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I'm so glad you're accepting prompts again!! I want to request WonTaek - Things you said when you thought I was asleep. Thank you!


His lap was filled with half of Wonsik while the rest of him awkwardly tried to fit itself across the backseat of the van. Taekwoon couldn’t help but find it endearing how alike Wonsik was to a large dog who still thought he was a puppy. He’d never tell him that of course—there were some things that just couldn’t be said between them.

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I just saw a photo of Leo looking at Ravi all happy and in love, while Ravi wasn't paying attention, and you're doing this prompt thing; can I request "Things you said when you thought I didn't love you back?" or something around that? Thank you in advance.

It didn’t take long for Wonsik to gain the sense that he’d done something wrong. The whole dorm seemed to know it from the way Taekwoon was explicitly avoiding him. It had him thumbing through his recent memories, all the time they’d spent together, for some kind of fuck up. He couldn’t find anything though; in fact, Taekwoon seemed more than happy to be around him.

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things you said when you're trying to get my attention - WonTaek ; I've been watching old WonTaek videos and how it used to be Ravi trying to get Leo's attention, now it's the opposite - they're such a "push and pull" couple


Such a strong sense of déjà vu swept over Wonsik the moment Taekwoon crawled into his lap. In it, he thought of all the times he played childish and would throw himself over Taekwoon’s lap when he wanted something. He can’t remember when or why that stopped, but it might’ve had to do with how he felt now—Taekwoon settling in his.

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I am sorry. I was one of the many people who pressed you into making SM3. I am oh so very sorry. I do hope that there will be a SM3 but I never considered how much pressure we were all putting on you. Sorry Michaela

Originally posted by itadakimasu-letmeeat

You’re fine darling, haha! Every Game Developer, in some shape, fashion, or form, has felt this kind of pressure. In all honesty, it’s rather cute to see such dedication to a little story I decided to tell, albeit a little dizzying to see many requests for a third installment.

To be perfectly transparent, I’d rather use any extra money I get to make the Ten-Year War game (showing the epic war between Diana and the Demon Lord), but people like the incubi a little more; enough to ask for an SM3.

So please, if you (or anyone reading this) feel bad about asking for Seduce Me 3, don’t. Just know that, yes, it has crossed my mind, and while I originally was not going to, there is a small chance it could happen now on the table.

It is now on fans like you to make it happen.

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WonTaek - things you said when you were crying

“This wasn’t how it was supposed to happen!” Taekwoon sobbed out, curled over and shaking. Wonsik’s heart beat wildly, staring with bafflement because he could count the number of times Taekwoon broke down on one hand—and every time left both of them more shaken than the last.

Taekwoon’s entire body quaked and Wonsik could feel it to his core as every choke ripped deeper into his chest, clenching at his lungs.

The wails rebounded off of every wall, consuming their entire world; and Taekwoon’s hands came up to the sides of Wonsik’s thighs to fist into the thick jean fabric. The louder the sobs were, the tighter the grip became.

Wonsik’s eyes could barely focus, but they fell on the sight of the bumps of Taekwoon’s spine rising up from his thin shirt, pulling tighter the further he curled into himself. In an attempt to be soothing, he reached over and ran his hand gently up the bony ridges. Taekwoon sucked in a sharp breath that stung at Wonsik’s throat with its force.

They stayed like that; Taekwoon sobbing rising and falling uncontrollably, saying things that didn’t make sense, that he wouldn’t remember later. Wonsik knew he didn’t mean any of them, but they rang in his ear and likely would stay all the way through the night, thrumming through his ear canals.

Then, Taekwoon said something that took Wonsik by completely shock. “I wish I’d never been born!”

Wonsik’s heart shattered into a million pieces and the tears that had barely been held at bay spilled over. He choked on the first cry but pulled Taekwoon up with a force that scared the both of them.

“Don’t say that!” he all but screeched.

Taekwoon’s eyes were wide and bloodshot, not registering the bruising grip curling into his arms.

A new wave of emotion flooded his eyes and Wonsik couldn’t stand to see it anymore, so he yanked him into a crushing hug. Taekwoon’s hands came up to claw at the back of his shirt, desperate and agonized.

What had to be eternities later, they found themselves in bed, still clinging to each other. Taekwoon jerked with his heavy sniffles and Wonsik stared with stinging eyes at the wall behind him. Only their touching skin grounded him in the middle of the bed too small for both of them.

Taekwoon finally whispered, weak and hoarse, “I’m sorry . . .”

For a long moment, Wonsik wasn’t sure how to reply. He knew nothing Taekwoon said was meant, but his heart was still aching, even in its thousands of pieces.

“Just …” he mumbled, looking for the right words to say. “Just don’t leave me …”

New tears, warm and wet, streamed against his neck.

“I’m sorry. I won’t.”

