sm ep 105

Try and tell me this wasn’t put in here SPECIFICALLY so I can vomit words about every detail. Go ahead and try.

Usagi, DO YOU EVEN KNOW HOW TO USE A BED.I have literally no idea how you did that. Like she’s just this ridiculous mix of energy and enthusiasm that this girl’s dreams are full contact sports.

And Minako didn’t wake up AT ALL. Which fits, since I think Minako’s a really deep sleeper. And CLEARLY a cuddler, which is perfection. You know today Minako would totally buy body pillows with her crush-of-the-moment on them. Also I’m going to believe that Minako has no covers on because Usagi at some point had a dream that Minako needed rescuing from them and “saved” her. Then probably kicked her in the face. Minako told her pillow to stop struggling and just be hugged, dammit. Also now I really want to see a slumber party scene where Amy wakes up and Minako is cuddling her, because I have to think that MInako would pretty much just cuddle whoever she was nearest, provided that person was not Usagi who was too busy performing scissor kicks against leprechauns.

Rei makes me deliriously happy because it only fuels my “Rei runs hot” headcanon. With covers on the top but none on the bottom, that is a girl with temperature control issues.

Finally Ami who, pretty much just goes to sleep like Data and is the most efficient use of her time.

I’m pretty bummed we’re cheated out of Mako. I think Mako’s also a cuddler (so getting Mako and Minako next to each other for sleep overs = FUN FOR ALL), but mostly I think sprawls out and snores and is used to getting kicks and elbows to roll over.


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