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My only problem with Incineroar is that there is absolutely nothing in its previous design that even slightly implies it will become a wrestler

All of the starters are kind of hectic concerning what their “theme” is, now that I think about it

Popplio goes from circus seal to pop idol to mermaid

Rowlet goes from butler owl to anime rival owl to Robin Hood

Litten goes from cat to larger cat to Tiger Mask

“I hate Incineroar so much I’m gonna bitch about it to everyone I can, at any opportunity that arises, on every post I can. Someone innocently says they like it? FUCK IT AND FUCK YOU.”


calm down

3′11″, huh? Pretty small for a Dragon, but it probably packs a pun-


EDIT: Alright alright, thank you everyone for pointing out the inaccuracy– this Hakamo-o is a Totem Pokemon, which are larger than the species’ average. I swear I’d have remembered that. Still, when I heard they were bigger than normal, I expected maybe a foot taller than normal. This one looks like it’s 7ft Tall!

also wow this post exploded. what do I do.

if i had the chance to hang out with ashton, i wouldn’t be asking him about luke’s dick, i’d be asking about why they sold teenage queen