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Princess Madeleine desperately attempts to get daughter, Princess Leonore, to return to her chair as an amused Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway and Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark look on while attending the christening of Prince Oscar on May 27th, 2016.

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People are legit acting like Amber was jobless and in the dungeon all last year when in reality I saw her the most (behind victoria cuz she's always busy) in the past 2 years lmfao. She was everywhere in 2015 and in 2016 she was doing SO many things. Now whether or not the activities sm gave her permission to do were ones she wanted or ones sm pushed on her but at the end of the day she got alot more than even some other sm idols have. I didnt expect it to last if she wasnt making a big profit

she gets work, yes, but i don’t think it’s the work she wants to do. her frustrations stem from her not being able to release music, and them turning her down for what sounds like a lot of projects and proposals she’s brought to them.

i don’t think she has it as bad as some sm idols…. she’s definitely been given chances to work, got to do ranting monkey, and has been very visible through photoshoots and some articles and interviews throughout the year. 

the problem is that she’s not exactly in an industry where you can be picky…. that’s why i think she really needs to reevaluate where she’s at and where she wants to be in life, because as much as she loves being in f(x), it looks like she can’t have the solo career SHE wants and be an SM idol at the same time. i think this is a years long issue she has with them, and probably came to a head when they very clearly stopped her from finishing Crossing.  

do u ever just watch kyungsoo do that thing he does when he sings where he places his palm on his chest and squeezes his eyes shut,lifts his chin up a bit and sings right from the deepest chamber of his heart and go,,,,,,,,, wow what a soft dream

niall has the purest soul i wish him so much success and acknowledgement he deserves every praise thrown at him, from barely having any solos or seconds in albums to writing full songs and leading choruses to performing his own song during the american music awards in front of millions, just him and his guitar :’))

listen @NCT stylists, the MAMAs are coming up and the boys need to look sharp on the red carpet okay? SHARP. I know you love experimenting and going off the rails with your concepts but please NO CHOKERS, NO SUSPENDERS, NO ARBITRARY BELTS AND STRAPS, NO JUMPSUITS, NO PLAID SKIRTS, NO SHORTS, AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD NO OVERALLS.