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Hi, Jet. If you don't mind, what episode is the gif with Mako swimming in the air (as Ami, Rei and Minako float behind her) from? It seems like it would be a funny episode to watch (and I keep cracking up while staring at Mako's determined clenched teeth as she 'swims' through the air). Thank you in advance! The Giftening has been amazing so far, I'm certainly loving it. It's been an introduction to you outside of Steven Universe - the PGSM Day was particularly delightful.

I’m so glad you enjoyed it! PGSM day really was a great day.

The gif in question!

This is from Episode 64 (”In Search of the Silver Crystal! Chibi-Usa’s Secret”), and it really is quite delightful. Featuring such wonderful moments as Ami continuing to read despite spontaneous zero gravity:

Everything about this cap:

Rei doing this:

Mamoru’s music critique:

And just one of many times that it seems Mako intentionally lands on Minako and Minako complains about it.

Also Rei tends to just land smack on her face often, and STAY THERE, which is forever a delight.

As with many of these middle R episodes, the break-up arc is kind of a millstone, but so much around it is amazing. DO PLEASE ENJOY