sm ep 33

This is it. This is the moment when Sailor Venus realises just how strong Sailor Moon is. Yes Usagi is a crybaby and she has a lot of work to do in order to be the Princess Venus once knew; but this scene right here, when all the other Senshi have fallen to their knees and Sailor Moon is still standing is the moment when Venus realises that under all that whinging is the princess. IS a leader. And she knows then and there that she can trust this girl. Maybe she can’t trust the others just yet (she doesn’t know them), but this girl can be trusted, can be relied on. 

And that is everything to this scared fourteen year old girl who has been fighting by herself for far too long, with memories of a life she lived a thousand years ago with people who look just like these girls, but aren’t these girls. Not yet.

This is when Sailor Venus knows that Minako Aino can trust Usagi Tsukino to be her princess. And more than that, be her friend.

Naww! Proud Papa Neko! Just look at that face! Artemis is so proud of his baby! This poor girl had to be awoken at 13, all alone and with a shit-tonne of memories that are not pleasant to go with it. And on top of that, she had to learn and fight on the run and keep the bad guys away from Japan for as long as possible. These are not easy things for a 13 year old to do. Hell, at 13 I was just trying to work out a way to make normal people leave me the hell alone and that was a struggle.

I just have so much love and respect for Minako. Artemis does too. You can see it there. He’s wanted to announce to the world for a long time how amazing this girl is, and now he finally gets to do it.