Things every Kpop fan has heard before

“Why are there so many of them”
“They look like girls”
“Why do they wear make-up if their boys?”
“Why listen to kpop when you can’t understand it?”
“Why are you listening to Chinese music?”
“What does the K stand for?”
“Why do they look so young?”
“Gangnam style?”
“Why are they wearing school uniforms?”
“I didn’t know Asains rapped!”
“I thought all music was in English”
“Why like someone that can’t even talk the same language as you”
“The nicknames are so weird”


Spent most of the day remaking the cake from Red Velvet’s Ice Cream Cake MV. I should’ve waited a week until raspberries were in season because the frozen ones I had bleed everywhere :( I posted the first image on my instagram! IT’S SO TASTY COME AND TASTE MEEEEE 


Pairing: Yuta x (female) reader
Genre: smut; fuckboy!Yuta
Warning: drugs and alcohol possession, sex while intoxicated, sex while buzzed, sex while high

It was dark as people grinded against each other. The music pumping through their veins, giving them confidence, letting the rhythm control their body.

You leaned against the wall and took a drag of the joint that was passed to you. You held it in before exhaling the smoke that formed into ‘Os’.

“That’s so basic, I could do better.” Your best friend Sanah commented before taking a drag herself.

You giggled and ran your fingers through your hair. You reached for your beer bottle and downed the rest of your beer. The buzz and high you felt clouding your mind. This was exactly what you needed and you didn’t think anyone could ruin the tranquil state you were in right now.

“I see you decided to come after all princess.”

You spoke too soon.

“Free weed is free weed. I’m here for the alcohol too.” You commented standing up from your spot on the floor. You sauntered towards the kitchen to poor yourself a drink. You were gonna need it if you had to deal with him.

The douchiest guy on earth was talking to you and honestly you’d rather be anywhere else than near him. Nakamoto Yuta is literally just a bunch of walking hormones.

“Is that really all princess?”

“Hm let me think,” You said pretending to ponder other reasons, “Weed, alcohol, a bit of dancing? Yeah that’s pretty much it.”

You poured the both of you a shot of vodka and passed his glass over to him. Yuta smirked and set his shot down. He leaned closer and pressed his lips onto your jaw making his way down your neck.

“I know that’s not all you want. I’ll be right here to give it to you when you’re ready. Whether it’s here, in the living room, or in my bedroom. I’m always ready.” Yuta whispered in your ear. His fingers splayed across your waist as he closed whatever space was left between you two.

“I know, so I suggest you go find someone else to stick Yuta Jr. in. Looks like he’s ready to play.”

You finished your shot and pushed your empty glass in his hand. You were here to have fun so that was exactly what you were going to do. You strutted towards the dance floor and found someone who caught your eye. Smirking, you motioned for him to come near you. Your hips swayed and your hand pushed back your hair.

“What is a girl like you doing all alone?”

“I’m not alone anymore am I?” You asked innocently as you wrapped your arms around his neck.

“I’m all yours.” He responded as his hands began roaming your body.

“Good, because I need someone to entertain me.”

You turned around, rolling your hips against him, and grinded into his pelvis. You laid your head against his shoulder and let your body take control of itself.

You tilted your head and saw Yuta leaning against the wall smoking his blunt with a girl palming him through his jeans and kissing his chest. If looks could kill, you and this stranger would be dead on the spot.

Which made this even more fun.

You never said you didn’t like being a tease. You liked making him suffer, he deserved it anyway. Besides it looks like he found someone to get him off already.

“Alright everyone let’s play spin the bottle!” Yuta exclaimed with his eyes trained on you.

You scoffed at his immaturity. Spin the bottle? Really Yuta?

“You’re getting laid tonight, let’s go!”  Sanah said excitedly, pulling you away from the stranger you were pressed against. She set you down next to her causing you to be right across from Yuta.

“I’ll go first.” Yuta stated laying the empty beer bottle on the floor.

You scoffed and watching the bottle spin. Yuta sat down next to the same girl he was leaning against the wall with. You rolled your eyes at how she just threw herself at him. Was that even necessary? Wait, why are you even bothered by this? Was it the weed making you feel this way?

“It’s slowing down.” Sanah whispered.

“I don’t care.” You commented still staring at Yuta’s new toy. She was straddling his lap and you hated it. Who did she think she was? Fuck, maybe it was the weed.

“Well you should.”

You averted your eyes to see the end of the bottle pointing at you.

“Well princess are you just gonna sit there?”

“Spin it again.”

“Can’t, we have to kiss for ten seconds. Rules are rules.” Yuta chuckled, he must really be enjoying this. The girl climbed off of him, giving you a dirty look as she moved. You rolled your eyes and crawled towards the middle.

