I hate when people refer to my drug addiction as “partying”. The party stopped long ago before the addiction began, it hasn’t been partying since the very beginning  of my drug use. I may be high, but it isn’t fun anymore, certainly no where near a damn party. I need to invade my veins with smack and my lungs with crack just to function normally enough to start my day.  My life is consumed by addiction. Partying is a part of most peoples lives at some points on weekends or late nights, addiction is such a massive part of my life that when the weekend ends and the night turns to day I’m still trapped in the brutal cycle of drug addiction, this is no fucking party, it’s a nightmare.
—  journal entry 11-13-16

In long island there is a LOT of FENTANYL cut heroin going around. Please be careful and start out with a doing small, I mean very small to test it. Of course I’d rather nobody use but I’m being realistic and encouraging the use of harm reduction. Addicts with large tolerances are dying and overdosing off of a very small amount of dope cut with fent. Please spread the word!

Let me get one thing straight...

I do drugs but that does not mean I am a gross junkie. I take showers every day, I smell like perfume (and probably weed) but definitley not bad. I brush my teeth and I give a fuck about myself and what I look like. I hate when people assume drug addicts are gross. I’m not gross, just depressed.


Alexa inspired me to post some of my tests from the Khonjin House finale, so… here ya go. Side-by-side of a test I did of Smack’s movement, from prelim to final product.

Connor asked us to make some demos of Pent and Smack moving, since they’re intended to have very distinct styles of movement. You can actually see one of my Smack drawings show up in the background as Pent is slowly rotating in the episode too.

A friend of mine shared this on my newsfeed today and I thought it would a nice idea to repost it here for the Nod Squad.

We are all fully aware of our drug use and with that awareness comes the responsibility towards ourselves and each other to educate about harm reduction, because sometimes sobriety genuinely is not an option and I know that’s true for myself as well as many of you.

So yeah, I won’t harp on harm reduction too often, but I care about you guys.

- garagedad