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Crush - [NCT] Ten!Au

[A/N] I am not superstitious, but I couldn’t sleep one night and decided to read my compatibility with NCT members’ horoscope *I’m a Cancer* It says I’m 95% most compatible with Ten who is a Pisces, and I don’t disagree at all. *sorry Jaehyun, but you’re an Aquarius, I still love you but, I’m conflicted now, he’s still mine tho* I am greedy. 

[A/N][Again] This is Ten’s scenario, and he’s was not my bias in NCT. Yup. He is now.

You came in through the door with the most dishevelled look Ten has ever seen on a human. He fidgets in place. He was darting his eyes to the nearest wall, mirror or magazine to cover his face from you. But you went straight to his direction before he could lower his hat or even attempt to escape. You twisted him by the waist to face you and muttered, ‘I need a damn hug. Give me it.’

Your face were slumped on his chest in record time while you hugged his waist tight. Ten’s arm were at his ear level after touching his hat beak, frozen there for awhile. It’s moments like this that makes Ten hates himself.

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BAEKHYUN & Soyou ‘Rain’ Achieves All-Kill!

BAEKHYUN & Soyou’s ‘Rain’ achieves an All-Kill, hitting #1 on all 8 Korean music charts. Baekhyun becomes the first SM Entertainment Artist to achieve an All-Kill for 2017. He was also the first SM Artist to achieve an All-Kill in 2016 for his duet with Suzy - ‘Dream’. 

cr: @SMTownEngSub (Twitter)

Congratulations Baekhyun & Soyou!


Click and Drag - SM High edition

  • Artists featured in this are BoA, DBSK, EXO, f(x), Girls’ Generation, Kangta, Red Velvet, SHINee, and Super Junior.
  • Teachers (which are the top four gifs) are Kangta, BoA, DBSK, Super Junior, and Girls’ Generation. it feels weird to make those artists (who are currently in their mid twenties to thirties) students
  • Students (the other six gifs) are SHINee, f(x), EXO, and Red Velvet
  • Former and subgroup members are included in this (so Zhoumi, Henry, JYJ, Han Geng, Jessica, etc.)
the signs as entertainment companies/ record labels
  • Cancer: YG Entertainment
  • Pisces: SM Entertainment
  • Taurus: Jellyfish Entertainment
  • Libra:  Amoeba Culture
  • Aquarius: AOMG
  • Gemini: Illionaire Records
  • Scorpio: Big Hit Entertainment
  • Capricorn: Cube Entertainment
  • Aries: JYP Entertainment
  • Virgo: Starship Entertainment
  • Sagittarius: Big Hit Entertainment
  • Leo: Pledis Entertainment

smh at some people asking where are the other artists’ solo.  Also complaining why amber releasing another album and their bias hasn’t release one yet.  EXCUSE ME…but amber has her own team to produce her album.  sm is just there to help her promote and sell this album. Amber has done her homework by composing and writing her own songs.  she even directed her own music video.  If your bias is that talented then they should’ve done their homework like how amber did hers.  so stop crying and go complain to your bias why they don’t make albums.