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You know what I’m sick of?

“EXO/BTS did this, won this, learned this, when will BTS ever? When will EXO ever? When will your faves ever? Your faves can’t relate.”

BTS/EXO are NOT the only groups capable of doing what they’ve done. Any group can work their fucking asses off from the bottom and make it to the top. ANY GROUP. This is not a “my group is better than yours thing.” I’m sick of it. I’m sick of EXO L picking on ARMY. I’m sick of ARMY picking on EXO L. I’m sick of fanbases picking on other fanbases. Focus on your groups and stop trying so hard to destroy others. It’s not cute. You’re not helping your group any. Your group would probably not like you and think you’re problematic if they knew what you were saying. There’s just no fucking point. So stop it. Just shut up. And for the saltiness…here are some sweet photos of BTS and EXO together. Bye.


I’m honestly heart broken. As someone who struggles with mental illness and suicidal tendencies, I always fall down a little more when I see things like this. I wish more idols/models/musicians in Korea talked more about their mental illness and the pressure of being in the industry.

Prayers for his family and friends.

A quick (Slightly concerning) PSA for all exo-ls.

There are some assholes on youtube that are posing as SM’s account and commenting links on exo’s teasers. DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINKS. they decrease/freeze the youtube views. (if you wondered why Chanyeol’s teaser was frozen at 466k for 3 hours, and why Kai’s is STILL frozen, this is why–especially because the links are in the top comments section)

And its not just fake SM accounts, there are also other fake accounts doing this too. YOU SEE A LINK UNDER EXO’S VIDEO, DON’T CLICK BUT INSTEAD REPORT.

Update: do NOT like, dislike, or even COMMENT on the post, just report it. Because acknowledging the post also decreases views–which is why sehun’s teaser has been stuck