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[TRANS] NCT DREAM Interview for CeCi September 2017 Issue!

It’s nice to meet you. You are having your comeback next week, please give a slight hint about your title song ‘We Young’.
Mark: personally, we are very happy with the title song this time. It’s an energetic and liberal song that fits the team, it will probably give you a feeling that we have matured once you hear the song. 

Come to think of it, I think every grew taller between you.
Mark: Jisung grew taller the most. 

Do you check your heights with each other?
Mark: Yes (laughs). Jisung always says “The big kids are tall~”.
Jisung: I was joking (laughs).
Renjun: Although we sleep late and don’t drink milk, we still grow. 

The first concert for Dream was SM Town Live Stage. How are you feeling after performing alongside Sunbaes on a large size stage?
Renjun: The feeling was new compared to other stages. Sunbaes always look cool, I was hoping I would become like that too so together on a stage seems like it’s a dream.
Mark: We showed an appearance that is of vast energy of a Maknae group. It was an honour to just climb on such a big stage, we were more touched by watching our usually-respected Sunbaes’ stages closely. 

You did a remake of Lee Seung Hwan’s, your big Sunbae, ‘Dunk Shot’, which song that you would remake amongst your Sunbae’s songs?
Mark: H.O.T.’s ‘Candy’.
Haechan: All of TVXQ’s songs!
Jeno: Personally, I like NCT U’s ‘The 7th Sense’. I really like the song, I practiced the dance a lot too with Jisung. Taeyong looks so cool (laughs). 

Who are each of your role models?
Although there are many, if I must say one then Justin Bieber! Justin Bieber is still growing, so his music and image are growing as well, which is different from others. I want to resemble that image.
Jisung: Dean. (His) music is very sophisticated which is really cool
Haechan: Michael Jackson! He’s my forever wannabe.
Jeno: I want to be like Bruno Mars since my trainee days. I was charmed the first time I heard ‘Marry You’. I envy the fact that he can dance well and write songs well too.
Renjun and Chenle: It’s hard to just say one since there are so many. We would like to absorb a variety of merits from the musicians that we admire. 

The concept for today’s poster was ‘Dreamers who are dreaming’. Is there a recent dream that you remember?
Jisung: When it comes to dreams, it’s very vivid while I’m dreaming, strangely I can’t remember it when I wake up.
Mark: When I was young, I dreamt a lot of fantasy dreams, these days I seem to dream very mundane and real dreams.
Renjun: I saw my father in my dream last night. Since I can’t see him very often as he lives in China, I cried because it was so nice to meet him, when I woke up my pillow was wet. So I immediately video called him. I want to meet him soon.
Jeno: I had reoccurring dreams when I was young. The person who wrote the fox tale really bothers me, I seem to dream when I am stressed. I’ve dreamt this for three consecutive days.
Chenle: I dreamt a lot about fighting like the movie ‘Avengers’ when I wake up from the dream I felt relieved.
Haechan: These days I tend to lose consciousness just as I touch the pillow (laughs). I sleep soundly to the point where I can’t dream. 

How long does every sleep for?
Jisung: There are days when I don’t sleep at all. Then I regret not sleeping (laughs). If I sleep a lot then 8 hours?
Chenle: When we don’t have activities, I can sleep for about 10 hours.
Jeno: members usually don’t sleep at night. Rather, we become lively at night. Instead we sleep a lot in the morning. 

Then who is the member that sleeps the most?
Renjun: I think Haechan.
Haechan: If nobody turns on the lights in the room, I can sleep to no end. 

Average age 16.6. It’s an age where there’s a lot that you want to do and dreams to achieve. Do you know how precious this time is?
Mark: Of course. We can run around and laugh a lot, it’s free time. Even when I grow older I want to keep this heart, like Peter Pan, forever.
Renjun: Although there were times when I wish to become an adult as soon as possible, when I think about how there are things that only people my age can do, I feel everyday is very precious. 

Your friendship is very strong when I look at you closely today.
Mark: Since we live in separate dorms, most of the times we are apart. So, I contacted them more often than before. Should I be worried (laughs)?
Jisung: That’s why the days when we practice together as a group or like this shooting posters, we atmosphere is really good. 

