smackjeeves confessions

I think a lot of crits aren’t constructive. It becomes about ripping apart a “dumb anime writer/artist who gets butt hurt” instead of helping a starting artist and encouraging them.

Have critiquers considered that everyone on a website isn’t a whiny baby, and that they are just being assholes?

:T Guh, I’m just so tired of starting artists being treated like this.

“but they don’t write any stories with ANY PoC or any characters who aren’t guys! Where are the women? Where are the nonwhite characters? ”

Frankly, I think both the owner of this quote and the author it was directed to are both part of the problem, and by problem I don’t mean the one they seem so fixated on.

Remember when we used to pick up a comic, novel, etc. because the story was interesting? You can argue it any way you like, but the whole “This comic has too many Y’s in it!” or “There aren’t enough X represented in this comic!!” just comes off as a distraction from what readers should be focused on.

Am I nuts for thinking the story’s more important than what color/gender the main character is???

so smackjeeves only like yaoi comics? for some reason my webcomic only got 38 fans when i posted on smackjeeves+only one reader gave me consistant comment really bothers me and makes me wanna drop the site…..verses inkblazers which I’ve got about the same amount of views as smackjeeves yet  i got 380 bookshelves… WHY THE DIFFERENCE?!?!!?

I am so fucking proud of the three people I’ve been working with. Our comic’s only five months old, and we have nearly a hundred updates. One of them even learned how to work some pretty complex software to get things to work. I wish I could broadcast the hell out of their names, but then it would just look like an ad. It’s always tough starting a big project with someone who’s never done a webcomic before, and you’re much more likely to get someone who just fizzles out. But these guys spent four months prepping it before we even went online. The honeymoon shine was already off the project before any readers saw a single page. But they kept working hard, and having a group means things never get too stale. These are the kinds of workers that fly-by-night, “DO ALL THE WORK FOR ME K PLZ THANKS” creators dream about. I’ve been at this for several years now, long enough to know how impossible this sort of thing is.

And I don’t ever, ever want to take them for granted.