“I’m gay.” He stands there nervously, waiting for his best friends response.
“Oh,” said his friend, relieved. “So am I. I was going to tell you but I didn’t know if you would be supportive.”

yoi "know me more" asks
  • So actually there are moments when I don't cry about Yuri on Ice (ok, just kidding I do all the time, anyway), if you want to know what kind of person I am then, please ask ahead! Just send me character's name and I'll answer the question.
  • Yuuri: One line from yoi that describes you best?
  • Victor: Who’s your favourite fictional character?
  • Yurio: What always makes you angry/annoyed?
  • Otabek: What's your favourite hobby?
  • Phichit: Are you that type of person who has lots of mates or do you have a very small circle of close friends?
  • Leo: What kind of music do you listen to?
  • Guan-Hong: What never fails to make you happy?
  • Chris: What makes you uncomfortable (if there is anything)?
  • Georgi: Were you ever truly in love?
  • JJ: Your biggest talent?
  • Seung Gil: Some random funny fact about you?
  • Emil: If you could travel anywhere where would it be?
  • Michele: Your biggest obsession?
  • Sara: The most courageous thing you've ever done?
  • Mila: Are you interested in sport? What's your favourite?
  • Minami: What are your other fandoms?
  • Minako: Are you addicted to something?
  • Yuuko: Any random strong childhood memory?
  • Takeshi: The thing you regret the most?
  • Mari: One thing about you that most of the people don't notice at first?
  • Hiroko: Who is your favourite artist/musician/writer?


anonymous asked:

Munday Q! If you could meet any 5 ask bloggers to collab live, who would those be ?

((oh oh oh… uuhm

definitely @ask-aph-ameridork​ // @nyogermanyandpup​ cause you live like in freaking Narnia I mean America and there’s probably no way I can afford to go there any time soon :( I also wanna pet her dog, she’s adorable.

Probably @ask-mr-biscuit​ too, because you live far away too and I like your cosplay and we’ve been sort of responding to each others posts recently.

Can I wish for @askawesomepreussen​ to live closer? We’ve met quite a few times to do collabs but ugh distance.

Also @ask-baden​ (even tho they draw asks but I think they cosplay too so why not!)

and @ask-aph-franceypants​ & @ask-aph-francis but I hardly know them :(

I haven’t done many collabs with people from other countries yet :( Most collabs I do with friends who live in the same country (which is really small).

So on this note: feel free to do collabs with me!))

Taking Munday Questions!

Ah yes, the Rents have finally revealed how much they want Hank and I to give them for car/phone stuff

However it was phrased “Well They’re supposed to be giving us $100 each month…”

Like, chill your grill, Mom, this is LITERALLY the first time you’ve given me a solid number