“Could it be your face I see on my computer screen…”

Computer Love isn’t just limited to computers either. If you’ve wanted to be in a RED before or just want to have yourself be drawn then your chance is still here. Submissions for the next RED mini-book are still open. 

  • All body types are welcomed.
  • Of course you need to be 18+
  • Pose however you’re most comfortable in. Submissions don’t need to be fully nude, just as long as the form of the body is shown.
  • ​Props and backgrounds can also be utilized (especially if it goes with the theme of the certain book). The theme for COMPUTER LOVE is technology, which could include phones, computers, webcams, etc. Be as creative as you want.
  • Illustrations will be anonymous unless you say otherwise. This includes any features like tattoos, etc.
  • If the pictures are taken professionally, please include the name of the photographer (if it is not done by yourself).