sm ep 45

It’s great how they just hold on this for several seconds. This moment where Rei has basically told Usagi “I have to do this alone because you’ll need to keep fighting when I’m gone.” Where Rei knows she’s going to die, and Usagi also knows Rei is going to die, and they just have this one moment of completely unfiltered truth between them. Rei holding Usagi’s hand and looking at her, not just with sadness and love, though definitely those things. But with TRUST.

That’s what gets me most here. That’s what this moment is. It’s Rei saying “I’m about to give every last thing I have to give because I know that you can do this.”

And Usagi feeling that, truly BELIEVING it for maybe the first time. Usagi trusted Rei just a few episodes ago with the most powerful thing in the entire universe, with literally her heart. Rei doesn’t have a millennium-old super powerful crystalline representation to give in return (not for a couple seasons, anyway), but she DOES have herself. It’s her turn to put her trust right back in Usagi.

I love that the camera holds on this moment. Just this, so we have to take those few extra seconds to exist here, just as Usagi and Rei do, clinging to each other and giving each other everything, because that’s how much they believe.

anonymous asked:

yeah sure put "whoopsie-daisy" on any one of the many times Usagi has collapsed and died, yeah sure put "whoopsie-daisy" on all the scenes ALL THE SCENES where the girls have sacrificed themselves for Usagi. PUT "WHOOPSIE-DAISY" ON LAST STARS EPISODE SCENE WHERE CROW GOT SUCKED INTO A FUCKING BLACK HOLE, JET.

I have to stop there else it’ll be all day. But my conclusion is that there’s nothing you cannot make both hilarious and awful by adding “Whoopsie-daisy!”