detail from the throne of one of the colossal statues of King Ramses II located in front of the Pylon of the ‘Ipet-Resyt’ Temple of Amon (the “Temple of Luxor”):
the Nile-God Hapy in His two forms of Hapi of Upper Egypt (at left, with lilies) and Hapi of Lower Egypt (at right, with papyrus flowers) performing the sm3-t3wy, the ritual for the “Union of the Two Lands”.
On the top of the sm3-t3wy symbol, the cartouche with the name of King Ramses II as “Son of Ra”,
Rˁ-msj-sw-mrj-Jmn , “Ra is the one Who gave Him birth (Ramses), Beloved of Amon”,
flanked by the two Uraei and by the “Horus-name” of the King (represented twice),
K3-nḫt-mrj-M3ˁt , “The Strong Bull, Beloved of Maat”

I Love the Seduce Me Crew...
  • Me: -shows a secret image of an update for SM1's GUI that has the incubi in the bg before leaving the chat-
  • Bradley Gareth: Editing suggestion
  • Bradley Gareth: Get rid of the dweeb in the middle
  • Camille Ruley: honestly get rid off all of them
  • Hayden Daviau: Replace them with rebel leaders -runs away-
  • Camille Ruley: nononono
  • Camille Ruley: what we need
  • Camille Ruley: are a couple of furries
  • Camille Ruley: just
  • Camille Ruley: trust me
  • Hayden Daviau: I'm trusting you.
  • Camille Ruley: Fae and the Furries
  • Camille Ruley: its a new rock band
  • Hayden Daviau: Yes.
  • Camille Ruley: they sing the sm3 OP
  • Hayden Daviau: Which is just a remix of Chained The Monster but it's called Fae the Monster
  • Austin Hively: Fae The Bae
  • Bradley Gareth: Claimed the Lobster
  • Hayden Daviau: Fae IS Bae
  • Bradley Gareth: "You've Claimed the Lobster deep inside
  • This red and salty crustaceous hide"
  • Hayden Daviau: PFFFFFFFFT
  • Me: -Returning and seeing this- ... I leave for 5 hours and come back to a Lobster version of CTM and furries?
New episode titles and summaries

Translation by Adamant.

Nov 17th: SM1 - Alola! New Islands, New Pokémon!! + SM2

Nov 24th: SM3 - Nice to Meet You, I am the Rotomdex, Roto! + SM4

Dec 1st: SM5 - Popplio, Do Your Balloonest!

Dec 8th: SM6 - Togedemaru: Prickling and Tingling!


Nov 17th: SM1 - Alola! New Islands, New Pokémon!!

Ash and Pikachu have gone on a trip to the Alola region, which is overflowing with abundant nature! After having encountered Pokémon that have their own Alola forms, the excited Ash then hears there is a “Pokémon School” there where you can learn about Pokémon, and wants to enroll!

Nov 24th: SM3 - Nice to Meet You, I am the Rotomdex, Roto!

Ash receives a new Pokédex from Professor Kukui. This is a revolutionary Pokédex called the “Rotomdex” which can speak human language. Ash wants to get his first Alola Pokémon right away, and heads out into the forest.

the granite bark stand of King Atlanersa (ca. 650-640 BCE) from the Temple of the God Amon (B700) at Napata (about 400 km north of Khartoum, Sudan); now in the Museum of Fine Arts of Boston…
Horus of Behdet (at left, falcon-headed) and Thoth (at right, ibis-headed) binding together the symbolic plants of Upper and Lower Egypt, that is the ritual of the “Union of the Two Lands” (’sm3-t3wy’). Horus is represented holding the papyrus stem of Lower Egypt, while Thoth holds the lily stem of Upper Egypt. In the middle, King Atlanersa (wearing the skullcap with the Two Uraei) standing on the symbol for “Union of the Two Lands” and holding up the sky.
On the top, the Winged Solar Orb (Horus of Behdet) with the Two Uraei

“House of Birth” of the Sanctuary of the Goddess Hathor at Nitentóre (Dendera),
detail from the second intercolumnar wall (south outer face):
the Goddess Hathor suckling Harsomtou the Child (Ḥr-sm3-t3wy, ‘Horus the Unifier of the Two Lands’), and Ihy the Great in His aspect of youthful God (with the sidelock of youth and a finger on His lips) wearing the Double Crown and holding the ‘Ankh’ in His right

Okay this is why we renewed trident. Russia just unveiled the Satan-2 ICBM. They’ve built a misisle that can avoid all our defences and deliver ten 30Megaton warheads. That’s enough to destroy the whole of France or Texas in one misisle. That’s 20,000 Hiroshimas in one missile. By evey international law and treaty it’s illegal for them to make this but they’re sending a pretty strong message.

The misisle will enter production in 2018 and service in 2020. It’s range is 10,000km+ which allows launch from deep inside Russia to avoid destruction during the launch phase. The misisle has a lowered RCS and travels at over 7km/s. The SM3 block II misisle will be in service by this time which has an intercept capability of 10km/s and a range of 1500km, so a mid flight interception is basically our only chance, but the hit probability is looking slim. Once the missile splits it releases 10× 3 megaton or 16 smaller warheads which have a hypersonic glide design, speeds from mach 7-12 to make terminal stage interception by THAAD almost impossible. The impacts of a single misisle would culminate as greater than 60% of the most powerful hydrogen bomb ever made, the Tsar Bomba, although spread over a wider area on the ten separate warheads.
I don’t feel the need to explain what this means for world security in the next decade, but in one misisle Russia is trying to shift global power.

girl-of-tao  asked:

So Amazing spider-man i understand your dislike, Same with SM3 but i have to know Jordan. Why. JUST WHY do you dislike Spider-man 2?! thats like the epitome of super hero films and one of the best i need to know

I have gotten sooo many spider-man questions since that goddamn vine xD lol Oh well I dont mind spidey is my favorite. 

But yeah I didnt like Spider-man 2 (2004) so much. I loved the Action. The train sequence is one of the best superhero scenes ever and the video game is absolutely incredibly for it

Originally posted by kane52630

But I could not stand the friggin Love story back n forths. I just found it so annoying the whole

“I love you Pete, and I love you but i cant be with you cause Im spider-man

Scratch that I love you now! and I love you but im with this astronaut guy now

I changed my mind I love you, and I love you but Im spiderman so no

You’re spider-man, yes and I love you but i cant be with you cause its dangerous

I love you and I love you smooch smooch”

Also Doc Ock talking to his friggin Tentacles….Im sorry i couldnt take that seriously

Originally posted by totalfilm

And honestly i just found it boring. I’ve rewatched it several times but it doesnt do anything for me.

Honestly the only 2 spiderman movies I like are

Spider-man 2002 (WHICH I LOVE)  and The Amazing Spider-man 2