“Sit on daddy’s lap princess.”

Yeah, he was enjoying this too much. How did this even happen? Out of so many people the bottle had to land on you. He held your waist as you straddled his lap. You sighed and leaned down to meet his lips.

“Just this once Nakamoto.” You whispered.

“We’ll see about that.”

Yuta closed the remaining gap between you two. You could hear the cheers going on around you. You knew everyone would definitely lose their shit. You and Yuta running around each other was a known thing around campus.

You could taste the alcohol and marijuana in his mouth. His lips were so soft against yours. You ran your fingers through his hair and tilted your head to deepen the kiss. He nibbled on your lip and sucked on it. You pulled away, your lips covered with a sheen of saliva.

“That wasn’t ten seconds.” Yuta stated pulling you closer by your shirt.

“That was definitely ten seconds.”

“No, I say that was about five seconds. Now I’m losing my patience.”

“You poor thing. What do you want me to do about it then?”

Yuta lifted up your shirt until your bra was revealed. His hands groping the covered mounds on your chest. Fuck, it felt so good you had to bite your lip to hold back a moan.

“I want a little more than just a kiss. Put on a little show for me.”

You removed your top and threw it towards Sanah. “Do as you wish. You have five seconds.”

You leaned down and reconnected your lips. The kiss between you two was rougher than before. His hands massaging your breast through your bra. You could sense the sexual tension in the air, but you didn’t mind. You could hear mutters of profanity and grunts around you. You rolled your hips down eliciting a groan from the boy. Yuta licked your bottom lip and you gasped. He took that as an opportunity for his tongue to invade your mouth. You could feel yourself getting soaked the longer this went on. You couldn’t give him all the satisfaction, so you pulled away crawled off of his lap.

“Your ten seconds are up.”

Yuta stared at your figure as he tried to catch his breath. His eyes glued to your chest.

“I think I’ll keep my shirt off for a little while. It’s a little hot in here, don’t you think?”

Yuta clenched his jaw and roughly set his girl toy on his lap. He then began to kiss her aggressively, teeth clashing and tongues pressed against each other. She ran her fingers through his hair and smiled. Yet his eyes were wide open and glued to you and only you.

You could feel your blood boiling at the sight. You stood up and grabbed your top from Sanah’s hands. You weren’t going to let him get to you. He was the number one fuckboy of them all. You should be used to this by now. It’s not worth it.

Getting your feelings hurt wasn’t worth it.

You slipped on your shirt and grabbed a bottle of vodka. Fuck him, fuck boys, and fuck parties. You poured yourself a shot, but decided against. What were you even doing? Were you really this weak? You took a deep breath and went to drink straight out of the bottle. You needed to go from buzzed and high to on the verge of death.

“Woah slow down, I think you’ve had enough.” Someone said taking the bottle out of your hand. You wiped your mouth and leaned against the wall, your eyes trained on the boy in front of you. Couldn’t they just disappear for a little while?

“I don’t think I’ve had enough.”

The stranger chuckled softly at your slightly slurred speech.

“Trust me sweetheart, you have.” He retorted, running his fingers through your hair. He leaned his arm against the wall behind you and stared intently in your eyes. You had to admit he was cute, but a little too cute.

Seemed cocky too.

“Since you want to tell me how much I can take, what’s your name?”

“Taeyong, yours?”

“Y/N, pleasure to meet you.”

“Trust me princess the pleasure is all mine.” He whispered in your ear.

You smirked and pushed yourself off of the wall. “Lets dance.” Even though you were borderline drunk and pretty high, you managed to keep your balance steady just a tad bit.

You leaned against Taeyong and let him be your guide. Your hips rocked with his to the music. You could feel the heat from everyone on the dance floor. Taeyong slid his hands underneath your shirt and made contact with your bare skin. His fingers tracing little patterns on your sides. He pulled you closer so you were leaning right against his hips.

“I know something that’s way more fun than just dancing.”

“What is that exactly?” You asked pretending to be clueless.

You felt his hand slide into your jeans and inch their way down further and further. Was he really going to touch you while everyone was around.

“Shit!” You hissed as his hand slowly rubbed your pussy.

Okay maybe he was.

You bit your lip and giggled into his neck. Your hand gripping his shirt. You thrusted your hips a little to get more friction.

“You like that, yeah? Such a dirty girl, getting off while everyone’s watching. I like that.”

Taeyong sped up his pace and pressed your hips down against yours. His hand slipped under your panties and played with your wet folds.

“Fuck, Taeyong..”

“I can make you feel so good tonight baby.”

He pulled his hand out of your jeans and licked the juices off his fingers. You licked your lips and nodded in agreement. There’s nothing wrong with hooking up with a stranger anyway.

