Who is Lay?

♡ Zhang Yixing

where to start i love him so much

♡ Every exo-l is soft for this boy

♡ The most hardworking person on earth


♡ King of China

He is the china line

I wanna cry while hugging him my ot12 feels

♡ “Healing unicorn”

♡ Suho’s precious kid

♡ I’m pretty sure sm hates him

Dance line

♡ Visual

♡ Actor

♡ Basically perfect


♡ Has a separate fan base called Xingmis

♡ Yi(Xing) + Nai(mi)

♡ Yixing’s name + My name

Chanyeol is the biggest xingmi

♡ As you can tell from the name 

♡ He is S O F T

♡ His softness is nothing like ksoo’s softness

♡ We call him unicorn because he is literally unreal

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♡ He is the softest member

♡ He is just pure fluff

♡ Is cute

♡ Really cute

♡ Even if he just stands there doing nothing but existing

♡ he is cute

♡ When he is breathing

♡ When he is smiling

♡ When he’s confused

♡ Is the type of person who would fix the plushie’s bangs when a plushie’s eyes are closed and say

♡ “now you can see”

♡ he is literally an angel

♡ He would do anything for his fans

♡ Literally anything

♡ Reads all the fan letters at the airport

♡ Males sure he performs well otherwise thinks that people’s money go to waste

♡ makes sure everyone has a pic with him before leaving the conference he was on

♡ gives handwritten invitations in chinese and english which he wrote for his bd

♡ translated his album “Lose Control” to japanese,english and chinese

♡ chinese—->cantonese+mandarin

♡ Gives members special bags called “hope bags”so that they won’t meet any troubles

♡ His pureness can’t be explained with words

♡ While we’re talking about how soft he is

♡ I wonder if the blindfold he uses while he’s dancing to artificial love is also soft


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♡ I ain’t joking i’m serious

♡ I feel like he has a dark past coz those moves are pure sin

♡ He often likes to kill exo-ls with kai

♡ As a soft unicorn,he can also turn into a wild stripper on the stage

♡ I see hip thrusts

♡ Once he was performing Lose Control,his belt opened


♡ I mean he is so rude

♡ Has solo’s like Lose control,what u need? and monodrama

♡ Lose control is basically hip thrusts

♡ Along with lay’s heavy gaze and soft voice

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♡ It’s just rude


♡ We ain’t complaining

♡ His looks are everything

♡ He is the visual king

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I have found so many rude gifs u guys have no idea

♡ His smile is everything

♡ When he smiles

♡ The world just stops for a minute 

♡ It becomes a better world

♡ the sun shines a bit brighter

♡ the birds sing a bit happier

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This boy is srsly killing me SOMEONE SEND HELP PLS

♡ As he also works and promotes in china he has lots of photo shoots

♡ He is beautiful

♡ King of serving looks

I’m just gonna put this here coz this is art

♡ He is literally so handsome

♡ I mean he’s breathtaking

♡ Every pic that he has no matter with or without make up

♡ is so precious cause he looks so freaking good in all of them

♡ I S  E T H E R E A L

♡ I really dunno how to express this handsomeness


♡ Also an actor

♡ Played a cutie pie in his movie kung fu yoga w jackie chan

♡ Has a movie where he and his gay husband have a baby from the future lesbians called oh my god


i dunno what to say anymore

♡ Also Operation love where he is a character full of regrets

♡ but returns to the past and tries his best


♡ As i mentioned before,he has his own solo career 

♡ His last album lose control killed all of exo-ls

♡ Has a studio in china

♡ His voice is so soothing

His singing makes me want to punch myself

♡ Sings in many languages

♡ While we mention about languages

♡ His korean is just

♡ bootiful

♡ His korean teacher told him to get a gf


♡ Often makes pronunciation mistakes

♡ “Members wet their pants”

♡ “Jurazil park”

♡ Said penis instead of pepper 

♡ chanyeol was shook

♡ cameraman was shook

♡ exo-l were shook

♡ But its ok since we love him the way he is

♡ and baek often helps and explains him 

♡ There’s a precious friendship called

♡ Baekxing

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♡ Baek often explains him anything in korean

♡ They’re super cute

♡ Precious af

♡ Yixing just loves him so much

♡ Yixing just loves every member so much

♡ Baek is yixing’s nr.1 fan

♡ He also has a super confused side

♡ Always confused

♡ Bbh is his life saver

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♡ Fangirl bbh mode on

♡ You can actually ship lay with any member since he’s a fluff ball

♡ —->sulay

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♡ He is suho’s most precious kid since he’s innocent and easygoing

♡ —–>xiulay

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♡ —>Layhan

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♡ Even tough they’re former members he still keeps in touch with his brothers from china

♡ And supports them and their movies,music..etc

♡ also meets them in china


♡ also teaches sehun chinese

♡ Since he’s really kind and considerate towards people he’s loved by everyone

♡ His dance is everything you want in your life

♡ He is really passionate about dancing

♡ he is a choreographer

♡ What u need?’s choreo

♡ Lose contol’s choreo

♡ also helped they never know’s choreo

♡ Is close with 1m dance studio’s Kasper

U can actually spot kasper in every sm dance practice video

♡ His moves are so smooth yet delicate

♡ he is an angel dancing

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♡ He also ended saesang fans