When members meet together like this what do you do and play?
Haechan: We eat chicken and play games. If not, basketball or football!
Renjun: Jisung is very good at gaming. 

If you have to point out the wackiest member out of the team?
Jisung: Haechan.
Jeno: Jisung. Probably everybody would agree? He laughs at anything he can think of when he’s alone and still (laughs).
Jisung: That’s true.
Mark: Honestly, Jisung! Seriously 4D, it’s cute. 
Renjun: I choose Jisung too.
Haechan: I think it’s Renjun though.
Chenle: I choose Renjun too. 

Jisung and Renjun has the most votes. Then which member is the most rational?
Jisung: That is seriously Mark!
Renjun, Haechan: I choose Mark too.
Mark: In my opinion, I think it’s Jeno. 
Jeno: Mark is the sanest one.
Jisung: It’s not you. 

Renjun and Chenle’s Korean is very good.
Renjun: Still, sometimes, I still make mistakes when translating Chinese into Korean. 

What kind of mistakes?
Renjun: Ah, when I say (literally in Korean) skin when I mean ‘skin’, everyone bursts. 
Chenle: That’s right. Me too, when I ask, ‘Did you buy skin?’, Hyungs all laugh. (laughs). 

In ‘Highschool Rapper’, the oldest member, Mark’s act was really something. Are there any individual activities that other members would like to do if given the chance?
Jisung: I want to form another NCT unit, when I can do solo activities I would like to do that. Ah! I most definitely want to shoot my favorite Chicken advertisement (laughs). 
Chenle: For me, CF (laughs)! I haven’t thought about doing any individual activities.
Mark: There are many things I would like to do regarding music. Since I like guitar performances, I would like to show me performing if I get the chance.
Jeno: I would like to try acting like D.O. sunbae. I also think it would be fun to form a hip-hop unit with Mark.
Haechan: My dream since I was young is to be a singer song writer. I wish the day I listen to the song I made would come soon.
Renjun: I would like to do global activities. I would also like to try acting and variety if I get a chance. 

You are called SM’s futures. What kind of future does NCT Dream dream of?
Mark: I think our biggest weapon is our possibilities. We wish to show our, although yet young, but still growing appearances, and become a group that is cool physically, mentally and musically who listens to our friends’ stories. 
Haechan: NCT Dream’s original goal was to become ‘Healing-ers to older brothers and sisters. Group that gives friends and younger ones, hope.’ We always aim for this goal and work hard while doing so. 
Jeno: I wish to show those who are look after us, our growth. To become a group who can bring gifts of hope, friendship, happiness, and emotion.

Translation:  Teddy @ FY! NCT (NCTINFO) | Source: Grazia

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Is EXO the Most Stylish K-Pop Band of All Time?

It is a 90-degree July day in Seoul, and the air is thick with unfallen rain. Still, the concrete steps leading up to the World Cup Stadium are swarming with boys and girls in black baseball jerseys armed with clear plastic ponchos and posters, paper boxes packed with sweet fried chicken and sour pickles. It is the sixth edition of SM Town Live, a summer concert series put on by SM Entertainment to showcase the company’s impressive roster of K-pop stars—icons such as BoA and Yunho of TVXQ, Girls’ Generation and Shinee. Yet the main event is without a doubt EXO, the reigning kings of K-pop, who are there to close one chapter of their career and kick off the next with a new album and look to match.
Calling them kings is controversial. It stirs up rival factions (the band’s new album is titled The War), and internationally, that designation is up for debate. But in Korea, the beating heart of K-pop fandom, the nine-member boy band remains at the top. Last year they won five daesangs (Korea’s biggest music award, roughly equivalent to album or artist of the year), one of which they had won for the fourth consecutive time. The band celebrated its five-year anniversary in April with a live video broadcast that drew 80,000 viewers in less than two minutes. The next month, they played two nights at Seoul’s Olympic Stadium; seating some 70,000, it is the country’s largest venue and only four K-pop groups, including EXO, have ever played there. Both shows sold out in under 30.
For years, their status has remained relatively unchallenged, but it is difficult for anyone at the top to stay there. EXO also struggles with the perception that they are too perfect, a manufactured pop act without much personality. Korean boy groups also have to deal with the country’s mandatory military enlistment policy, which effectively puts a two-year pause on their careers that is hard to bounce back from. It is one reason why this particular comeback is so crucial for EXO, and why they chose to dramatically change course. “Ko Ko Bop,” the lead single and sole video to be released from The War, is the aesthetic opposite of the band’s previous summer single, “Monster.” Musically, it combines EDM and reggae. It is a sun-soaked song with a distinct “tropical” vibe, and that sharp tonal shift is most clearly communicated through the clothes.