“Let me get ready, I’ll be right back.”

You smirked and swayed your hips as you walked away. Fuck you were so gone, you needed to freshen up a little. You opened a door only to find someone you were hoping you wouldn’t run into.

“Sorry I was looking for the bathroom.” You muttered. You began closing the door when he replied.

“Looked like you were having a lot of fun down there with that guy.”

You rolled your eyes and leaned against the doorframe. “That’s none of your business Yuta. Although you and that girl were a little close too.”

“That’s none of your business, Y/N.”

Yuta stared at you from his bed. Joint in between his fingers as he blew out the smoke that clouded his lungs. His eyes dark in the low lighting.

“Who are you to tell me who to hook up with?”

Yuta chuckled and stood up from his spot. He then calmly made his way over to you, his expression sultry. Before you knew it he yanked you from the doorframe and slammed the door shut, your back roughly hitting against it.

“You should obey daddy.”

He took a long drag and slowly blew the smoke in your face. His red eyes trained on you, studying your facial features. His thumb grazed over your lips, to your chin, and down your neck.

“Should I obey? I heard you liked your girls naughty.”

“Don’t forget sweetheart, naughty girls get punished.” He whispered in your ear. The feel of his breath tickling your skin sent shivers down your spine.

You shouldn’t give in, you shouldn’t give in.

“Punish me, daddy.”

Yuta smirked in response, his lips already attacking your neck. You wrapped your arms around his neck and closed your eyes. You shouldn’t give in, but oh god did you want to. You bent your neck to the side to give him more room.

“You have no idea how much I wanted to dominate you in front of everyone. Show every guy who was jerking off to the sight of you who you belonged to.” Yuta growled.

“I don’t belong to anyone.”

“You belong to me and me only. You belong to daddy and daddy needs his babygirl right now.”

Yuta lifted up your shirt to remove it, while you unbuttoned his pants. Fuck your conscience. Fuck the warning signs. You want him right here, right now. The thought of his cock intruding your walls made you so wet it was unbearable.

“I need you so badly daddy, it hurts!” You whined, dropping on to your knees and placing your mouth on his clothed erection.

“Why don’t you take good care of me baby? Show me just how talented your mouth is. Show me you deserve daddy’s huge throbbing cock.”

Your fingers hurriedly reached to pull down his boxers. Your mouth salivating at the thought. You practically moaned at the sight of his stiff cock. Precum already dripping from his tip.

“It’s so big, daddy.” You praised. You slowly licked a long strip on the side of his member. Yuta hissed and grabbed at your hair with hand, the other tightly holding his blunt in between his fingers.

You steadily placed your mouth over his cock. His moans giving you confidence. The slight taste of his come lingering on the tip of your tomgue causing you to want more. You wrapped your hands around the base and began bobbing your head. Your tongue licking the sides.

“Fuck, that’s it babygirl! Shit! Keep going, make daddy come.”

You hollowed your cheeks and picked up the pace, taking him as deep as you possibly could. Yuta roughly grabbed you by your hair and thrusted into your mouth. His tip hitting the back of your throat, making tears swell up. You moaned around his cock which sent a shiver down his spine.

“Fuck, Y/N! I want you to choke on this cock! Make me proud, show me how much of a good girl my princess is! That’s right baby, right there.” Yuta hissed grabbing the back of your neck with his free hand. He was so close to being pushed over the edge.

Yuta inhaled the drug and exhaled directly in your face. The alcohol and weed making him dizzy.

He loved it.

Yuta pulled out and started pumping his member to bring himself closer to his climax.

“Open your mouth.” He commanded.

You did as you were told and opened your mouth as widely as you could. His grunts and moans getting to you. Fuck, you were throbbing so much it hurt. Suddenly Yuta came all over your face. His come hit your cheek, chin, lips, and even some on your chest. Some of it made its way into your mouth.

“Such a pretty picture. Daddy’s seed all over you. Dripping from your chin onto your breasts.”

You licked your lips and pulled him down for a kiss. Your tongue exploring his mouth as you devoured his lips. Yuta pulled away to lick his come off of your cheek and chin. As he went to kiss you, you sucked on his tongue and let it invade your mouth.

“Such a nasty girl.” He muttered, smirking.

He lifted you up and carried you to the bed. He took a swig of alcohol from the bottle next to his bed and stared at your form. You whined and squirmed around waiting for him to do something.

“I never thought I’d see the day where I have you in bed.”

“If you don’t do anything really fucking quick you won’t be seeing me in bed much longer.”

“Is that a threat princess?” Yuta growled.

“Just know I have someone else waiting for me downstairs. His fingers are like magic, I’m sure his tongue is even be-” You were caught off by Yuta’s grip on your neck. You thrusted your hips in response, you were getting more and more aroused by the second.

