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[text]: Bien, bien, intentaré hacer un poco de tiempo. [text]: …¿hola? [text]: Oh genial, maldito 3g. [text]: Esto es realmente popo. [text]: Si no te llegará ningún mensaje… [text—enviado]: eres realmente un horrible actor *pile of poop emoji* [text]: oH FUCK, NO. [text]: Eeeeh, ¿sabías que te quiero, Matthew? :-)

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This customer complained about me saying that I was horrible to him on Sunday but I was barring all day and didn't have much customer communication and he said his wife came in today and I gave her the worst attitude but yet...I didn't speak with customers because I was on dtb for maybe an hour and I was doing supervisor duties in the back most of the morning...he said we "best believe that we haven't heard the last of him" he legit is trying to get me fired and I know for a fact that he's lying

He complained to my sm over the phone and asked for my DM and five minutes later my DM called and spoke to my am about it. My am knows I’m a good worker and that I give excellent customer service all the time. However this is how my DM is going to remember me and idk what to do about it. I’m so tired of being thrown under the bus because a customer had a bad day and wants to take it out on a random food worker. Why are people so shitty to us? I really don’t understand what I did to deserve this 

If you get written up, refuse to sign it.

SMS || boo ♥
  • Declan:Mmm boo, por qué no me mencionaste que estabas con 5SOS?
  • Declan:Esa clase de cosas es la que se le dice al novio!
  • Declan:Felicidades se que es tu banda favorita ♥


[ SMS >> unknown ] I find this cute…
[ SMS >> unknown ] however I find this really creepy since I don’t know you..
[ SMS >> unknown ] but you know’d you get my number??

[ SMS >> mimi ] I have super secret connections.. if I say them, I’ll die.
[ SMS >> mimi ] Okay, maybe I got from someone you know–
[ SMS >> mimi ] Maybe I’m a fan…. this was actually supposed to be more mysterious…


^ Taeyeon on the phone with SM when she found out they were letting Jessica start a business.

SMS || Boo ♥
  • Declan:Hola amor que estás haciendo?
  • Declan:por qué no contestas mis llamadas?
  • Declan:De todas formas, solo quería decirte que te extraño

[SMS: Nephew] Hello!

[SMS: Nephew] I’m very sorry to bother you, but you’re listed as the nephew in my phone.

[SMS: Nephew] Which is a bit confusing because all of my siblings are dead.

[SMS: Nephew] May I trouble you for your name?