sm rookies photo

SM trainees

we did some research and found interesting things we would like to share. We are going to keep an eye on everything and hope to find out more about them soon.

We can not confirm anything yet, these are occasional conjectures!

We all have seen the photos of masked guys sitting next to Kun, Jungwoo and Yukhei at the SHINee concert a few months ago. We counted six. They are unrevealed trainees; some of them already have been spotted with confirmed Rookies or NCT members.

Furthermore, there are Chinese trainees who are, however, not in Seoul.

We can recognise a few of the trainees.

1. Kwon Youngjun

  • Korean
  • Spotted with rookies, NCT members and other trainees
  • attended the concert

2. White Mask Guy

  • no name yet
  • attended the concert
  • was spotted with Youngjun and another trainee

3. Chinese guy

  • technically confirmed
  • Chinese
  • has photos with Kun, Winwin, Yuzhi and Kaicheng (Yuzhi and Kaicheng both left)
  • had weibo once, can’t be found anymore (which is a good sign)

4. Other guy

  • no name
  • probably Korean
  • apparently wears a SM shirt in the one picture (and the deer thing on his head could be from the smtown Christmas party; nct wore the same when they were rookies)

- danya