Namesake: Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites by Skrillex

Appearance: SM/NS’s default appearance, if any, is unknown; stand users see it as a pixelated, off-color version of their own Stand, prior to its transformation.

Destructive Power: D

Speed: D / A

Precision: C

Range: A

Durability: A

Potential: C

Ability: [SM/NS]’s primary ability is to shift into a form designed specifically to deeply unnerve and occupy the thoughts of any particular target. This mental image will take on an unnatural prominence and persistence in the target’s mind’s eye, causing stress, sleep deprivation, etc. This is a purely visual transformation.

After several days, targets will begin to intuit that creating some form of visual representation of the “scary monster” will relieve this stress. Upon doing so, the thing will come to life and run away; the target will, immediately thereafter, forget what exactly it looked like.

[SM/NS]’s user can control and see through these “nice sprites”, as they are essentially manifestations of [SM/NS]; they are small and weak (if only because most drawings are small), but very fast and surprisingly resilient. The sprites have no special abilities beyond this, though they are invisible to non-Stand-users.

[SM/NS]’s secondary ability is a sort of “heat map” of grotesque and morbid goings-on in the user’s area. The precision of this goes down quickly the farther away an event is from the user, but they can still play a game of ‘hot and cold’ to find the event given a little time, and its sprites can help triangulate the source.


Smile PreCure x Skrillex