♡ “as saesang fans have every information about us including our phone numbers,i’m expecting them to know teacher lee so man’s number too”


♡ He is really hardworking

♡ produced an album in china

♡ Shot 2 movies,one w jackie chan

♡ shot a drama

♡ Promoted exo

♡ promoted his work

♡ performed his solo work

♡ sometimes danced sometimes sang

♡ Joined his brothers for the comeback


♡ Did all those things in half a year

♡ As we can tell

♡ overworks himself

♡ fainted twice

♡ The photos taken today at the airport was showing how tired he was

♡ he works nonstop 

♡ he gotta rest

♡ he was working all the time when the rest of the members had time to rest

I fucking hate sm

♡ He is the most precious kid i’ve ever seen


♡ I swear if they comeback without lay i’ll fly to korea and let the sm building on fire after stabbing lee soo man 384737 times

♡ He is the cutest pls protect him

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(170505) exataem - #onew #minho #key SM building my fancam

Back 2 U -- Taeyong Soulmate AU

A/N: A soulmate au (first words your soulmate says are on your wrist in black and turn white when they’re said) with Taeyong of NCT. This is my first venture into writing for groups other than Seventeen so I hope you enjoy! If you do, don’t be afraid to send me feedback or a request!

I used a member of another group simply to have a name to use! I am in no way trying to slander that member or the group.

Trigger warning: Unhealthy relationship (not with Taeyong, don’t worry)

Genre: slight angst, fluff-ish

Pairing: Reader x Taeyong

Word Count: 4k+

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Out of all the collections of words, numbers, and letters there were in the world, you thought that 1:27 A.M. was the least romantic pairing one could have inked on their wrist. Your friends seemed to agree.

“Come on, Y/N, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings!” Donghyuck insisted, reaching out to grab your wrist and pull you back down into your seat.

You were at McDonald’s late at night with your friends, trying to ignore your constantly ringing phone that sat on the table before you.

“He’s an idiot.” Mark added, trying to make you laugh and forget Donghyuck’s teasing over your tattoo. Donghyuck hit his shoulder,  but didn’t disagree, which sent you into a fit of giggles.

“You should turn it off.” Jaehyun said from his place to your left, nodding his head toward the phone.

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lucky ; lty

taeyong doesn’t think anything can surprise him anymore, but he stands corrected when his new stylist steals his heart from right under his nose.

pairing: taeyong x reader / word count 7k

genre: makeup artist!o/c, idol verse, tooth rotting fluff, i am trash pass it on

– tagging @workofteaguk for accompanying me through the ride of falling for lee taeyong. lov u tractor!

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*Somewhere around SM entertainment building, May 17th*

Sehun: -runs up to Baekhyun and hugs him- Hyung! Happy Birthday~

Baekhyun: -pats his back awkardly and pulls away- Erm.. Hunnie, it was eleven days ago…

Sehun: Smirk. Oh, was it?

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Something’s Missing [Jaehyun]

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Genre: Smut, Praise Kink :)

Characters: Jaehyun x You (Reader)

Word Count: 1758

Notes: I’ve been on Jae for too long, so I had to write a smut about him naturally. As always feedback is appreciated!

Jaehyun had invited you over to the studio this afternoon to give an opinion on the new track he was working on for the new NCT 127 comeback. You made your way through the busy streets of Seoul, the sun blaring down on you as you waited at crosswalks and turned corners.

You saw the familiar sight of the SM building, entering it with a pass Jaehyun had given you months ago in case you ever wanted to visit him at work. You made your way into the elevator and pressed the button for the 7th floor.

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NCT 127 reaction to your sexy comeback as an idol after having an argument


Anon:  Nct127 reaction to you guys having an aurgument right before you go on stage to perform your sexy concept comeback? Thankyoouu ❤️

Hi Anon! Here is your request- I do hope you like it! Please request more if you wish ;-)

I’m also including Johnny and Doyoung into this since they’ve been announced as the new members of NCT127! Bless Johnny boi

You can find Ten’s reaction here:


Reaction to you singing an emotional song for your comeback as an idol after having an argument.


He would watch your performance backstage in your dressing room (via a screen) There was no doubt that he liked what he was seeing. Licking his lips, he watched attentively at you swayed your hips and stared intensely into the camera; it was like he had completely forgotten about your earlier argument. However, when you returned from your performance, slightly sweaty from your intense routine, he ignored you completely. Arms crossed, sitting stiffly on the couch. You smirked, knowing that he was discreetly watching you from afar admiring. You sat beside him rubbing his arm, “Come on Taeil”, you whined, knowing nuzzling into his side, attemting to get a reaction out of him. “You liked it- admit it”. His silence treatment against you didn’t last long.


