Shawn is so out of breath. (smut)

This is my first time ever posting smut. It was a draft I decided to post. You have to stop me, at some point, because this is so fucking long! I am so so sorry!!! I apologize for any mistake, I didn’t edit it properly. I will do later but still, I really hope you like it! xx

Your bare feet stepped across the cold kitchen tiles as you carried two huge tea mugs. You turned the kitchen lights off with your elbow, gaze locked on the mugs trying not to spill it all over your mother’s carpet, as you walked down the corridor, back to the living room, where Shawn was.

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You and Shawn are out of hand(s). (smut)

Shower foreplay. That’s all I have to say.
Oh, and it rhymes
! Enjoy!! Xxx

You were deep in your sleep, completely unaware of the fact that you were sweating uncontrollably. You had this thing, since you were little, to heat up during your sleep, but it was worse whenever you slept at Shawn’s.

Shawn had this habit of piling up the bed with a thousand duvets, trying to make the bed more comfortable, which, honestly, was the only way you could have a nice sleep in Canada during winter time, but you always got really warm. It was something you both knew happened a lot but Shawn insisted on a ‘cozy sleepover’ like the ones you had in the beginning of your relationship. Although you didn’t notice it, the warmth of your body, that night, was exaggeratedly impossible for Shawn to handle.

He had been awake for several minutes by that moment, trying to shift and shrug on the bed to see if he could go back to his comforting and bearable sleep. Although you were still sleeping like a rock, you felt him shrugging next to you but you were so sleepy and so lazy, you decided not to move and just let yourself fall in a deep sleep again.

Shawn was already shirtless. He had woken up several times before to remove some clothes and fell back asleep instantly, but by that time, he had literally nothing else to strip and it was driving him nuts. He was laying with his back to you. You had your head against his bare back, almost glued with it due to the sweat running down his spine and the one running down your forehead, simultaneously. Your arm was still wrapped around his torso as he tried to move under your hold.

“Christ.” He cursed under his breath, moving his legs to remove the duvets with his feet, or at least push them further down to freshen up a little.

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Shawn and his guitar are (pleasant) loud neighbors with a terrible timing.

Everyone is just out of breath and stumbling in their own words in this one, sorryyyy!
It’s another draft I put some work on. I think something like this was already written before but I felt like posting it. I am considering doing a part 2 but I also liked the mystery so… I’ll leave you to it. I apologize in advance for my possible bad grammar and I promise I’ll stop with the Harry Potter references. Feedback is more than welcome! Enjoy xxx

Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5

You lied back down and the bed looked bigger. You suddenly missed a hug you had never lived in, a perfume you had never smelled, a breath you had never heard and hands that had never touched you. You felt that desire of bringing in to your world a love that you can only imagine what it’s like to have.

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