Yay, more families! The world is filling up. :)

I’ve been getting some lovely townies, too - I’ll save those for another post!

Hey guys Idk if you’ve heard but NASA decided to change up the zodiac signs and so now theres another one, so our question is do you want us to keep going with what we’re doing now with the 12 origional zodiac signs or do you want us to change and include the 13th. 

If you want us the stay with the 12 like this post

If you want us to change to the 13 reblog this post

whichever has the most of which after a day or two, we’ll go with that one. Also if this is news to you check out the story here

Alright so I finished the organization cards, but I still need your guys’ opinions. Should I just make one of each of these and the other special cards and leave it at that? Or should I make 4 suits using the nobody/heartless/unversed/dreameater symbols?

My dilemma is that I would really like to have a full deck of cards, but having a heartless or any other symbol on a nobody card seems weird to me. If I decide to make 4 suits somehow, then I think I’ll go ahead at change Marly’s number to Jack, Larxene’s to Queen, and Roxas’ to King.

Edit: totally thought marly was number 12. fixed it. this is messing me up a little lol
NASA reveals 13th Zodiac sign and now your horoscope may have changed
Do you wait to make an important decision before reading your horoscope? Have you ever turned down a date because your zodiac signs weren’t compatible? Do you have a little tattoo of your zodiac sign on your ankle? If so, we have very bad news for you. NASA recently revealed that there are actually 13 zodiac signs, and now everything you ever knew about your horoscope has changed.

I am now a Capricorn.

This changes absolutely everything nothing for me.
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