sm makes things

wanted to doodle a lil thing so i doodled away
should probably add more frames and color and stuff but I’ll do that at some other point in time lol


I think you know what this will provoke. I think you know how dangerous the consequences promise to be, and I think you knew that before you took up the knife. I think I know why you did it, and I don’t think it had anything to do with him or with her or with gold. I think it had to do with something entirely different and I understand. So I will not let those consequences touch you.


★ Sousuke’s Birthday Week 
↳ [ Day 4 ] Smiling Sousuke (o˘◡˘o)

anonymous asked:

What's your favorite famous painting? ๐ŸŒŸ


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lostinaswirlingsea  asked:

When you get this tell us five things that make you happy and send this to ten people in your notifications

Thank-you @lostinaswirlingsea !!
Five things that makes me happy are :
1. Spending time with my family.
2. Listening to music.
3. Learning about new things.
4. Long Talks with friends.
5. Being here on tumblr.