Let me point out my thoughts.

First if you are an SM stan for over 5years i bet you will understand me very well, I am an SM stan and i think the company management and work is super genuis BUT i see no one more evil than this same company.

Over the years from SM first boybands in a certain points things get for the band in a tight spot that makes everybody lose their mind, if we go back in history you will see every SM boy band get to massive troubles after every SUPER hit.
DBSK mirotic
Super Junior Sorry Sorry
As i said, if you an old fan you will understand my point.

Secondly why i started this Exo and Kai, oh no i mean Jongin, Kim Jongin.
SM loves building up otps, but they get on trouble later when the otp get too close “yunjae, hanchul” and in this point we have Kaisoo, Jongin is pretty close to Kyungsoo i am not a delulu but honestly you wont stare at your bro/bff for longer than 5s, and you wont get all smiley blushy or even sexually frustrated because of them, Kaisoo are a little bit closer than bro.
All the mess and trouble start exactly after the first statement of some “same-sex pair uncovering” then Kaisoo moment start lessen, and becomes distant or at least they put someone between them (victim Suho or lay), then out of the blue Kaistal was born i am not hating on them, but if they were already declared as a couple why dont they go out in public more? Why they shoots comes out only when the public ‘suspect’ something? Why they both dont look 'that’ pleased? Why Kyungsoo at the showcase seem like crying and Jongin seem so hurt and lost?

And honestly Jongin have gone through A LOT, from fans, sm, maybe band members like he is soo targeted i feel like he is a timing bomb that will blow soon.

I think Kaisoo have something, maybe Kaistal are close, and maybe Sehun was just testing and preparing the fans for something.
You can hit me with any question or remark or even criticize you all free


today i got the chance to see exo at the sm building and it was the single most disturbing thing i’ve ever experienced. when my friend and i got there, we had just missed exo-m by a few seconds as they went into their van. expecting exo-k to come out, we stayed around. because of what happened, a crowd of girls began crying, collapsing, and screaming. my friend and i were perplexed. we lingered around, conflicted. but suddenly, d.o. walked around the corner. he was 2 meters away from the doors before a girl noticed him and screamed. all hell broke loose. everyone charged and screamed and ran over each other. my friend and i backed away in concern for our safety. the security guard got run over. and then it was over. 

i felt so bad for him. 5 minutes later, a van dropped off baekhyun. it took approximately 10mins for him to get out of the car due to the crowding fans. from the back, i saw a glimpse of his face. it was a combination of fatigue, anger, annoyance, and suffocation. in that moment, i wanted to cry. another van came and dropped off sehun and kai. they both had the same look on their faces. by now, i had put my phone away. i didn’t want to film them. i didn’t want to take away what little privacy they had left. 

these boys are my age this year. they literally cannot even go out anymore. i felt so conflicted being there, i wanted to leave. but a part of me commanded me to stay and watch and witness a fraction of these boys’ lives. i could never live like this. no one should. and the fact that no one there other than my friend and i realized this makes me sick. everyone there was focused on either they had caught the boys on camera or they didn’t. not about the privacy they invaded, not about the lives they were ruining, not about the dehumanization happening. 

i only went to see how the sm building looks like but i got the chance to witness this absurdity. i will never, ever in all my life go there again.