The starting point for the video’s style was The Talented Mr. Ripley, specifically the rich, disaffected Dickie Greenleaf, played by a young Jude Law, as he lazes about the Italian coast. “Ko Ko Bop” reimagines the eight singers (Lay, the group’s only remaining Chinese member, was unable to participate in this album due to his “schedule”) as younger, more fashion-forward versions of Dickie. Sehun wears a Saint Laurent Hawaiian shirt from Spring 2017, covered in retro pop surfboards and station wagons; his hair has been dyed and spiked to resemble a Bird of Paradise. Chanyeol has hair the color of tropical punch and has thrown a white Céline blouse with watercolor blooms over a Saint Laurent logo tee; Baekhyun appears in Valentino, a mustard ikat Etro blazer, and a red mullet. A matching pair of palm tree–dotted All Saints shirts make the rounds on almost all members, loosely swapped around to convey the shoot’s trippy, drug-fueled vacation vibe (a bit odd, considering Korea’s anti-drug culture). All said, it continues EXO’s tradition of slowly pushing the boundaries of K-pop men’s fashion.
The band began honing their singular take on style two years ago with the song, “Call Me Baby.” Before that, they were generally clothed in matching suits or tees plucked off the racks of Boon the Shop and other local boutiques, a one-size-fits-all solution that emphasized their uniformity. In 2015, however, they found a way to bring out each member’s personality by tailoring what they wore in each shoot. More importantly, they began to source designers that K-pop stars were not wearing at the time. Back then, when singers wore high-end fashion, they generally went with big name, easily shoppable brands—Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton. EXO reached instead for labels fashion people love: Pieces by Raf Simons, Dries Van Noten, archival Helmut Lang. These were mixed with Korean designers, including custom suits from Heich Es Heich, and eventually, a few items from their personal collections—a surprising move. K-pop bands, EXO included, are known for casting off and slipping on new identities with each album. To let a bit of their personal taste shine through, no matter how small, felt like a change.
It is a sartorial mix that has influenced the rest of the industry and reflects the country’s growing emphasis on individual style, which took centerstage on their Exo’rdium world tour, where the above photos were shot. Below, they reflect on the band’s evolution and their own. Kai prefers simple pieces from A.P.C.; D.O., all-black workwear from American heritage brands. Chanyeol is passionate about streetwear—Vetements, Balenciaga, Supreme, Gosha—and he recently confessed to keeping the tags on his clothes for a month, unable to tear them off. Moments like this are thrilling; they feel intimate and authentic, a real flash of expression through fashion. There’s no better way to begin again.

Article by Monica Kim @

thequeen-of-hell  asked:

Sami, omg I'm sorry if I ask too many questions and annoy you but you're the first person who comes to my mind when I need to know smthing about Kpop and also I look up on you so much! K, here's my question: can I find all the previous SHINee concerts on youtube? I know this is kinda stupid to ask, but I really don't know which concerts they made till now. PS: There's no need to list them, it'd be too much trouble and I don't wanna bother you, just answer yes or no and I'll do my researches ^.^

Hello my beautiful Leti. <3 Please don’t be sorry because you are never annoying me, even if you have 100 questions. I am sorry for the late reply, I was busy the whole day, and didn’t really have chance to get on until now. Also thank you so much for your kind words, you are precious to me. <3 

As for SHINee concerts, they had many. Although, their solo concerts are only SWC tours. Unfortunately, as far as I know, many concerts in their full length were not uploaded on YouTube. :( And it’s absolutely not stupid to ask. Don’t worry. I will list you all the SHINee, either solo or concerts they participated in from the 2008 that I know of. Links that I had saved are underlined, just click on it to watch. Others, unfortunately I don’t have links to full concerts, but you can find lots of fancams on YT. Enjoy! ^^

I wouldn't mind all this if it wasn't so random and probably fake...

