sm ep 22

Zoisite is in lip-wibbling almost-tears because Nephrite managed a tiny victory which realistically translates to Beryl still hating him and wanting him to suffer, just not in the precise manner Zoisite wants.

So Zoisite has run to Kunzite to make it all better and thrown himself to the ground IN THEIR GIANT ROOM WITH THRONE AND SOLO RAVE LIGHT, while Kunzite strokes Zoisite’s head like he’s a frustrated semi-feral cat.


I need to talk about this. In my opinion, this was the worst choice they could ever pick to change from the manga.

Not only does it start tension between the girls and him, but it also robs Luna’s oportunity to stop Tuxedo Mask from kissing a drunken Usagi and that is so awful. It’s bad enough that both Naoko and the people behind this anime (and yes, the Crystal staff as well) think that non-consensual actions are romantic, but there’s also no one who can at least make the audience think “Hey, they might have feelings for each other but this is wrong”.

What I’m trying to say is that, out of the manga, the 90s anime and Crystal, the 90s anime is the one that romanticizes and condones the kiss the most.


Consider this a Sailor Mercury appreciation post, because I’m so glad they made her the one who saved themselves from Nephrite. I’m pretty sure her haters don’t even remember this, so tell me haters, how come the weakest Guardian can save herself and the other two with her bubbles?

Anyway, back to the saving point, you could argue that Tuxedo Mask wouldn’t come back to save Sailor Moon because he just said he could be their enemy, and he feels insecure or something, but if it truly were that way he wouldn’t have kissed her when he came back. Which is why I’m stressing what I said in the other post, Luna should have had her chance to stop him.