sm ep 43

Congratulations, you’ve said it yourself, Mars:

“We have to LOOK like we’re seriously fighting”.

Literally all you need are pictures from the right wrong angle and a reporter thirsty for drama to write about who’s actually a monster of the Dark Kingdom, which you have and you’d know if The Writers bothered to remember you’re psychic.

That’s right, The Writers are to blame as well because they favor a normalization of abusive friendships (which they might not realize they’re doing but still should be held accountable for it) instead of Continuity that can somehow threaten whatever they wanted to do for an episode.

Like Mars having powers that would warn her that there’s an enemy out there who they have made suspicious about about Guardian infighting. You could convince me that while unacceptable, burning her and the rest can be considered necessary and that it worked, but this is overdoing it at best.