I am old enough to know that probably no OTP is real and when I reblog stuff about baekyeol or say something I say it in a humorous manner. I know that shipping two people is part of the industry and that entertainments are well aware of this whole thing, but allowing real true relationships between two men or women would be so not korea. I mean it’s still hard for “normal” citizens to come out of the closet as korea is very conservative and homophobic. So I doubt an idol in their teenage years would dare to come out and say he/she has a relationship with a band member. Most of what we fans see, we’re supposed to see. It’s called fanservice. Of course we want to see things that mean more. I too felt like baekyeol could be real, but just for the sake of fanfictions. If you know a bit about korea you might know that skinship between friends of the same sex is totally normal and adding the fanservice it might seem like a real love interest. But it actually isn’t.

Just like we will never know what’s really happening behind closed doors, we will never know what scandals and rumors are right or just made up. That’s why I am kind of feeling like this whole baekyeon thing is a scam. I mean, where did this come from all of a sudden? Why did they have so many pictures ready and SM being like “yup they’re dating” when SM is the first to always deny everything and cover shit up. Here we have it - cover things up. This scandal came right at the best moment. Kris is coming out of his hole and giving signs and that director is making it clear, that Kris will probably start an acting career in another entertainment - not so good for SM I suppose. Especially after he cost them so much money and rescheduling. It’s always a wise move to have another scandal (or two - Baek’s underage drinking) to surface all of a sudden to make the public forget about the worse scandal that is costing the entertainment a lot of reputation.

Why are still so many doubting those suspiscions? I mean this is not the first time something like this happened.

First case: H.O.T disbanding.

Money issues. Probably SM not paying them what they should get.

“H.O.T. disbanded in May 2001. As the members of H.O.T. neared the end of their contracts with SM Entertainment, it was rumored that financial issues caused the group to split. However, because the real reasons for the breakup were never officially released to the public, financial contract issues still remain an unverified rumor to this day.”

Second case: Shinhwa leaving SM.

It seemed like their contract just ended and they wanted to go a different way. But think about it - if you’re happy with your company and they want you to continue, wouldn’t you sign a new contract? But they didn’t. They even had to go to court to still keep their group name (as SM owns everything).

“With the expiration of the group’s contract, SM Entertainment offered them a second contract but the group rejected it and signed with new company, Good Entertainment. However, they had to go to court to retain the use of their name. Which they won and duly moved from SM Entertainment to Good Entertainment.” (wikipedia)

Third case: Hangeng.

He was the only one of his group to speak up about the scandalous and slave like contract he had been in and after he had endured this for years, he was sick of it. Which is understandable.

“On December 21, 2009, Han filed a lawsuit against SME to terminate his contract, citing that the 13-year contract was unlawful, overly restrictive, and unfair. His arguments include being forced to do things outside of his contract and being refused sick leave, which led to kidney illness.” (wikipedia)

Fourth case: DB5K disbanding and becoming TVXQ/JYJ

This might be the biggest issue up till today, as SM did a lot to hinder JYJ in doing their business. It feels like SM is some kind of mafia, trying to get rid of everybody who’s against them. Not to speak of the money issues all the time. As it is no secret that in korea it’s not Star - Staff - Entertainment, but Entertainment - Staff - “Star”. The Star/Idol works for the company and is just like any other employee and earns money FOR THE ENTERTAINMENT and NOT for themselves. Most of the kids who wanna become idols think about it as a way to earn a lot of money to help their families. We know a lot of idols who have a poor background and/or sick family members who need help. Of course a lot also want to become famous and well known in the industry, but the main reason probably is money. It’s always about money. And we know about a lot of cases where it was an issue. That idols weren’t paid what they were promised or that they wouldn’t get money at all from their company for certain things.

