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Perfect two. NCT Taeyong Soulmate AU.

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As soon as the soulmate’s concept was introduced among the students, everybody was excited to finally get to know the names of their soulmate which were meant to appear on their wrists once the person reached the age of 18 and would eventually meet their opposites,once they were 20. 

Y/n and her friends would often get bored spending their days counting the number of days left till their 18th birthday blessed them with a soulmate. Being high school students, work and studies always kept them too busy to even spare a thought about their soulmates. Y/n would sometimes get some time for herself when she often thought about him. She wondered who would he be, what would be his name or what would he look like. Days went one by one and finally the grand event was officially just 5 days away. To her surprise, her birthday fell on the day of her graduation. She was finally relieved that she would get the answer to her long prayers. Looking at her wrist, she made sure she was on time for her graduation ceremony. Not to mention that her wrist started to darken at a certain place.

The day was tiring yet she was happy that she made a sweet memory that was worth a smile. Smiling she laid on her bed totally forgetting about her wrist. That was until her friend called her asking her about the special person.

She finally gathered up her guts before taking a look at her wrist.

“Lee Taeyong"she whispered looking at the beautiful design that wrapped up the name in a such a beautiful way.

In the past few days, some changes were noticed in Y/n. She smiled more, she laughed more, she wore brighter varieties of clothes. Was it the power of finally finding a soulmate ? What ever it was, she was happy. But what about her other half? Was he aware of her yet?

Y/n was in charge for the whole cabin crew today. Not that it was her first time doing this. She was the head Air hostess at the Asiana airlines for almost a year now. The tattoo on her left wrist was one of the thousand reason why people envied her. Of course very less people got a sophisticated name like she did.

"Good morning ladies and gentle men. I am Y/F/N and I will be your head purser today."She smiled at the passengers. Turning back to the cabin crews. Taeyong was new to all this. It was his first day as a Stewart at the airlines. As a quiet guy who never talked much, his name was unknown to many people. Let alone his whole name.

Taeyong knew it was her. He smiled at her unknown of the fact that she was smiling at him too. For one moment he felt that she was the one he had been waiting for.

As the journey to the next stop proceeded the cabin crew settled down as they had nothing else to do. Talking to each other was one of the few reasons why they felt good even when they had to stay far away from their family all the time.

"Oh hey"Y/n held her hands out so that he can shake it. "Am Lee Taeyong "he said as he shook her hands and pulled up his sleeves to reveal a beautiful black tattoo with her name craved on it. Seeing that, Y/n pulled her sleeves up to reveal his name. "Its you.."She smiled shyly at him biting her lips and looking down the whole time. Taeyong chuckled and whispered "Let’s go on a date? Today? After our working hours are over?"Y/n couldn’t help but smile as she leaned against his chest listening to his heartbeat, finally finding an inner peace.

haunted // qian kun [REQUESTED]

warning: inspired the song, “long time no see” by ikon. i actually wrote different versions of angsty kun, and this one was the only one i thought was worthy of being posted. but if you wanna read it, just tell me. i’ll see if i can revise it and fulfill your thirst for the master piece that is qian kun. 

“I’ll come back for you, baby. I promise.”

Crowded airports. Secret dates. Tight hugs. Hellos and goodbyes. 

He was everywhere.

He plagued your thoughts, your dreams, so much that he was the only thing you knew. You missed him and it was the only thing you knew. Your heart ached to see him once again, but you knew he was pursuing his dream, and that eased your pain, if only just a little bit. 

Because, he’ll come back. Someday. You know he will. 

But for now, you’ll just have to deal with the longing you feel for him. 

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Blessing your blog with an 8 minute compilation of Yuta speaking his native tongue, Japanese 🇯🇵😇you’re lying to yourself if you don’t find this attractive 

credit goes to creator on youtube😊❤️