“You let him touch what was mine? You let his dirty fingers touch that pretty little pussy of yours?”

“Y-Yes daddy.”

“You’re in so much trouble babygirl.”

Yuta ripped your panties from your body and unhooked your bra. He pulled his shirt over his head and spread your legs apart. The burning in your thighs only heightened the pleasure you were getting out of this.

“You’ll be begging for mercy, you’ll regret even coming up here.”

He sucked and bit on your thighs wanting to leave marks behind. Your toes curled and you had to grip at the sheets. His teeth grazed the flesh and he licked over his marks.

He then slowly let his tongue touch your folds. You were soaking wet and it was driving him crazy. Your juices dripping onto the sheets. Your chest quickly rising because of your labored breaths. The way his tongue moved was painfully slow. You couldn’t stop squirming.

“Stay still or I’ll stop.”

You groaned and threw your head back. How could he say that to you? You were basically dying up here, does possess zero sympathy in his body?

“Yuta, please! Daddy go faster!”

Instead Yuta kept his steady pace. Torturing you as he sucked on your clit. You gasped at the pleasure and reached out for him, but he roughly slapped your hands away.

“Don’t touch me, I don’t think you’ve earned that privilege yet. Now stay still babygirl.”

Why was he doing this to you? You didn’t deserve this. You watched as Yuta lapped over your folds, your pussy glistening with his saliva. You were so close! At this rate you were gonna come so quickly.

“Yuta, stop! I’m gonna-”

“Come for me. I need to taste more of you. Shit, you taste so good. Such a good girl for daddy.”

With one more suck you finally found relief. He licked every drop of your juices and cleaned you up. He leaned over you and reached for a condom that was placed on the table next to you.

“No, I want to feel you. Only you.”

“Are you sure baby?”

“I’m on the pill, just oh god! Please fuck me raw, fuck me so hard I won’t be able to move.” You whimpered.

Yuta nodded and threw the condom back on the table. He readjusted your legs and lined himself up with your entrance. You were more than ready for him. The excitement building inside of you.

You groaned when you felt him entering you. The painful sensation causing you to bite your lip to silence your cries. You both couldn’t deny how good it felt though. Yuta has never experienced such a perfect feeling, the way your walls trapped him in tightly was holy. As if your body was crafted by the gods and goddesses themselves.

He took his time and cherished this moment of being so deep inside of you.

“Daddy, please!”

“Please what princess?”


Yuta nodded and picked up his pace. He leaned down and his lips latched onto your neck. Sucking and biting on your pulse. The way his hips moved made you beg for more. You underestimated him, he was way better than you thought he would be. Euphoria spreading throughout your body. He rendered you speechless.

“There you go baby, that’s it. Do you love how daddy’s cock fills you up? You feel so good around me I never want to stop.”

Your nails scraped against his back leaving a trail of angry red marks behind. You clenched around him in response, bringing you both close to your orgasms.

“I’m so close Yuta, please!”

“Shit, me too!”

You groaned and dug your nails into his shoulders. Yuta pounded into you until you were a limp mess. Your legs felt numb and your hips were most likely bruised. You were so close and couldn’t hold it in anymore. Your voice screaming his name as you came all over his cock.

“Yuta please,” But he wasn’t finished yet. Yuta lifted your hips and adjusted the angle so he could push himself in even deeper. You arched your back and cried out. The room was spinning and you were sure this amount of pleasure was lethal.  

“Ngh- Fuck, Y/N!”

Yuta pulled out and shot his load all over your sensitive pussy and your hips. He collected some on his finger and brought it up to your lips. You sucked his fingers clean while keeping intense eye contact, this has to have been the best fuck you’ve ever had.

“Better than I thought princess, who knew you could be so nasty in bed.” Yuta commented as he searched for something to clean you up with.

“I never thought I’d say this, but you were better than all my past hookups combined.”

“So was that what that was? Just a hookup?” He asked before licking his come off of your woman hood.

“Yuta, stop I’m sensitive!” You exclaimed trying to push him away.

He simply chuckled and cleaned the rest up carefully with a wet towel. Leaving a quick kiss on the thigh in the process.

“You didn’t answer my question baby.”

“It wasn’t supposed to be a hookup in the first place. At least not with you, but I wouldn’t mind if it was more. You’ve proven your worth.”

You turned towards his laid out figure and stared into his eyes. His fingers trailed back and forth from your thighs and hips to your side.

“So, this is gonna be a regular thing now?”

“If you keep bringing the weed and alcohol it can be.”

Yuta chuckled and pulled you closer. Oh, did he have plans for the both of you.