“In late July 2009, three of the TVXQ members; Kim Jaejoong (known as Hero), Park Yoochun (known as Micky) and Kim Junsu (known as Xiah), submitted an application to the Seoul Central District Court to determine the validity of their contract with SM Entertainment. Through their lawyers, the members stated that the 13-year contract was excessively long and that the group’s earnings were not fairly distributed to the members. Early termination penalty of their contract will cost them 2 times the profit that the group is estimated to earn for the rest of the contract period (over 11 billion, or around US$9.2 million). The news was enough to cause SM Entertainment’s stock price to drop over 10% on the KOSPI.

The Seoul Central District Court ruled in favour of the three members. They have claimed that the contract was unfair and the members were left out of proper profit distribution. In response, SM Entertainment called a press conference and claimed that the lawsuit was a fraud, stating that the lawsuit was not about unfair contracts or human rights but a scam motivated by the three members’ greed over their cosmetics business. The three members remained silent except to say through their lawyers that they hoped SM Entertainment would respect the court’s decision.

In response to the lawsuit, 120,000 members of TVXQ’s fan club, Cassiopeia, filed a petition against SM Entertainment’s long-term contracts with the Seoul District Court. Cassiopeia also filed for compensation from SM Entertainment for the canceled SM Town Live Concert, as both SM and TVXQ initially stated that the concert would go on as planned; the concert was canceled a week before its scheduled date. It was later announced in early May 2010 that the three members of TVXQ (Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu) will return to the stage as a sub-group. Their group is called JYJ representing the first letter of each of their names.

On February 17, 2011, the Seoul Central District Court dismissed SM Entertainment’s injunction against JYJ, filed in April 2010 for damage compensation. In September 2012, the final decision on the case was postponed indefinitely, by Seoul Central District Court for mediation under the justice department.

On 28 November 2012, during a voluntary arbitration at the Seoul Central District Court, SM Entertainment and JYJ have reached a mutual agreement to terminate all contracts between the two parties and not to interfere with each other’s activities in the future. Thus concluding the three years and four months exclusive contract lawsuit. A SM official is quoted as saying, "We made a judgment that we don’t have to manage the three members of JYJ any longer as they expressed their intention not to keep their activity as TVXQ” and further added that they have decided to end the litigation “to avoid bringing additional harm to U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin, who are active as TVXQ, and to avoid making any more unneeded issues”.“ (wikipedia)

Fifth case: Kris lawsuit.

We don’t know what happened - as we never know what’s really going on in the industry. It’s all glamour on the outside and darkness on the inside. What if Kris filed a lawsuit, just like all the others did, because he felt wrongly treated, and as a canadian he knows what’s his right (as korea is a bit far behind in terms of democracy, equality etc.) or what if he had health issues and needed treatment SM didn’t want to give him (probably because of money reasons). I mean you just read how Hangeng ended up having health issues, because he wasn’t allowed to have a break to get better. Maybe that’s also the case with Kris. And while he’s at it he thought maybe he could go somewhere else - feeling always out of place anyways - and pursue a solo career to really finally earn some money.

"In May 15, 2014, almost five years after Hangeng filed his case against SM Entertainment, Kris Wu Yifan of EXO filed a lawsuit to terminate his exclusive contract with SM Entertainment. It was first reported on Chinese news portal Sina, with various reactions from fans. Korean news sites TV Daily, Korea Herald, eNews, Nate, TV Report, and Daum followed suit. The side supporting Kris has stated that the idol is not being respected as an artist in SM Entertainment and is rather being treated as an object, with no say in the deciding of schedules. According to Kris’s side, SM never gave thought to his health or his opinions. The lawyer Cho Bum Suk of the law firm Hanbyul, the same lawyer who handled Hangeng’s case nearly five years ago, will be representing Kris.[65]

