[140516] 娱乐圈揭秘 Posts

The Weibo account of 娱乐圈揭秘, a popular celebrity blogger with over 2389600 followers, recently posted this status:

Just received an anonymous international call…$100,000 to delete all positive news about Wu Yifan…

The blogger then added:

Not Korean won (t/n: meaning that it’s RMB, which would roughly convert to 16,053 USD)…of course I didn’t agree. I’m just angry, my phone number is only known to companies in China, so who gave it to them? Plus, I’m only short of men, not of money!

Earlier post regarding the contract termination:

Kris is finally going to court with SM. When I first heard about the company forcing him to kneel in front of the members and managers, along with the secret and violent scoldings and beatings, I wanted to support him leaving. As a Chinese person, why should he have to bend his knees for Koreans? I don’t know if the other Chinese members were tortured in this way. Anyway, Wu Yifan, please bravely let him go. Fan qin will always be your wings!

And my favorite post:

#Please return the phone to Huang Zitao# spread the word~