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Character: Taeyong

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“But Taeyong we can fix this. Give me another chance.” You pleaded. Your once beautiful relationship with Taeyong came crashing down. “I’m sorry y/n I can’t. I have a job now I can’t have you there you’ll be a burden to me.”

“I’m pregnant!” You shouted.

Everything changed since that day. The day he left and never came back, but you promised that small baby growing inside that nothing bad will happen again.


Monday’s weren’t very exciting but today was the first day of kinder for your daughter and first day of work for you. “Come on baby girl your uncle Johnny is going to take you to kinder isn’t that exiting?” You asked the cute five year old. “Yeah but why can’t you take me or daddy?” She wondered. “Well I’m going to work and daddy woke up earlier today so he can’t go.” You explained.

After Johnny picked her up to take her to kinder, you headed straight for work. A year ago you had gotten a paid internship into SM Entertainment for your photography skills. When you arrived at the company you were greeted by a young boy by the name of Mark who showed you around the company. After that you headed straight to fixing your camera since you were taking pictures for Nct U’s new comeback.

When you had entered the room you were greeted by the same young boy. “Hey I didn’t know that you were working here I thought you were a trainee since you looked so young”

You smiled at his comment. “Yeah I got a paid internship here last year, but I couldn’t go to work since my daughter was still a bit to young to bring her to work.”

“Well I hope to see her one day! Goodbye!” After Mark had talked to you, you got ready for photo shoot. Today of all days you had encountered your ex who was your daughters biological father. At this moment you only wanted to leave and take (y/d/n) as far away as possible. Why today of all days? Was fate bringing you both back together? Whatever it was you only wanted to leave.

“Are you okay? You seem a bit paranoid?” Mark questioned. “Yeah don’t worry Mark I’m just worried about (y/d/n) since it’s her first time in kinder.” You answered him.


During your break you had called Johnny to tell him about what happened during the photo shoot.

“Are you a 100% sure it’s him? You must be confused” he reasoned

“I’m sure it’s him he looks exactly like (y/d/n).”

“Well y/n I have to go take care of yourself and of (y/d/n). Don’t go near him. Understood?” He asked

“Yes.” You hanged up the call and continued pondering what would happen if he wanted to meet (y/d/n).


When your shift was over you hurried up to go and pick up (y/d/n) from kinder. “So how was your first day?” You questioned her. “ was good. Uncle Johnny promised me to take me out for ice cream at the end of the week for going to school!”

“Well isn’t Johnny just spoiling you.”

“Nope uncle Johnny doesn’t spoil me he loves me more.” She protested. The whole car ride was filled with (y/d/n) reasons why she thinks Johnny loves her more than anyone.


This became a daily routine for all of you. Johnny takes her kinder, you go and avoid Taeyong at work. Until today (y/d/n) had caught a cold so you had to take her to work with you.  “Come on (y/d/n) don’t be so feisty, mommy has a lot of work okay?” You told her. “Come on do you want to see what mommy does?” She nodded her head as you both finally entered the company. “Hello y/n! Is this your daughter? She’s so cute!” Mark cooed at her. “Yeah she caught a fever yesterday at night so she couldn’t go to kinder.” You explained.

“Well I’ll see you later Mark I have a long day ahead with her.” “I’ll take care of her if you want I’m free.” He pitched in. “That’s sweet of you Mark but I can’t leave you with a sick child.” “It’s okay if I can handle the dream members I can handle a sick child.” He insisted. “If something happens to her I’ll be in room 127 okay?” You bid them both goodbye and left.

[Marks POV]

“Come on little y/n lets go play.” I grabbed her small hand and took her to one of the dance rooms to play with her. “Look Jeno a baby girl.” Renjun came in running. “What’s a baby doing here?”

“Oh it’s y/n’s baby, I’m babysitting (Y/d/n) while she works. Come on (Y/d/n) lets go grab some food.” While we headed to the cafeteria to grab something to eat (Y/d/n) had ran away.


[Taeyongs POV]

After practice was over I bumped with a small girl in the hallway. “Hello what is a beautiful little girl doing here?” I crouched down to her size. “I’m lost.” She whispered. “I’m taeyong. What’s your name cutie?” I asked. “My name is (Y/d/n)!” ’(Y/d/n) such a beautiful name for my beautiful baby girl’

Are you my dad?” (Y/d/n) asked. ’Of course I’m your daddy (Y/d/n). Did mommy not talk about me?’ I asked myself.

“Yeah I am (Y/d/n), come on let’s look for mommy?” I took a hold of her small chubby hands as she took me where y/n was. I couldn’t help but to see that she takes more after me than of y/n.

“(Y/d/n) please don’t do tha-.” Y/n stoped talking as soon as she saw me. “(Y/d/n) come here now! Get away from him.”

“Mama look it’s daddy!”


“Baby, It’s Cold Outside”

These are portraits that are actually best viewed in low-resolution… HQ shots are all well and good but this shoot is about messy hair and thrown on plaid shirts and battered denim and strings of pearls - nothing could beat a simple, slightly blurred, fan-taken photograph of the page of December 2009’s issue of Nylon Korea. The styling and Heechul’s subtle but glowing femininity is reminiscent of Mick Jagger in the 1970s - my particular favourite look is the simple, long white t-shirt with a lengthy pearl necklace effortlessly and comfortably dangling on top of it and I adore the way this t-shirt has also been casually slung over his shoulder. Heechul’s femininity has been of much comment over the years - his frequent cross-dressing, his soft and pretty looks and of course, his diva personality - these shots are so candid yet so glamorous and I have never seen Heechul look more beautiful than he does here.  

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Photography - What do you think each character likes to take pictures of? like selfies, or nature, etc. ;w;

i love photography sm you’ve got me hooked anon

Lance would be just like you expect and would take loads of selfies. He’d also love taking candids of the other paladins or group pictures with them or their families or even friendly aliens they’ve met. I also think that Lance would be partial to photos of rain and rainy days and clouds and stuff.

Keith would totally go for the hipster aesthetic once he understands the appeal of photography. He would like taking pictures of models in chic outfits and he’s the guy who posts pictures of what he got at starbucks to instagram. He would also like taking pictures of domestic animals.

Pidge doesn’t really have an aesthetic–they take pictures of whatever strikes their fancy, and their social media is a hodgepodge of their interests. That being said, they do have a knack for good camera angles. They are really fond of pictures of insects and the Organized Notebooks/Schoolwork Aesthetic.

Hunk is the kind of guy who takes artsy pictures of abstract art he’s created out of old machine parts and scrap metal. He also likes taking impromptu pictures of people when they’re in the midst of eating, catching them surprised and most often smiling. He has a talent for taking beautiful pictures of sunsets.

Shiro would take pictures of the world around him rather than focus on people or projects or little things. He photographs busy streets and dense forests, sunsets and sunrises and vast oceans. He will treak into the wilderness just to get pictures, no doubt about it.

Allura doesn’t take a lot of pictures, instead preferring to watch her paladins find the perfect shots for their own photography. When she does, however, it’s usually of mundane things that hold a lot of personal significance to her: images of the paladins in the midst of bonding, laughing and smiling, pictures of the planets and their people that they save, the odd picture she’s kept from 10,000 years ago when her planet was whole and her family alive.

Coran isn’t the best photographer, and most of his pictures are blurry, but it doesn’t stop him from taking a thousand every day. The benefit of this is that every so often one comes out looking nice, and everyone can compliment Coran on it and make him happy. He loves the feeling of validation.