There is also a chance that Kris is suing for medical reasons. According to Chinese media outlet Sina, Kris is reported to have visited a hospital in Guangzhou, China when he returned from the ‘12th Korean Musical Festival’ in Los Angeles, California on May 2. The alleged report states that according to a medical professional, Kris has higher than average creatine kinase and isozyme levels, and is suspected of having myocarditis, although as of now he is required to go back for another examination as it is unknown whether he has a heart problem or not. A former SM Entertainment trainee, Song Byung Yang, also posted on Weibo, "As an old friend of [Kris], it wasn’t easy seeing him struggle due to the severe mental stress and fatigue. Because his body couldn’t handle it, he even developed heart problems.”“ (wikipedia)

It seems like it has become quite normal for us fans to know that idols live in dorms and don’t have cell phones in the beginning. But think about it. You want to become famous and well known and in western culture this means you’re the top of the cake, but in korea it means years of practice and being a trainee, hard work, no private life whatsoever, and when you finally have the chance to debut you have to sleep in a room with 5+ people 24/7 and you’re not allowed to have a cell phone. Do you know what it means to have no cell phone in this century? Can anyone think about not having a cell phone for just a day? Probably not. But they don’t have one for as long as the company thinks they "don’t deserve it”. Also the no-dating policy. Some kids are 12 or something when they start as trainees, meaning they spent all their youth in a company, working and not having a private life and probably not seeing their family, because they live far away. So how is it even possible to meet someone and fall in love. The only chance is a fellow trainee or idol of the same company, as you only know these people. Which leads me to the most recent scandal. Or more like - which leads to all the “repairing” SM tried to do with scandals and rumors. I mean which entertainment had as many scandals as SM had.

For example Jonghyun. All of a sudden he was dating someone openly and SM happily agreed - AS IF. SM always tries to block all the rumors. But suddenly it’s okay for a boygroup member (who probably signed a no dating contract) to date some girl. How convenient that Jonghyun was in the spotlight two months before their first SHINee World concert tour. And Shin Se-Kyung just was about to release her movie “Acoustic”, also putting her in spotlight.

Another example is SNSD suddenly revealing their relationships (not counting Taeyeon). It seemed like their comeback didn’t pay off as pleased and shortly after, it was revealed that 3 members were in a relationship. Of course that caused a lot of publicity, having SNSD back in spotlight. It probably didn’t help promotions, but as SM earns money from everything (probably even search engines and what not) it’s no surprise really.

Now onto the most recent “scandal”. Apart from all the fans (international AND korean) going berserk over it and bashing both Baekhyun and Taeyeon and also spamming Chanyeol with their delusional baekyeol fantasies, we still have to think about how convenient this is right now. First of all Baekhyun is the most popular member in terms of using him to portray EXO (radio shows, variety, whatever..) and he is the most popular among international fans (I think Luhan is most favorite in korea). Of course it will cause the most stirr if the popular guy suddenly has a girlfriend - and oh of course a girlband member of the same company that is quite popular. (No one thinks about fans going against them, but hey - publicity is publicity. And depending on contracts, idols have to go along with it.) And how convenient that the rumor came out right after the EXO concerts and Overdose promotions ended… And that they had a date in an open car with paparazzi having awesome access for pictures. This almost screams “POSED”. But who knows. It might actually be the case, that they like each other, but I doubt SM doesn’t have a say in this. They probably thought - oh great, let’s make it public so people forget about the incident with Kris! And while we’re at it, let’s pull out some underage drinking scandal to have even more focus on Baekhyun. And he’s standing on the side having to endure all this, just because one member wanted to fight for his rights.