And they held each other tighter.

detail from the throne of one of the colossal statues of King Ramses II located in front of the Pylon of the ‘Ipet-Resyt’ Temple of Amon (the “Temple of Luxor”):
the Nile-God Hapy in His two forms of Hapi of Upper Egypt (at left, with lilies) and Hapi of Lower Egypt (at right, with papyrus flowers) performing the sm3-t3wy, the ritual for the “Union of the Two Lands”.
On the top of the sm3-t3wy symbol, the cartouche with the name of King Ramses II as “Son of Ra”,
Rˁ-msj-sw-mrj-Jmn , “Ra is the one Who gave Him birth (Ramses), Beloved of Amon”,
flanked by the two Uraei and by the “Horus-name” of the King (represented twice),
K3-nḫt-mrj-M3ˁt , “The Strong Bull, Beloved of Maat”

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Okay I love Seduce Me and everything about it. I really do. I just think that asking for a third game is too much pressure on you. You already ended the series and it'll be a ton of effort to come up with something for a third game you never even planned. It'd take time away from you making games you have ideas and plans for. Personally, I think it's unfair to even ask you for a third game like this. Sorry if this sounds insensitive or anything but I just felt like I needed to state my input.

I 100% agree with you. It is not insensitive at all to say so because, in essence, there is truth.

But please know that fans are not the only ones who have put pressure on me to make a third installment of the story. There have been some very close people in my life who have pushed me to continue it as well; close enough for me to pause and consider their words. 

I will admit, I put some minor thought in it in the recent months that passed (as the SM2 anniversary is coming up in 6 days) and it evolved into somewhat of an idea that I can expand upon with further thought and lore research.

If it happens and SM3 is put through, then I have a logical plot line I can work with and, with the game units sold, can spare the time to pause my non-SM work to complete it. 

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So Amazing spider-man i understand your dislike, Same with SM3 but i have to know Jordan. Why. JUST WHY do you dislike Spider-man 2?! thats like the epitome of super hero films and one of the best i need to know

I have gotten sooo many spider-man questions since that goddamn vine xD lol Oh well I dont mind spidey is my favorite. 

But yeah I didnt like Spider-man 2 (2004) so much. I loved the Action. The train sequence is one of the best superhero scenes ever and the video game is absolutely incredibly for it

Originally posted by kane52630

But I could not stand the friggin Love story back n forths. I just found it so annoying the whole

“I love you Pete, and I love you but i cant be with you cause Im spider-man

Scratch that I love you now! and I love you but im with this astronaut guy now

I changed my mind I love you, and I love you but Im spiderman so no

You’re spider-man, yes and I love you but i cant be with you cause its dangerous

I love you and I love you smooch smooch”

Also Doc Ock talking to his friggin Tentacles….Im sorry i couldnt take that seriously

Originally posted by totalfilm

And honestly i just found it boring. I’ve rewatched it several times but it doesnt do anything for me.

Honestly the only 2 spiderman movies I like are

Spider-man 2002 (WHICH I LOVE)  and The Amazing Spider-man 2

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wontaek and the things you said when i was dead


Wonsik cooed at the little boy in the car seat who laughed back at him.

“Suntaek, are you ready to see daddy?” he asked, making a face with puffy cheeks at him. The boy raised his arms and mimicked Wonsik’s round cheeks, chanting excitedly. “Me too.”

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If you continue the ten-year-war (pls pls pls im in love with Diana and i adore seeing her being a highly capable and competent commander) would there also be a continuation of the demon!mika ending we can get in SM1?

You know, I didn’t really think of that…

But yeah, if the Ten-Year war game becomes a thing, I think I can add Demoness!Mika/MC to the fray as an optional route (free mode or even her own storyline)

But I don’t know if it will be possible. If the goal for SM3 isn’t reached but the attempt brings in a good amount, I may bring it to life in exchange.

the granite bark stand of King Atlanersa (ca. 650-640 BCE) from the Temple of the God Amon (B700) at Napata (about 400 km north of Khartoum, Sudan); now in the Museum of Fine Arts of Boston…
Horus of Behdet (at left, falcon-headed) and Thoth (at right, ibis-headed) binding together the symbolic plants of Upper and Lower Egypt, that is the ritual of the “Union of the Two Lands” (’sm3-t3wy’). Horus is represented holding the papyrus stem of Lower Egypt, while Thoth holds the lily stem of Upper Egypt. In the middle, King Atlanersa (wearing the skullcap with the Two Uraei) standing on the symbol for “Union of the Two Lands” and holding up the sky.
On the top, the Winged Solar Orb (Horus of Behdet) with the Two Uraei

I Love the Seduce Me Crew...
  • Me: -shows a secret image of an update for SM1's GUI that has the incubi in the bg before leaving the chat-
  • Bradley Gareth: Editing suggestion
  • Bradley Gareth: Get rid of the dweeb in the middle
  • Camille Ruley: honestly get rid off all of them
  • Hayden Daviau: Replace them with rebel leaders -runs away-
  • Camille Ruley: nononono
  • Camille Ruley: what we need
  • Camille Ruley: are a couple of furries
  • Camille Ruley: just
  • Camille Ruley: trust me
  • Hayden Daviau: I'm trusting you.
  • Camille Ruley: Fae and the Furries
  • Camille Ruley: its a new rock band
  • Hayden Daviau: Yes.
  • Camille Ruley: they sing the sm3 OP
  • Hayden Daviau: Which is just a remix of Chained The Monster but it's called Fae the Monster
  • Austin Hively: Fae The Bae
  • Bradley Gareth: Claimed the Lobster
  • Hayden Daviau: Fae IS Bae
  • Bradley Gareth: "You've Claimed the Lobster deep inside
  • This red and salty crustaceous hide"
  • Hayden Daviau: PFFFFFFFFT
  • Me: -Returning and seeing this- ... I leave for 5 hours and come back to a Lobster version of CTM and furries?