He immediately left the building, as soon as you were called for your stage. He was fully aware of your performance and how “sexy” it was, so cleverly devised a plan to get against you. For the rest of the night, he practiced a very special dance for you. It took every muscle in him not to check his phone to see whether you had phoned and texted him. Or to see the uploaded video of your stage. By the early hours of the next day, it was ready to be shown to you. You received a text from him: SM building now, Y/N. Luckily for Johnny, you hadn’t slept at all, worried about his whereabouts and about your previous argument. Whilst waiting for your arrival, Johnny watched your performance attentively. It was even better than he was anticipating. Let’s just say that you both defiantly appreciated each other’s dances. 


He watch you angrily from the side of the stage. He still couldn’t fathom your argument before, so was finding it hard to resist letting his mind wander off, and think about you dancing sexily. When he realised how provocative and sexual the dancing was, he clenched his hands into fists, biting his lip so hard that now it was bleeding. He wasn’t angry now, he was fuming. Mad at the fact that you were dancing so enticingly yet so casually, as if the lyrics and dance moves would have no effect on people, especially him. stepping off stage, you met with a red faced Taeyong, who grabbed your wrist and pulling you out the building, into the car and back to the dorms urgently. He wasn’t going to let you get away with it… 


(fuckkkkkk look at those thighs jfc boi)

Yuta wouldn’t be able to watch you perform from the crowd, despite telling you the day before he would. The argument between you would really offend him, so much so that he literally wouldn’t be able to bear you. Instead, he’d watch it at home on TV, a tent in his jeans quickly forming when he saw what you doing. He cursed at himself for allowing himself to get turned on by you considering the circumstances. There was no denying that he was more than a little flustered by the little clothing you wearing and your dancing. He still wanted to talk about the argument, despite this, originally planning to sit you down and calmly speak with you. But now, he had a completely different plan on how to punish you. For him, it was like you were practically asking for it.


To be honest, I think ooyung wouldn’t allow himself to fall for you and your sexy comeback that easily. Storming off home, he’d lock himself in his room, turning off his phone so he wouldn’t be able to see any of missed calls or text messages. Evidently, when you walked off stage, slightly covered in a layer of sweat, you were upset to see that he didn’t wait for you and watch you. A pout on your face, eyebrows furrowed, when you arrived back home, you were immediately pushed against a wall, a pair of arms blocking you firmly. “Aish, jagiya, do you want to explain to me what that performance was? Where did you learn all those moves?” You knew you would be in for a few more hours of excitement. 


Jaehyun would watch you from backstage, phone in hand as he scrolled through the live comments on the stream. Although his mind told him to leave and continue being mad at you, his heart told him to stay and support you. He felt uncomfortable reading comments from other men commenting about how beautiful your body was and how they’d do anything to get a night with you. Now he was even angrier at you, for letting them think that. you found him in your dressing room backstage afterwards. Eyes dark, he walked straight to you, one hand wrapped around your neck lightly, an arm around your waist tightly, he leaned down to whisper in your ear: “I think you better prove to that you want me more than any of those men, don’t you think?


WinWin would probably be quite submissive in your relationship to be honest. But at the same time, he’d try you like a goddess. He’d do anything to support you and make you feel good and please you. He wouldn’t be able to leave your side and stage, even after an argument. He watch you nervously, gulping loudly every time to swayed your hips or rolled your body. Coming off stage, you smirked at him. You knew what he was thinking despite him not saying anything to you. Wrapping your hand tightly around his, you cheekily asked him if he wanted a private show, to which he eagerly nodded for.

Mark: (Reaction to you singing an emotional song for your comeback as an idol after having an argument)

Mark would instantly regret arguing with you in the first place. He’d see the tears forming in your eyes and how your hands would tremble a bit. At first, he wouldn’t know what to do or say to you after, but when you rushed off stage, a couple tears running down your face, he’d rush to your side pulling you into a bone-crushing hug. “I’m sorry Y/N, please forgive me! i won’t let this happen again, I swear”, he’d attempt to reassure you and calm you down with his words, as his hands lightly played with your hair. Neither of you, in the end, would be able to stay mad at each other for that long.

Haechan: (Reaction to you singing an emotional song for your comeback as an idol after having an argument.)

This sunshine would find it difficult to stay backstage whilst you tearfully sung your song. He’d just want to run out on stage, in front of all the fans and audience, and hug you, wiping your tears. Obviously he couldn’t, to stay professional. So waited anxiously backstage, until you finished. For the rest of the day, he’d try to make it up to you by giving you a lot of aegyo and food and cuddles, until you eventually gave in and forgave him which was practically instantly anyway but still lol

Do you have a boyfriend?

All it took for Johnny to get you interested was one lame ass pick up line.

okay legit this was. not supposed to turn out like this but. it did. this was originally supposed to be like a small 500 word thing but it ended up into almost 5k like wt fuck me. this has a mix of 4 different requests and like 4 different ideas that were just laying around in my drafts that just weren’t. going anywhere so hoPEFULLY it’s okay and if you see your request in here hopefully it’s okay for me to put it in here ;;;

i hope yall enjoy ;;;

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