your blog is amazing!! keep up the great work xoxo

Aww, thank you!

2P! Germany X Reader: (Lutz)

~Yandere sentence starter!

You shifted in the bed, trying to get comfortable. You couldn't stop feeling like you forgot to do something, you sighed and sat up remembering that you hadn’t locked the back door. You got up and started to walk down the stairs, you yawned as you reached the bottom. You walked over to the back door and gasped when you realised that it was open a bit. You mentally smacked your self thinking that you left it open when you were out there earlier. You closed it and locked it, you then made your way back up to bed. You were able to fall asleep in about 15 minutes. Lutz smiled to himself as he crept out of the closet door downstairs.

“She didn’t notice.” He whispered to himself, he slowly made his way upstairs and to your bedroom door. He carefully opened the door and walked in. He smiled to himself as he stood beside your bed.

“Soon enough, Y/N, you’ll be mine.” He whispered, stoking your face. He looked to his side and saw a notepad, he opened it and saw you doodled In it, he smiled and picked up the pencil that was next to it. He then wrote something down. He placed them back on the locker and left your room.

“Sleep well, meine Geliebte.” He whispered as he closed the door.

You woke up to the sound of birds in the morning, you stretched and sat up in your bed, you rubbed your eyes and looked at your clock, it was half 9, something else then caught you eye, a piece of paper. You picked it up and your eyes widened as you read it. It said “You make cute expressions when you sleep, I cant wait till we make this official.” You sat there for a few minutes anf then started to cry, some one had been in your house while you were sleeping. You then jumped out of the bed and ran downstairs, you stopped in the hallway when you heard a door slam shut.

“Oh shit.” You breathed, noticing a tall figure that came out of the closet, you backed away and he stepped forward, coming into the light. He was tall, blonde hair, violet eyes and had a scar on his cheek. He smiled at you.

“Who are you?” You whimpered as he closed the distance between you both.

“Don’t you remember me Y/N, I’m your soul mate.” He replied, reaching his hand out for you.