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G'day Bonnie, love your schtuff, I'm mad keen on Gorillaz too.
Have you seen them live? Which tours? Who's your favourite animated Gorilla?

I have seen them live twice. Once in 2002 during their very first tour and last October during the World Tour.

My favorite animated gorilla? uhm…maybe Terk lol. But if you mean who is my favorite Gorillaz member, I would have to say Murdoc. :D

Merry Christmas from SMACCA! These lovely ladies have been such a blessing! I’m so glad that God brought them into my life during the last two years to share the good times & the bad times. Living with them is is never a bore and I can’t wait for more adventures to come. 🎄😊❤️ #smacca #christmas #adventures

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Hey my names Simone and I decide to exercise at 1 in the morning because I have nothing better to do, considering its summer here maybe my summer body will be here in time for winter :(

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how I found your blog... I was walking down the street concentrating on trucking rights, I heard a dark voice behind me & I looked round in a state of fright. I saw four faces , a man a brother from the gutter, they looked me up & down a bit and said to each other, " follow the frankinator"

I feel like this is referencing something, but I don’t know what it is…