A friend of mine shared this on my newsfeed today and I thought it would a nice idea to repost it here for the Nod Squad.

We are all fully aware of our drug use and with that awareness comes the responsibility towards ourselves and each other to educate about harm reduction, because sometimes sobriety genuinely is not an option and I know that’s true for myself as well as many of you.

So yeah, I won’t harp on harm reduction too often, but I care about you guys.

- garagedad

You meet a diverse group of people when you do drugs.  It has a way of catapulting people into your life who you’d never know otherwise, but because of a common fondness of drugs you meet.
—  excerpt from my journal on people i met while using. 
I did not waste my time being high. I enjoyed my time, what i didn’t enjoy I learned from.  That doesn’t sound like time wasted to me.
—  undated journal entry