That’s also why I think some of the leaking that has been going on in the past was also planned, because let’s be honest. Not all those sasaengs are professional hackers. And if you think about it, it helped SM make even more money. They “sue” someone unknown, the leak brings them popularity and publicity and fans will buy the CD’s even more because they want to show SM that they love EXO. I mean look at tumblr. This is just international fans and there’s so much going on here. Now think about all the korean sites. This is a hell lot of publicity. Rumors for the win! (Think about the movie Easy A. It’s just a small lie and it backfires so much she ends up being the bitch of the school. It’s so damn easy to have rumors circulate and make it a big issue - even though it isn’t one) And I predict a break up of BaekYeon already this year, either before SNSD’s or EXO’s comeback. And the headline will be “they were too busy and had no time to develope a good relationship”. I mean that has been the headline for almost every second celebrity relationship. It’s easy to just say it, because it’s reasonable. But if it’s really true - that’s a different story. Which goes for everything that is happening in this industry. The nicest people on screen could be the worst bitches and assholes and people who seem bitchy or bad are actually really nice. And in the end it’s just another company with their employees and not really families or whatsoever - it’s what they want us to see. Just like they want us to see baekyeol, so we have something to live for. It’s all show. And no one wil ever know what is really going on. If SM treats their people bad, if X and Y really dated, if this lawsuit is really rightful… we will never know. No matter how “accurate” your source is, we will NEVER KNOW for sure. And as long as the people involved don’t speak up themselves, I doubt every little word. That’s why my sources from wikipedia are also not a 100% accurate or proved. But I think I believe some of it, now that we have FIVE cases obviously there. Of course Kris could just be a dick and wanting to make a solo career. But I doubt it with this kind of company…

So what I want to say is: Don’t believe what you see or read, it’s what they want you to see. You will NEVER know what’s going on in this industry unless you’re part of it or your source is a 100% real and accurate. KPOP IS NOT THE SHINY PERFECT WORLD YOU THINK IT IS. It’s a money making industry. Nothing more, nothing less.

[Personal essay rant on all this shit happening around and in SM - END]

EXO's reaction when they saw Mama Junmyeon wearing the red dress at the SM Town Live Concert in Seoul.

Anon: EXO’s reaction when the saw Mama Junmyeon wearing the red dress at the SM Town Live Concert in Seoul. Hahahaha. I just really want to see their reaction especially Daddy Kris’! :) 

Suho: I know I’m fabulous.

Xiumin: Oh my god 

Lay: *Laughs really hard* No… Way

Luhan: What is he wearing. Dafuq

Baekyhun: The horror my eyes have seen.

D.O./ Kyungsoo: I cannot anymore.

Chanyeol: I can’t

Chen: Woah!! What have my eyes seen?

Kai: Oh my goodness.

Tao: *Through laughter* Do… you… see… him..?

Sehun: Dafuq

Kris: Boys stop laughing at your mother.

EXO’s Fandom “EXO-L” Reaches 1.3 Million Members

Popular boy group EXO have proven their popularity once again, having more than 1.3 million official members as of 11am KST in their official fanclub, EXO-L.

EXO opened their fanclub applications on August 5, which caused the website to experience traffic and bring down the servers, making it hard for the fans to apply for it. At the promise of SM Entertainment to improve their website, the fans swarmed and gathered to apply and become an official EXO fan.

EXO-L membership has surpassed the Guinness World Records number of  TVXQ‘s fanclub, Cassiopeia, of  800,000 members in their fan cafe, although it has not been officially recorded yet.

Meanwhile, EXO will be performing with other SM Entertainment artists for the “SM Town Live World Tour Concert,” which will kick off in Seoul this coming Saturday, August 15.

source: soompi

EXO’s Sehun Leaves Message of Warning for Sasaeng Fans on Instagram

On July 22, EXO’s Sehun posted a warning message to ‘sasaeng’ fans on his personal Instagram account, “This is the first and last time I will say this. Why is it that I receive so many text messages every single day when I haven’t done anything? Messages saying authorization number..password change..logged in with a different ip [address]..If you continue this ridiculous behavior, I will not stay put.”

It has been reported many times in the past that the members of EXO face serious invasion of privacy by their sasaeng fans, not only in Korea but overseas as well. Just last month, fellow group member Luhan also left a warning for sasaeng fans on his Weibo, telling these fans to stop chasing him.

In other news, EXO will be performing at the fourth “SM Town Live” world tour concert on August 15 at Seoul World Cup Stadium.  

source: soompi