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how about angel!tyler and alien!josh run into each other on earth and josh is like so facinated with tyler cause he's never seen a human with wings before and tyler is like "awh i remember when we created your species!" and they're like best friends and love each other sm

CUTE!!!! j’s fascinated w ty’s softsoftsoft wings he loves running his fingers over the feathers makin ty giggle n ty hugs him “i remember when we created your species. i watched you being…created. the whole time i thought of how gorgeous you were and how much i’d love to meet you. i was the one who gave you the curly hair…because it looked soft and i always wanted to run my hands through it” n j smiles “r-really, tyler?” “yes, josh!” n they smile n slowly kiss giggling n hugging so tight j playin w his wings n ty playing w ty’s curly hair making his dream come true


EX’ACT will go down in history as the era when SM finally recognizes Kim Jongdae as the pivotal member in Exo that he is, and make him stand out and I’m completely down with that.



“I may be a powerful agent of the dark forces now but that doesn’t mean I can sacrifice a solid education”

When you’re having a good time because Yoongi finally released his mixtape but then you wonder if it has to do with the “young forever” story line

Showhyuk is such a beautiful thing because you have the outgoing & talkative member of the group playing around with the ‘robotic’ leader, and you just kind of see Shownu’s face brighten whenever Minhyuk is being silly or just even being around one another. He’s coming more and more out of his shell and I think that’s beautiful. I just get really happy seeing them play around and laugh (like in the Stuck dance practice video as a recent example!). It’s such a supportive and healthy bond between the two. I’m so here for this! 

The reasons Minako has for not having a boyfriend range from “he’s a nerd” to “I SORT OF KILLED HIM”

Based on this track record, may I suggest: expand your experience to girls

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So let me being clear SM find no problem in hiding most dates but only choose the date where they were obvious and not wearing masks to not pay for and being released? I can write many reasons why their argument is weak, but I want your opinion :)

Oh also kxk shippers are saying that other sm artists dating news were “exactly” like kxk with minimal pics/details. The denial is strong tbh.

Kxk shippers really have an interesting way of thinking

So delusional kxk shippers are saying that the reason for the differences between Solhxzico dating news and kxk dating news (the details/pics from different days and more detailed) is because sm blocked the other things to reduce the backlashes, 😂. Also kxk delusional shippers are saying that we don’t need to see pics for krys going in and out of ex_o dorm to believe that kxk are dating, one date is enough xD And that there is only this one date pics because SM paid for the rest dates pics 😂

Hey anons,

I hope you guys don’t mind me answering your ask in one posts. Bcoz all of you asked almost the same question :)

As if Krys can get in and out of e x o dorm without getting caught by fans/sasaeng…

First of all, it’s not about how much sm can pay dp to release minimal pictures. It’s about dp’s work ethic and code. All media has their own way of working including dp. They have structures and templates. They don’t simply follow idols, take pictures, write articles without following a certain principle.

Considering the fact that dp already outed 3 big couples before kxk, you can see the differences. It’s not just about minimal pictures but as well the way the articles were written.

Like the first anon said, if there was indeed more pictures, why would dp released pictures of them with their faces visible, wearing no disguise, close distance and only at one event. However, if you look at the kxk article and pictures from a different perspective. Dp doesn’t release minimal pictures. They released a lot of pictures but only in 1 event (1 night!).

I’ve already pointed out the differences between kxk and the other couples (not just zxs) here (1, 2). Kxk has a lot of loopholes everywhere. The pictures, angles, the articles were written, timing, details, and past articles. But some people can’t read so it’s not my problem.

And to add it up, according to dp, they went to the restaurant on the 17th (I made a mistake in my post here sorry!). Gaon chart started at 1900 KST and ended around 2200 KST

But then according to naver, the restaurant closed at 2300KST daily. So, I guess JI rushed out from the Olympic Hall, picked Krys up and drove all the way to Gangbuk which is around an hour away…….. Did they even made it before the restaurant closed tho. Lol.

Like I’ve said, whatever they believe in is none of my concern. Idk why they even read my posts. I mentioned before, “don’t like, don’t read. The moment you felt offended, you probably know I’m right.”

Keep calm and support KD. Take care anons!

You know what’s really unfortunate about the Yuzhi situation? He was a minor (as young as 15) when all of that stuff happened, and people are looking at him as though he’s the one at fault. Not the adult, but the child. The lesson here is, everyone has a past, everyone has made mistakes. We’ve seen SM give other NCT members a chance and deal with their past indiscretions head on, what’s saying they can’t do the same for Yuzhi? I understand the culture in Asia is a lot more conservative than it is here, but to hold a young boy accountable for having a sugar daddy at age 15, is absolutely ridiculous. He was a child. 15 may sound old to some of the younger fans, but trust me, you don’t know shit at 15. And who knows, maybe he was in a tough place in his life, maybe he had no one to guide him or tell him right from wrong, maybe joining SM and NCT is his way of rehabilitating. Think of Taeyong. Think of what he did and how far he’s come. 

Give Yuzhi a chance. 

~Quick Thought about NCT Dream~~

What if the sm rookie girls debut with the boys?

I know this sounds crazy, but what if Koeun debuts with Hina and Herin (or whoever) and she becomes the leader instead of Mark.

Unlikely to happen, but it’s an interesting thought.

Okay but like,
I actually do really want this to happen

I like the people in this fandom and you guys are all so nice and funny and??? it just be super fun to collaborate with other artists and writers? Even people who make amvs/meps

I’d just need help getting this started like. Voltron is so amazing. I love Voltron so much and the people who watch it and are involved in it and the fandom. Klance Week was The Best and I wanna see more events like that in the future!!!